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i N S T R U M E N T S


“ . . . A TA N G I B L E I N V E S T M E N T ”

03/2011 ASTRGB111S00

Anthos has a policy of constant technological upgrading. The technical specifications may therefore be subject to change without prior notice. w w w. a n t h o s . c o m



Instruments designed and developed to provide outstanding

performance, comfort and unbeatable user-friendliness,

built according to strict Anthos reliability and practicality criteria.

Synergical technology that dovetails with the dental unit perfectly,

instruments that provide dentists with precision control.

A tangible investment based on flawless integration,

a conscious decision to adopt total quality.




The ultrasound scalers of the u-PZ series are ideal for sovragingival prophylaxis and more invasive periodontic tasks.

Safe, efficient operation ensures maximum soft tissue protection.

Thanks to the advanced control electronics, they are also ideal for the preparation of small cavities

and in endodontic root canal cleaning techniques.

Sensitivity plus power

Anthos scalers feature self-adjusting power delivery, preventing any overheating of the handpiece or irrigation liquids. A feedback signal shows how much resistance the tip is encountering on the surface being treated; the signal is analysed and vibration amplitude modified accordingly. A sinusoidal wave pattern ensures outstanding working efficiency of the handpiece.

Strength, precision and flexibility: the defining qualities of the new Anthos ultrasound scalers.

Display functions

The screen shows current power delivery in percentage form and selected mode, NORMAL or ENDO. LED lighting (where applicable) and spray water functions are activated/deactivated by the dentist as desired.

The dentist can also control power output by switching from ramping mode to ON-OFF mode.


All u-PZ scalers provide outstanding comfort. Optimal handpiece sizing and a weight of less than 55 g ensure an easy, balanced grip that smoothes work even during long treatment sessions.


Simple to sanitise and disinfect. Easily disassembled for cleaning or minor maintenance purposes, they can be sterilised an autoclave.

Standard tips Optional tips

Type Piezoelectric

Power supply 24-38 VDC

Absorbed power 15 W

Power delivered to transducer 12 VA max

Maximum power in ENDO mode 3 w

Operating frequency 25-32kHz

Self-adjusting vibration YES

Operation intermittent 5 min ON/5 min OFF (with cooling)

Electrical protection rating as per EN 60601-1

Hygiene autoclavable as per UNI EN ISO 22374

Model with integrated lighting u-PZ7

Model without integrated lighting u-PZ6

Head removable for sanitation YES

Autoclavable handpiece YES

1 - 100% power setting YES

Handpiece dimensions diam. 19 x 102 mm

On more advanced models (Classe A9 – Classe A7 Plus - Classe R7) scaler functions can be controlled from the Anthos dental unit display.



The u-PZ7 model differs from the u-PZ6 in that the tip has integrated LED-ring lighting.




Lightweight, powerful, compact, vibration-free, with LED lighting: i-MMs micromotor cover all

conservative dentistry, prosthetic and endodontic requirements and,

thanks to new cutting-edge electronics on models at the top of the Anthos range,

provide perfect assistance in dental surgery.




Performance of i-MMs micromotors is maximised where they are used in conjunction with the advanced electronics of the new interactive Anthos instrument control panel. Conservative dentistry, endodontic and surgery functions are now an integral feature on high-end Classe A9 and Classe A7 Plus versions. New graphics and colour icons allow for more intuitive activation and control of main functions. The availability of 4 memory recall slots for each micromotor and for each operator significantly speeds up the setting selection process.

The diagram illustrates the FAST and SLOW modes;

a water-only spray mode is also available. Moreover, POWER mode provides all the required controls and functions for i-MMs micromotors be used in surgical mode; control of torque according to the specific type of contra angle and peristaltic pump control (on-off and feed rate) ensure dentists are provided with an incredibly versatile instrument, thus allowing them to avoid the purchase - and relevant management - of other portable instruments, trolleys or additional foot controls.

The dental unit database offers an extensive selection of reduction ratios for all the used contra angles and torque adjustment is expressed directly in Ncm.

It is also possible to control the peristaltic pump (flow rate and on-off) directly from the dental unit control panel.

Versatile application

The top-of-the-range i-MMs induction micromotor offers maximum performance and reliability. Incorporating the very latest technology, it weighs just 82 grams, is one of the most compact micromotors in its category and features LED lighting. Torque is 4.5 Ncm. Allows effortless completion of all dental treatment tasks.


Dimensions Ø22 x 47.5 mm Ø22 x 35.1 mm Ø22 x 35.1 mm

Weight 82 g 82 g 82 g

Maximum torque 4.5 Ncm 3 Ncm 3 Ncm

lED lighting Yes no Yes

RPM 100 – 40,000 1,000 – 40,000 1,000 – 40,000

Casing material Nickel plated/

chromium plated aluminium

Nickel plated/ chromium plated brass

Nickel plated/ chromium plated brass

autoclavable Yes no no

iSO 3964 connector Yes Yes Yes

Swivel tubing 320° no no

High performance

Adjustment of rpm (from 100 to 40,000 rpm) and torque, which can reach an exceptional 4.5 Ncm.

ISO 3964-compliant swivel-type rapid couplings. Auto-reverse and auto-forward.


