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ISE 2013 ShowGuide

NEC AV and Signage Solutions

During 2012 NEC Display Solutions followed up a decade of leadership in Digital Signage Solutions and show at ISE 2013 still more innovative solutions and products that provide even better value and long term performance.

“We have had a strong year celebrating a decade of pioneering innovation, with quality public display products and developing our software solutions focus. We have grown our offering and, following the success of ISE 2012 as the biggest show yet for NEC Display Solutions Europe, we are excited to showcase the latest technology and software solutions advancements to the world’s professional AV and electronic systems players at ISE 2013, on stand R24 in hall 4. Visitors will be able to see our current range of products, including desktop displays, public displays, and projectors, as well as some future news and the new range of LED modules. From NEC, show-goers can also expect to see first-hand a range of real-life scenario installations and our software solutions in action.”

Stefanie Corinth,

Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development, NEC Display Solutions Europe

ISE 2013


THE PIXEL MACHINE - a giant videowall though far from a usual shape with great content that fits the shape perfectly. The whole display is formed of 23 panels, and using Hiperwall we are able to create a single large canvas of seven tiles wide by five tiles high which in turn allows us to display images up to 13,440 x 5,400 resolution and live topical content

Live Demonstration of VUKUNET, the recently launched automated ad serving platform for the DOOH Industry

The latest interactive and collaborative solutions for the classroom including DisplayNote and new Interactive UST Projectors

Solutions for Retail Signage, including flexible content solutions via NEC Slot-in Options; the World’s first large format display calibrated to the dsRGB colour space offering new accuracy in image and brand and product colour replication

Solutions that meet the challenges of the Rental and Staging sector with 24/7 heavy duty performance and lighter weights and flexibility for easier installation and de-installation

Leafengine Solutions which provides key visitor analysis so public places and retail venues can better manage their resources to maximize visitor experience and targeted actions






















info point lounge access bar lounge lounge

NEC Display Solutions Hall 4 Stand R24

1. Rental and Staging 2. Transportation 3. Energy and Utilities 4. Retail 5. DOOH 6. QSR 7. Corporate 8. Leisure 9. Education DisplayNote ReTrade



Meeting and Consultation Facilities

This year we have set aside a generous area for hospitality meetings. If you would like to make a reservation with any NEC staff, please contact our Reception employees in order to schedule your appointment. Information Points

Should you require any further information, please visit our information points to register your details or access further information about the NEC Display Solutions portfolio.

info point


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Rental and Staging

Impressing an audience and delivering the message with impact is the key to each successful event. Aside from having the perfect location and the right team to execute and manage events the right choice of equipment to operate well in critical and challenging conditions is essential.


MultiSync® X551UN Videowall with EasyFrame Mounting Solution and NEC OPS Slot-In PC i5

MultiSync® XS Series with NEC OPS Slot-In PC i5 with Live Slot-In Options Demonstration

OPS Options: HD-SDI 3G, Slot-in PC, WiDi PH1400U Stacking Set Up

Additional OPS Slot-In PC i7 and AtomTM

Two Projector Stacking Combination – Small HLO Projectors with a flexible solution for higher brightness

New PH1400U (13.500 ANSI lm, available in June) Stacking setup, providing 27.000 lm for typical Rental/Staging applications. Mounted on our new easy adjust flight frame and easy setup by automatic camera system.

MultiSync® X551UN 2 x 2 Videowall with EasyFrame Mounting

System MultiSync® XS Series

(40”,46”, 55”) with Slot-In CoreTM i5

Slot-in PC Intel® CoreTM i7

Slot-in PC Intel® AtomTM Cedarview

Slot-in Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi)

Media Player

OPS Slot-in HDSDI Interface Standalone Adapter STv2 New PH1400U in Stacking

Set-Up with STv2 Achieve 27.000 ANSI lm Brightness 1



With ever increasing national and international travelling, operators are investing in new technology to meet increases in the level of customer service needed to remain competitive. Operators are also looking for new non-operational revenue streams which will help balance the deficit being created by lower operating margins. New Display Solutions help communicate with passengers at each stage of their journey, from booking through to departure, not only improving the customer experience via way-finding and critical information but also providing advertising and loyalty opportunities.


“THE PIXEL MACHINE” with 23 X551UN mounted on EasyFrame System and Hiperwall

Super high resolution attention attracting videowall in a unique shape unparalleled content flexibility through the use of Hiperwall software.

Source: Third generation CoreTM i7 OPS SBC and various PCs to run Hiperwall

Partner: Daily DOOH

PX750U Subway Signage Application

PX750U at 24/7 subway signage using the projector’s built in geometric control function and OPS Slot-In PC as source. Source: Slot-In PC

Partner: neogroup, Vukunet

MediaScreen Mediasphere Multitouch

Mediasphere, a hemispherical rear projection solution, is powered by a PX750U projector and allows picture control via Touch Sensor. This is a perfect solution for design oriented signage or way finding information systems.

Partner: Mediascreen MediaScreen Screenlifter

Easy motorized Design Stand for MultiSync® X551UN Videowall, which enables very easy transport and setup out of the box at the touch of a button.

Partner: Mediascreen

Different Large Format Installations

The superslim MultiSync® X551S PG with protection glass offers added robustness for all kind of Digital Signage Applications. The anti-reflection coating minimizes reflections or highlights arising in even the most brightly-lit areas. The Indoor Cabinet is as secure as it is attractive for Digital Signage on walls, columns or suspended from indoor ceilings. The Indoor Totem can be installed with one single display or with two displays back-to-back. Displays are safely housed behind unbreakable Hammerglass. In combination with an OPS or Media Player all the solutions require is a power outlet.

Partner: Smart Media Solutions AB (Indoor Cabinet & Totem)


The PIXEL MACHINE 23 x MultiSync® X551UN using Hiperwall

LED Module LED Module in a Totem Installation MultiSync® X551S Different Installation Methods

Multi Touch Display MediaScreen Mediasphere Multi Touch powered by PX750U

MultiSync® X463UN 2 x 2 Videowall Setup with MediaScreen


PX750U Subway Signage Application with Projector built-in Geometric Control


Energy and Utilities

Providers have to face the constantly growing demand for energy. Monitoring their distribution and production 24/7 is crucial for every Energy & Utility provider and they demand therefore the best performance available from ‘Display Technologies’, used for monitoring over extended periods of time.

Control Room Solution with

Hiperwall Software MultiSync

® X463UN

MultiSync® X551S

MultiSync® P242W

MultiSync® PA301W

PA500U 3500 x 2200 High Resolution Edge Blending


Control Room Set Up

High Resolution, 24/7 MultiSync® X463UN Videowall set up based around the EasyFrame hanging mount. MultiSync® XS Series used as Satellite and MultiSync® P242W Displays used as Control Desk 1, Set up Sender and Streamer and MultiSync® PA301W Displays installed as Control Desk 2. Complete Videowall Solution for Command and Control as well as large distributed Videowall installations using a Slot-in Module as well as the performance of the latest generation of Slot-in PCs. Sender and Streamer PCs inside the network demonstrate the simple integration of static and moving content of PCs inside a network.

Source: Third generation CoreTM i7 OPS SBC and various PCs to run Hiperwall

4 x PA500U High Resolution Control Room Application Combination of four PA500U projectors that deliver high resolution 3500x2190 projection by using a Scalable Edge Blending solution. Projectors are mounted on our new easy adjust flight frames. Source: Four-HDMI output graphics adapter

Partner: Scalable



With the digital revolution, signage is becoming more dynamic as it is displayed on large format screens, projection systems, small desktop displays, LED displays, 3D displays and other screens used to inform, direct and attract.

Digital Signage offers a higher level of audience engagement and is establishing a proven ROI. Higher levels of engagement can be achieved through interaction with audiences leading to more accurate marketing, POS actions and increased customer loyalty.

MultiChannel Advertising Walls with Displays and MultiSync® EA294WMi with its 29” as new format Mini PD

Multichannel Corporate Signage content triggered with synchronized playback. The EA294WMi is the new flagship product of the highly respected EA desktop series. It comes in a new format 29” with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a resolution of 2560x1080. Thanks to IPS technology the display provides excellent picture quality from all viewing angles. In addition to side by side standard desktop applications this offers the opportunity to position it also for digital signage applications as shown in this area. A broad choice of inputs like DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI, MHL and VGA makes it very flexible for any installation.

Source/Software: BroadSign / Windows based Partner: neogroup/Burton

SpectraView® SV552 Colour Confident Large Format

The accurate representation of a product’s colour is of high importance in the retail sector. Accurate colour increases customer confidence, and reduces undesirable returns. The SV552 has been calibrated to dsRGB, and special dsRGB LED lighting is used to illuminate the physical garments on display. This setup gives a retailer the confidence to reduce physical display space and offer a wide choice via a digital platform.

Partner: basICColor

Leafengine Sensor – Software Connectivity Demonstration The leafengine offering connection of sensor – software solutions via a standardized interface. Reducing integration efforts, facilitating creative context aware signage applications.

FieldAnalyst Demonstration Audience Recognition Solution FieldAnalyst face recognition software providing target group analysis to enable public places and retail venues to optimize communication and resources as well as their offers based on anonymous video analytics.

Source: XS Series with CoreTM i7 Slot in PCs and Axis Camera TRIDELITY Glasses-Free 3D based on MultiSync® X551S The auto-stereoscopic 3D display provides a glasses-free 3D viewing experience for many viewers at the same time. In a wide angle of 120° passers-by will easily get an impressively deep and comfortable 3D sensation. Pop-out effects of more than 1m can be perceived. For any Digital Signage application this technology leads to a significant increase of stopping-power.


Bright PX750U retail stacking projection

Combination of two PX750U projectors by using automatic stacking feature. Extreme bright 15.000 lm high quality picture created by two small 24/7 projectors after easy installation.


Advertising and Promotion

Retail Applications MultiSync

® V652

MultiSync® X401S

MultiSync® V463

MultiSync® EA294WMi

SpectraView® 552 Colour Accurate Modelling of Textile Garment

MultiSync® P702 With Microsoft Kinect

MultiSync® X401S and

Multi-Sync® EA224WMi

Slot-in Option Performance

Slot-in PC Intel® CoreTM i5

OPS Slot-in PC Intel®

Slot-in PC AtomTM OPS

Slot-in Shopping Window; Sensor Software Solutions with LeafEngine MultiSync®

X551S, MultiSync® P241W

Slot-in PC Intel® CoreTM i7

Slot-in PC Intel® AtomTM

Slot-in Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) - Media

Player, Slot-In HDSDI Interface

PX750U Retail Stacking Projection providing 15.000 ANSI lm, STv2

MultiSync® X551S FieldAnalyst Face Recognition Software

10 mm Outdoor LED Module IP65 Protected MultiSync® X551S With Glasses-Free 3D



Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising is a market that is growing rapidly. Operators of digital signage networks, location owners, media agencies and brands are looking for more dynamic solutions and methods to deploy applications that are driven by market and users’ needs. On the bottom line, media owners monetise viewings irrespective of the medium used, allowing multiple avenues for viewing.

The digital format offers huge benefits to all, such as the ability to provide topical, moving content in a timely, targeted fashion, with interactivity allowing deeper engagement whilst providing a richer experience for the audience. Ultimately, the reason for the innovation is to make the content more engaging, to provide a verifiable targeted audience to paying advertisers.

Vukunet 5


Vukunet Ad Serving Platform for the DOOH

VUKUNET is NEC’s comprehensive AdServing Platform for Digital-out-of-Home networks which connects screen owners and media agencies. All internet connected screens can turn into an advertising face and generate incremental revenues.

For more information visit:


QSR Infotainment Demonstration, Order Management Demonstration and Menu Board

A proven solution for enterprise digital signage worldwide, allowing central management of multiple displays through a user-friendly, web-based application.

Source: high-end Slot-in PCs and Multi-Display PCs/ Broadcast Manager

Partner: Instoremedia


The move to ‘Digital Menu Boards’ in the Fast Food industry allows QSR outlets to use digital signage systems for menu prices or choices, special offers or just for entertainment purposes. However, a QSR is one of the toughest locations a display can be installed in. Grease, dust, particles and foremost heat are the main challenges in such an environment and demand for high quality equipment with advanced heat management, protected glass and many more features are vital to help to create a “feel good” experience for all customers.


New MultiSync® Large Format

E Series 32”, 42”, 46”

MultiSync® X462HB High Brightness Quality for QSR Applications

MultiSync® P462 With IP 55 Cabinet

MultiSync® V462TM Interactive Order Management



As electronic equipment becomes ever smaller and more powerful, computers used in professional offices shrink in size and increase in performance. The huge tower PC is now a thing of the past, being replaced by much smaller thin client and ultra-small form factor PCs and laptops. However the display screen itself has radically grown in size and resolution.

Hot-desking and video-conferencing are now very common within the professional office. The ability to adjust the display and desk to suit an individual’s requirements is an important factor in providing a safe and comfortable working environment. Government requirements and corporate aspirations for the reduction of power consumption and carbon footprint has a high impact on IT and AV investments where innovative ECO features are increasingly demanded. Everyone is looking for new ways to increase productivity whilst reducing costs.

