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Trotman’s Depot

Address: .P.O Box 1521, Arnos Vale Email:

Telephone: 457- 9074 Managing Director: Jennifer Trotman – Baynes

Trotman’s Depot is a 60 year old company which sells electrical and plumbing as well as air-condition units, solar panels and light hardware. The business which employs 22 persons has expanded from over the years from selling simply electrical appliances to its present range of appliances. Over the years it has expanded from one location to two locations.

Energy saving lamps, solar panels and refrigerant gages are some of the appliances sold by Trotman’s Depot which would directly relate to Climate Change Mitigation.

Jennifer Trotman-Haynes, the Managing Director of the business, reports that even though her business does not educate the public on climate change issues, she believes that most of them are aware of the significance of energy saving products. She outlined that the company’s primary objective in providing these energy saving products is to contribute to sustainable development as most of the equipment would have a longer shelf life and would also preserve the

environment. She reports that solar panels seemed to be one of the most popular appliances sold related to Climate Change Mitigation sold by the business.

She outlines that sales has increased over time, she believes that the Government should pass legislation that would provide incentive to both business and consumers who sell

environmentally friendly products because as in many instances policy can dictate the marketing and sales of such products positively. She believes that sales would increase and the business would be able to expand further with input from government and with the education of the public.



Brydens & Partners – SVG LTD

Address: Paul’s Avenue, Kingstown Email:

Telephone: 453 1704 Fax: 784 451 24 82 Sales Manager: Alpian Toney

Bryden’s and Partners is a distributing company that sells a wide range of products including, soft drink, pharmaceuticals, and food items. In 2006 the company included a Plastic Bottle Redemption and Recycling Programme in their business. The primary reason for including the plastic redemption/recycling component to the business was mainly to rid the environment of the empty plastic bottle from their sodas which they sell, which is often times dumped along

riverbanks or roadsides. As a result, the company avoids paying a bottle levy which has been implemented by the Government to reduce this problem.

The company exports to St. Lucia approximately forty eight thousand (48,000) pounds of crushed plastic per year. These crushed plastics are being converted to flower pots and waste paper baskets.

This component of the business had increased both in clientele and human capacity within the last twelve (12) months. As a result more individuals are now on board and bring in bottles daily. The Sales Director, Mr Alpian Toney has found that sales have increased recently as the public has more aware and are taking actions to correct negative environmental practices. Toney also believes that consumers are now more acknowledgeable about the service being provided and its impact on climate change mitigation.

He stated that he believed that Government should pass legislation that would provide incentives to both businesses and consumers who sell or use environmentally friendly products and believes that once this is done business owners will no longer have to withhold funds that can be used to sponsor activities relating to the sustainable development of the nation or contribute to climate change mitigation.



Human Powered Carts

NAME: Linsbert James NAME: Edward Little NAME: Ricky Baker

ADDRESS: New Montrose ADDRESS: Kingstown Park ADDRESS :Old Montrose Kingstown Kingstown Kingstown

For the past 12 years residents and visitors to Kingston have had the privilege of the services of three Human Powered Cart proprietors on a daily basis; making transportation from one area to the next easier. The main objective of these three individuals starting such business was to a provide service to citizens while at the same time making their living and protecting the environment.

The daily activities include transporting goods from one point in Kingstown to another. Their activities directly relate to climate change mitigation as their form of transport is environmentally sustainable and does not contribute to carbon emissions as other forms of modern mechanical transport would.

On average they each make of seven (7) trips per day. Each trip has the weight of approximately twenty pounds (20). Although, access to capital been has been difficult these individuals have continually found a way to keep their business afloat, being able to attract more customers these days than at the time of their business’ inception.




The Sunshine Valley Nursery

Proprietor: Kazambe Miguel Address: Clare Valley, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Kazambe Miguel, is a 25 year old resident of Clare Valley, St Vincent. He attended the St. Vincent Grammar School and later the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. He started his greenhouse seedling business, The Sunshine Valley Nursery, on May 1st 2010. The business started simply with the production of tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage. One year later the Sunshine Valley Nursery has expanded its products to include Sweet peppers, cauliflower, celery, parsley and beets.

Miguel employs techniques to his crops such as organic composting, use of bio fertilizers, mulching, crop rotation and multiple cropping. These techniques tend to reduce soil erosion and improve soil fertility, as well as improve plant growth.

Miguel explains that organic agriculture offers a unique combination of a low demand for the use of external technologies, energy conservation, food security enhancement, climate change mitigation and adaptation capacities and social economic and health benefits. He also believes that organic agriculture is considered to be more resilient with the respect to the effects of climate change.

