First Names Group is a business built on independence.

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It’s our independence from financial or legal institutions that means we can offer the very best in trust and corporate services. And it is our independent spirit that gives us the character our clients and professional intermediaries value so highly. It’s a culture of independence that gives our people the freedom to forge long-term, mutually rewarding client relationships and to grow as professionals and prosper as individuals. We understand that all of our clients, from single individuals to major

corporations, ultimately want the same simple thing: peace of mind. They want to rest easy in the knowledge that

First Names Group is a business built on independence.

structures are being administered by experienced professionals motivated to deliver the highest standards of corporate governance.

We take the time to understand our clients’ individual needs, either working with them directly or through their advisers. And we take pride in our ability to tailor the right solutions, drawing from an extensive, integrated platform of expertise and processes spread across multiple strategic locations. We’re proud of the service we offer. And we’re proud of the people who make it happen: our First Names.

F i r s t t h i n g s

F i r s t


/ p a g e t h r e e /

A n D r E W

t h E F i r s t n A M E i n g O i n g t h E E X t r A M i L E Andrew Ryan is Managing Director for First Names Group in Ireland. He is known for his straight-talking, ‘you say it you do it’ attitude. He is never afraid to challenge or question, and his fresh-thinking approach enables him to come up with innovative solutions to client problems.

O u r F i r s t

n A M E s

Our clients want to grow with us;

they trust us and we trust them.

We are inspired because we believe

in what we are doing, and where we

are going.

We want you to know who we are –

not just what we do, which is why we’re

putting faces to our First Names. This

is a quick snapshot of just six, but you

can meet other members of the team


M A r i A

t h E F i r s t n A M E i n L O n g - t E r M L O YA Lt Y Maria Hadjivassiliou is a Client Services Director for our Cyprus business. With her effortless charm and sunny disposition, Maria’s commitment to her clients never wavers, and she always strives to do the right thing – in the right way.


/ p a g e f o u r /

M A r k

t h E F i r s t n A M E i n

B u i L D i n g r E L A t i O n s h i P s Mark Lewin is a Client Services Director for our business in the Isle of Man. Confident and capable, he keeps the spotlight firmly on growth opportunities and is never distracted from the task at hand.

B E n

t h E F i r s t n A M E i n C L i E n t s A t i s F A C t i O n Ben Newman is Deputy Managing Director for our Jersey business. He demonstrates a deep commitment to building community spirit – with First Names at the heart of it. Ben looks at problems through the eyes of his clients; his empathy is obvious and his solutions are sensitive.

g r A n t

t h E F i r s t n A M E i n v i t A L i t Y

As the leader responsible for developing the Group’s eBusiness offering, Grant plays a vital role in creating future eCommerce services. Working with project teams across a number of jurisdictions gives him an international perspective on the challenges of a new and dynamic industry.

A n D r E A

t h E F i r s t n A M E i n P O s i t i v E t h i n k i n g

Andrea Ehrbar is a Senior Client Services Manager for First Names Group in Switzerland. Since joining the business in 2010, her bubbly personality and technical expertise have made her a firm favourite with colleagues and clients alike.


/ p a g e f i v e /

Formerly the IFG International Division, we broke away from IFG Group PLC in 2012 in a management buyout supported by AnaCap Financial Partners, a London-based private equity firm specialising in financial services. Our ability to operate on a global scale through a network of strategically located offices is fundamental to our success. And our presence in – and knowledge of – the regulatory landscape in so many of the world’s key financial jurisdictions means we can respond to the varied and specific needs of our clients, either directly or via their trusted advisers.

Our First Names number more than 500 worldwide, all of them valued for their expertise and skills. We have a clear focus on professional qualifications among employees, with many

accountants, lawyers, trust and estate practitioners and chartered secretaries providing the necessary experience.

Most importantly we are committed to all of our First Names, investing in their professional development to ensure they are always equipped to deal with the ever-changing and complex corporate environment. As an independent firm, we are totally free of the conflicts often associated with institution-owned trust companies. This not only gives us the agility to make decisions quickly but also means we have complete freedom to choose the right banks and investment houses to work with.

