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Collects Image Data and makes it accessible in a unified, fully integrated application. Enterprise Medical Viewer. Zero Footprint Vendor Neutral


Academic year: 2021

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Enterprise Medical Viewer

Collects Image Data and makes it accessible in a unified,

fully integrated application

iEMV SERVER iNtuitionEMV Central Archive / VNA Ophthalmology Internal Medicine GI Emergency Neurology Lab Surgery Orthopedics

iNtuitionEMV is a versatile full-spectrum multi-modality medical viewer which delivers zero-footprint, browser-based,

vendor-neutral access to images and other patient data throughout the enterprise. By leveraging TeraRecon’s award-winning technology and extensive enterprise image management expertise, the full spectrum of tools are available from a single server.

As either a stand-alone solution or integrated into an EMR, iNtuitionEMV’s general viewing capabilities, combined with its broad suite of tools, shift the focus from the simple viewing of patient images to the comprehensive management of patient problems.

• Zero Footprint • Vendor Neutral • Multi-Modality • Massively Scalable • VMWare Ready

• MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android • IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox



VNA Optiocal EKG

EKG Reports Reports Other Non-DICOM Other Non-DICOM Ultrasound Cath Cath CT/MR CT/MR CR PET PET Mammo Mammo

Zero-footprint web viewer for DICOM and Non-DICOM data


Optical Cath Ultrasound

Key features include:

· Auto-query/retrieve of prior studies from the archive · Bandwidth analyzer for optimal compression

· Download and anonymize directly from the local client


Consolidate viewing silos:

Today’s healthcare enterprise is plagued by the burden of multiple fragmented departmental information systems. As a result, there’s much talk about consolidating information silos, but how will you make image data widely accessible from a

unified platform?

Because clinicians’ needs aren’t generic, a clinically useful solution must:

• Meet a wide range of clinical requirements

• Offer robust clinical tools

• Provide access to the complete patient record

Real-world scalability and interoperability should:

• Manage both DICOM and Non-DICOM formats • Cost-effectively scale as your needs grow

• Offer flexible integration options based on known standards

The iNtuitionEMV solution is a full-spectrum viewing solution which:

• Supports both DICOM & Non-DICOM formats

• Utilizes healthcare IT standards (such as DICOM and WADO)

• Utilizes traditional standards (such as LDAP/AD) for seamless integration with PACS and EMR through a simple API

• Provides massive scalability - literally hundreds of thousands of images can be simultaneously rendered from a small hardware footprint

• Leverages the award-winning iNtuition platform so that all tools, from basic 2D to advanced 3D and 4D, are available from a single server.


Browser & platform neutral non-diagnostic review on iPad, iPhone,

Android, Mac & PC

From basic 2D to advanced 3D applications - all from a single server Stand-alone or integrated with


Zero Footprint

A simple web browser with no additional client download. No Java, ActiveX, Flash…

Vendor Neutral

DICOM and Non-DICOM data from virtually any vendor…

Massively Scalable

Renders massive amounts of data with a small amount of hardware.

Platform and Browser Neutral

Anytime/anywhere access from Mac, iPad, PC, Android, etc.

Readily Integrated

Can be integrated with other applications such as EMR and PACS


Extensive access control and security features are available using SSL, LDAP and Active Directory…


A single server for all tools (2D and advanced 3D/4D)

Key Benefits At a Glance


For additional information, please email us at: info@terarecon.com

For products, services, or support please visit us online at: www.terarecon.com

Aquarius, iNtuition and the iNtuition logo are trademarks of TeraRecon, Inc. Copyright© 2012 TeraRecon, Inc. All rights reserved.

iNtuition is a family brand name collectively referring to one or more of the following products: Aquarius Workstation, AquariusNET® Server, AquariusAPS Server. Certain features are optional.


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