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We do know that the tarot cards were used in Italy in the fifteenth century as a

popular card game. The weathly would pay a lot of gold to commission elaborate and

often highly personalized decks. Very few of these are still surviving today. The

Visconit-Sforza, from the 1450s, is one of the earliest surviving decks, and one of

the most complete.

By the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the cards were "discovered" by some

very influential scholars of the day. The tarot fascinated them and they studied the

images on the cards. These gentlemen are reputed to have "created" the popular

history of the cards that is commonly talked about today in order to further impress

their fellow scholars and the elite members of their society with their wonderous

discoveries. They may have connected the cards to Egypt since in those days Egypt

was a mysterious place full of "magic" and it gave a sort of mystical link to the cards.

In actuality, the cards had never been lost. Sort of like Columbus discovering

America, it was there all along, he simply ran into it!!

For an excellent discussion of this subject, watch this video by Rev. Donald Lewis. He

gives a us one of the most accurate histories of the tarot available.

Some believe that the tarot contains all of the secrets of the universe. A

metaphysical scripture, visual rather than written, containing the ancient teachings

of metaphysics.

One thing we do know about the images is that our understanding of them is colored

and influenced by our own experiences, beliefs, viewpoints, and state of mind when

we view them. That is why it seems that every time we see the cards, the meanings

appear to change. Our reading of them at any point in time is very subjective, and

includes many things including the influences of the other cards in the reading.

To understand the ideas or finish the story contained in a written book, you have to

finish the book. With images, you can take it all in, get an instant impression, and

see the beginning, middle, and end of the story all at once.

You can actually see the end before you begin!

This only works with images. Words are exact. The definition of a word is finite. An

image is not exact. It is fluid. We know from the study of art that different people

viewing a work of art will use different words to describe it.

An excellent example of this is Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting of Mona Lisa. In

it he first used the technique of sfumato. Sfumato is the famous invention of Da Vinci

that uses light and shade to allow one form to blend in with another, leaving much to

the imagination. He did this to the corners of Mona Lisa's mouth and eyes which

helps to explain why she may look different at different angles and at different times.

Historians, artists, art critics, and a good number of other scholars have worked

tirelessly to create the definitive description of the Mona Lisa, unsuccessfully,


because she continues to evoke different emotions and reactions in different people,

and even in the same person at different times!

Using this analogy, you can see what I mean when I say that the tarot images have

no definitive definitions. You can, however, get a feel for the role of each card in the

deck and use that information in your readings.

We will start with the major arcana.


The tarot cards of the major arcana speak of the your eternal journey.

Arcana is the pleural of arcanum: profund secret. What we have is a collection of

images which convey secrets to us through their imagery.

The 22 cards which make up the major arcana tell a story beginning with the fool

who is naive, without experience or knowlege, ending with the world which is the

ultimate culmination of all of the experiences and lessons of life.

These tarot cards are said to depict the story of the universe, the story of humanity,

and the story of each individual journey.




The Fool

Upright: The beginning. A free spirit.

Key Words Upright: Innocence. Starting out on a journey. A fresh start.

Reversed: Foolishness. Poor judgement.

Key Words Reversed: Lack of insight. Poor decisions. Risk taking.

The Magician

Upright: Focused energy. Taking action.

Key Words Upright: Doing what needs to be done. Knowing something as a result of

training. Using your talents.

Reversed: Blocked creativity. Not having enough experience.


The High Priestess

Upright: Intuitive awareness.

Key Words Upright: Spiritual enlightenment. Allowing events to proceed without

intervention. Waiting patiently.

Reversed: Not listening to your inner voice.

Key Words Reversed: Lack of emotional control. Ignoring your inner voice.

Superficiality. Relying on external validation.

The Empress

Upright: Mother. Giving birth. Caring for others.

Key Words Upright: Fruitfulness. Prosperity. Creativity.

Reversed: Blocked development.

Key Words Reversed: Failure to thrive. Disregarding opportunities. Problematic



The Emperor

Upright: Father. Authority. Order.

Key Words Upright: Maturity. Protecting the family. Creating something of lasting


Reversed: Lack of order. No progress.

Key Words Reversed: Refusing to grow up and take responsibility. Running away

from problems. A bully or a tyrant.

The Hierophant

Upright: The Pope. Tradition. Ceremony.

Key Words Upright: Pursuing knowledge. Spiritual growth. Wise counsel. Divine law.

A higher authority.

Reversed: Breaking with convention.

Key Words Reversed: Bad advice. Closed-mindedness. Scandal. Materialism. Not

paying attention to the divine message.


The Lovers

Upright: The Choice. Union. Establishing bonds.

Key Words Upright: Health. Healing. Trust. Love. A new relationship. An important

decision. Making a choice.

Reversed: A bad choice.

Key Words Reversed: Failing the test. Lack of commitment.Impatience. Infidelity. An

unhealthy relationship.

The Chariot

Upright: Control. Clear purpose. Success.

Key Words Upright: Victory. Beating the competition. Inner peace.

Reversed: Out of control.

Key Words Reversed: Recklessness. Feeling overwhelmed. Misdirection. Scattered

energy. Conflicting emotions.




These tarot cards address the second part of your eternal journey.

The first seven cards of the major arcana describe worldly matters such as social

authority, education, and love. We are on a journey to learn the lessons of life. A

person can become completely absorbed in the first steps of the journey; societal

issues, being judged as a failure or success by self and others purely from the point

of view of The Chariot. In fact, many people never even get that far.

Now, we turn to the second line of tarot cards major arcana. Symbols here are much

deeper; The Hermit, Death and rebirth, Temperance.

These tarot card symbols reveal our true self. Leading us to discover and develop our

deepest inner truths.

We now turn from outside influences to the secrets in our subconscious.

The next step on the journey begins here.



Upright: Inner strenght. A moral compass.

Key Words Upright: Compassion. Taming the lion. Knowing you can endure.

Reversed: Weakness. Torment from within.

Key Words Reversed: Feeling overwhelmed. Unable to tame the beast within.

The Hermit

Upright: Inner soul searching. Solitude.

Key Words Upright: Contemplation. Meditation. Self-discovery away from the

influences of society.

Reversed: Weakness. Turning away from community. Excessive isolation.

Key Words Reversed: Rejecting good advice. Trying to do it all by yourself.


The Wheel of Fortune

Upright: A turning point. Change for the better.

Key Words Upright: The upside of a cycle. New opportunities.

Reversed: Weakness. Out of sync with the cycles of life.

Key Words Reversed: A turn for the worse. The down side of the cycle. What goes up

must come down.


Upright: Taking responsibility. Karma.

Key Words Upright: Justice wears no blindfold. She sees everything clearly. We have

made our own reality. We determine our own future by our actions today.

Reversed: Unfair judgement.

Key Words Reversed: Being treated unfairly. False accusations. Refusing to

apologize. Making the wrong decision.


The Hanged Man

Upright: A new perspective. Letting go of all presumptions.

Key Words Upright: A time of being tested. A cosmic lesson. Spiritual enlightenment.

The secret lies within yourself.

Reversed: Caring too much what others think or want. Not finding yourself.

Key Words Reversed: Fashioning yourself into something you want others to see.

Denying your own inner self.


Upright: Transformation. Transition.

Key Words Upright: The end of one phase and the beginning of another. Rebirth.

Sudden change. Fear of change.

Reversed: Stuck. Clinging to old ways or ideas. Lethargy.

Key Words Reversed: Resisting change. Inertia. Depression. Dwelling on the

negative. Focusing on the past.



Upright: Balance. Health. Harmony.

Key Words Upright: Compromise. Spirit becoming matter. Recognizing all sides of an


Reversed: Inbalance. Extremism.

Key Words Reversed: Lack of balance. Lacking inner awareness. Swinging from one

extreme to another. Lust.


Tarot Cards Major Arcana - The Great Journey


The major arcana of tarot cards point the way and tell our story. There have always

been those who seek spiritual enlightenment. For them it is not enough to succeed in

the world of form. They long for knowing the deepest truths of the universe.

The goal of the tarot card major arcana is to show us the lessons we need to learn,

to guide us on the path, and teach us how to learn these lessons.

Most people never make it past the first line. They do not proceed to the journey

inward. Many begin the inward journey, but give up, finding it too difficult or too

confusing, retreating back to the worldly pursuits. Only a few make it through the

second line of tarot cards all the way to the third and final line.

In reality, this is never a straight line. We skip lessons, we go back to previous

lessons, and the universe attempts to teach us the more advanced lessons little by

little throughout our journey.

Careful, spiritually-led study of the tarot card images will give you a roadmap. People

always ask me, "What is the purpose of my life?" They want to know why they are here.

Meditate on the images of the first 22 cards of the tarot, the major arcana; slowly, over

time, you will gradually, bit-by-bit, realize the answers to this question and to countless

other questions you seek.


The Devil

Upright: Materialism. Bondage. Ignorance.

Key Words Upright: Not seeing past the physical. Pursuing your desires against your

better judgement. Stuck in a self-created situation. Before you can break free, you

must be aware of what binds you.

Reversed: Freedom from bondage. Release.

Key Words Reversed: The power of positive thinking. Overcoming temptation.

Seeking enlightenment.

The Tower

Upright: Sudden change. Revelation.

Key Words Upright: Complete change. Insight. A crisis point. A moment of truth.

Reversed: A shock. A pain suppressed, not fully experienced.

Key Words Reversed: The change has occured. Accept and proceed in the new

direction. If you do not let go of the past, you will not experience the future.


The Star

Upright: Hope. Inspiration. Generosity.

Key Words Upright: Tranquility. Enjoyment. You have everything you need.

Creativity. Wishes coming true. A sense of healing and wholeness.

Reversed: Depression. Deep insecurity.

Key Words Reversed: Not accepting help. Blocking the flow of the spirit.

Disappointment. Delays. Poor judgment.

The Moon

Upright: Fear. Illusion. Self-deception.

Key Words Upright: Imagination. Visions. Myths. The world of shadow. Awakening

the psyche. Inspiration. Creativity. Psychic awareness.

Reversed: Fighting off the influence of the moon.

Key Words Reversed: Seeing things as they really are. Confusion. Not a good time to

make important decisions.


The Sun

Upright: Optimism. Joy. Fullfillment.

Key Words Upright: Success. Understanding. Achievement. Time to take charge.


Reversed: Not realizing joy. Negative thinking. Ill health.

Key Words Reversed: Delayed success. A clouded future. Troubles that can be



Upright: Rebirth. Inner calling.

Key Words Upright: A crossroads leading to a higher existence. The end and the

beginning. A change of position leading to joy.

Reversed: Indecision. Fear of change.

Key Words Reversed: Avoiding an important decision. Ignoring the call. Excuses for

not moving forward. Self-pity. Negative Karma.


The World

Upright: Accomplishment. Flourishing. Healing.

Key Words Upright: Reaching your goals. Dreams come true. Ecstasy. The result of


Reversed: Unfinished business.

Key Words Reversed: Stagnation. Not moving toward your goals. Lack of

commitment. Quitting too soon.




The Earth Plane

Dealing with immediate issues

The tarot cards Major Arcana deal with universal issues and the development of the

higher self. The Minor Arcana deals with the issues we face in daily life. The major 22

cards address our life journey. The minor 56 cards address our more immediate


The Four Elements

Since the tarot cards deal with our existence in the world of form, it makes sense for

them to reflect the four elements of the earthly plane.

FIRE: WANDS - Creativity, action. - Spring.

WATER: CUPS - Emotions, spiritual experience. - Summer.

AIR: SWORDS - Intellect, thought, reason. - Autumn.

EARTH: PENTACLES - Practical, possessions, money. - Winter.

Different decks may use different items to depict these four elements, but each of

the four elements are always present.

The Signs of the Zodiac are also associated with these:

Wands: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

Pentacles: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Swords: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Cups: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


We see once again the idea of growth, development, and progression; ones being

the beginning to kings representing final achievement.

King - Responsibility, leadership, authority, power, success.

Queen - Personal power, nurturing, creativity.

Knight - Active, courage, something about to happen.

Page - Student, important news, information, a new situation.

Ten - Completion, perfection, family.

Nine - Compromise, preparing for transition, mysticism.

Eight - Movement, a new phase, power, success, regeneration.

Seven - Victory, decision, spiritual development.

Six - Communication, peace, balance, harmony.

Five - Conflict, loss, struggle.

