Student Absences: Every Day Matters Every Day is a Learning Day. Please advise the school if your child is/or will be away.

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A fortnightly communication between home and the school community PRINCIPAL: Mrs Jo Northey Email: Term 3 Week 5—10 August 2021

From the Principal

CORE PRIORITIES: Systematic Curriculum Delivery Expert Teaching Team A Culture That Promotes Learning

Hi Families

The events of recent weeks have reminded us that we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

COVID-19 continues to evolve on a daily basis and we must adhere to our COVID-normal expectations. It is a timely reminder to please keep your child home if they are unwell.

Please remember to remain 1.5m away from other adults and avoid gathering outside the school gate. We all have a part to play in minimising the risks to our school community in this challenging time.

Please also remember that any visitor to the school is required to sign in at the office. Parents/

carers are the only exemption to this rule. We thank you for your ongoing assistance with these new ‘COVID-Normal’ routines.

Bus Zone

Thanks to Rockhampton Regional Council for installing the bus zone signage out the front of the school. Please refrain from parking in the bus zone between 7:30-9am and 2:30-4pm. Our bus zone will be monitored by the regular authorities.

Inclusive Practices

At our last Principals’ Leading Learning Day, we had a strong focus on inclusion and inclusive practices in our school. We are very proud of our inclusive school community and our teachers work hard on ensuring the opportunities available at school are equitable for all students. We work with each individual and their families celebrating every success, no matter how small, along the way. We strive to ensure every child and their family has a sense of belonging and feels safe in our school.

We are a small community and it is very possible that you will see or hear other students’ having a difficult time. Please refrain from making unnecessary comments or judgements of students based on point in time observations. We want all students and families to know they are welcome at Port Curtis Road State School – our school mantra is to ensure every child matters every day.

School Happenings

There are lots of school happenings coming up in the next fortnight. This includes our Star Gazing night on Tuesday 17 August. Please ensure you keep updated by reading the newsletter, checking out the front sign or liking our page on Facebook.

Sporting Schools.

We are pleased to provide students with an opportunity to try Golf thanks to our Sporting Schools funding. Golf will take place every Tuesday from Week 7 (24 August).

School Uniform

Our School Dress Code includes an expectation that students will wear our school uniform.

School Uniform consists of:

• A Black and Gold Shirt with black shorts or a black netball skirt

• A Black bucket or wide brimmed hat

• Black shoes or joggers, White Socks

• Black Jumper/jacket, black tights/long pants.

From the P & C A ssociation

P&C Meeting 24th August 2021 1.30pm in Staffroom

Port Curtis Road State School acknowledges the traditional Dharumbal people

on whose land it stands.

2021 Dates

Term 1

27 Jan—1 Apr

Term 2

19 Apr—25 Jun

Public Holiday - 26 Apr Public Holiday –3 May Show Holiday—10 June Term 3

12 Jul—17 Sep

Student Free Day—3 Sep Term 1

5 Oct-10 Dec

Student Absences: Every Day Matters—Every Day is a Learning Day. Please advise the school if your child is/or will be away.

Your voice is needed Your ideas are valued You are important to our school community spirit.

Student Absences All absences can be messaged to this number

at any time.

0426 306 212

Thank you for assistance in

freeing up the school phone.


From Our Principal continued….

School Uniform cont.

• The Only Jewellery to be worn is a watch and sleepers or studs for those with pierced ears. No other piercings will be allowed

• Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up.

P&C News

Our next P&C meeting will take place on Tuesday 24 August in the staff room. All new members are welcome to come and have your say. We will be discussing senior shirts for 2022 along with opportunities for fundraising. (Information flyer is at- tached to thenewsletter.)

We currently have a wet bags fundraiser out at the moment. Please order using the following link.

Take Care,

Jo Northey, Principal

Homework Centre Students



Class Learner Award Eli, Izzabeau, Rosabelle, Hudson Class Learner Award

Ruby, Jackson

Principal Award



Porty PBL News

Over the past two weeks, students have been displaying Sportsmanship.

Students in the Prep/1/2 room wrote about what Sportsmanship looks like at Porty and how they show it.

Look what is happening this term…

Weeks 5 and 6, Term 3 students will be learning, positive behaviour when

Check out these PBL super stars! Well done to the following students who received a PBL award this fortnight for showing Sportsmanship.

Respectful Communication

This fortnight we are going to be focusing on respectful communication, and what it looks and sounds like. At school we are going to focus on how our bodies are also used to communicate, and what disrespectful body language looks like. We are also going to come up with some strategies to help deal with someone using disrespectful communication towards us, instead of being disrespectful back. As always, the best way for a child to learn is by seeing the skill modelled by those around them. A game to play to practice respectful communication is called ‘I went shopping’. During this game, players take turns saying ‘I went shopping and I got… a coffee’, the next person would say ‘I went shopping and I got a coffee and.. a new pair of shoes’. The game continues to build up until someone forgets. This is a great game to model respectful communication through skills such as listening, taking turns, facing the speaker and sitting politely (as well as building on memory!). Respectful communication is a great skill to have as it will help in every day life both at home and work.