According to Miguel his type of agriculture leaves his crop better prepared for changes in precipitation patterns as the organic soils are more adapted to drought and desertification due to increased water and nutrient retention capacity to the soil. Water moisture content was found to be significantly higher in organic soil (Reganold & Other 1978).


BELOW: Various Photos depicting green houses, Seedlings and the various plants.

One of Susuhine’s Valley Green Houses. Cabbage


Tomato seedlings Greenhouse

Marigold flower used as an insect repellent Chive used in insect repellant


Dave Cain Farm

Proprietor: Dave Cain Address: Arglye, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Dave Cain is a 43 year old farmer from the small community of Dauphine. He has been in this business since in his teenage years. As a young man he assisted his parents on mornings and afternoons before going to school. Approximately 15 years ago Mr. Cain saw the need for a constant supply of vegetables to the local market he had a desire to fill this void. He realized that having a controlled environment would ensure this constant supply. Mr. Cain has fulfilled his desire by using the most environmentally friendly methods (including greenhouses) for his crops. His first greenhouses were in close proximity to his home on his family’s farm land. This 2 acre plot was not could not sustain his increased production so he decided to expand his production by purchasing additional plots at Argyle. Presently Mr. Cain owns seven acres of land. During the initial stages Mr. Cain was the sole worker on his farm, but as the business expanded there was a need for other employees. Presently he employs 15 farmers. His workers were all traditional farmers but they have now been trained in the production of food in this controlled environment. Mr. Cain supplies tomatoes, sweet pepper, lettuce and cucumber to numerous persons in SVG. His products are sold at two of the largest supermarkets in St.Vincent; C.K Greaves and Bonadie. He also provides for numerous hotels. Fast food businesses are also beneficiaries of his products.

Mr. Cain’s business contributes to climate change reduction in various ways. He prides himself in the use of only organic fertilizers which he says reduces the production of greenhouse gases and prevents the contamination of nearby rivers. His seedlings are produced on his farm and there is little foreign influence. Mr. Cain is of the opinion that individuals are not aware of the contribution they make to the environment when they purchase organically produced food items and believes that governmental input could further inform the public and could also increase the sale of his produce.



Title: Island Wide Tree Planting Exercise Organization: CYEN – SVG

Caribbean Youth Environment Network, St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chapter continues to play their part in implementing activities which speaks to climate change mitigation. On Friday 23rd October 2009, members of CYEN-SVG and JEMS partnered with LIME where they distributed and planted over 350 trees. This activity was part of the Caribbean Climate Change Day of Action and the International Climate Change day of Action.

The fruit and shade were where planted on the property of approximately twenty five (25) schools both primary and secondary .The fruit trees were selected because they will provide nutritional benefits to these students and the shade trees to bring comfort and shade whilst for students studying or just relaxing on the school grounds.

The tree planting will contribute to climate change mitigation by acting as carbon sinks and lowering carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.


Title: Coastal Area Tree Planting Exercise Organization: CYEN-SVG

Caribbean Youth Environment Network St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chapter has adopted the Campden Park Bay. To date the members have journeyed to the bay to conduct several clean ups and tree planting exercises.

The Shade trees for the tree planting exercise were donated by the Forestry Department within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The tree planting exercises in particular will contribute to climate change mitigation as they will increase the coastal area’s ability to sequester carbon. Additional the trees will act as

shelter/shade from the sun for the beach users.

The Village of Campden Park is small fishing village located in the south of the island. The Campden Park bay is an enclosed area that is dominated by industrial activities such as brewing and light manufacturing. The bay is also used as a port which is subject to various forms of marine pollutants such as oil and possible heavy metal contamination. The industrial activities release huge volumes of heated water which constitute thermal pollution.

Campden Park Bay was chosen because of the squatter settlement that encroached on the bay and formed a buffer between the sea and industrial activities as coastal erosion is possible, the vegetation could provide some protection to this settlement from wave action in the future. The beach is degraded from industrial activities and from negative actions of residents in the upper course of the river.


Title: Environmental Song Competition Organization: Projects Promotion

Projects Promotion Ltd in Collaboration with the RSVG Police force Band, International Airport Development Company (IADC), Calypsonians Association, Carnival Development Corporation implemented a calypso completion on 14th March 2010.

The competition was an activity under a project entitled Capacity Strengthening of Community resources funded by the Organization of American states (OAS). The theme for the competition was “Our Environment, Our Development, Our Future.

The competition was youth focused and saw a total of seventeen (17) students ages 10 – 18 representing (15) primary and Secondary Schools participated.

The competition was well attended and was won by Stephanie Mascoll of the Wets St. George Secondary School.

The purpose of the competition was to raise awareness on the importance of the protection of the environment. The competition contributed to climate change mitigation through Education of school student and the general public. The lyrics of the songs would raise awareness which could initiate change to a positive attitude towards the environment





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