Adsumus, Sancte Spiritus Prayer of invocation to the Holy Spirit for an ecclesial assembly of governance or discernment (thus synodal)

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Perhaps you have not only written some cards, notes and letters this holiday season, but you have also received some in the mail, too. I’ve received a couple on behalf of the parish that I’d like to share with you before we return to Ordinary Time tomorrow, January 10th.

First of all, a beautiful card (with enclosed photos of

residents opening their gifts!) from the residents & staff at Hillcrest: “Thank you for being so generous and getting every one of our residents a gift for Christmas.

Residents were overjoyed with the wonderful items they received from you. Thank you for making our Christmases so special and merry, and for everything you do for us throughout the year. Merry Christmas! Thanks again.”

You might enjoy what happened when I went to Hillcrest last Wednesday for Mass: a staff explained who I am by saying, “He’s the pastor of the church who gave you that beautiful Christmas gift.” I am honored, proud, to be known as your pastor!

Perhaps you are aware that there is an assistance fund at each parish (Caritas or Pastor’s Discretionary Fund at Holy Family; Pastor’s Discretionary Fund at St.

Joseph the Worker). These monies enable us to meet the emergency needs of people who contact the parish: food voucher, gas card, prescription, room for a night, rental assistance, utility expenses, etc. In Lake Crystal we have been working with the other churches for quite a while and there is greater collaboration now with St. John the Baptist and SS. Peter & Paul parishes. In December I received a letter from the GCA

“Angel Fund.” The owner of Greg’s Champion Auto, Greg Bednar, helps people who cannot afford some car repairs from this fund, taking no profit on these cases. He described how four local churches (including ours) made it possible for them “to deliver to this gentleman and his wife, a fully functional, reliable, and SAFE vehicle, all at no charge. To say he was surprised – and grateful – would be an understatement.”

Thank you for your generosity which gives us the resources to support our neighbors in need!

Understandably, the communication with Father Harold and our sister parish has been limited the past month or two (political strife, COVID & the holidays to name a few reasons). However, I do want you to know about two things that happened during December. A week or two before Christmas, parishioners dropped off a check in the amount of $1,000 so that our sister parish could have a Christmas party and any remaining funds were to be used for food. The gesture still brings tears to my eyes! A number of you were very generous in designating gifts during December, which totaled

$2,526, in addition to our cluster’s “tithe” (1% of regular income) of $901 and the SJW Men’s Club monthly gift of $100. I can’t wait to hear from Father Harold! That should enable him to not only meet his monthly expenses, but have a reserve for any lean months ahead. Again, thank you very much for your prayers and support for St. Lucie Parish & School!

Sincerely in Christ,

P.S. Thanks to all who participated in our cluster’s Synod Gathering last Tuesday and to Lori & Chad Ruch, who facilitated the meeting, and the staff who provided support!


The Respect Life Committee will be collecting baby items for Birthright and Options for Women on the weekends of Jan. 15/16

and Jan. 22/23. Please see a list of most wanted items below.

Huggies or Pampers diapers, size 4-6; baby wipes; shampoo/body wash; lotion; diaper cream; hooded bath towels; white onesies, size NB, 3-6M; sleepers or sleep sacks, NB-9M; clothing, NB-

9M; rattles; Nuby teethers; pacifiers; Dr. Brown's or Avent bottles; sippy cups, plates, bowls, utensils; Pack-n-Play sheets;

fitted crib sheets; Safety 1st home safety items; infant thermometers. New items only, please. Thank you!

We stand before You, Holy Spirit, as we gather together in

Your name.

With You alone to guide us, make Yourself at home in our


Teach us the way we must go and how we are to pursue it.

We are weak and sinful;

do not let us promote disorder.

Do not let ignorance lead us down the wrong path nor partiality influence our actions.

Let us find in You our unity so that we may journey together

to eternal life and not stray from the way of truth and what is


All this we ask of You, who are at work in every place and time, in the communion of

the Father and the Son, forever and ever.


Adsumus, Sancte Spiritus

Prayer of invocation to the

Holy Spirit for an ecclesial

assembly of governance or

discernment (thus synodal)

Every session of the Second Vatican Council began with the prayer Adsumus Sancte Spiritus, the first word of the Latin original meaning, “We stand before You, Holy Spirit,” which has been historically used at Councils, Synods and other Church gatherings for hundreds of years, being attributed to Saint Isidore of Seville (c. 560 - 4 April 636). As we are called to embrace this synodal path of the Synod 2021- 2023, this prayer invites the Holy Spirit to operate within us so that we may be a community and a people of grace. For the Synod 2021-2023, we propose to use this simplified version, so that any group or liturgical assembly can pray more easily.