Four - Structure, order, work, logic.

Three - Creation, growth, expression of the element.

Two - Union, a choice, formation, balance.

Ace - New beginning, fresh ideas, inspiration, the foundation.

Before you start trying to memorize long lists of words, just try reading the deck this

way: The ace is the first step, the two is the next step, the threes and fours indicate

further progress.

The five is the middle - a struggle, usually the point where a person has

accomplished quite a bit, but has to decide whether to continue on or abandon the

project and change direction.

Sixes, sevens, eights, and nines take you much further in this direction. By the time

you get to the nines, you are almost done. The tens are the completion!

The page is a student. He doesn't have any responsibility, but he has much to learn.

The knight has a job to do. He is going somewhere important and he is always in


The queen is the mother, nurturer, creator, giving and nurturing.

The king is the father, ultimate authority, caring for his kingdom and his people.

Of course, there is far more detail in each of the tarot cards. The images tell it all.

Viewing the cards of each suit of the minor arcana as a story from beginning to

completion gives you a frame of reference from which to begin. For example, if you

have an ace of pentacles, you are looking at the beginning of prosperity. Look at the

ten of pentacles and you see an image of a prosperous family. Not only do you have

plenty, but enough to support the whole family as well! How you get from the ace to

the ten is described by the images in the middle.



A simple tarot cards spread to start with.

Lay 2 cards at the top:

1: Your situation

2: What you should do about it.

Then lay 7 cards across:

1 & 2: The past. What has happened to bring you here.

3, 4, & 5: Actions you should take, warnings, what you need to do now.

6 & 7: The outcome cards. What will happen if you stay on this path.

Minor Arcana Card Lookup


ace | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten


ace | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten


ace | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten


ace | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

The Royal Court


Wands | Cups | Pentacles | Swords


Wands| Cups | Pentacles | Swords


Wands | Cups | Pentacles | Swords


Wands | Cups | Pentacles | Swords




What I see: The tarot cards ace of cups shows a cup overflowing with water. The

cup is emotion, the water also representing emotion. We have emotion overflowing

with emotion. Water is also fluid, and in the image it is running everywhere. There is

life growing in the pool showing how the flowing water is generating life. The hand

coming out the cloud shows the hand of God, or technically the spirit providing

support for the cup of emotion. Birds can indicate peace. The dove especially being

spiritual peace.

Upright: A new love. Intimacy. Intuition. The Holy Grail.

Key Words and Phrases: Getting in touch with your emotions. Trusting your inner

voice. Falling in love. Forgiving.

In a Reading: This card means the beginning of something new. Examine your life

to see if you have someone to forgive so you can both move forward. If you are in a

relationsip, it is time to fan the flames so love can grow. This could also mean the

arrival of a new love in your life. If the central issue of the question is about

pregnancy, motherhood could be right around the corner. The cups ace indicates an

immediate atmosphere of joy and happiness.

Reversed: Feeling alone. Feeling sorry for yourself. Emotional drought.

Reversed in a Reading: Disruption, unhappiness, violence, destruction. Picture

King Arthur's Kingdom after the Grail was lost. We have to accept that life brings us

problems as well as joy, but that problems always pass.


What I see: The two of cups is very similar to the lovers of the major arcana,

showing the man and woman with a winged entity behind them. On the lovers it

looks like an angel. On the two of cups it appears as a winged lion. The lion a symbol

of the natural state, the wings the spiritual state. The man is in motion with one foot

in front of another - he is action, movement.The woman is standing securely on both

feet. She is steady, relaxed, not going anywhere.

The cups always involve emotion and here we see the linking of emotion and action,

or the duality of both the feminine and the masculine. Between them is the symbol

for health, healing, medicine. This may indicate healing will come from the balance of

emotion stability and emotional energy.

They are both standing upon the land, grounded.

Upright: Connection, attraction.

Key Words and Phrases: Love, understanding, a balanced partnership. The start of

a trusted relationship or partnership. The relationship has good potential.

In a Reading: The relationsip between two ideas, persons, or directions.

Partnership. A bond is developing. Joining with another, establishing a partnership,

sharing. If The Lovers is also present in the reading, the pairing of the two cards

indicates marriage, union. The the Five of Cups appears the pair can mean a broken


Reversed: Emptiness, misunderstanding.

Reversed in a Reading: Suggesting a disagreement or the end of a partnership.

Don't let something small come between you. Usually indicates jealously or loss of

trust. I may also indicate one of the partners is not who they seem to be.


What I See: The three of cups shows three women with their arms intertwined

holding their cups high, decked in flowing robes, flowers in their hair. It appears to

be a celebration. Flowers at their feet and standing on solid ground, fully grounded in

the earth. They are sharing life with the earth and with one another.

With their arms entwined we can barely see where one woman ends and another

begins. There is an emotional, spiritual, and physical connection between them.

Upright: Exuberance. Friendship. Community.

Key Words and Phrases: A time to rejoice. Having fun. Pure joy. Reunion. Uniting

with others. The support of friends.

In a Reading: Now is the time to have fun. Enjoy your friends, spend time with

them. This is a season for dancing and singing with your friends. This card can mean

that a wedding is on your mind. In a career reading this card usually indicates a

hobby rather than a job. It is something you really enjoy sharing with friends.

Reversed: Overindulgence. Harmful excess. Addiction.

Reversed in a Reading: The wedding is called off. Joy becomes pain. This card

reversed cautions against self-indulgence. It is possible to have too much of a good

thing. May indicate you are becoming selfish, spoiled, an addict.


What I See: The four of cups in the tarot cards shows the image of a man sitting on

the ground, leaning against a tree. He has his arms crossed. He has three cups in

front of him on the ground and the spirit represented by a hand reaching out of a

cloud (the hand of God) is handing him another cup. He is being offered but he is not

reaching for it.

This young man has all he needs, but he refuses to embrace it. He is being offered a

new opportunities, and he has many opportunities before him, but he does not reach

out for them. This is either due to apathy or lack of awareness of the value of what is

being offered. He appears to me to be waiting. He is bored with all he has and I get

the feeling he doesn't want what he has, but is waiting for something better to come


Upright: Boredom. Social isolation. Apathy. Lost in thought.

Key Words and Phrases: Lack of motivation. Nobody understands me. Feeling in a

rut. Procrastination. There is unhappiness within.

In a Reading: Having accomplished a little, you have grown weary of the

day-to-day. Perhaps you were hoping for instant success. When you get this card in a

reading, is suggests that you may have lost interest and you want a new challenge.

Reversed: Renewed vigor. New ideas. Time to look forward.

Reversed in a Reading: You need to come out of your shell. Accept a social

invitation. Let go of self pity. The time for reflection is over, now is time to take

action. In a relationship reading, it indicates that the relationship has grown stale

and it is time now to either inject new excitment and work on your relationship, or

let it go.


What I See: The five of cups of the deck of tarot cards shows a figure standing

alone among five cups. Three of the cups are spilled. The remaining two are

standing. The figure stands on the ground with a river flowing past and the bridge to

home in the distance.

The five in tarot cards always mean conflict. We have gone a ways along the road,

but we have just as far to travel before we arrive at our destination. We have to

decide whether to keep going or change course.

Cups show an emotional reaction to something. The overturned cups represent a

loss, but since two are still standing it is not the loss of everything. The figure

appears to mourn what is lost, but does not yet see that some remains. Since the

figure stands alone, it appears that the cups may have been overturned by the

figure's own recklessness.

The river flows by, indicating the rushing flow of emotion, however there is a bridge

available leading across the emotions from the past to the future, to home, and to


On a spiritual note, this card can represent the loss of our connection to the Divine.

Upright: Loneliness, reflection. Mourning.

Key Words and Phrases: Regret. Self-blame. Brooding. An unhappy ending.

Emotional response to a loss.

In a Reading: The five of cups can indicate marital or family problems. Not

returning to home and hearth where comfort can be found. You may feel abandoned

or betrayed by someone you loved, but all is not lost. You are looking at the cup half

empty instead of the cup half full. You need to turn around, change your perspective.

If the five of cups card is drawn in a reading with Death it indicates loss, time to say

good bye. If a three of swords is present with this card it indicates heartbreak.

The more we cling to what is gone, the more we suffer. Focus on what you have now

and the new possibilities ahead.


Reversed: The pain is ending. Not accepting loss. The loss is less important that it

feels to you right now.

Reversed in a Reading: This card teaches us to move on. While we focus on what

we lost, we miss what we have. If you receive this card reversed in a reading it often

means hope, good news. The rekindling of an old love. Recovery.


What I See: The six of cups of the tarot cards places us within the walls of the city,

a protected environment. No danger. The cups are filled with flowers showing

representing emoution as peace, like the olive branch. The image is of an older child

or young adult handing the cup to the child.

This card evokes memories of childhood, being protected. We have peace and

emotional security in these memories, whether real or imagined.

Upright: Dreams. Memories. Nostalgia.

Key Words and Phrases: Innocence. Revisiting memories of childhood. Sharing. An

honest talk. A lover from the past. Old friends. Karmic ties.

In a Reading: An old acquantance may reappear. Perhaps you will hear from family

or attend a school reunion. The past giving a gift to the future. Focusing too much on

the past can be a way of avoiding facing current issues.

If the seven of swords is drawn with this card it may indicate deceiving,

manipulation. The nine of swords indicates guilt. If the positive cards, like The Star

or the ten of cups are seen, it may indicate good will, blessings, and joy.

Reversed: Clinging to the past. Contention. Being found out. Arrogance.

Reversed in a Reading: Unable to adapt to the circumstances. Ghosts from the

past, skeletons in the closet. This may indicate a need to change circumstances;

perhaps move or change jobs, but unwilling to do so. This is known as the Peter Pan

card - not wanting to grow up.


What I See: The seven of cups in the tarot cards shows me a figure looking into the

clouds. This figure sees cups full of items. There is no connection with the earth, no

grounding in any reality. The visions have are the entire focus and he looks like he is

in motion reaching for these visions.

These visions include both desires and fears including jewels, a dragon, a castle,

even a snake that can represent health and psychic achievement.

Our visonary may be lost in the visions. This is emotion at a very high level with both

desires and fears distracting him from logic, intellect, and even creativity. Each

vision stands apart, not connected to anything or anyone.

Upright: Wishful thinking. Choice. Visions.

Key Words and Phrases: Living in a fantasy. Limitless possibilities.

In a Reading: The seven cups represent our daydreams. Do not assume daydreams

are meaningless. They often spring from deep within. A choice is before you. Your

head is in the clouds. Be honest with yourself. Your desires and your fears should not

prevent you from choosing the proper path.

When this card appears with The Magician, you lack focus and commitment. When

Temperance is present you must maintain balance and moderation. When The Moon

is present, it may indicate illusions, unrealistic expectations.

The seven of cups indicates that you have come a long way emotionally from the

ace. But, the creations of our own imagination can lead us astray, even when we

know better.

Reversed: Determination. Commitment. No distractions.

Reversed in a Reading: This card reversed tells us that we are determined to make

our dreams come true. This means take your fantasies and do something with them.

You can see clearly. You need to make a decision.


What I See: Tarot Cards: The eight of cups shows me a lone figure walking away

from eight standing cups. Unlike the five of cups, these cups remain upright. They

appear to symbolize a situation that continues to provide joy. The figure on this tarot

card is heading towards the mountains. He is pursuing higher places.

Like The Hermit, we must put ordinary simple pleasures behind us and travel alone

to achieve higher levels of wisdom. Our figure here is in motion which indicates

taking action. He made a conscious decision to turn away from the stability of the

cups to the unknown climb up into the mountain.

The image of the moon here is very telling. He is not traveling in the light of day. His

path is not lite by the brightness of sunshine, but is hidden by the shadows of night.

If The Hermit does appear in this reading, it indicates the search for deeper

meaning. If the three of wands is drawn, it indicates a trip, going into new territory.

Upright: Deeper meaning. Moving on. Walking away.

Key Words and Phrases: Leaving the past behind. Turning your back on a difficult

situation. Man's search for meaning. Leaving home. A job change. A month's time.

In a Reading: The eight of cups stands for those moments when we realize that it is

time to move on. We leave what is comfortable and familiar for new adventures.

Moving on can mean a physical change such as a job, or it could mean an inner

change. Moving on requires taking action. With the eight of cups we have the

emotional maturity to break out of our old ties and say good bye once and for all.

Reversed: Refusing to move on. Determined to hang on when we know it is time to

let go.

Reversed in a Reading: Repeating the same patterns over and over again. Every

time difficulties arise, you respond to them the same way, always with the same

results. You need to learn to act, not react. Take the initiative to change your

patterns. The time to leave may not have come yet, but you need to be prepared

and courageous in facing that decision when it comes.


What I See: The nine of cups of the tarot cards show a very pleased gentleman,

well-dressed, sitting before a veil with his arms crossed. Behind him above the veil

are the nine cups all lined up.

The veil indicates the veil that separates us from the spiritual world. We cannot see

past the veil. Nines always indicate compromise. This reveals superficiality on a

grand scale. But, as the cups teach us, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

The cups of emotion have taken us on a long journey from ace to nine. We have

almost completed our journey through emotional development. We have persisted in

a period of long, hard work to get our emotions in check. Now we get to stop and

enjoy our accomplishments. The figure on this card has a look of total contentment

on his face.

Upright: Wish fullfilled. Satisfaction. Enjoyment. Contentment.

Key Words and Phrases: Achieving what you desire. Having your dream come

true. Getting the results you hoped for. Enjoying luxury.

In a Reading: This gentleman and his nine cups show complete contentment with

the way things are. Notice how confident he is. He has everything he wants. This

card is commonly called the wish card. Your wish will come true, but recall the seven

of cups, be sure you know what it is you really want!

If The Lovers appear in this spread, it indicates sensual pleasure. If The World is

drawn you will achieve your heart's desire.

Reversed: Limited rewards. Limited view.

Reversed in a Reading: In the reversed position, the nine of cups says

self-centeredness. You want to receive more than you give. It can also suggest a

gluttonous approach to food, drink, drugs, or sex.


What I See: The ten of cups shows me a happy family. They have the earth at their

feet, the water flowing past, a home in the distance in the rolling hills.

The children are dancing and playing. The parents are enjoying their bounty. Above

them in the sky spans a rainbow filled with cups. The ultimate picture of happiness

and joy. The rainbow reminding us of the gold at the end of the rainbow. Achieving

something that most people don't even acknowledge exists.

In this image we find joy and wonders spanning the sky. The rainbow is said to carry

the message that life brings happiness, but not the absence of pain. We must have

the rain before the rainbow can appear.

Upright: Joy. Celebration. True lasting love.

Key Words and Phrases: Reaping the rewards. Peace. Family. Counting your

blessings. Working for peace in the home. Reaffirming family commitments.

In a Reading: The ten of cups is the image of our emotional possibilities. This is the

goal. This is within our reach. This is joy that goes beyond happiness. If you receive

this card in a reading, it foretells a time of abundance. It tells you to seek peace and

harmony. You must be in harmony with nature, emotion, family, spirit, and every

thing else before you will experience this level of fullfillment.

If the Devil is seen in conjunction with this card, it indicates lack of joy or peace. The

three, nine, or ten of swords can turn this joy to heartbreak or sorrow. The Tower

warns of a loss of peace, chaos.

Reversed: Heartache. Disagreement.

Reversed in a Reading: In the reversed position, this card indicates family

problems. People are detached from each other emotionally. In a career reading it

shows that the group is not working well together. This card can either indicate

actual anger and deceit, or it may simply mean not recognizing or appreciating the

joy your life has to offer.



What I See: In the tarot cards ace of pentacles I see a hand holding a single

pentacle extending from a cloud in the sky. Below is a sheltered garden. The hand in

the sky to me represents the hand of the spirit giving the gift of the pentacle to the

garden. The pentacle representing ordinary things. The garden representing security

and blossoming life. There is an open gate from the garden into the world beyond.

We receive the gifts from the universe that nurture us and prepare us for our journey

into the world.

Upright: A windfall. A helping hand. The creative force.

Key Words and Phrases: The beginning of prosperity and growth. Physical

matters. Achieving tangible results.

In a Reading: The first step on the road to prosperity. The seeds of productivity. A

time for taking action, starting a business, receiving money. This card is favorable

for all matters related to the physical; health, finances, home, land, etc.

Reversed: Poor financial foundation. Disappointment. Lack of energy to move


Reversed in a Reading: Bad investments. Failed promises. An idea that initially

seemed promising could prove disappointing. You need to gather your resources and

start over.


What I See: The two of pentacles shows a juggler. He has one foot in the air as

though dancing. He holds his pentacles, emblems of magic in ordinary things, with a

ribbon, lightly, in the shape of the symbol of infinity. Ships are sailing past him on

the waves of the ocean showing a very large pool of emotion or imagination behind

him. He shows us that we can continue our eternal journey even while dancing,

playing, and enjoying life. Learning is not always so serious.

Upright: Juggling finances. Fun. Flexibility.

Key Words and Phrases: Keeping everything in balance. Adapting quickly.

Enjoying life. Movement forward, progress of a project of business.

In a Reading: You are able to juggle all that life demands of you. Believe in

yourself. Remain flexible. You can handle the bumps in the road.

Reversed: Feeling overwhelmed. Dismissing warnings.

Reversed in a Reading: The juggler cannot keep his pentacles in the air forever.

Life is full of complications right now. You are having trouble focusing. You need to

seek help to straighten out your finances. You need to drop something so you have a

hand free to accept new opportunities. You have to control your spending today so

there will be enough for the future. Time is money.


What I See: The three of pentacles appears to be three men involved in the

construction of a church. The carpenter, monk, and architect are reviewing the plans

together. The pentacles are above in an upward pointing triangle. A downward

pointing triangle appears as well. The picture represents the work environment. The

triangle pointing upward toward the heavens indicating work can be enlightening. A

triangle pointing downward showing our work must be rooted in the needs of the

community. We work not just for material gain, but also for the improvement of

ourselves and our community. This card also indicates ideas, action, and spirit all

functioning together well.

Upright: Teamwork. Planning. Talents.

Key Words and Phrases: Making some progress and accomplishing something

important. Contributing to the group. Earning money. Professional growth. Getting

the job done.

In a Reading: The first stage of a project has been completed. These people are

working well together. You don't have to do it all by yourself. Work out the details.

Involve others. This card represents preliminary success. Concentrate in excellence

in your work.

Reversed: Problems at work. Wasted opportunities. Not doing a good job.

Reversed in a Reading: You need to work harder. You are dissatisfied. You have

not taken advantage of opportunities. It suggests disagreements or conflict of



What I See: In the tarot cards, the four of pentacles shows a man alone covering

his chakra points with his pentacles. His back is to the city and the people. The four

is a card of structure, and he has built a structure of protection yet his back is

unprotected. This suggests that we always remain vulnerable.

Upright: Possessivness. Blocked. No change.

Key Words and Phrases: Keeping what you have. Standing your ground. Financial

stability. A desire for control.

In a Reading: Control is needed in some situations. You may need to take control of

your spending. This card also suggests jealousy and possessiveness. You cannot lay

claim to that which is not yours.

Reversed: Reluctance. Clinging. Greed.

Reversed in a Reading: You are trying to take too much control. You have a fear of

things changing. You are blocking growth and progress.


What I See: In the tarot cards, the five of pentacles is a true five. Fives always

mean conflict or loss of some sort. Here I see two people who appear to be injured

and impoverished. They are walking barefoot in the snow past a church. The light is

on in the church, but they are left out in the cold.

Upright: Down and out. Financial troubles. Hard times. Ill health.

Key Words and Phrases: Loss. Disappointment. Troubles. Unemployment. Feeling


In a Reading: Feeling left out. Feeling rejected. You may be under a financial strain.

Poor health. The card may be telling you that you are neglecting something

important, like caring for your body, your career, or your home and family. There is

no doubt that we all have setbacks, but even if we have everything we need, we can

still feel insecure and lost. This card has a very spiritual component. The window of

the church is warm and welcoming. Comfort is close by but they do not see it. There

are hardships, but they are always temporary and give us the opportunity to turn to

our spiritual center for comfort and assistance.

Reversed: Courage. Hope. Faith restored.

Reversed in a Reading: Reversed this card can indicate a turn for the better. You

are at a point when all aspects of your life will begin to improve. The end of poverty

or unemployment. Health should improve.


What I See: The six of pentacles of the tarot cards shows a man sharing what he

has with two apparent beggars. He is dressed richly and standing above them. They

are below him dressed in ragged clothes. His scales are balanced. He only gives a

measure. He does not give freely. There is no equality between him and the people

he is sharing with. This may indicate a situation is dominating your life, but gives you

just enough to keep you in it. There is also the rich man who shares his wealth. So

this card definitely shows both sides.

Upright: Prosperity. Success. Promotion.

Key Words and Phrases: Getting what you deserve. Helping others. Receiving


In a Reading: Your hard work is beginning to pay off. You may find you have

finances available to start a business or buy a house. This card suggests a gift. A

promotion or a bonus. This is a time for sharing what you have with others. Taking

care of others and being taken care of.

Reversed: Loss of goods or property. A loan is due.

Reversed in a Reading: Refusal to share. Money problems. Stability has ended.

May also indicate greed or being selfish leading to restriction of development.


What I See: I the tarot cards the seven of pentacles shows me a farmer who has

gathered up his crop of pentacles. All of his hard work has paid off. He leans on his

hoe and admires the results. Even though he is not actively working on it, it does not

fall. His accomplishements stand on their own.

Upright: Steady growth. Taking stock.

Key Words and Phrases: Plan carefully. Growth. Assessment. Reward. Reflection

on progress. Enjoying the fruit of your labors.

In a Reading: A reward will come your way as a result of your hard work, enjoy it.

Reflecting on your gains. Slow but steady progress. Hard work pays off. A time out

to reflect on your progress so far.

Reversed: Impatience. Bad timing. Unrealistic goals. Giving up too soon.

Reversed in a Reading: Anxiety. Disillusionment. Depression. Wasted energy.

Missed opportunities. Losing your sense of direction.


What I See: Of the tarot cards, the eight of pentacles shows a craftsman using his

skills to create these pentacles. His back is to the city and his attention is focused on

his work. There is a road to the city so he is not actually separated from his

community. The sevens indicate victory. There is a level of skill in his work that has

taken a while to develop. He has developed his talents so that now he is able to

create something that brings value to the whole community.

Upright: Diligence. Knowledge. Craftsmanship. Employment.

Key Words and Phrases: Work does not succeed if the only goal is to finish. The

worker accomplishes much when he finds fulfillment in the work itself. Being

absorbed in a project. Learning a new craft or skill. Approaching a task methodically.

In a Reading: This is a card of success. It suggests commitment either to a

relationship or to a project. This is the essence of the pentacles; hard work and

attention to detail. The advice is to keep hammering away - don't quit now. You are

almost done.

Reversed: Poor-quality work. Unwillingness to learn. Impatience. Cutting corners.

Reversed in a Reading: Cheating. Pretending to know more than you do. Fraud.

Taking the easy way out. Lack of committment.


What I See: The nine of pentacles of the tarot cards shows a woman alone in a

garden. There are pentacles growing on the bushes. Her long flowing robes indicate

a woman of substance. She has a falcon on her hand, an indication of the spirit's

ability to soar. This card combines great success with the typical meaning of nines,

which is compromise and struggle. She has gained everything, but not without

struggles and compromises. She appears content and is surrounded by plenty,

showing that through compromises and struggles we grow.

Upright: Discipline. Self-reliance. Personal contentment.

Key Words and Phrases: Self-mastery. Attainment. Success. Material comfort.

Leisure time. Sacrificing to reach a goal. Achieveing a comfortable lifestyle.

In a Reading: Foresight, good planning, and being prepared lead to success.

Reaping the rewards of using your own talents and resources. The promise of

phsycial comfort. Speaks to real estate, land, being outdoors. Being content alone

indicates maturity and emotional development.

Reversed: Undeserved success. Weakness of character. Lethargy. Not planning


Reversed in a Reading: You want to succeed, but you don't want to work for it.

Lack of character will bring failure and lead to lonliness. You are not prepared to take



What I See: The ten of pentacles shows a gate opening to a city. There appears to

be a family here in the fullness of abundance. They have more than enough, though

they appear to be unaware of it, or are taking it for granted. None of them notice the

old man at the gate. But the dogs are barking at him. This speaks to legends of

angels appearing to men though they do not recognize them. The animals know who

they really are.