Interactive Table Solution

The Quadra Interactive Table, based on a MultiSync X461S with OPS Slot-in PC i7, shows Nuiteq’s multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite which offers customisable content, fast performance and stability. A wide range of apps, an API and SDK are included in this industry leading product, allowing even software developers to create their own multi-touch software apps on the Snowflake platform.

Partner: Quadra, Nuiteq

EA294WMi and NaviSet 2.0 demonstration, Apps from HTC One XPlus Smartphone via MHL connection

The NEC MultiSync® EA294WMi features an extremely thin 29” 21:9 IPS LED backlit panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1080 which results in an ultra-modern and slim design. Due to the new format which complies with a dual screen set up of two 19”conventional screens it is an excellent alternative for any multiple screen set ups. A broad choice of inputs like DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI, MHL (the new direct connection from your smartphone to the display) and VGA makes it very flexible for any installation. Ideal for the corporate that demand style and future proof technology. Source: Desktop PC with NaviSet 2.0 and HTC One X Plus Smartphone with MHL

The PE401H is our first compact Full HD meeting room projector with fixed lens. This projector targets the growing demand for high resolution (Full HD) particularly in corporate meeting room applications as well as in higher education and where larger screen sizes than 90” are required, which is the case for large meeting rooms designed for more than 10 attendees.

Designed to provide flexibility and optimum image quality, the L51W is a 3D ready projector which uses an LED light source, ensuring a lightweight design, reliability, low power consumption and very low total cost of ownership (TCO). This makes NEC’s mobile projector ideal for carrying to business presentations and meetings, whilst its stylish exterior ensures a seamless fit into any modern office.

The new P451W is the successor of our P350W and is designed for corporate meeting rooms as well as higher education. It comes with 1.000 ANSI lm more brightness, horizontal keystone correction and more powerful 16W speaker.


Corporate DisplayNote Solution

The DisplayNote solution includes a fully collaborative meeting room scenario integrating various interactive devices, like tablets or notebooks and connecting to the presentation display or projector. It enables interactive work on nearly any device and any platform, supporting the most common operating systems.


MultiSync® EA244WMi and

MultiSync® EA294WMi

with NaViSet 2.0 and Smartphone Connection MHL

MultiSync® X461S Interactive Table Solution

MultiSync® V652 Interaction and Collaboration with


MultiSync® X551S Wireless Full HD Demo (WiDi)

Slot-in Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi)

Media Player

PE401H Compact Full HD Meeting Room Projection L51W Extremely Compact and Lightweight LED




Today, museum goers expect to find some interaction and to be a part of the overall experience and leisure facilities and hotels are offering now a wider range of services than ever before. Each day visitors need to be informed, inspired and entertained and the need for information in a well-timed and attractive way has never been greater.


Media Screen Holoscreen

This interesting design oriented 3D rear projection

screen is powered by our U310W projector and is providing an excellent interactive signage solution

Partner: Mediascreen

Combination of two PX750U projectors via Edge Blending for getting a 3000 x 1200 high resolution projection

On touch screen, selected film trailers can be seen on high-res Edge Blending projector solution. Edge Blending setup is based on Projector’s built-in Edge Blending feature and mechanical setup via our new easy adjust flight frames.

Source: NVidia two-output graphics adapter Partner: neogroup


U310W MediaScreen Interactive Holoscreen 3D Rear Projection

PX750U 3000 x 1200 High Resolution Edge Blending

MultiSync® V462TM and

MultiSync® V462



The use of technology in the classroom is now widely embraced by schools across Europe and recognised as an effective teaching and learning aid. There is no substitute for good teaching and engaging subject matter but interactive and collaborative tools can go a long way to enhancing the content helping to improve engagement and concentration levels, by making learning more fun for students, whilst giving more freedom to teachers to be creative.

Education budgets are widely under constraint but there are still numerous new builds and refurbishments in the BSF programme as well as Academies and Universities that are investing to attract fee paying students from home and abroad. Recognising that ICT plays a huge part in enhancing the student experience, universities are installing digital signage and videowall solutions in foyers, libraries, classrooms, cafeterias and training areas.


