If you already have the MT4 charting installed on your Pc / Laptop then you should open the






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MT4 Charting

If you already have the MT4 charting installed on your Pc / Laptop then you should open the application (s) by double clicking the icon (s) on your desktop and follow any dialogue box instructions to update the application. You can open a new demo account by clicking on File in the Top Left hand side Horizontal menu

then click on Open an Account in the drop down menu that appears.

Fill out the dialogue box that appears (shown below) and follow the instructions and your demo account will be opened instantly;


(These demo accounts expire every 30days, and you will be prompted to open anew when the status in the bottom fixed tool bar [on the right hand side] of the charting says 'account expired’ or ‘account invalid')

You will be automatically logged into your demo account every time the application is opened. The demo account is required to gain access to the charting.

If you don’t already have it, you can download the MT4 charting from these preferred locations:

Alpari-Uk: http://www.alpari.co.uk/en/metatrader4/open-demo-account.html Fxdd: http://www.fxdd.com/forex-trading-software/metatrader.html

Mig: http://www.migfx.ch/en/open-an-account/free-demo-account/index.html

There are upwards of 60 brokers using MT4 charting, most of which allow demo accounts. NB: When you first download and open the charting there will be various windows open, you can close these to just leave the charts you are going to use. These may be called Market Watch, Data Window, Navigator and Terminal as shown below:


(Incidentally these can be re-opened from the Standard Toolbar (shown below) located at the top of the charting. The Navigator window houses all the indicators.)

It is useful to have this Standard Toolbar as well as the Line Studies

and Charts Toolbars on view, if they are not already:

To open these Toolbars: click on View in the Top Left hand side Horizontal Menu;

Then click on Toolbars in the drop down menu that appears, checking the relevant toolbars in the next drop down menu that appears:


Chart templates and Indicators.

i. You should copy and paste the indicators from inside the file to My Computer>Local Disc/C: Drive>Program Files>MT4>Experts>Indicators, -then- ii. Copy and paste the chart templates from inside the file to My Computer>Local Disc/C: Drive>Program

Files>MT4>Templates. (You can delete the templates already in that file as these will not be required.)

After the above steps i and ii you will have to close and re-open the charting for the changes to be recognised.

…To load a chart, click the icon shown below in the Standard tool bar that should appear at the top of the charting:

You can then alter the time frame of the chart by clicking on the Clock icon in the Charts Toolbar as shown below:

…To load a template onto a chart, simply right click on the chart and a drop down menu appears, choose Template and the template you require from the subsequent drop down menu, as shown below:


…After you have loaded up all your charts with the relevant templates and time period, in the order you want to view them, to ensure that they open like this each time you open the charting you can create and save a Profile by clicking on File in the top left hand side horizontal menu and choosing Profiles and Save As, shown below:


When you click on Save As, it will bring up the following dialogue box;

Simply then name your Profile and click OK.

Now each time you open your charting it will be as you left it, and the Profile loaded will show in the bottom fixed tool bar, as follows:


All indicators required form part of each Chart template, however if needed;

You can load an indicator from the Navigator icon in the Standard tool bar, by firstly clicking on the Navigator icon then double clicking on the indicator you wish to load from the Navigator list that is shown.

Pointing to any of the icons with your mouse will bring up a small box telling you what it is. You can alter an indicator’s properties/settings or delete it by right clicking on any part of a chart and choosing Indicators List in the drop down menu, then double clicking on the indicator to bring up it’s properties/settings box or single clicking/highlighting it and clicking delete to remove it from that chart.


Demo accounts:

You can use any broker demo account of your choice. An example is the 30day demo account from ac-markets: http://www.ac-markets.com that gives you the choice of a java or flash based web browser to use with the same log in details of your demo account.

News feed:

Saxo News feeds are very good but their demo accounts only last for 20days. You can use any free broker provided news feed that includes MNI updates.

One such broker’s news feed is available from the demo account at http://www.fxsol.com. Just follow the instructions and download the platform and open it each trading session by double clicking on the icon it creates on your pc: .

When you have opened it you will see the following screen;


When logged on you can open the News Feed and detach it from the platform [minimising the platform] and keeping the News Feed in view.) This is a fast updating MNI feed available in a demo account:

The detached News Feed looks like this:

To bring up an item double click on that item in the list and a separate window will appear with that item.