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SwiftPOS Back Office Features

What is SwiftPOS?

SwiftPOS is a suite of Software Modules that manage all back office POS functions and links the Point of Sale Terminals together to create a total POS solution. SwiftPOS is supplied by Samford Software through a network of authorised distributors who have been professionally trained and have the experience to offer customers the highest level of support and training.

Samford Software is a leading supplier in customer centric solutions for the Hospitality, Retail and Food Service industries in Australia and New Zealand. By integrating market-leading Point of Sale, Membership/Loyalty/CRM software with fraud prevention security cameras, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems and Poker Machine loyalty schemes we supply one of the most advanced POS solutions available.


SwiftPOS provides tight control over Inventory Management, Cash Management and Staff Costs. It can help detect problems such as theft and wastage before they get out of hand. Inventory levels are adjusted after each sale, so you will always know exactly what your stock levels are, even when a Stocktake is in progress, thanks to real time processing of sales transactions. Using the features available in the SwiftPOS Membership & Loyalty/CRM software module, full integration is achieved with the POS Terminals. There is no double handling of transactions and it is achieved with a minimum amount of effort and can return excellent results.

Overall, SwiftPOS provides comprehensive management of inventory, membership, loyalty and financial control over the venue. The entire system can also be centrally managed from one host PC in the back office. While the POS Terminals will run standalone with no central point of failure, some advanced features which draw information from the Host PC can be utilised with all the benefits of an on-line POS system. These include integration with Poker Machine Loyalty Systems and Property Management systems that are provided by the SwiftPOS suite of products.

What is SwiftPOS written in?

SwiftPOS has been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET using the Microsoft SQL Server database for performance and reliability. Written by a team of industry professionals that have

feedback from over 4,000 customers world-wide, the software is an extremely powerful, reliable, world class application that is easy to use and maintain. You can quickly train a new manager or new operator to get the most out of the software.

The database has been designed to be completely transaction based so that you can produce reports between any date and time range that reveal products sold, costs or inventory used in either detailed or summary format. With the help of wizards that have been built into the software you can automate processes that would normally be very time consuming to do manually. Real-time processing of sales transactions as they occur provide up to the minute reporting capabilities to ensure tight control over staff costs versus sales revenue so that you can properly manage your business with increased efficiency. Although SwiftPOS has an extensive range of reports, there may be times when you want to use the data in a spreadsheet format. Simply transfer your reports to Excel and you can work with the data, create custom graphs and print the spreadsheet.

General Features

 Simple to operate, with easy to understand menus and reports. A single click will open any of the menus or reports without having to step through multiple confusing screens.

 Uncluttered, professional look makes getting the job done simpler.

 Data entry is made quick and easy with well organised screens.

 Continual development and innovation of new features to cater for an ever changing and growing market.

 Step by step instructions in the on-line help file. If you prefer to read a separate manual rather than on-line help, the SwiftPOS Manual can be printed as required.

 A large number of concise reports with date/time selections mean the information that you need to be in control of, is constantly at your fingertips.

 Print all reports to disk in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF or XML format to save paper and provides permanent records.

 Create user log-on accounts for any number of staff members that limit access to specific areas of

responsibility and secure access to sensitive information.

 Customers or Resellers can develop their own comprehensive reports in Crystal Report Writer.

 Runs on VISTA, Windows 7, 2003 Server, 2008 Server and Windows XP Professional.

 Automatic backups can be scheduled in the SwiftPOS Utilities application and can be done without closing the SwiftPOS application.

 Data file storage of active data up to 4GB using the free Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or virtually unlimited with the full version of SQL Server


 Network ready on larger sites with any number of concurrent users accessing the central data file.


 Fully integrated with SwiftPOS-Connect communications software, including transparent price updating from SwiftPOS going directly to the POS Terminals.

 Automatic processing of sales data providing up to the minute analysis of the complete operation.

 Ability to report any errors that may occur directly to your supplier via email with attached error logs.

PLU Product Features

 Quick filter menu with "sort-by" headings to easily find the Product Items that you wish to view or edit.

 Easy to change prices and update all the POS Terminals automatically within a few seconds.

 Sales reporting enables real time gross profit analysis to quickly check margins and provide greater control over your business.

 Unique product “Stock Keeping Unit” (SKU) to identify each product that is not related to the PLU or product bar code.

 Up to 10 selling prices per location.