Team work makes the dream work!

Yours in positive behaviour, Mrs Cross (PBL Coach) and Miss Logan (PBL Parent/Community Representative).


News from the Prep / 1 / 2 Room

Well the term is certainly flying by and the students have been hard at work in all areas. As you are aware, our focus in English has been on reading and writing informative texts. The students have really enjoyed working in this area. Here are a few examples of informative sentences written by some of our students:

 Baby echidnas leave their mother when they are seven months old. (Adara -Year 1)

 Echidnas have very large spikes that are black and yellow.

(Rosabelle- Year 1)

 An echidna is the size of a soccer ball. A puggle (baby echidna) is the size of a jelly bean. (Lexie Year -2)

 Echidnas are egg laying mammals and they are about the same size as a soccer ball. (Rylee- Year 1)

 A baby echidna is called a puggle. A baby echidna is smaller than a jelly bean. (Charlotte- Year 2)

 Echidnas eat ants and termites. (Oliver- Year 2)

 Mother echidnas feed their babies on milk. (Laurina - Year 1)

 Echidnas have long spikes to keep themselves safe from predators. (Hamish- Year 2)

 Echidnas like to eat ants and termites. (Ella – Year 2)

 Echidnas have five claws on their feet. (Starleigh – Year 1)

 Echidnas are mammals but they lay eggs. (Izzabeau - Year 1)

 A dingo is black and tan. (Thomas – Prep)

 A baby echidna is called a puggle. (Jackson – Prep)

 The large-tailed night jar eats wasps and insects. (Laek – Prep)

 The echidna has a long tongue. (Rihanna- Prep)

 The night-jar eats snakes. (Saphira – Prep)

 The large tailed night- jar eats flying termites. (Maci- Prep)

Mrs Sally Cross

News from Year 2 / 3 / 4 Classroom

Hi everyone,


*National Science Week starts next week! However, there has been a time change for group activities on the Monday, due to clashes with other events happening on that day. Instead of Monday morning after PARADE– group activities will now be in the middle session from 12-1:30pm. Students will be allocated to a group/adult helper, then will move around the activities completing them. Activities are as follows: Soap painting (back by popular demand), popping candy sandwich (back by popular demand), sound phones, light refraction, milk swirl experiment, and a spinning ping pong ball.



*Tuesday 17th August -Star Gazing Night – 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Bring along warm clothes and your telescope (if you have one…).

*All week in the Library, students will be able to make a salt crystal (back by popular demand).


We have started our English assessment task for this term.

Students are beginning to write an informative text on a frog.

Students have selected either a Poison Dart Frog, a Green Tree Frog or, Cane Toad to write about for their assessment task. Students have been busy researching their information in preparation. In maths, students are continuing to learn about measurement: length, area, and mass; in particular, the need for accurate measuring of items/objects, and recording the unit of measurement in their answers, e.g., cm, mm. For

HASS, students are about to begin mapping and understanding the features in a map. Science continues for all

classes: the 456 class are investigating heat, including cooking/eating popcorn.

Did you know facts about popcorn?

• Popcorn is over 5000 years old.

• The first commercial pop- corn machine was invented by Charles Cretors in 1885.

• Microwaveable popcorn was invented by Pillsbury in 1982.

• Popcorn is a healthy GMO-free and gluten-free snack.

• The hull of some varieties of popcorn shatters when it pops so it looks hull-less.

• Popcorn can reach up to 3 feet in distance when popping.

• The unpropped popcorn kernels at the bottom of a popcorn bag are called old maids.

• Popcorn kernels are 4% water, and the water causes popcorn to pop when heated up.

• Popcorn has three common shapes: rice, South American, and pearl. Pearl is the most popular popcorn shape.

• In the 1800’s, popcorn was often eaten as a cereal with


Port Curtis Road State School would like to invite all

our families to

Tuesday August 17th 6:30-8:30pm

Bring a blanket, telescope, warm clothes…

An Evening



milk and sugar.

• When popcorn pops in a round shape it is called mushroom popcorn and popcorn which pops in unpredictable shapes is called butterfly popcorn.

The P12 are investigating movement (bounce, push, pull, spin…), and the 234 class are investigating sound, especially matching sound to its object.


A HUGE thankyou to all student-gardeners who have finished the irrigation for the gardens around the office and the Library.

The only garden now left to add an irrigation system is the

garden near the toilet block. In the meantime, student-gardeners have been busy weeding and helping Miss

Ingrey to prune tree’s/plants ready for the spring/summer season. Our vegie seedlings: bean, and peas are starting to grow; in fact, I’m sure all ten packets of seeds decided to germinate this year!!!

