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BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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Table of Figures ... 2

Businessman Enterprise Overview ... 3

System Settings ... 3 Human Resources ... 4 User Management ... 5 Customers ... 7 Prospects ... 9 Document Management………9 Sales Dashboard ... 10 Marketing ... 13 Quotations ... 14

Sales Order Processing ... 16

Financials Dashboard ... 19

Financial Settings ... 20

Invoicing and Credit Notes ... 21

Suppliers ... 22

Purchase Order Processing ... 23

Stock ... 25

Templates... 28

Jobs ... 29


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Scheduler ... 32

Audit ... 33

Table of Figures

1 - System Settings Screen ... 4

2 - Human Resources ... 5

3 - User Management ... 7

4 - Customers ... 9

5 – Prospects and Document Management ... 9

6 - Sales Dashboard ... 13

7 - Marketing ... 14

8 - Quotations ... 15

9 - Sales Order Processing ... 17

10 - financial Settings ... 21

11 - Invoicing & Credit Notes ... 22

12 - Suppliers ... 23

13 - Purchase Order Processing ... 25


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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Businessman Enterprise Overview

BusinessMan is a complete business management system that allows you to manage your whole business from your initial prospect contact right through to your invoice.

Businessman enterprise contains all of the following attributes:

 comprehensive CRM

 integrated e-mailing communications

 document management

 quotations

 sales order processing

 dispatch management

 comprehensive resource scheduling

 job and basic project management

 invoicing

 suppliers

 purchase order processing

 stock management including stock control

 tasks and pop-up reminders

 marketing including e-mail, SMS, and letters

 twitter integration

 comprehensive user and security management

 activity auditing

 human resources management

System Settings


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1 - System Settings Screen

Human Resources


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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2 - Human Resources

User Management

Navigating back to the main menu, we will look at the user management. BusinessMan has extremely comprehensive security management with access to modules, records and fields very tightly controlled. Select the “User Management” button from the main menu. The first tab you will see is the staff detail tab and from here you will see a list of all members of staff with their


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By default, several security groups including administrators and general users have been created. Both of these groups have full rights to all operations in the system. As an example, if we select the general user security group by pressing the blue button to the left of the group name, this group is now displayed as the selected security group at the top of the second column.

In this case, all modules have been added to the general user such as call reminders, client, finance, general sales etc. If we now select the client module by selecting the blue button to the left of the client module label in list, the client module is now displayed at the top of the third column. This list shows all the functions that are available within that module. The list to the right of this module shows all the functions that the general user is allowed to perform. By selecting the button to the right of the actions list under the client module the selected function is added to the general user. Conversely in column 4, selecting the button to the right of each action will remove it from the permitted actions list.


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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3 - User Management


Moving back to the main menu we will select the customer’s module. Once you're in the customer module all information regarding that customer is to hand. The screen is basically split up into three parts. To the left we have a customer navigation panel. In this area it is possible to select the customer in several ways. The first way is to select the list of the top and start typing the name of the customer you are looking for. The more letters you type, the smaller the list will get until it is possible to see the customer that you are looking for. You can now use the up and down arrow keys or the mouse to navigate to the customer and then press the return key to make that the active customer.

The second way is to start typing in the “filter by name field” this will reduce the list below


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customer are presented to you in the top right segment of the screen. Numerous tabs are available at the top of this segment which indicates the overall activity of this company. The very top tabs allow you the choice of main detail view, location view, which is linked to Google maps, or the customer website view. In a small list below the main details you will see displayed any calls that you have scheduled to make to that customer or by clicking on the call history tab, a record of the previous calls. The bottom right-hand segment of the screen is reserved for all the contacts associated with the customer, of which, you can have an unlimited amount. You can select your chosen contact by pressing the blue button to the left of the list. The full details of this customer are now presented to you. You can have as many addresses associated with this contact as you wish but if their main contact address, is the same as the main company address you can press this button to save typing the address again.

All communications and correspondence, quotes, orders, e-mails and appointments are shown here under the various tabs. All quotations, letters, orders, e-mails and other correspondence are created from the contact. For instance, if you wish to create a customer quote, it would be created from here and not from the quotations module. This ensures that all the correct details of the contact are carried over to the quote each time a new quote is created.

In the main company view in the top segment, when you view the quotes, orders, e-mail or

communications tabs you are viewing all of those quotes communications and orders that have been created for the whole company to all contacts.


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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4 - Customers


Moving back to the main menu we can now select the prospects module.

The prospects module has a similar layout to the customer. Navigation principles are the same and the main customer information is in the same area of the screen as in customers. It is also possible to set call reminders for the prospect and instigate communications and create quotes.

Comprehensive search facilities are also available to assist in the process of working with your prospects. Prospects can be rated from 1 to 10 depending on how hot or cold you believe the prospect to be. They can also be sorted in the list by this rating.


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5 - Prospects

Document Management

BusinessMan has a full document Management feature. This allows you to create folders so that you can upload your important documents to them. These documents could be related to Customers, prospects, Suppliers or against your own company or staff. These documents will be privilege driven so you can only access them if you have the rights.


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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5.5 Document Management

Sales Dashboard

Moving back to the main menu again we now select the Sales dashboard.

From here it is possible for the sales staff to get an overview of the current sales processes with information about calls to be made, quotes to be followed up, prospect statuses and their ratings, order statuses, and the sales snapshot showing the orders and quotes for each individual, or all sales persons between any selected dates.

Buttons at the top of the screen give access to other areas of the system such as marketing,


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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5 - Sales Dashboard


From the Sales dashboard we will go straight to the marketing area by selecting the campaigns button. The “show all” button in campaigns will list all the current campaigns in the system.


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6 - Marketing


Moving again back to the main menu, we will select the quotations module. From here we have detailed capabilities for search and filtering of quotations and we can also create graphical reports by salesperson or customer showing the ratios of those which have been accepted or rejected or various other selectable criteria.

From any of the list views we can select a quote to view its detail. If the quote has been accepted we can also create a sales order from here. All the detailed information on the quote is automatically transferred to the sales order. It is also possible to create comprehensive quotes based on text and graphics directly from the quote or by using elements pre-created in the quote builder part of the templates section. The costs and margins for each quote are also visible here. Document


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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You can watch a videos on our website, which gives a more detailed example of the different ways you can create a quote (see features – Quotations).

You will notice a ‘More Options’ tab, which pulls out an extended menu. This allows you to add documents and create more detailed line items and a costing tool.

7 – Quotations


16 | P a g e

8 – Quotations – adding line item.

Sales Order Processing

Returning to the menu once again, we will select the sales order processing (SOP) module. The first view you see in this module is the “All Orders” view. The progress of each order is colour-coded for ease of recognition and again comprehensive filtering is available to enable you to work with the orders you require.

The various tabs in the sale order processing indicate the status of the orders that will be displayed by making that selection. Selecting any of the blue buttons to the left of any of the lists will take you to the detail of that order. Details of the quote can also be viewed from the order by selecting the appropriate tab. Purchase orders and other costs may be recorded against the order to give you a true cost of providing that item or service.


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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state. If items on the order are deliverable items, delivery notes may be created under the delivery details tab.

The sales order progress is managed by criteria such as the status of the customer account, whether they have credit or whether the order needs to be paid for before or after delivery. The order progress automatically indicates what step is required next, depending on the selected delivery criteria and the customer status. Again, in this area we have document management available.


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Here you will see a Sales order. If you take notice of the ‘More Options’ tab, you will see once clicking this, that an extended menu appears. Here you can create a PO, an invoice, create a job, add a document and add any additional cost.

10 - Sales Order


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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Financials Dashboard

From sales order processing we will move to the financials area by selecting the financials button at the top. We have now entered the financials dashboard. From here we have an overview of the elements corresponding to the financial aspects of the company.

Along with a business snapshot which allows you to view the order values and invoiced and quoted values within selected date ranges, you also have an order status area showing the different statuses of orders in progress. Additionally you have a customer invoice area showing the payment status of invoices that had been issued.

Company purchases are also catered for with a purchase order status area. Numerous filters are available to view the full range of purchase orders in progress.


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11 - Financial Dashboard

Financial Settings

We will now enter the settings area by selecting the settings button on the top menu. In here we set all the default financial settings such as the tax rates, the default currency the default currency symbol. We also set the sales and purchase ledger settings for accounts analysis either within the system or by integrating the system within an existing accounts package such as QuickBooks or Sage accounting. We also have the ability to enter the footer contents for the invoice, credit note,

purchase order, and the customer account statements. Under the bank and invoicing details tab, we can set our company tax numbers and the tax description such as MST, sales tax, or for EU countries, the EU vat number and the corresponding label that is to be used as a description for this tax


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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12 - Financial Settings

Invoicing and Credit Notes

We will now move to the invoicing section the first view is of open Invoices. These invoices have not yet been completed and remain in the open state until they have been set to complete. Under the main invoice listing tab, there are four additional tabs showing invoices of various status, including those that remain outstanding. Colour coding again assists in the immediate recognition of the current invoice status.


22 | P a g e

13 - Invoicing & Credit Notes

When you Move to the credit note area, by selecting the credit note button on the top menu, similar functionality is available.



BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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Another button to the right of the suppliers button on the top menu takes you to a similar layout where supplier account information, supplier invoices and historical financials are displayed. Selecting the invoices outstanding or historical invoices tabs, adjacent to the supplier details tab, shows you a list of either invoices outstanding or historical invoices. Each of these invoices in the list can be expanded by selecting the plus sign to the right of the invoice number. This will display the line items that were contained within that invoice.

From here, you also have the capability of making a payment against any outstanding invoice. The other main tab at the top left, gives you access to 2 tabs, one which shows the invoices outstanding for all suppliers, the other showing the historical activity.

14 - Suppliers

Purchase Order Processing


24 | P a g e

This area of the system shows you all the purchase orders placed with any supplier. Entering this area from the supplier will set that supplier as the default and show the purchase history in the portal list to the left. The other two tabs at the top give you a choice of list views were purchase orders can be viewed and filtered as required.

Selecting a purchase order from either of these lists is achieved by selecting the blue button to the left of the list. Under the main “Process Purchase Order” tab, selecting the purchase order in the portal to the left, by again pressing the blue button, will display the details of that purchase order to the right of the portal and in the large portal to the bottom. The line items in the large portal to the bottom, show the purchase in detail with several status indicators to the right of the portal showing the delivery and payment approval status. A red “R” indicates that this line item has been returned. A key to the delivery symbols is shown in the upper centre part of the portal. By moving your mouse over each of the symbols a Tool Tip will be displayed giving you their meaning.

It is possible to accept delivery of ordered items from this layout will stop at the top of the layout you will see a button labelled “Accept Delivery to Stock”. Providing this order has not already been accepted you will be taken to a screen were the contents of the purchase order will be displayed. Complete or part deliveries may be accepted. However if the delivery is confirmed to be complete a button at the top labelled ”Auto Accept” will automatically set the received quantity to the delivered quantity and if the items are stock items, automatically adjust the stock levels accordingly. You may then post those deliveries providing you have entered a delivery note number or some form of delivery reference which could be a timestamp generated by pressing the clock icon to the right of the delivery note number field. It would also be recommended that you enter your initials next to the delivery note number to identify you as the receiver.

Once the delivery has been accepted, each item in the list must be approved for payment. This is achieved by selecting the money icon to the right of the line item portal. Once delivery has been accepted and payment approved, you can now add all those items to the purchase ledger. This is achieved by selecting the button adjacent to the label ”Add Line items to P Ledger”.


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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15 - Purchase Order Processing


From the purchase order processing area we can now move to the stock control area. On the top menu there is a button labelled stock, which when selected will take you to the stock control area. You will now be presented with a view of the stock listed by category. Selecting one of these categories will expand it to show all of those stock items within that category. Selecting the yellow folder next to that stock item will bring up the details for editing.


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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16 – Stock Management


28 | P a g e


Returning to the main menu we still have numerous areas to discover. The next area we will visit is the templates area. This is the folder icon on the top menu. In the system templates area there are areas to store letter templates, e-mail templates, faxed and plates, custom word replacement, custom paragraph text and the quote builder.

Templates may be created for all of the distinct areas of the businessman system. If under the letter templates you choose the template named “Company Introduction”, you will see text surrounded by the double left and right arrow symbols. These symbols contain custom text which is replaced by specific text depending on the area of the system where the template Is used.

For example, “Sal” is the abbreviation for salutation and “LAM” is the abbreviation for letter addressing method. For example, if you were creating a letter using this template to a prospect called John Smith, the salutation for him maybe “Dear” and the letter addressing method could be Mr Smith or John. When you have completed the latter, pressing the replace custom text button will automatically replace the abbreviations with the correct text. Each module of the system will have its own custom word replacement.


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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18 - Templates


Returning to the main menu, one of the modules remaining to explore is the job's module. Selecting the jobs button from the top menu takes us to the comprehensive jobs module. If we explore the listings tab first we can see the default list is that of the outstanding jobs. Again colour coding is applied to assist in the identification of the different status of these jobs.


30 | P a g e

Jobs can be set to require a schedule or not. If a job requires a schedule, resources may be allocated to the job and the job may be scheduled accordingly. The job planning view shows the scheduled details and the project view shows the details of this and all related jobs.

Jobs can also be allocated a time span. Time for the job can be calculated using actual start and actual finish times or accumulated times from the time log. A more comprehensive description of the jobs module will be provided separately.

19 - Jobs

My Desk

Returning to the main menu once more, we are now going to look at my desk area of the system. Select the “My Desk” icon at the top right of the main menu.


BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

31 | P a g e

The “My Schedule” tab shows your schedule in a graphical format. By double-clicking on the grid you can create a schedule for yourself and other resources providing they are free at the allocated times. You can drag and drop appointments or adjust their start and end times with your mouse.

The “My Email” tab shows you the full e-mail client along with other tabs for the creation of your own e-mail accounts and creation of e-mail folders as required.

The “All Inbound E-mail” tab shows all e-mail that has come into the system. Mail there marked as private means that you are not in the recipient list and somebody has set that e-mail address as a private address. It is not possible for you to open or read this e-mail.

Both the “My E-mail” section and “All Inbound E-mail” sections provide comprehensive search facilities for your e-mail.

The SMS section shows you the SMS messages you have sent and where they are being sent to in addition to the content of the SMS.


32 | P a g e

20 - My Desk



BusinessMan CRM


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Tuesday, June 1st 2014 Technical Document -1015 Version 6.6

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21 - Scheduler


From the main menu, one more selection remains. This is the system audit area.


34 | P a g e

22 - Audit

BusinessMan Support & FAQs

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