Children’s Weekly Stewardship

Treasure: SJW: $60.00 HF: $0.00


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Jan. 1 & 2, 2022


Fiscal Year to Date

$220,237.47 Actual $207,479.42 Budget

St. Joseph the Worker

Fiscal Year to Date

$58,842.17 Actual $60,823.37 Budget

Holy Family

Jan. 2, 2022

$3,884.00 Tuesday, Jan.11:

SJW 12:05pm -†Jerry Neubert Wednesday, Jan.12:

Hillcrest 9:30am - Word & Communion Pathstone 10:00am -†Victor & Lucille Paradis Loyola 1:00pm -†Kenneth O’ Brien

Thursday, Jan.13:

HF 8:30am -†Deceased members of the Ray Reker Family Good Counsel 11:00am -†James Weirt

Friday, Jan.14:

SJW 12:05pm -†Dianne Honermann Saturday, Jan.15: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time SJW 5:00pm - For the Parishioners Sunday, Jan. 16: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time HF 8:30am - †Alvina Krebsbach SJW 10:30am - †Dennis Owen


Mon: 1Sm 1: 1-8/ Ps 116: 12-19/ Mk 1: 14-20 Tues: 1Sm 1: 9-20/ (Ps) 1Sm 2: 1,4-8/ Mk 1: 21-28 Wed: 1Sm 3: 1-10,19-20/ Ps 40: 2,5,7-10/ Mk 1: 29-39 Thurs: 1Sm 4: 1-11/ Ps 44: 10-111,14-15,24-25/ Mk 1: 40-45 Fri: 1Sm 8: 4-7,10-22a/ Ps 89: 16-19/ Mk 2: 1-12

Sat: 1Sm 9: 1-4,17-19;10:1a/ Ps 21: 2-7/ Mk 2: 13-17 Sun: Is 62: 1-5/ Ps 96: 1-3,7-1/ 1 Cor 12: 14-11/ Jn 2:1-11 Congratulations to Andrew Wendlandt, the

“301” winner of $100 for January 1!

Mon. 1/10: 7:30am ECFE Screening - SJW Gym 6:30pm Music Practice - SJW Church Weds. 1/12: 7:30am ECFE Screening - SJW Gym 6:00pm Faith Formation - SJW & HF Fri. 1/14: 9:30am ECFE Open Gym

Sat. 1/15: 4:00pm Confession - SJW Sun. 1/16: 8:00am Confession - HF

Saturday, January 15

SJW—5:00 p.m. Mass Reader: Mary Date

Servers: Gracen & Austin Ruch

ECM: John Kanyusik, Tom Hallett, Terri Michels Ushers: Annie & Nick Schmitz, 2 NEEDED Musicians: Cindy Lawrence, Jeanne Hassing

Sunday, January 16

HF—8:30 a.m. Mass Reader: Marty Cassem

Servers: Ethan Seppmann, Megan Sickler ECM: Mary Cassem

Ushers: Ken Roos, 1 NEEDED Musicians: Jan Osten, Sheila Sickler

SJW—10:30 a.m. Mass Reader: Brenda Hanel

Servers: Hannah & Carter James

ECM: Julie Freyberg, Donna & Richard Hansen Ushers: Ron Evan, 3 NEEDED

Musicians: Julie Dickhudt, Teresa Anderson, Anne Richardson

Doorkeeper: David Hassing


- St.

Joseph the Worker and Holy Family Parish would like to invite your business to advertise in our weekly bulletin for 2022. We print these bulletins in- house which allows us to include more content and color features, while still supporting businesses in our local community. In addition to displaying your advertisement on the bulletin jacket, we showcase a different business each week under our “Bulletin Brought to You by”

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January Faith Formation Calendar

Wed 12 Faith Formation Classes First Communion Orientation for SJW & Loyola 2nd Graders

6:00-7:00 PM 6:15 PM in SJW Church

Sun 16 Children’s Liturgy of the Word 8:30 AM HF 10:30 AM SJW Wed 19 No Class

Wed 26 Faith Formation Classes 6:00-7:00 PM

Yes, getting deliberately drunk is a sin. And it’s a serious sin at that.

St. Thomas Aquinas addresses this exact question in his masterwork the Summa Theologiae (II-II, question 150). He explains that drunkenness is a form of the sin of gluttony, which is against the virtue of temperance.

He references St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, in which the Apostle speaks specifically against drunkenness and other sins of the flesh (Rom 13:13).