Until next newsletter, Cheers,

Irene Ingrey

Hi everyone,

The snack shack was a great success on Friday! This is going to continue each Friday straight

after school to celebrate a hard working week. Just a reminder that only students who attend school that day can purchase from the snack shack.

Monday 16


August is PJ day, where students are invited to wear their sun safe, school appropriate PJ’s to school, with closed in shoes. A $5 payment for the PJ day as well as morning tea can be dropped off at the office. The year 4/5/6 class will be baking and cooking up a storm for a whole school picnic to raise money for children in foster care. Students will still need to pack a normal lunch for second break.

Stay tuned for more fun student council activities, especially with book week coming up!


Student Council.

Charlotte Logan

News from Year 4 /5 / 6 Classroom

Hi Porty Families,

This term is flying by, and we are getting lots done! The 4/5/6 classroom has been working very hard during reading rotations, with each group focusing on a different book. Be sure to ask your kid about what we are reading and learning about!

In English, student’s have been practicing writing complex sentences, to make more exciting and informed sentences. We are going to start exploring different modes of software to create our reports on. So stay tuned for a range of powerpoints, brochures and posters!

In Maths we have been having fun with hands on measurement investigations. We have been looking at the difference between mass and capacity, and what this looks like with a range of mediums, like water, rocks and sand. We are going to continue our Maths investigations with the focus on converting between different units of measurement.

Every Wednesday we do buddy reading with the Prep/1/2 class, with the big kids reading to the younger class. This is a great opportunity for the older kids to practice their reading with expression as well as a great modelled reading session for the younger students.

Homework club has been a great success and I have heard nothing but great things from the students about it. A big thank you to our wonderful teacher aides who make it happen, it has only been a week but we have already seen some great progress!

Everyone has been working hard despite a bit of sickness floating around, keep up the great effort everybody.

Our door is always open.


Charlotte Logan.



Week 5—12th August Nursery Rhymes


Week 6—19th August Science Room


TIME ACTIVITY & THEME – Nursery Rhymes

9:00 - 9:30 Reading Corner/ Puzzles

9:30 – 10:45 Mary had a Little Lamb;

Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star Group activity - Paint a night background – Cut out stars Craft – Lamb & Twinkle star scene

Colouring in – Mary had a little lamb

10:45 – 11:00 Big Books

Shared Morning Tea

TIME ACTIVITY & THEME – Flowers 9:15 - 9:30 Reading corner/Jigsaw puzzles

9:30 – 10:45

Investigation – School ground flowers

Flowers under the microscope Cut & Paste parts of a flower Playdough

Group Poster -Cut & Paste flowers from magazines

10:45 – 11:00 Story book

Shared Morning Tea


From Our P &C Association


A U G U S T 2 0 2 1

Port Curtis Road State School 145 Port Curtis Road, Rockhampton 4700 Phone: 07-4932 1444 School Mobile: 0477 759 421

M o n T u e W e d T h u F r i S a t S u n

WEEK 5 Aug 9 Parade 9am

Aug 10 Newsletter

Aug 11 Step-Into-Prep 9am—11.30am

Aug 12 Porty Playgroup 9am-11am

Aug 13 Tuckshop

Aug 14 Aug 15

WEEK 6 Aug 16 SCIENCE WEEK Parade 9am Science Week Group Activities 12—1.30pm PJ Day—$5

Aug 17 Aug 18

Step-Into-Prep 9am—11.30am

Aug 19 Porty Playgroup 9am-11am

Aug 20 Tuckshop

Aug 21 Aug 22

WEEK 7 Aug 23 Parade 9am

Aug 24 Newsletter Golf

Aug 25 Step-Into-Prep 9am—11.30am

Aug 26 Porty Playgroup 9am-11am

Aug 27 Tuckshop Return Reading Challenge forms

Aug 28 Aug 29

School Motto “Play the Game”

 We are Safe

 We are Responsible

 We are Respectful

 We are Learners

Please continue to follow our Facebook page (Port Curtis Road State School)

to receive the most up to date information


13th—20th August 2021 Science Week

17th August 2021

An Evening Under the Stars

27th August 2021

Reading Challenge forms to be returned

An Evening



Specials Menu Term 3

Week 2 Nacho bowl $5

Week 3 Hot dog $3.50 + cheese

$1 or mini burger and chips $5.50

Week 4 Mini pizzas $4 (Ham and Pineapple , bbq chicken , ham and cheese ) Week 5 Mini burger & chips $5.50 Week 6 Fish, chips & salad + juice


Week 7 Chicken strips and chips + juice $7

Week 8 Pupil free day

Week 9 Hand made sushi $4 per roll - tuna or chicken and avo or plain avo Week 10 TBC

Also! FAMILY MEAL take home Special -

Order Thursday with your large take home container for pick Up

from school Friday afternoon from Tuckshop ready to reheat

and eat.

Curried sausages & rice + loaf of bread $20 feeds a family of 4.

Only 30 serves available




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