 Add new bar codes at the POS Terminal for existing PLU’s with unlimited bar codes per product Item.

 Automatic date sensitive specials can be set up in advance on any price levels and SwiftPOS will retain previous history of what was sold on special.

 Up to 999 inventory groups that can be linked to any number of master inventory groups for sales and inventory reporting purposes.

 Up to 999 categories for kitchen printing and keyboard modifiers that can be grouped in 15 printing groups. E.g.: Entrée, Mains and Desserts etc.

 Price Label Designer to customise your own shelf labels, shelf talkers or product labels including the full range of retail bar codes to print on label sheets or continuous labels.

 Print Promotional Labels (Shelf Talkers) in any size up to the size of your printer.

 Retail Price Management to maintain Price updating on any of the price levels over a range of products or use the product filters. You can individually confirm each price with automatic rounding up or down by any amount. E.g.: Bars (nearest 5-10 cents) Bottle Shops (nearest 48, 49, 98 or 99 cents)

Sales and Cash Management Reporting

 There are a large number of reports available with various options on each of those reports. Transfer your reports to Excel, include any additional information you like, and create custom graphs to suit your personal tastes.

 Real time updating of all reports for instant business analysis.

 Sales and Profit Reports for any date and time range selected.

 Hourly and half hourly breakdown of individual PLU sales over any date range to assist with setting the right staffing levels in different Locations.

 Complete Electronic Journal of every transaction made at the POS Terminals including voids and error corrections made during the sale.

 Search for any individual POS transaction number by Receipt number, Terminal number, Inventory item, PLU, Table number, Member, Clerk, Payment Type or Account Number.

 Any of the reports can be automatically printed daily at any preset time set in the software.

 Quick pop-up calendar for date range selection in all Report Menus.


 Clerks are assigned to groups for security access levels at the POS.

 Clerks are assigned security access levels in the Back Office Software to restrict menu access.

 Clerks can have individual login passwords.

 Extensive clerk reporting based on product group sales.

 Search facility to view any sales transactions for a particular Clerk.


Inventory Features

 Monitor inventory levels and reduce overstocking, shrinkage and theft.

 Increase stock turnover and reduce the amount of inventory sitting on shelves.

 Easy to change prices, check stock levels and manage your inventory levels for maximum profit.

 Inventory reporting gives real time stock levels and gross profit analysis to quickly check margins and provide greater control over your business.

 Multi-level Recipe control to track ingredients and create usage reports of base parent products.

 Updating the cost of bulk inventory will automatically adjust the cost of all items where that inventory is used.

 Multi-location inventory management, with the ability to view sales location reports with shared inventory to reduce the work involved in transferring inventory. E.g.: multiple bars that draw inventory from one location.

 Reorder reports based on Reorder point (minimum) and order quantities up to the maximum inventory levels.

 Do Stocktakes (Physical Inventory Counts) and inventory transfers at the POS Terminal in addition to the back office.

 Reorder Wizard that can set the minimum and maximum inventory levels in each location based on sales history for any time period. It can also set reorder levels over all locations.

 Move inventory to a bulk store prior to a Stocktake. This allows you to record sales over many Locations but reduce the inventory holdings to only the Locations where inventory is actually kept. E.g.: Special outside functions or external events drawing inventory from a bulk store.

 Inventory can be marked as inactive so that it is no longer sold at the POS or purchased from suppliers. This is ideal for retaining sales history on obsolete products.

 Reorder wizard based on sales history over any period of time. E.g.: Base you Christmas sales period this year on what your sales were for the last Christmas period.

 Inventory movements summary report shows the quantity and value for all types of inventory movements made during the Stocktake period.

 Complete control over prices, margins, and inventory management.

 Track price changes and review performance over any period.

 Secure Inventory Management provides a history of all inventory movements


 Track Suppliers (wholesalers) and Product Manufacturers for rebate schemes.

 Products can be managed in single units but ordered in cases using the case quantity field. Orders will

automatically convert the units to cases based on the case quantity when ordering. (E.g.: Inners and Outer Cases).

 Inventory items can be linked to multiple suppliers showing the minimum purchase quantity, last purchase price and date, for each Supplier of that inventory item. (Includes preferred supplier as well).

 Process invoices from suppliers updating inventory on hand with a choice of new cost, average costing or existing costs.

 Use Supplier Product codes or SwiftPOS Product codes on Purchase Orders and Supplier Invoices.

 Automatically add Supplier Codes to existing products while processing Supplier Invoices.

 History of all purchases from Suppliers.

 Ability to create purchase orders on suppliers with a wizard and automatically fill orders based on reorder quantities.

 Posting Supplier Invoices gives you the option to include freight and other landed costs to be divided up

proportionally across the cost of received inventory to create a true cost per item. You can also include an external "on-cost" that is not part of the Supplier's invoice cost to cover costs such as external freight charges or marketing fees.

 Detailed reporting of what products are on order from suppliers.

 Invoices can be put on hold as pending invoices and completed at a later date.

 Purchase orders can be automatically converted to Supplier Invoices without re-keying any data.

 Automate your entire inventory management system using electronic price books (Retail Pricing) provided by Suppliers.


 Add new products electronically from the Supplier's Price Book (Retail Pricing) into your SwiftPOS software with a single mouse click.

 Generic simple file structure available for any customers who wish to trade with their suppliers electronically.

 Reduce the manual data entry work involved in entering invoices from Suppliers.

MetCash Host Interface (ALM Australia)

 Download and Process Invoices Electronically from MetCash Australia (ALM)

 Read in the MetCash Product file that creates all the Product Groups and Supplier records.

Liquorfile Interface

 This is a master Liquor product file of over 20,000 products that allows you to import into your software only the products that you sell. It includes supplier codes only for the supplier’s that you deal with.

 Ability to manage product updates on a regular basis and add new bar codes for existing products.

PDE Orders

 Use a hand held PDE to scan the product and enter what you need to order directly from the shelves.

 Download the PDE and automatically create orders from preferred Suppliers. Software will automatically convert singles to cartons for ordering where required.

 Print Purchase Orders using supplier order codes in on simple step.

Debtor/Account Features

 Improved management of Account Customers with Classifications, more reporting options and transaction search facilities.

 Link Accounts to different price levels at the POS Terminals.

 View top 50 Account customers or sort all customers by sales or profit to quickly see who your most profitable customers.

 Identify profitable customers and the additional sales opportunities that they represent.

 Fully integrated with the POS Terminals with on-line or off-line accounts.

 Applies credit limits to accounts at the Point of Sale and restrict accounts to only be valid between selected dates.

 Keep unlimited transaction history on all account transactions.

 Back-Office POS Invoicing program to create back-office invoices to account customers. Can also be used to reverse mistakes made at the POS by changing the date back to when the mistake was made.

 Receipt Account payments in the back office or at the POS Terminals.

 Interface to Property Management Software using the NetPOS software module. Guests booked into the Front Office system can charge to their rooms from the POS and receive details of their purchases at the time of checking out. Standard specification available for different Property Management Software packages.

 Charge Table balance to a Member or Corporate Account.

PDE – Hand Held Data Entry

 Use the PDE for Stocktakes, Stock Movements, Creating Orders and "Shopping the Shop" to get started with a new installation.

 Stocktake (Physical Inventory) using a hand held Portable Data Entry (PDE) device to scan bar codes or PLU numbers. All items scanned are converted back to their base Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). E.g.: Cartons to bottles etc.

 Speed up the Stocktake process by only having to press {Scan} then quantity. No searching through pages of information looking for the product.

 The time saved in doing accurate Stocktakes easily justifies the investment in the hand held PDE.

 Bar Codes and descriptions are transferred to the PDE so that when you scan, the product description is displayed on the screen.


 Scan cartons and bottles of the same product and let the computer work out the variance in bottles automatically.

 Multiple PDE's can be used to cover large venues.

 Use PDE's at remote sites, then update the stock files to the Central Office automatically.

 Can be used for stock transfers as well as Stocktakes (Physical Inventory count).

 Flat batteries can be quickly replaced without losing any Stocktake data.

 Auto power off feature when not in use.

 New bar codes are quickly identified as not being on file so you can automatically add them to SwiftPOS in the back office for existing products.

 There are a host of specialised reports that relate to the PDE Stocktake available in SwiftPOS.

 Makes sure that all product bar codes in the venue can be scanned at the POS.

 Works in conjunction with the printing of shelf labels that include bar codes.

 Feature in SwiftPOS to automatically add products that were not counted and had Inventory on hand.

 Easy to see Variance by Location and Overall Variance and value for the venue before committing the Stocktake.

Membership and Loyalty (CRM)

In today’s competitive environment, we need to react quicker than ever before to our competitors and satisfy our customer's needs. Using the SwiftPOS Membership/Loyalty/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software combined with the POS Terminals provides a total solution for your venue. As consumers become smarter and as the cost of acquiring new customers continues to increase, winning customer’s loyalty at the lowest possible cost, has become a strategic consideration.


 Fully integrated to the POS Terminals with Members name and current points available at the POS terminal.

 Search on any field within the Member record using the custom search facility.

 Each Member Classification can be linked to an individual price level in Task-Connect.

 Up to 98 Membership Classifications with individual renewal dates and fees payable. Membership

Classification 99 is reserved for barred members and not available at the POS.

 Caters for Venues with no membership fees or yearly renewals by still providing a Members Loyalty scheme.

 Members can have Cards with a magnetic stripe, or cards with a bar code label produced by the SwiftPOS software.

 Store home and optional mailing address (if different from home) for all members.

 Member numbers can be up to 9 digits plus card prefixes for club identification.

Loyalty and Venue Promotional Features

 Build powerful customer relationships with the ability to link transactions and award loyalty points to Members.

 Totally integrated loyalty system to suit a large range of Venues in the hospitality, food service and franchise market.

 Significant cost savings because redemptions can be done in real time at the POS Terminals.

 View Member’s purchase history to gain insight and understanding of individual customers.

 Achieve greater Member satisfaction and loyalty increasing venue profits through increased sales.

 Member’s loyalty points are based on Locations, individual inventory categories and can be varied depending on the day of the week the purchases are made. Any number of loyalty conditions can be set up to suit your requirements.

 Redeem points for purchases using the redemption ratio of points per dollar value.

 Limit redemption of points to the maximum number of points the member currently has.

 Track details of Member purchases by individual transaction or summary data which is useful for target marketing of top members

 Target inactive members through mail-outs, SMS Phone Messages and email contact.

 Member’s Card Swipe at the door promotions terminal or reception can reward members with a preset amount of points for entering the Club.

 Range of detailed reports show member activity during any period to determine the success of targeted promotions within the venue.

 Real time updating and redemptions at the POS.

 Top Members, inactive Members and attendance reports with a large selection range available.

 The greater your knowledge about your Customers, the greater the opportunities are to grow your business and increase your profits.


Features for larger Venues

 SwiftPOS is a powerful multi-venue POS Management system designed for managing chains of Franchise Stores or Venue chains.

 Designed for the larger installations and multi-store Venues that wish to improve the management of their data and provide more comprehensive reporting.

 Filter Reports by an additional 4 types of filters. E.g.: State, Region, Country, Store type, Zone, Store size, Area Manager etc to enable Location Comparison Reporting between like stores. Each filter can have up to 36 options.

 Set up filters for individual locations so that you can cross section sales information in many different ways.

 Automated Reporting that can be sent to specific directories on an FTP file server for management of large chains of Franchisee Stores.

 Batch Reports can automatically send individual Reports to any nominated Email address.

 Price Management and many other functions can be controlled centrally or at individual venues depending on customer requirements.

 Able to see which users have got an active connection to the database.

Sales Analysis

 Tracking sales and inventory for every individual transaction.

 Sales reporting will filter by Venue Number, Venue type, Region, Store Theme etc.

 Comparison reporting between Venues.

 SwiftPOS can view the complete details of every transaction including PLU’s, payment tenders, change given and sales exceptions like voids, credits and no sales. Linked with the POS-Vision Fraud-Watch DVR system you can view the recorded DVR from that particular store to track suspected Fraudulent transactions.

Features (Remote Store)

 Designed for the Franchise environment or any organisation that wants to centrally manage a chain of remote stores.

 Includes FTP file transfer features, enabling automatic transfers of data from the central office to remote stores, including retrieval of sales information on a daily basis.

 Easy to manage using a simple file structure on an FTP Server that simulates mailbox settings.

 The host name configuration file is encrypted so that it can be easily distributed to Remote stores without revealing passwords to the main FTP Server.

Central Office Features

 Allows you to manage your product file in a central location for distribution to any number of Remote Stores. This creates a consistent file for running location comparison reports.

 Allows you to centrally manage cost prices and selling prices and distribute these to Remote Stores.

 Central Office can provide a host based loyalty system that captures all the Member transactions from remote stores.

NETPOS Software

The NetPOS software is a family of products that link POS Terminals to Gaming Systems, Guest Accounting, Security Cameras and link POS Systems between venues in real time.

 NetPOS integration with Poker Machine Loyalty Systems.

 NetPOS links to Property Management Systems (Guest Accounting).

 Net-Validation links Member Loyalty Systems between Venues and Member Debit/Credit systems.

 POS-Vision integrated Security Cameras Systems for fraud prevention.

NetPOS Gaming Interface

The NetPOS Gaming interface software allows Venues to fully integrate their Poker Machine loyalty system with their Bars and Restaurants so that Member's can use one card anywhere in the venue and be rewarded for doing so, not just on the poker machines. This encourages Member's to use all the facilities within the venue and not just one area. It is subject to gaming regulations in different States and Countries.

NetPOS links the following gaming systems to the POS Terminals

 Jupiter's Gaming Systems (TABCORP)

 Bounty System

 eBet Gaming Systems

 Sentinel

 Turbo Gaming Systems

 Aristocrat Systems Xpress

 SwiftPOS

 Turbo Gaming Interface

Member's swipe their cards at the POS Terminals and the NetPOS software requests their details and current points from the Gaming system and displays it at the POS Terminal. When the sales transaction has been completed the NetPOS Software then adds the Points to the Member's current points balance in the gaming system. The same process occurs for redemption of points.

 Handles real-time redemptions

 Link Members to member price levels


NetPOS Guest Accounting

This software links the Property Management Software (PMS) to the POS Terminals so that Guests can swipe their cards at the POS and the Property Management System will return their Name, Credit Limit and Account Balance. Room Charges will update the Property Management Software a few seconds after the sale is transferred to the PC.

It is designed as a generic interface suitable for any of the Property Management Software packages on the market that would like to interface to the POS terminals. Custom interfaces can also be developed to link directly to specific Property Management Software.

 Set individual credit limits per room.

 Display guest names in rooms at the Point of Sale.

 Room charge up to the available credit limit.

 Guest billing can be posted as detailed transactions or summarised Food and Beverage reporting.

 Real time transaction posting to the guest accounting system. Within 3-10 seconds of completing the sale.

 Runs in conjunction with the SwiftPOS Inventory Management software.

POS-Vision Fraud

Prevention System

The POS-Vision security system is a digital camera security system that has the ability to integrate with the POS Terminals and provide the ability to scan the transaction history for abnormal transactions. Rather than spend hours looking at security camera video

transactions that use video overlay

or basic text search facilities, this system is unique it that it allows multiple filters to only search for sales that contain any voided items for a specific clerk on a selected date range. This allows you to quickly find suspect transactions and spend much less time viewing video that is not relevant.

Once you have located and viewed the suspect transactions you can bookmark those transactions with comments and quickly return to the transaction details and video footage at a later date. This is by far the most powerful integrated POS Security Camera solution on the market using the POS-Vision system. With multiple high-resolution video cameras strategically positioned at each

provides the best view of the customer and operators hand activities along with what is being sold.

 Almost every business is losing thousands of dollars due to shrinkage, incorrect use of POS Terminals and outright theft.

 Improve security where it is needed most, at the Point of Sale.

 Applies an "intelligent" analysis scheme to the data for more precise interpretation for the linking of data and video.

 Camera Security for tracking transactions on POS Terminals

 Fraud prevention at the Point of Sale can account for over 50-80% of all fraudulent activity in the Venue.

 Integrated search capabilities to look at specific operators making exception transactions between selected times. This includes "no sales", voids, cancelled sales, credit items, loyalty redemptions, wastage transactions etc.

 Don't spend hours reviewing security videos when you can quickly locate just the suspect transactions.

 Build up complex search filters in the SwiftPOS Electronic Journal to find just the transactions you need to see security videos on.

 Security camera video can be viewed at a central office from multiple venues connected via the internet.

 For every thief that is caught, the actions deter another 5-6 thieves.

 Using a product such as POS-Vision a Manager can build a case against fraudulent employees with a minimal amount of effort.

 It monitors every POS Terminal transaction, highlights every discrepancy.

 Records all transactions.

 Highlights unusual activity to stop opportunistic thieves and dishonest employees.

 Advanced searching and review features on any transaction detail.

 Increase the physical security of the Venue.

 Sales text information clearly shows each transaction.

 Useful for training programs and can provide more cost-effective training.

 Increase employee performance.

 System wide video motion detection. © Samford Software – specifications subject to change without notice.


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