Shower and changing tables

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Pressalit’s shower and changing tables have been designed to provide a secure and stable surface for children and adults. Most of our shower and changing tables are suitable for use in showers. Either way, wet or dry use, our shower and changing tables will help create a comfortable bathroom environment for users and carers alike.

Shower and changing tables


One in every five people in the world live with some form of disability, which makes disabled people one of the world’s largest minority groups. In many cases, the needs of the disabled continue to be overlooked when they visit schools, institutions, hospitals and public facilities, and anywhere where toilet conditions can be either unaccommodating or inappropriate.

Make room for dignity

Profoundly disabled people and the families of disabled people often find that a simple trip out, to a theme park for example, quickly becomes a humiliating and undignified experience, or even impossible because the toilet facilities don’t meet their needs.

Inadequately equipped toilets can also mean that some choose, for example, not to drink anything before a day out, while others are forced to lie on an unhygienic toilet floor or resort to being changed in the boot of the car. This is not a dignified situation for anyone, which is why

changing tables should be installed in toilets to im- prove accessibility to public places. When shower and changing tables are used in the home, they improve the general well-being and the quality of life for users and carers on a day-to-day basis.

High level of safety for both users and carers Safe and comfortable working conditions are essential for both carers and the people they are looking after. The hazards of a poorly equipped bathroom become more obvious as children grow into adulthood. Inappropriate lifting and incorrect working heights can cause back pain and injury and therefore present a safety risk to both the carer and the person being cared for.

These challenges can be resolved with height adjustable shower and changing tables. The height of the table can be adjusted to assist transfers from mobility and lifting equipment. Additionally, table heights can be set in the correct position for carers, thereby helping reduce the risk of injury.

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A safe solution

with people in mind


Easy cleaning and optimum hygiene Thorough cleaning of a bathroom or toilet to maintain optimum hygiene should be quick and easy. That’s why Pressalit’s shower and changing tables are designed in materials that put hygiene first. This makes our shower and changing tables ideal for hospitals and public institutions, as well as private homes.

Flexibility and quality go hand-in-hand Having the right facilities in the bathroom helps increase the experience of independence and dignity for bathroom users. The higher level of self-sufficiency also helps increase their quality of life.

Different features allow you to adapt each shower and changing table to the individual room and user needs. All shower and changing tables also come with a 3-year warranty - ensuring the peace of mind that comes with a durable solution of excellent quality.


Welfare technology such as this not only

helps increase quality of life for users, but also contributes to a healthier working environment for relatives and care staff .

Holger Søe Plougsgaard, Product Development Manager at Pressalit




It is so important to make sure that I am not injuring my family members or my husband when they are trying to make sure that my needs are taken care of.

The safety of both me and the care provider is vital and that is one reason the height adjustable tables are so important.”

Dr. Josie Badger, diagnosed with congenital myasthenic syndrome


Becomes all accessible

In a first for airports around the world, Pittsburgh International Airport has introduced a dedicated facility to help reduce stress for travellers with sensory sensitivity and their families. Here, those with autism or similar issues and their families can de-escalate prior to take-off and after landing.

In addition, the Pittsburgh International Airport has introduced Pressalit products to improve accessibility in the terminal’s ‘family restroom’.

They have installed a Pressalit height-adjustable washbasin and height-adjustable adult-sized changing table. This makes it easier for families to travel comfortably, regardless of physical or mental ability.


Facilities to meet the needs of the community Nothing was left to chance when the Pittsburgh International Airport began the process of making the airport more accessible. This was a strong commitment to establish facilities that meet the needs of the entire community. The airport consulted with advocacy groups, caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental challenges, and other individuals possessing valuable insight.

This consultative process collected experiences and suggestions for the design of the sensory room and the ‘family restroom’. It became clear that one of the most important items for users in the ‘family restroom’ is the availability of an adult- sized changing table – and that it is height-adjust- able. This improves the safety of use and eases the transfer from wheelchair to changing table.

Travellers with disabilities would now have the dignity and privacy they need when visiting the airport.

A better travel experience

Many families impacted by a disability do not fly long distance – in fact many do not fly at all. One reason for this is the lack of accessible facilities in accessible bathrooms. The installation of a Pressalit adult-sized changing table and height-adjustable washbasin is a major step to improve restroom accessibility. The impact is substantial. More people than expected use the changing table and the height-adjustable washbasin. This improves the airport experience for visitors. Travellers have less stress and are more comfortable. This makes the flight more relaxing for everyone.




Many settings need mobile shower and changing solutions that can be moved from place to place, and that can accommodate the range of needs that may arise for users, assistants, caregivers, and family members alike. Pressalit’s mobile trolley can easily be adapted to a specific care situation and create space for flexibility in a safe and easy-to- clean care environment.