Collaborative classroom solution with DisplayNote

The fully collaborative classroom scenario integrates various interactive devices – smart phones, tablets, the new UM330Wi interactive projector with whiteboard, the MultiSync® V651TM large format touch screen and classic desktop workstations with the MultiSync® EA244WMi. Displaynote ties all these different interfaces together and enables teachers to work interactively on nearly any device and any platform, supporting the most common operating systems which makes it perfect for bring your own device initiatives. Students can follow the lesson from their own devices, add individual annotations as well as share their content on the main screen. This solution therefore is not only an interactive teaching tool but also fosters collaborative work by integrating the student devices.

Interactive demonstration with eBeam

This demonstrates the versatile projection possibilities of our 3D ready U310W with interactive eBeam Module NP01Wi. The projector is mounted on a new mobile, height-adjustable mounting solution which also allows tilting board and projector so that the interactive whiteboard can also be transformed into an interactive table. The new mounting solution will become available in April 2013. Two edge-blended UM330Wi projectors with special eBeam driver software are used to create the extra-wide interactive whiteboard. This prototype set-up illustrates a potential future solution for education as well as special corporate applications such as control rooms or creative workspaces.

Partner: Scalable Display Technologies

Integration of U310W for Education Games Demonstration in a portable cube called Lighthouse.

This solution targets pre-school applications and promotes hands-on active learning in a playful way. This is offered as a complete solution in various configurations including interactive projector and integrated PC.

Partner: Vanerum


MultiSync® V651 TM

(Multi Touch) and MultiSync®


Interaction and Collaboration with DisplayNote

Manual height-adjustable Wall Mount for Touch Displays

UM330Wi Interaction and Collaboration with DisplayNote

PJ03WHA Automatic height-adjustable Wall Mount for Short-Throw Projectors

U310W with eBeam and

Smart Media Solutions Versatile Mobile MountingMotorized height-adjustable Mobile Mount offering Table Mode

UM330Wi Interactive Whiteboard Solution U310W with Vanerum



DisplayNote, NEC Edition, is the latest interactive whiteboard tablet solution, which combines advanced collaboration tools with the market leading utilities available with NEC Projectors to create the ideal collective presentation solution for learning establishments. Users can present, share and collaborate ideas and presentations across all major platforms (Windows, Android, Apple, Linux and iOS) and any connected device, such as an iPad, Android tablet, smartphone, netbook or laptop. DisplayNote’s platform independent approach means you can fundamentally upgrade your presentation system’s effectiveness without the need to replace hardware.

Download DisplayNote at


DisplayNote is available with a number of different licence options that allow access to designated features and host and client connections.

There are two different scenarios for DisplayNote usage, a ‘Presenter Mode’ (a free download for customers who purchased a qualifying NEC Projector or Touch Display, or available by purchase) and a more advanced Multi-User scenario that allows multiple devices to connect and includes presenter functions and collaborative features for the whole class.



With the NEC ReTrade Programme, for each NEC Projector you purchase we will arrange to trade-in your old projector and offer you cash as consideration.

85 % of the returned projectors will be refurbished and returned to the market meaning less hazardous substances require disposing off, vastly less material is wasted and less new resources are unnecessarily consumed. Purchases and Trade-Ins are welcomed and virtually any common projector is covered within three month after purchase of the new NEC Projector.

Taking part in the programme is simple, with a dedicated website providing full instructions and instantly listing prices paid for used projectors. Prices may vary on a daily basis and consideration is taken of the condition of the projector returned when the final payment is made.

For more information BlackBox – X463UN – Hall10, Booth N141 Chief MFG – X463UN, X551UN – Hall 2, Booth C42 Crestron – EA243WM – Hall 2, Booth C24 Ingram Micro – X461S and Wallmounts – Hall 10, Booth K152 Peerless- AV Europe – X463UN – Hall 11, Booth H58 PeTa Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH – X461S special design – Hall 4, Booth U24 RGB Spectrum – X463UN, PA241W – Hall 3, Booth C83 YCD Multimedia – X463UN , P402 – Hall 10, Booth N116 Unicol – V462UN – Hall 8, Booth F185 VisioSign – X461S – Hall 9, Booth F141




BasicColor, Germany FaceCake, USA HIPERWALL, USA Instoremedia, Sweden Quadra Concepts UK Ltd, UK

MediaScreen Bildkommunikation GmbH, Germany

NEC Laboratories Europe neogroup, Germany Nuiteq, Sweden

Scalable Display Technologies, USA

Smart Media Solutions AB, Sweden Tridelity AG, Germany Vanerum Group VTL - Visual Technology Ltd., UK


Contact NEC Display Solutions


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