All Risk Protection Coverage for your household goods, personal effects and automobiles moving by land, sea or air. We make it easy.

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All Risk Protection Coverage for your household goods, personal effects

and automobiles moving by land, sea or air.

We make it easy.

Underwritten by: HDI-Gerling Industrie Versicherung AG


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Here at Santa Fe, you can be assured that every care is taken by us to protect your goods from the uncertainty of international transit. Despite this, experience has taught us that sometimes the unexpected can happen and accidental loss and/or damage to your goods may occur and as such we are able to offer transit insurance.

We recommend that you give careful consideration to this matter and take insurance cover for all shipments, including storage.

How do I enrol in Santa Fe’s All Risk Protection Policy?

Step 1: Read this document in its entirety Step 2: Complete the enclosed enrolment form Step 3: Value your goods

Use the ‘Lump Sum’ method of valuation

Each cubic meter (cbm) of goods are given a fixed value. You do not need to complete a valued inventory in detail. You are only required to list high value items.

Should you feel the form is too restrictive, or if you would prefer to compile your own list, that is allowed.

Step 4: Once you have completed the form please sign and date it


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Replacement cost at destination

Your personal effects must be covered at the replacement retail cost at destination. Even when using the lump sum method you should ensure that the total insured amount is sufficient to cover the full replacement cost of your entire shipment at destination.

Declare your high valued items

Any item worth more than EUR 1500 (or equivalent in other currencies) must be specifically valued and listed separately.

Please note that Underwriters of our All Risk Protection Policy may require proof of ownership and/or value of any items claimed missing or damaged.

Do not undervalue your shipment

In the event of a claim, under valuation, known as co-insurance, will be applied.

As an example only, if EUR 5000 of insurance is purchased for a table where the replacement cost is EUR 10000 and there is a claim against the table. The claim will be limited to the same proportion of the loss as the declared value bears to the value of the goods should have been insured, in this example 50% of the repair cost or 50% of the insured replacement value.

It is in your interest to provide as much detail as possible

When completing your high value list, please provide as much detail about the item as possible. For example instead of ‘painting’ you can specify ‘Blue beach scene oil painting by artist’.

Insuring your shipping/ moving costs

You can insure the cost of your move for added peace of mind. This will also cover the shipping costs for any replacement items that cannot be purchased in the destination country.

Storage Cover Extension

Your coverage under our All Risk Protection Policy begins from the time your goods are professionally packed at your residence and continues during the ordinary course of transit, including customary transhipment, until the goods are finally delivered at the agreed final destination. .

The above duration of cover is deemed to include thirty (30) days storage immediately after collection at origin warehouse and thirty (30) days warehouse storage prior to delivery at final destination, provided always that the goods are stored at a premises of Santa Fe and/or their agents.

Please note that Self-storage ends delivery and any coverage.Storage cover can be extended beyond this period upon your written instruction and in consideration of an additional premium. In the case of long term storage, you may wish to review and update your cover periodically to ensure that it remains adequate.

Please note that there is no free storage coverage period for storage shipments, local moves, local office moves or origin packing shipments.


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Step 1: Notify Santa Fe in writing within (14) fourteen days of delivery, you will be sent a claim form to complete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must retain all damaged item until your claim has been settled failure to do so may result in your claim being declined.

Step 2: Complete and return your claim form with supporting documentation to Santa Fe within (60) sixty days from the date of first notification.

These timescales can be extended with prior agreement from Santa Fe.


In the event that you have a concern about Santa Fe as an intermediary you should address your communication to: The Insurance Department, Santa Fe HQ, 15 Central Way, Park Royal., London, NW10 7XW, United Kingdom.


Any concerns regarding this cover should be addressed to: Pac Global Insurance Brokerage Inc. 898 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 700, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States of America.



Consequential loss

This policy does not cover consequential losses (i.e. resulting losses) arising from the delay, damage or non-delivery of your consignment, including loss of data. An example, of a consequential loss is the creasing or wrinkling of clothing. Creasing and wrinkling of clothing may occur as consequence of clothes being packed and transported, as such this is not covered under the policy.

Owner packed goods

Any items packed by the owner are classified as ‘owner packed goods’ (or abbreviated as PBO). Any damage or missing items in the owner packed cartons or packages are excluded from ‘All Risk’ coverage.

Excluded items

In no case shall this insurance cover bank & treasury notes, firearms, furs, jewellery (including precious metals and stones), money, perishables, plants, securities, stamps, watches or weapons.

Excluded damage and losses due to:

Ordinary wear & tear and/or gradual deterioration, seizure or confiscation by authorities (e.g. customs agents), climatic conditions or extremes of temperature, vermin or moth damage.

Motor vehicles


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Additional Cover Conditions

The following additional cover is automatically included in your policy subject to the following conditions

Electrical & Mechanical Derangement

Electrical and Mechanical Derangement cover provides protection to any electrical item that is being moved e.g. blenders, toasters, TV’s, DVD players, computer’s.

This cover protects your item if it arrives at destination and doesn’t work but has no visible external damage.