Because the mobile shower trolley and mobile changing trolley were both designed for the pur- pose of creating the best possible solution for both user and assistant, every detail and function on the trolleys has been carefully planned and tested by the designer in collaboration with professional care personnel in the development phase.

A comfortable care situation requires secure solutions

Both the shower trolley and changing trolley are equipped with safety rails along the sides, while the shower trolley also features a headboard and foot- board. For individuals with sensory limitations, the firm, continuous safety rails help define the space visually. This not only helps prevent fall accidents;

their robust extension and secure construction also serve to make the entire care situation safe and comfortable for the user. This also helps reduce the risk of muscle tone disorders.

Mobile shower change trolley

A flexible, safe, and easy-to-clean solution




Easy operation creates security for user and assistant

For assistants, caregivers, or family members providing care around the trolley, it is important for that care to be both user-friendly and safe. This is the key element to creating an essential feeling of security. The rails, providing safety and increasing the user’s sense of psychological well-being, are easily operable with one hand. This make the assistant’s job easier. He or she can maintain uninterrupted contact with the user for increased security from any position around the trolley.

Because the mobile shower/changing trolley can be moved around and the safety rails lowered, the assistant can easily ensure optimal working conditions from every side.

The user can lie in the trolley comfortably and securely while it is being moved, thereby reducing

the number of shifts. The large-diameter wheels ensure easy, comfortable transportation on a range of surfaces, and the central locking system and non-slip foot pedals make it easy to lock all wheels at the same time.

The mattresses, which come separately, also make it comfortable for the user to lie on the trolley, while also making the care situation easier for the assistant. The mattress on the shower trolley, which forms the frame around the basin, is easily drained of water and dries quickly. This allows the user to remain lying on the trolley throughout the entire drying and dressing process, without water forming puddles on the mattress. In addition, both the shower and changing mattress are easy to clean, thereby effectively maintaining optimal hygiene.


Working together with trained care personnel, my own body was lifted, bathed, dried, and dressed. This formed the basis of my approach to designing optimal and

comfortable solutions for both caregivers and users.

Anne Mette Tygesen, Product Designer, Pressalit A/S

Mobile shower change trolley



shower and changing tables

Product no. R8582318301

SCT 3000 shower change table with safety rail, water collection tray and head support.

Electric height adjustment

External dimensions 1057 x 1910 mm

• Also available with length of 1410 mm

• Also available with sapphire blue pads

Product no. R8402000

SCT 1000 shower change table with safety rail and PVC coated stretcher.

Electric height adjustment.

External dimensions 765 x 1400 mm

• Also available with length of 1800 mm Product no. R8582418000

SCT 2100 shower change table with safety rail, canvas cover and water collection tray. Electric height adjustment.

External dimensions 900 x 1800 mm

• Also available with fine mesh net Product no. R8435313299

SCT 3000 shower change table with safety rail, fixed height with water collection tray.

External dimensions 1032 x 1410 mm

• Also available with length of 1910 mm

• Also available with graphite grey pads

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Product no. R8585572000

CT 4100 changing table, electric foldaway feature and electric height adjustment with push buttons on the front of the table. Incl. safety rail and safety belt.

External dimensions 1020 x 1829 mm

• Also available with manual foldaway feature

• Mattress sold separately

Product no. R9454721000

MSCT 1 shower change trolley, electric tilt and height adjustment, central locking system, storage drawer, one-hand operable safety rail and end boards, battery-powered.

External dimensions 820 x 2190 mm

• Also available with length of 1790 mm

• Shower mattress sold separately

Product no. R9452721000

MCT 2 change trolley, electric height adjustment, central locking system, storage drawer, one-hand operable safety rail, battery-powered.

External dimensions 820 x 2190 mm

• Also available with length of 1790 mm

• Mattress sold separately

A shower and changing table from Pressalit

• solves the challenges experienced by a variety of different people and the changeable requirements of individuals thanks to its flexibility

• is easy to clean and keep hygienic for use

• ensures the best working conditions for caregivers and the people they look after.

• comes with a number of distinct features and benefits

• makes the care experience dignified and comfortable for the user

• an ideal solution for private homes, public toilets, institutions, schools, hospitals, airports, and hotels – select the model from our range most appropriate for your specific needs



Reservations are made for typographic errors, technical changes and model deviations.



Pressalit A/S is a Danish privately owned company with production facilities in Ry, Denmark. Since 1954, we have been designing and producing toilet seats of the highest quality. And since 1975, Pressalit has also been developing accessible bathrooms and height adjustable kitchen solutions for people with reduced mobility. This has made us one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium bathroom solutions.

High quality, flawless design and reliable functionality are the core features of our wide range of products.

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