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Is That a Buddha in the Lotus?

“When persons doubt as they plant roots of good, the lotus in which they gain birth will not open; but for those whose shinjin is pure, the flower opens, and immediately they see the Buddha.” KGSS.

I was recently at the temple cleaning

the Onaijin (altar) and I noticed the lotus

flower in the scroll with the characters

namoamidabutsu – 南無阿弥陀佛. I looked at

it carefully and saw what appeared

to be an outline of the Buddha.

I wondered to myself if the artist who made the scroll had done this

intentionally. Whether he did or not may

not be the issue, but what I see as the

Buddha in the lotus.

As you may know the lotus flower represents the Buddha. Most scrolls as seen here and statues in our temples have at the base a lotus flower. A fully opened lotus represents the Buddha or enlightenment.

Atop the lotus in the scroll pictured here is the Chinese characters that read namoamidabutsu. Amida Buddha the Buddha of infinite wisdom and compassion is represented with those characters. The second picture is a statue of Amida Buddha atop a lotus.

If you look carefully, the lotus flower has an outline of what appears to be a Buddha. Within the lotus resides the Buddha ready to appear again. Within the nembutsu, namoamidabutsu the Buddha appears.

When we recite the nembutsu it is an

acknowledgment of something that has already taken place. It is acknowledging and expressing gratitude to the Buddha as he embraces each and every one of us just as we are.

When we recite the Nembutsu we are never alone, Shinran and all others are one within the Nembutsu. I believe this is the reason for the Buddha in the lotus. Notifying us that in namoamidabutsu the Buddha is with us, embracing us.


Rev. Hosei Shinseki

Newsletter June 2020 Vol 19 Issue 6


Nembutsu Wave

June 2020



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June 2020


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June 2020


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Sachi Akaba, Shotsuki Hoyo donations, in memory of Hiroshi Nishi & Hideko Nishi Randolph & Jeanne Onitsuka, Shotsuki Hoyo donation in memory of Isamu Sakai Karen Sakai & Charles Dene, Shotsuki Hoyo donation in memory of Isamu Sakai

The Sakino Family (Ron, Irene & John), Shotsuki Hoyo donation in memory of Margaret Ayako Sakino

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Hei Takarabe, donation in appreciation for facility use for Tai Chi Workshop Marlyn Johnson, Special donation for April general activities

Hans Royer, Special donation to temple

June Matsuoka, Sogetsu Ikebana facility use donation for March Nathan Grijalva, April facility use donation

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We hope everyone is Staying Safe and Healthy.


The temple would like to send a huge THANK YOU to our following members:

Linda Shingu and her Granddaughters, Lily and Zoe Shingu for pulling all the weeds from the front of the temple every week. Without their dedicated HARD WORK, the front of our temple would be overgrown by weeds and look abandoned and

unoccupied. But, instead, it looks neat and free of unsightly weeds.

Nathan Grijalva for pulling weeds throughout the temple grounds every week. Thank you for helping us take care of our temple garden.

David, Dawn, Isabel & Michel’le Correia for sanitizing the inside of the temple after we closed the temple because of Covid-19 and their continued efforts to watch over the temple and help with its maintenance while we are closed. Thank You


Nembutsu Wave

June 2020


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Request for Sandbags

Now that the rainy season is over, anyone having filled sandbags to get rid of can bring to temple and dump at base of oak trees at side of driveway. The sand is needed


Nembutsu Wave

June 2020



We are very proud to announce that Ms. Mika Gordon is the recipient of the $1,000.00 MPBT

Scholarship awarded to a graduating Senior. She was very active in our Dharma School Program and participated in helping us with our Obon Festival and danced every year on the Yagura. We want to wish her all the best and success in all her new endeavors and adventures.

In this issue, we are featuring three of our recent graduates and next month, we will feature three more of our scholarship recipients and bring everyone up-to-date on all their accomplishments and future plans.


Due to Shelter in Place, my last few weeks of high school have been relatively relaxing. My

mornings start much later and instead of a stiff chair and desk I can participate in classes online from my bedroom in my pajamas.

For my graduation ceremony this year, instead of walking on the Pacific Grove High School football field, I will be taking laps on the Laguna Seca

Raceway. Keeping up with the quarantine has not been the most social time of my life, but I look forward to seeing everyone running out of their cars on the racetrack to take a single photo and getting their diplomas.

As for my next step forward, I will be attending Saint Mary’s College. It is a small, private college nestled in the hills of Moraga, CA near Walnut Creek. I’m going in as an Art History major and considering a minor in digital studies. For now, Saint Mary’s is planning to have students on campus in the Fall so I will be living there for the time being. Even though I’m not sure what my future holds, I am very honored to be part of the St. Mary’s community and look forward to the next four years.

I will have special memories of my 2020 graduation year with getting my diploma on a racetrack plus having Barack Obama as my commencement speaker.


Nembutsu Wave

June 2020




Bruce is graduating early (next month) from UCSB as a double major in Economics & Sociology.

He is currently doing an internship (remotely) with a think tank in Washington DC. He is applying for jobs and internships for summer and/or fall.

He also had his first article published in a well-known education website called “The 74 Million” Here is the link:

A Student’s View: Thinking Outside the Device — With a Little Ingenuity, Libraries Could Keep Kids Loving Reading While Schools Are Closed

Please join us in congratulating Bruce for this extraordinary accomplishment.


After four years of study at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, I graduated this past May with a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Theatre.

In the future I hope to continue my work in scenic and lighting design as a resident artist at a

regional theater, while currently I have moved back to Pacific Grove and am open for

commissions or other freelance design projects. I want to thank everyone at the Monterey

Peninsula Buddhist Temple for their constant support and encouragement during such a large portion of my formative years.

While the transition hasn’t been easy, I am grateful for so much, including that I can continue to call this peninsula my home.





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