Upright: Prosperity. Success. Affluence.

Key Words and Phrases: Financial secure. Creating a lasting foundation. A

successful family life.

In a Reading: Strong family ties. The rewards of hard work, sacrifice, and

persistence are paying off. Success requires everyone working together. May mean a

salary increase. May indicate a family event like a wedding or a birth.

Reversed: Family problems. Theft. Sudden financial losses.

Reversed in a Reading: Quarrels. Money difficulties. Unstable family finances.

Domestic problems. A death in the family.



What I See: The tarot cards ace of swords shows a hand reaching from the clouds

of spirit pointing straight up providing a path to the Divine. The sword being intellect

is connecting earthly things to the spiritual.

Upright: Power. Clarity. New ideas.

Key Words and Phrases: A great force. The power of the intellect. Mental energy.

Beginnings of success.

In a Reading: Power, clarity of thought. The ability to instigate change. This

represents the awakening of mental energies. The beginning of an intellectual

enterprise. A promising venture that begins out of adversity. Strength in adversity.

Great strength and force is at your disposal.

Reversed: Confusion. Stagnation. Violence.

Reversed in a Reading: Throwing your weight around. Excessive force. A hollow

victory. Cutting words. Sarcasm. You may be involved in a exploitative situation. Be

careful of making changes, they could do more damage than good. Generally means

that you will work hard but achieve nothing.



What I See: The two of swords shows a figure who has tied herself and blindfolded

herself, holding her swords at the ready. The moon and the water are behind her.

Her arms are crossed over her heart.

Upright: Balance. Indecision. An Impasse.

Key Words and Phrases: A tight rein over the emotions. Feeling deadlocked.

Uncertainity about which way to go. Delay waiting. Feeling overwhelmed by too

many choices. Supressing your feelings.

In a Reading: A good time to make a decision. You are torn between two choices.

You cannot see which path to take. You are waiting for something to happen.

Problems don't go away just because you close your eyes.

Reversed: Renewed action. Deceit. Resentment.

Reversed in a Reading: Be on gaurd against misleading information. You are afraid

to face the truth. You are able to make a decision now. Face your feelings.



What I See: The three of swords shows a heart in the sky pierced through with 3

swords. Intellegence of the swords in contact with the pain of the heart and hanging

in the clouds of the Divine.

Upright: Pain. Heartbreak. Sorrow.

Key Words and Phrases: Loss. Woe. Emotional pain. Breakup. Stress and tension,

or illness. Loss of a lover.

In a Reading: This card suggests you have something to mourn. You have pain and

suffering as a result of past actions. You need to take the pain into your heart and

move on from it. You might soon be feeling under the weather or ill. Sometimes

means surgery. You will be tense and irritable. Often when you see this card it

means you will hear of the death of someone you knew.

Reversed: The pain is ending. Loss of direction. Self-delusion.

Reversed in a Reading: The worst is over. You need to face up to the truth and

take positive action. Recovery can take place now.



What I See: The tarot cards four of swords depicts a figure reclining with hand

clasped in prayer. He has many swords nearby but none at the ready. He appears to

be in a church, a symbol of sanctuary. I call this card the sleeping beauty card,

because I believe the figure is waiting for someone to come awaken him.

Upright: Meditation. Rest. Relaxation.

Key Words and Phrases: The need for renewal. A time to step back from everyday

conflicts. Repose. Solitude.

In a Reading: Put down your sword for a bit and reeevaluate you situation. Getting

away from it all. Obtaining distance from your daily routine may help you see things

more clearly. Recuperation. Perhaps you need a vacation.

Reversed: Returning to action. Loneliness.

Reversed in a Reading: Speedy recovery. Now is the right time to act. No time to

relax. Get up and get moving.



What I See: The tarot cards five of swords shows a figure in the foreground who

has apparently won a battle and has won all the swords. The two figures walking

away have dropped their swords and are retreating. The water is choppy and the sky

is threatening. Unfortunately, although the figure in the front is the victor, he stands

along. The defeated have each other for support. Fives always represent conflict and

swords represent conflict - so this is a card of conflicting emotions and situations.

Fives usually also mean a choice between two paths lies before you.

Upright: Disagreement. Conflict. Negative energy.

Key Words and Phrases: Winning the battle but losing the war. Empty victory.

Now is the time to swallow your pride. Insensitivity. Severing of ties. Gloating. False

pride. Manipulation. Selfish actions.

In a Reading: You or someone around you is acting negatively. Perhaps you are

blaming others for your own misfortune. You may be so concerned with being right

that you do not see the true consequences of your behavior.

Reversed: Vindication. Dishonor. Indecision.

Reversed in a Reading: Being cleared of wrongdoing. Check out the small print.

You may be feeling humiliated or degraded. Your self esteem is low. A bully may be

bothering you.



What I See: The six of swords of the tarot cards shows figures in a boat crossing

calm water. There are many swords in the boat. The load is heavy but the boat does

not sink.

Upright: Brighter days ahead. Success after troubles. Safe passage.

Key Words and Phrases: A welcome transition. Calm waters. Travel. Smooth

sailing. A change of attitude.

In a Reading: You have many troubles but you can handle them. Emerging from a

period of trouble. Your difficulties have ended.

Reversed: Delays in travel. Rough waters ahead.

Reversed in a Reading: Unable to leave your troubles behind. You must follow this

to the end. A change in travel plans. You feel stuck. You will have to traverse rough

waters before you can settle down.



What I See: In the tarot cards, the seven of swords shows a figure sneaking away

carrying as many swords as he can. He looks over his shoulder to be certain he is

not being followed. He has not won by attacking, but by being stealthy.

Upright: Doing the unexpected. Dishonesty. Hidden motives.

Key Words and Phrases: Guile. Cunning. Trickery. Indirect action. A short trip. An

elopement. Escape.

In a Reading: Something may be hidden from you. You may wish to escape or run

away. You will need to be crafty. A plan you have made may not work out the way

you expected it to. Be careful of what you say. Put agreements in writing. This card

may also indicate moving or changing jobs.

Reversed: Appreciation. Frustration. An apology. Constructive criticism. You get

back something you had lost.

Reversed in a Reading: Expect an apology. You should appreciate any criticism

you receive now. You may need to change your plans. Let go of our outmoded

attitudes and ideas, they are not working anymore.