St. Thomas goes on to answer whether drunkenness is a mortal sin. Here’s what he says:

“In this way drunkenness is a mortal sin, because then a man willingly and know- ingly deprives himself of the use of rea- son, whereby he performs virtuous deeds and avoids sin, and thus he sins mortally by running the risk of falling into sin” (II-II, question 150, article 2, as quoted by The

Catholic Encyclopedia).

St. Ambrose says that drunkenness “prevents us from avoiding grievous sins.”

Both of these Doctors get right to the heart of the main problem with drunkenness: it impairs our judgment, and therefore is an easy door into evil.

Does the Church forbid alcohol altogether? Certainly not. She recognizes that moderate use of drink is a perfectly moral means of cultivating fellowship with others, celebrating a feast day or special occasion, or complementing a good meal. She only asks that we treat alcohol with temperance and guard against its misuse.

If you haven’t always treated alcohol with ideal temper- ance—or if some other habitual sin is holding you back—there’s no time like the present to start anew. Christian Self-Mastery: How to Govern Your

Thoughts, Discipline Your Will, and Achieve Balance in Your Spiritual Life by spiritual master Fr. Basil Maturin

is an in-depth guide to mastering your passions, honing self-discipline, avoiding frustration, and making real progress even in the most difficult aspects of your life.


Is Getting Drunk a Sin?

Holy Family

Mason Goettl Adler Moline

St. Joseph the Worker

Congratulations and blessings on our youth who received their First Reconciliation and Penance on Saturday, January 8! Please pray for them as they prepare to receive their First Eucharist this Spring!

Cora Barker Ashtyn Botker Caleb Braulick Georgia Caperoon

Alaina Chally Evelyn Coudron McKinley Greene

Scott Holm Ava Kapsner Brody Landsteiner

David Long William McMahon

Troy McMichael Augustine Moody

Tia Rausch

Catherine Schwamberger Alexa Tontz

Hailey Tontz

Vera Weness

Owen Willette


Rev. Timothy T. Reker - Pastor Val Koch - Director of Faith Formation Nicole Hermer - Director of Parish Activities Glenn Barnette - Bookkeeper

Kathy Moldan - Office Assistant

Sister Janet Wermerskirchen - Music Director Jon Hermanson - SJW Custodial Engineer Mike Murrain - SJW Custodian

Ben Moldan - HF Custodian

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Fri: 8:30am-12:00pm or by appointment

Richard Johnson, John Allen, Jerry Schultz, George Larson, Tom B.

Baptism - Please contact Fr. Reker in the parish office to schedule the baptism and the

baptism preparation class.

Marriage - Congratulations on your engagement!

Please contact Fr. Reker at least 6 months in advance to begin preparation.

Anointing of the Sick - If you or a family member is homebound or in the hospital and would like a

pastoral visit, please notify the office.


To bring together men of all ages to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. With the direction of our Priest, encouraging each

other to be servant leaders in our Church.

Admissions: Applications are open for the 2022-2023 school year, please visit our website to apply! Spaces are filling quickly, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the Loyola community. Please call Kerstyn Cafarelli, Admissions Associate at 507-386-5399 or email to schedule a tour, or to discuss enrollment.

School-Based Mentoring Program: Loyola Catholic School is participating in the YMCA School-Based Mentoring Program for the upcoming school year. The school-based mentoring program pairs Loyola Catholic School students with adult mentors for lunch once a week. For the students, it is an adult who will listen without judging, talk without preaching, and take a genuine interest in how things are going. In other words, a friend. Our hope is to have mentors ready to start in September with additional mentors being added as needed and they become available throughout the school year.

Please email Becky Gerdes, Dean of Academics at if you would be interested in serving as a mentor. Training will be provided by the YMCA.

Employment opportunities: Loyola is currently accepting applications for the following positions: Part-time before and after school childcare assistants

& part-time bus driver. For information about these positions, please visit the

“About” tab at To apply for a position, please send a cover letter, resume, and three letters of recommendation to

Your parish support makes all we do, learn, and celebrate at Loyola possible.

Leading through Faith, Academic Excellence, and Service.

Phone: 388-0600, Website: Adam Bemmels, PreK-12 Principal

(SJW) Last week: Items needed this week: Stove Top Stuffing.

St. John Paul II Homeschool Enrichment Program

Spring Semester begins Feb. 11. We meet on Fridays in the Fitzgerald School Building across the street from Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Mankato. Free Nursery. Classes

for PreSchool - High School. Please contact Lisa for more

information:, 612-381-6423.


CHURCH OF ST. JOSEPH THE WORKER & HOLY FAMILY PARISH To advertise, contact Nicole at the parish office

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Contact the parish office at 388-3766 to

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