We do not provide tax or legal advice, choosing instead to work with third-party professionals. We are happy to work with clients or their advisers directly, or as part of a wider team.

While First Names Group may itself be a new name in the

global trust and corporate services sector, we’ve actually

been around for more than 30 years.

O u r


/ p a g e s i x /

A P L A t F O r M

F O r s u C C E s s

We believe what really makes us special is the way we share our expertise and pool our knowledge to ensure our clients draw maximum benefit from the wealth of talent we have at our disposal. Our joined-up approach spans all jurisdictions and is based on a framework of robust processes and knowledge sharing.

In a sense, this sharing of knowledge and best practice mirrors our approach to the relationships we have with our clients and their advisers. Understanding their motivations allows us to deliver the tailored services they need.

And our understanding of each other allows us to combine our skills and experience and draw those services together.

Of course we’re not alone in having a workforce spread

across the world’s key financial jurisdictions – although

we’d argue our First Names are a cut above the rest.


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C O r E

s O L u t i O n s


/ Real estate holding structures for commercial and residential properties

/ Succession/estate planning / Asset protection

/ Family office support services / The UK resident non-domiciled


/ Executive compensation / Yacht registration


/ Intellectual property structuring / Real estate holding structures

for commercial and residential properties

/ Corporate listing services / Foreign direct investment / Holding companies

/ Treasury and finance companies / Structured finance

/ Aircraft registration/leasing


/ eCommerce Trading / Non eCommerce Trading / eGaming Solutions / Intellectual Property / Escrow

/ Formation of trusts, companies, partnerships and foundations in a number of jurisdictions / Provision of trustees, directors

and corporate secretarial services / Administration and accounting / Financial reporting

/ Management and domiciliation

/ Company formation / Provision of directors and

corporate secretarial services / Management and domiciliation / Accounting and financial reporting / Corporate administration / Payroll services

/ Tax registration

/ Offshore corporate structures / eCommerce fulfilment / One-stop-shop for services / eGaming licensing assistance / Strategic partnerships We provide solutions for clients in the following sectors:


/ p a g e e i g h t /

F u n D A D M i n i s t r A t i O n

Our fund administration services are provided through our Moore branded division, based in Jersey, Isle of Man and Tokyo. For further information please go to:

L E i s u r E t r u s t E E A n D A D M i n i s t r A t i O n s E r v i C E s

Our leisure services division, branded as FNTC is a specialist provider of trustee and administration services for the leisure industry. For further information please go to:


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L O C A t i O n s

Jersey 3rd Floor 37 Esplanade St Helier Jersey JE2 3QA T / +44 1534 714500 F / +44 1534 767787 Isle of Man International House Castle Hill Victoria Road Douglas

Isle of Man IM2 4RB T / +44 1624 630600 F / +44 1624 624469


Suite 6, Rineanna House Shannon Free Zone Co. Clare Ireland T / +353 61 364350 F / +353 61 703440 12 Merrion Square Dublin 2 Ireland T / +353 1 673 5480 F / +353 1 631 6009 Cyprus Chapo Central 3rd Floor

20 Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue 1075 Nicosia Cyprus T / +357 22 74 90 00 F / +357 22 74 91 00 United Kingdom 4th Floor 45 Monmouth Street London WC2H 9DG United Kingdom T / +44 20 7224 3533 F / +44 20 7224 3553

British Virgin Islands

Bison Court PO Box 3460 Road Town Tortola

British Virgin Islands T / +1 284 494 8719 F / +1 284 494 6728 Switzerland Am Schanzengraben 25 PO Box 2432 CH-8022 Zurich Switzerland T / +41 44 286 2727 F / +41 44 286 2737 24 Route des Acacias Les Acacias 1227 Geneva Switzerland T / +41 22 318 8118 F / +41 22 318 8119 Netherlands Keplerstraat 34 1171 CD Badhoevedorp Netherlands T/ +31 20 305 5704 F/ +31 20 305 5787 Luxembourg

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Relevant companies within First Names Group are regulated as appropriate by the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission, the Jersey Financial Services Commission, British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF”), the Department of Justice and Equality, AML Compliance Unit, Ireland and the Dutch Central Bank. Full details of the companies regulated can be found at: