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WordPress eCommerce &

Membership Sites

Friday Feb. 3, 6pm EST

(New York time)

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WordPress eCommerce & Membership

Systems – Agenda (~ 1:10 hour)

• Who is WP Academy?

• About the free training

• Why WordPress?

• Shopping Carts, Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateways,

Membership Systems, Affiliate Systems

• Top WordPress Membership plugins (feature comparison)

• Simple Paypal “Add to cart” demo

• Wishlist Member demo: minimum configuration & feature

walk-through (including WP Academy behind-the-scene)

• S2Member demo: digital download with Paypal

• Sales presentation

• Q&A


Who is WP Academy?

• That’s me  (plus my teaching

associates & support team)

• We provide WordPress web design

and web marketing technology

training to small business and

entrepreneurs – our flagship training

is the “WordPress for Business

Course” (starts Feb. 6)

• I am a software developer (30 years),

cum internet entrepreneur &

website developer (7 years), cum

WordPress lover (4 years)


About the free training

• Webinars at different levels (Beginner, Intermediate,


• The full course covers an enormous amount of

material – trying to give you a taste of it (content and


• Enroll in the full program that starts Monday Feb. 6

OR Take the free training and run…


Why WordPress?

• Open-source Content Management System (CMS)

has become the platform of choice for small

business website development

• Self-hosted (WordPress.org) vs. WordPress.com

• Combines ease-of-use, power, and flexibility

• Huge adoption and support guarantees

thousands of free Themes and Plugins…

• But even commercial themes and plugins are

pretty cheap (< $100)

• Very easily converted into a Store, Membership

site, Forum site, etc… you can do anything


Payment Flow (1)

Customer Shopping Cart Software (Accepts credit Card) Merchant Account / Payment gateway (Charges the card)

Your Bank


Payment Flow (2): Definitions

• Shopping Cart: software that runs on your website OR externally-hosted cart (such as 1ShoppingCart or E-Junkie)

• Merchant Account: a commercial bank that allows you to accept credit card payments (over the internet or card-in-hand)

• Payment Gateway: a software service that goes between your shopping cart and merchant account (such as Authorize.net)

• Affiliate Management System: a system in which resellers sign-up for an affiliate link, and then send you traffic via that link, which allows you to pay commissions on sales through that affiliate links.

Affiliate systems must be compatible with your shopping cart (which

is where things tend to get complicated)

• PayPal: a payment service that combines a simple merchant

account & shopping cart, and is also the easiest most affordable way to take recurring payments


WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

• Easy to add a Paypal payment button to a site (for

physical-ship products) – don’t need a shopping cart plugin for that

• For order tracking, complex shipping calculations, discount

coupons, upsells, customer reviews, digital downloads, etc.,

you need a WordPress shopping cart plugin

• There are lots of WordPress Shopping Cart plugins. Most

are still immature, see draft review article


• Membership plugins, on the other hand, are excellent, and

can also be used for digital downloads

• You could say that membership plugins are specialized

shopping carts that provide both payment and access



Top WordPress Membership Plugins

Vendor Newsletter


Payment Systems Affiliate Systems

S2Member (free), Pro version $69 •Mailchimp •1ShoppingCart •Aweber •PayPal •1ShoppingCart ($$$) •ClickBank •Authorize.net (Pro version, no recurring) •iDevAffiliate ($100) •1ShoppingCart ($$$) Wishlist Member ($97) •Internal (built-in) •1ShoppingCart •Mailchimp •Aweber •Infusionsoft •Many others… •PayPal •1ShoppingCart •Clickbank •Infusionsoft •Many others… •iDevAffiliate ($100) •1ShoppingCart •Infusionsoft

Digital Access Pass

($167) •Internal (built-in) •1ShoppingCart •Mailchimp •Aweber •GetResponse •PayPal •1ShoppingCart •Clickbank •Authorize.net (with recurring) •Internal (built-in)


Who this course is for

• Small-business, self-employed… anyone who wants an

attractive website that generates leads and sells.

• WordPress “Professionals” – Virtual Assistants, Social Media

Consultants, Virtual Assistants, Traditional Webmasters


Brendon Burchard’s “Millionaire


• Fastest way to wealth generation on the planet

• Marc’s summary of “Millionaire Messenger”:

1. Work from your passion

2. Create a product or service that is valuable to


3. Create a (cheap) web sales and marketing



WordPress Academy in 5 minutes

• Starts Monday Feb. 6, 7-9pm EST / EDT for 8 Weeks • Two sessions a week (x 8 weeks):

Lecture Monday nights (7-9pm)

Group practice 90 min (8-10 slots to choose from) All Sessions recorded & Downloadable

Student/Instructor ratio < 10:1 Works for all time zones

• Course for business people, not developers

• No other WordPress or Web Technology course on the web covers the range of subject matter, or provides this level of support - “The information you need, when you need it” – nothing more and nothing less

• Includes support (free for 90 days), commercial themes worth $200, and direct line to me and all our staff (via forum, ticket and in many cases private coaching calls)


Why Pay for a WordPress Course?

Your time is valuable (there is simply too much

information out there)

You need more than a “pretty website”, you need to

understand the foundations of email marketing, SEO,

payment systems, membership systems, etc

30-day money-back guarantee (starting from Feb. 6)

If you can’t do it for yourself, we’ll do it for you” – no


Weeks 1-4: WordPress & Theme Styling Foundations

• Week 1:

WordPress What and Why; Domains & Hosting; WordPress user-interface & basic layouts; Configuring static site, “mixed” sites, & permalinks; WordPress Data Elements: Posts, Pages and Links; Using the Visual Editor; Sidebar Widgets; Installing plugins

• Week 2

: Image management / Banner design with Paint.net; WordPress menus and navigation bars; Links; Using the media library, posting images; Advanced

Visual Editor (TinyMCE), entering tables, and heading levels; The all-important Text Widget: posting forms and images to your sidebar; Windows Live Writer; File

Transfer Protocol (FTP): downloadable pdf’s etc;

• Week 3:

Themes & Theme frameworks; Styling a Weaver site; Styling Atahualpa theme; Styling a StudioPress theme; Sales-letter style themes

• Week 4

: Styling an ElegantThemes theme; Styling a WooTheme; Embedding audio & video; Commenting & moderation; Backup and security; Social media integration; Facebook comments; Facebook fan pages.


Weeks 5-8: WordPress for Business

• Week 5:

HTML and CSS introduction (the 5-6 HTML and CSS commands that do 90% of the work); Various miscellaneous topics

• Week 6

: Search-engine optimization: traffic sources; meta tags; keyword analysis (using free Market Samurai); Google analytics;

• Week 7:

Newsletter/autoresponder systems; RSS-to-email systems; Payment systems & Shopping carts; Membership systems

• Week 8:

Online video; equipment choices; shooting & lighting; editing; publishing


Course Registration and Cost

Course starts Monday Feb. 6, at 7pm EST x 8 Weeks

Three payments of $179 (or $497 upfront)


• Live webinars (14 hours) + Unlimited group practice + Lifetime access to all our content / no additional fees

• 90 days of support – direct access to everyone in our staff (renewable after 90 days for just $10/mth includes hosting!)

• $200+ worth of commercial themes

• Professional stock photos (Photoxpress)


The End (or maybe the beginning?)



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