What I See: The eight of swords of the tarot cards has a figure tied up, surrounded

by swords. She has a castle behind her. She stands in the mud. She has a way clear

to walk away, her legs are not tied and there are no swords in front of her, but she

cannot see the path ahead. The blindfold indicates confusion, inability to see clearly.

Upright: Restrictions. Feeling trapped. Humiliation.

Key Words and Phrases: An oppressive environment. Blockage. Lack of self

assertion. Fear of the unknown. Not seeing the way clear. Not understanding the real


In a Reading: The fear, isolation, and blockage is self imposed. You are acting out

of fear of the unknown instead of trying something new. You feel caught. You must

face the future with courage. Don't let your anxieties blind and constrict you. Find

your inner strength.

Reversed: Release. Seek advice. Unblocking. Taking off the blindfold. Seeing


Reversed in a Reading: You have handed over your power to someone else. You

need to take it back. You are now able to break free and confront your fears. Now is

the time to be assertive and refuse to accept other people's limitations imposed on




What I See: The nine of swords in the tarot cards shows a figure on a bed with her

hands in her head as though awakened from a dream in dread or sorrow. Swords

hang above her in the darkness. Her blanket shows roses and the zodiac, a

combination of the rose of love and the zodiac cycles of the universe.

Upright: Despair. Nightmare. Worry. Trouble sleeping.

Key Words and Phrases: Stress. Guilt. Anxiety. Crying spells. Bereavement or the

loss of something you value deeply. Feeling sorry for yourself.

In a Reading: This is called the nightmare card. You are struggling with some

vexing matter. You may be plagued by pain, fear, guilt, or worry. Nightmares are

generally worse than reality. May indicate trouble sleeping. Sometimes indicates a

woman near you is suffering and needs your assistance.

Reversed: The nightmare is over. Prophetic dreams. Positive attitude.

Reversed in a Reading: This is a reaction to something outside yourself. A ray of

sunshine. Feeling useful. Nothing to worry about. You will take positive action.



What I See: The ten of swords gives us a figure filled with pain. All ten swords

pierce him. Notice the one in his head. The water is calm. There is clear sky in the

distance. So many swords indicates an overreaction to something. Shows a tendancy

to overthink your situation.

Upright: Stabbed in the back. Ruin. Defeat. Failure.

Key Words and Phrases: A forced change. Overwhelming emotions. Nobody

suffers as much as I do. Hitting bottom. Unless the grain of wheat falls into the

ground and dies, it cannot grow.

In a Reading: You are responding emotionally to a situation that is not as bad as it

seems. You need to put your head on straight. Do not let depression and

dissappointment cloud your judgement. Remember, the dawn always comes after

the darkness of night. The waters are calm and the sky is clear in the distance, so if

you get up and move on you will feel the warmth of the sun. Focusing on the pain is

not going to do you any good.

Reversed: The worst is over. Disgrace and suffering is in the past.

Reversed in a Reading: You have survived a dangerous situation. Every cloud has

a silver lining. You may receive news of a death or serious illness. You are emerging

from a perios of sadness. You or someone close to you will overcome hazards.



What I See: The tarot cards ace of wands shows a hand reaching from the cloud of

spirit. The wand bursts forth leaves so abundantly that they are fall off the wand. A

burst of elemental energy.

Upright: New life. A gift from the heavens.

Key Words and Phrases: Start of a new venture or enterprise. Birth. Energy. The

power of inspiration and optimism.

In a Reading: You may be starting a business or new adventure. The beginning is

promising. This is a time of creativity. May indicate news of a birth.

Reversed: Stuck. Can't get motivated.

Reversed in a Reading: Crushed hopes. Delays and difficulties. Cancellations.

Wasted energy. A venture that looked promising has failed. The enthusiasm you had

for this project or relationship has dwindled. Your selfish behavior may be causing

you some troubles.



What I See: The two of wands shows a man standing at the gates to the castle

above the land with the world in one hand and the wand in the other. His world

appears very small. He holds his wand high as if to touch the sky. He looks forward

to the next adventure. The wand, as fire, dislikes being still.

Upright: Waiting. Looking to new adventures.

Key Words and Phrases: Having achieved the early stages of success. Wait now to

see how matters develop. Sincere effort. Have faith in the future.

In a Reading: You feel restless as you prepare for change. You are in the early

stages of a new enterprise. Negotiations you are invlved in should go well. Success

results from your hard work.

Reversed: Anticlimax. Losing interest. Going the wrong direction.

Reversed in a Reading: Matters may not be going the way you planned. Excessive

pride may be causing difficulties. Problems may arise concerning property you own.

If you are thinking about a joint venture, consider the matter carefully. This card is a




What I See: The three of wands shows a figure who is strong, but at rest. He is not

in any hurry, nor is he threatened. He looks out on his ships of exploration and

adventure, but he himself stays behind. May also show his ships are coming in to


Upright: Birth of an enterprise. Cooperation. Brisk business. Exchaning ideas.

Key Words and Phrases: Initial success. Favorable early returns. Satisfaction, yet

more to be done. News about work. Teamwork. Negotiations. Work-related travel.

In a Reading: Your business is active and thriving. You have completed the first

step, but there is still a lot to do. You may find more opportunities for your business

in distant lands. Commerce is good.

Reversed: Unrealistic plans. Lack of cooperation.

Reversed in a Reading: Overconfidence. Pipe dreams. Delays and setbacks. You

lack the energy or resources to succeed at this time. Did you set your goals too




What I See: The four of wands of the deck of tarot cards show people marching out

to a simple structure. These people are enthusiastic. People follow the dancers. The

card shows joy and ecstasy.

Upright: A well-deserved celebration. Freedom. Excitement.

Key Words and Phrases: Rejoicing over a happy event. Breaking free. Escaping

unhappy circumstances. A well-deserved reward. Buying a house.

In a Reading: A positive, happy card. A good time to put down roots. May indicate

a holiday or a special ceremony. This is the foundation of a committed and positive

relationship. Indicates a happy marriage.

Reversed: Delayed success. Success will come but at a price. A commitment

without marriage.

Reversed in a Reading: There is still going to be sucess, but hard work will be

required to achieve it. There is some obstacle to be overcome. You may need to

expend more effort to achieve your goal.




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