The School Nurse shall be responsible to the building principal for the performance of all duties.

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The School Nurse must be currently licensed as a registered nurse in the State of Texas with a current copy of his/her license on file in the personnel office.


The Board of Trustees shall appoint the School Nurse upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools for a term of not more than two years. The contract will be considered for extension at the regular March meeting each year.


The School Nurse shall be responsible to the building principal for the performance of all duties.

D. JOB PERFORMANCE STATEMENTS: 1. Instructional Management

a. Contributes to the health education program in an advisory resource capacity and in the direct classroom teaching of health.

b. Provides teachers with a list of students with known health problems that may affect learning or require special consideration, as soon as possible after school starts.

c. Represents appraisal services in ARD meetings and complies with health related services regulations in the special education referral and placement process.

d. Attends meetings and assists with health programs.

e. Understands the educational purpose of the school and is familiar with the total school program and principles of school organization. He/She recommends counseling techniques and procedures for assisting teachers in supervising and promoting the health of children.

2. School Climate

a. Supervises the control of communicable diseases by conferring with principals, parents, teachers, and students; interpreting regulations on exclusion and reporting diseases to the Harris County Health Department according to state and local health regulations and school district policies.

b. Provides emergency and first aid services in the school according to district policy and guidelines adopted for the School Health Program.


c. Alerts school administrators to health trends and problems.

d. Keeps the clinic attractive and orderly while maintaining a friendly atmosphere. 3. School Improvement

a. Promotes a healthful life style and a school environment free of accidents.

b. Attends nursing, staff and faculty meetings, and keeps teachers updated on school health related matters.

c. Communicates to the principal any pertinent information accumulated in the process of carrying out duties and keeps this information current. This applies to safety factors and situations that might later come to his/her attention administratively. 4. Personnel Management

a. Counsels staff members regarding personal and family health matters. b. Provides health education literature and promotes staff wellness.

c. Arranges for and conducts in-service programs according to Aldine ISD policy pertaining to Aids, Child Abuse, Drugs of Abuse and Hazardous Materials.

5. Administrative and Fiscal/Facilities Management

a. Interprets school health legal provisions to school administrators.

b. Enforces current state and local Board of Trustees immunization policies. c. Accumulates data for evaluation of the School Health Program.

d. Implements policies, which are approved by the administration and adopted by the Board of Trustees.

e. Assumes a direct responsibility to the principal/nurse consultant in matters affecting the operation of the school health program. Programs and procedures in the area of school health are under the supervision of the Area Superintendents.

f. Orders and maintains adequate supplies in the health clinic and rotates supplies in order to promote efficient utilization and prevent waste. Maintains clinic equipment in good repair.

g. Completes the Accident Report Form on all accident cases that require absence from school for more than one-half day or requires medical intervention. Reports accidents to the principal, keeps records in the principal’s or nurse’s office and assists with student accident insurance claims as indicated.


h. Reports suspected cases of child abuse according to state laws and school district guidelines.

6. Student Management

a. Screens students for handicaps which may interfere with the learning process and assists students who have non-correctable defects with school adjustment (vision, hearing, growth and development, spinal, pediculosis/scabies, dental, hypertension screening) and makes appropriate referrals.

b. Provides health appraisal, health counseling, intervention, referral and follow-up for student health problems to promote wellness.

c. Follows through on individual problems, working with students, teachers, family physicians and other community health providers.

d. Maintains each student’s health record as part of official school documents, noting current health and immunization status.

e. Administers all medications according to district policy. f. Coordinates welfare needs for the students.

g. Makes home visits on health related problems if necessary. h. Assists in case finding and referral for special problems.

i. Maintains clinic records (cumulative health records, daily clinic log, daily medication log, bi-annual nursing activity sheets, accident reports, emergency sickness and notification cards, confidential information cards/lists, etc.); maintains and verifies all student health information and assumes responsibility for keeping the Cumulative Permanent Health Card current.

j. Recognizes that the total family health status is important to the welfare of the school child.

7. School/Community Relations

a. Supervises the reporting of animal bites to the Animal Control Division of the police department.

b. Demonstrates awareness of school/community needs and initiates activities to meet those identified needs.


c. Cooperates and keeps channels of communication open with other personnel, disciplines and areas of specialization such as associate nurses, physicians, dieticians, principals, teachers, parents, health educators, counselors, homebound teachers, clerical and custodial staff members, students, community health and welfare agencies and civic organizations.

d. Emphasizes and nurtures two-way communication between the school and community.

e. Projects a positive image to the community. 8. Professional Growth and Development

a. Attends educational programs, seminars, workshops and other professional growth activities to maintain and update professional knowledge, expertise, and clinical skills.

b. Maintains current vision/hearing and CPR certification.

c. Uses information provided through assessment instruments, the district appraisal process, and evaluative feedback from supervisors to improve performance.

d. Strives to improve leadership skills through self-initiated professional development activities.

e. Utilizes information and insights gained in professional development programs for self-improvement.

f. Disseminates ideas and information to other professionals; provides leadership in addressing the challenges facing the profession.

g. Conducts oneself in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner. 9. Other

a. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the principal or the Area Superintendents, or the Superintendent of Schools.

b. Transports students from school for medical reasons according to district policy. E. EVALUATION:

1. The job performance statements shall constitute the criteria for an evaluation form with an evaluation code as follows:


1 No Measurable Progress.

2 Progressed Toward The Goal.

3 Met The Goal.

4 Exceeded The Goal.

5 Significantly Exceeded The Goal.

2. The evaluation form shall contain a place for comments and general observations made by the evaluating person. These comments shall constitute additional criteria for evaluation.

3. The School Nurse’s evaluation is a responsibility resting with the building principal. An evaluation shall be completed in writing at least once during the course of the school year.

4. The building principal shall submit to the Superintendent of Schools. or the staff person designated by the Superintendent of Schools., the completed evaluation of each school nurse at the time stipulated by the Superintendent of Schools..


The salary of the School Nurse shall be based on the schedule adopted by the Board of Trustees for this position.

Source: Local Approved: 7-17-2001 Revised: 8-19-2008 Reviewed: 8-04-2009




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