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Innisfil and Bradford West Gwillimbury Background Notes

for Town Councils Consultants

Joe Levack offers over twenty years of management experience in the public and private sectors, seven years’ service on the Amherstburg Police Services Board and four years as a management consultant with clients in the municipal, police, utility, agriculture, hi-tech and construction sectors.

Roger Hollingworth offers forty years of progressive and diversified policing experience initially with the Town of Preston Police Force, then the Waterloo Regional Police

Service attaining the rank of Deputy Chief. He also served as Assistant Deputy Minister of the Policing Services Division for the Ministry of the Solicitor General for three years. From 2006 through 2010 he served as the Chief of Police for the Town of Amherstburg. Project Mandate

The Town of Innisfil and the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury wish to conduct an analysis of the submitted OPP proposal and compare the ‘joint stand alone’ proposal against the current arrangement and the current costs of the South Simcoe Police Service in an ‘an apples to apples comparison of OPP and SSPS costing alternatives’. Legislative Background

Police Services Act:

 Assigns municipalities the responsibility for providing police services.  Identifies the core activities for policing in Ontario.

 Describes six principles for police services to follow in carrying out those activities.

Municipal Responsibility:

 Set up their own police service;

 Arrange with one or more municipalities to have a joint police service for the area;

 Hire the police service of another municipality; or  Hire the Ontario Provincial Police.


Core Activities:  Prevent crime  Enforce laws

 Assist victims of crime  Maintain public order  Respond to emergencies Key Principles:

1. Ensuring the safety and security of all people and property in Ontario.

2. Safeguarding the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

3. Working closely with the communities they serve.

4. Respecting victims of crime and working to understand their needs.

5. Being sensitive to the diverse, multiracial and multicultural character of Ontario society.

6. Ensuring that police services are representative of the communities they serve. Documents Reviewed

Outside Documents  Police Services Act

 Police Resources in Canada (2012) – Statistics Canada  Port Hope OPP Cost Analysis Report

 Leamington Brief to OCPC – 2010  Leamington transition cost report – 2013

 Letter from John Patterson, Mayor of Leamington  Hanover Association/Board Arbitration Ruling (2012) SSPS Documents

 SSPS budgets – 2009 – 2013

 SSPS Human Resources and Staff Training Review – 2009  SSPS Collective Agreements

 SSPS organization chart  SSPS 2011 Annual Report

 Staff report to Innisfil Council – March 20, 2013

 Statistical overview of service delivery levels – SSPS – April 18, 2013  SSPS presentation to Councils – April/May 2013

 SSPS answers to Council questions – April/May 2013  SSPS Strategic Plan (2011 - 2013)

 SSPSPA correspondence with municipalities – March and April, 2013


OPP Documents

 OPP Cost Recovery Formula Update - October 2012  OPP Presentation to Councils - April/May 2013  OPP Cost Proposals to Councils - April/May 2013  OPP Answers to Councils Questions - April/May 2013  OPP Joint Cost Proposal to Councils - May 8, 2013 Interviews conducted


 Chief Rick Beazley

 Deputy Chief Al Cheesman  Inspector Tom McDonald  S/Sgt. Steve Wilson  S/Sgt. Lisa Hunt  Const. Henry Geoffroy

 Executive Assistant Maria Gucciardi

 IT & Communications Manager Kim Taylor  Finance Manager Andrea Drover


 Shared services agreements in place with York and OPP  12 person containment team similar to ERT

 Sick time usage = 29 hours per employee

 $59,495 in vehicle budget to outfit change from Crown Victoria – ends in 2014  Overtime is 5% of salary budget


 Sgt. Steve Haennel  S/Sgt. Cathy Bell

 Sgt. Liane Spong-Hooyenga Highlights

 2014 salaries will be adjusted by 8.55% Jan. 1 with any further adjustments addressed in reconciliation.

 Provincial Services Use is an estimate, not a minimum rebate.  Auxiliary complement is provincially capped and provided at no cost.  No guarantee on minimum number of ERT members


Leamington – Population – 28,000 CAO

 OPP start up costs were within $11,000 of estimates  Very emotional process (people will lose jobs)

 Less administrative issues for municipal staff

 Some minor unknown additional expenses: cell phone, furniture, supplies, copier etc.

 Actual transition costs were $2.149 million versus internal estimate of $2.733 million


Mayor (excerpt from letter)

“As Mayor I am satisfied with the level of service given by the OPP. They do what they are supposed to do as per their contract. It is a very hands-off relationship but that is to be expected in any contract arrangement. What is missing is community.”

Quinte West – Population – 43,000 CAO, Treasurer and Board Chair

 Transition costs met expectations  They are only stand alone OPP model

 Fire dispatched out of detachment as a separate function  Service levels increased with OPP

 Annual reconciliation credit of 4 to 4 ½ %

 Cost increase of 13% in 2009 renewal but expected  Board Budget has remained about the same

 Full participation in Commander selection

 No regrets with selecting the stand alone model, more direct communication and interaction


Orillia – Population – 31,000 CAO

 Transition was 20 years ago

 Professional Police Services are provided  OPP not nimble and responsive to local issues  Costs over estimated, City budgets for annual refund  No auditability, simply presented the numbers

 Significant increases at each contract renewal  “You are buying a service and get it the OPP way”  Some by-law enforcement in contract but not pursued  Fully functional Board with support staff and budget

 Board Chair would not participate in last Commander selection





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