The i-MMs is a lightweight, comfortable micromotor. A restful, balanced grip and excellent ergonomics ensure outstanding practicality and minimisation of any hand fatigue. Overall i-MMs ergonomics are also enhanced by the absence of vibration and noise levels lower than 50 dB.


Perfect hygiene. Made of anodised aluminium, the i-MMs micromotor can be sterilised in an autoclave.






Swivel grip

Patented and one of a kind, T-LED provides twice as much operating potential, its two grip positions offering maximum working comfort. Very high quality fibre optics ensure homogeneous light intensity over the entire surface area and complete polymerisation.

Homogeneous light distribution with T-LED fibre optics; efficient polymerisation of the entire compound. In traditional curing lights the light intensity is uneven and leads to partial composite polymerisation.

Programmes and accessories

T-LED has six polymerisation programmes, of which 3 feature gradual start (new light emission cycles have been optimised according to clinical recommendations with a strong focus on supplied energy in relation to minimum light emission times), all designed to prevent the phenomena of compound shrinkage.

In short, an optimal combination of fast treatment times and reliable results. The Type B Soft Start is particularly suitable for Bonding.

T-LED is an exclusive, patented instrument featuring programmes and accessories for every possible

need. Light and articulated, 180° rotation allows use in both direct and angular modes.

The new light emission cycles have been improved and optimised according to clinical

recommendations that focus on the aspects of supplied energy and treatment times.

User-friendly control interface

Constant power cycles

Ramping cycles Cycle number Power (mW/cm2) Total time (s) Total energy (mJ/cm2) 1 1000 20 20000 2 1600 15 24000 3 1800 20 36000 Cycle number initial power (mW/cm2) Partial time at initial power (s) Ramp time (s) Final power (mW/cm2) Partial time at final power (s) Total time (s) Total energy (mJ/cm2) B 500 5 5 1000 5 15 11250 R 500 5 5 2200 5 15 20250 L 500 5 5 1800 10 20 26250



High performance induction micromotors, versatile and at the top of their category, smoothly

integrated with dental unit electronics and with full memory-function control.

Extremely compact and lightweight, these instruments are ideal for daily use in conservative

and prosthetic dentistry.

A maximum torque of 3 Ncm makes the i-MMr the standard by which all other micromotors in the category are measured.

Available with (i-MMrL) or without LED lighting (i-MMr).


Anthos Classe A9 Anthos Classe A7 Plus Anthos Classe A6 Plus Anthos Classe A5 Anthos Classe A3 Plus Anthos Classe R7 Anthos Classe R7 Modulo






Silence and comfort

Anthos Silent Power turbines generate an average noise level of 57 dB(A). Compared to the levels typical of traditional turbines, noise reduction (especially at medium-high frequencies) provides a more relaxed working environment for everyone.

Irritating noise has been eliminated thanks to precision rotation, fluid-dynamic air flows and ball bearings. Performance and reliability

Made using low-attrition and minimum-inertia ceramic ball bearings, Anthos Silent Power turbines provide power, low vibration and a maximised working life. Carefully selected materials, perfect constructive

geometries and strict quality control processes all ensure that Anthos turbines easily withstand the dynamic stresses of daily dentistry and the thermal/chemical aggression of modern autoclaves.

lED lighting

Instead of the traditional halogen bulbs there is now a miniaturised circuit with LED lighting.

Compared to the former, LEDs have a much longer lifespan. They also emit a higher quality white light that does not alter the colour of teeth or tissues.

Multiple irrigation

The most efficient cooling is ensured by irrigation, which varies from model to model. There are from 2 to 4 spray irrigators. Whatever the treatment, multiple irrigation aids optimal visibility of the operating area.

There are two separate nozzles, one for water and one for air at each irrigation point, ensuring that fluids are not mixed inside the turbine and so preventing cross-contamination of circuits. Moreover, the dual nozzles also ensure constant, stable misting independently of the different air and liquid pressures and provide a very dry air chip-blower.

Hygiene and asepsis

The materials and components used on Anthos Silent Power turbines allow them to be placed in an instrument washer or autoclave.

Bur change at the touch of a key

Bur changeover is fast and easy thanks to the key-type release featured on the head of all Anthos Silent Power models. Rapid coupling with Fibre Optic Silent Power models Gold and Silver 4L, applicable on any 4-way 2-contact tubing. Allows 360° turbine rotation.

Example of turbine control display on top-of-the-range Anthos dental units

(Classe A9 – Classe A7 Plus - Classe R7).

Silent PowerGOlD GOlD MiNiaTURESilent Power Silent PowerSilVER 4l Silent PowerSilVER 2l Silent PowerSilVER 2

Ceramic ball bearings

Total weight (g) 55 52 68 65 56

Titanium grip Stainless steel grip

Anthos rapid coupling (4-way + 2-contact) 4-way + 2-contact coupling

4-way coupling Key-operated bur lock FO lighting

4 spray jets (4+4 nozzles) 2 spray jets (2+2 nozzles)

Max. speed (rpm) 350,000 400,000 350,000 350,000 350,000

Air pressure (bar) 2.7÷2.8 2.8÷2.9 2.7÷2.8 2.6÷2.7 2.6÷2.7

Max water flow rate at 1.2 bar (mL/min) 60 60 60 56 56

Average noise level dB(A) 57 57 57 57 57


Washable in instrument washer Noise level

Silent Power Anthos Noise level





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