Goods must have been subject to testing/assessment by Santa Fe or its agents prior to transit and confirmed to be in good working order. Goods must have been packed by Santa Fe or its agents. Not applicable to motor vehicles, boats and trailers.

Pairs & Sets

Limited to the reasonable reduction in value of the pair or set by reason of the loss of or damage to the affecteditems having regard to the importance of the affected items within the pair or set.

Pairs and sets cover provides protection for items which form part of a set. As an example only, if you had six dining chairs and one chair was damaged beyond repair during transit, insurers would seek to replace the damaged chair. If insurers are unable to find an exact replacement, insurers may

reimburse the cost of all 6 chairs to ensure that your set remains intact.

Mould & Mildew

Goods must have been packed by Santa Fe and or its agents.

This specifically covers against damages resulting in mould and mildew.


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Please ensure you read through the instructions below:

1. Declare the replacement cost at destination of all items in your shipment. Note: Every item that you intend to move must be included in the cover.

2. Do not include cash, watches, jewellery, plants, stamps or similar valuable articles, as these items are excluded from the protection cover.

3. Please ensure that any item or set valued individually at more than EUR 1500 (or equivalent in other currencies) is listed separately.

4. It is required that this form is signed and dated for protection coverage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This cover allows for up to EUR 150 of wines/liquors cover. Should you wish to insure more than EUR 150 of wine/ liquors please speak to your move co-ordinator who will be able to arrange cover separately.


Name of Applicant

Packing Date

Owner Packed Yes/ No

Professionally Packed Yes/ No

Mode of Transport Air/ Land/ Sea/ Store Origin City and Country


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Please read the below important remarks for the Lump Sum Protection coverage.

 The chargeable scale is based on cubic meter (i.e. CBM). One (1) cubic meter is equivalent to 35.32 cubic feet.

 Each cubic meter of goods is given a fixed value at the minimum of EUR 2500 (or equivalent in other currencies). You may declare at a higher value if required but cannot declare at the value less than EUR 2500/cubic meter.

 Minimum volume is at one (1) cubic meter (or EUR 2500).

 Any item or set valued in excess of EUR 1500 (or equivalent in other currencies) must be separately listed and are in addition to the minimum EUR 2500 per cubic meter calculation.

 Final chargeable scale will be based on the actual measurement of the shipment after packing and crating has been completed

(A) Total Cubic Capacity of your shipment

(One cubic meter is equivalent to 35.32 cuft) = Cubic meters

(B) @ EUR 2500 per cubic meter

(i.e. Section A x EUR 2500 = Section B)


(C) Plus the total of any items valued in excess of EUR 1500

as listed on this inventory

(You can make use of the itemized valued inventory form at next page or you can use your own list for any items valued at over EUR 1500)


(D) Household Goods Total

(i.e. Section B + Section C = Section D) =

(E) Automobile =

(F) Shipping Costs

If you wish to insure your shipping costs please enter the cost of your move



(i.e. Section D + Section E + Section F = GRAND TOTAL) =


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Declaration of the Proposer

I declare that I have disclosed all material facts and understand that failure to do so could render my enrolment and coverage void. I declare that the amounts stated above are the full value of the goods at destination. I confirm that I have declared all items that I wish to be covered with all details requested. I have read the conditions stated overleaf and understand that these shall form the basis of my enrolment in the All Risk Protection Policy.









1. PROPERTY COVERED: Household Goods and Personal Effects, Antiques, Fine Arts, Automobiles, Boats, Motorcycles, Campers and Trailers as declared and valued on this and supporting Documents.

2. SCOPE OF COVER: Always subject to the due premium having been paid and the funds collected and subject to all terms and conditions of the All Risk Protection Group Policy - new and/or used household goods and personal effects, under deck, are covered against ALL RISK of direct physical loss or damage from any external cause, irrespective of percentage (Current American Institute Cargo Clauses, including "War Risk" Insurance and S.R. & C.C.Endorsement Warehouse to Warehouse Transit Clauses and Marine Extension clauses), including General Average and Salvage Charges, and transshipment, if involved. Shipments on deck and subject to an "On Deck" Bill of Lading are covered for FPA coverage only. Containerized shipments on deck are covered per under deck "All Risk" clauses.

3. METHOD OF TRANSIT: Per approved vessel and/or steamer and/or air carrier and/or held covered and/or conveyances. Date of dispatch to be declared as soon as practicable to Insurer of the All Risk Protection Group Policy or its representative with the following details: name of vessel, voyage number, date of sailing and/or date of arrival.

4. FREIGHT FORWARDER NOT INSURANCE AGENT: Santa Fe is the owner of the All Risk Protection Group Policy, and is not an agent of the Underwriters of the policy. There is no separate policy between the covered person and the Underwriters. Santa Fe is not authorized to make any representation what so ever concerning coverage under the All Risk Protection Group Policy. All questions concerning coverage shall be directed exclusively to

H. Other Insurance: The All Risk Protection Group Policy does not cover to the extent of any other insurance, whether prior to subsequent hereto in date and by whomsoever affected directly or indirectly covering the same property, and the Underwriters shall be liable for loss or damage only for the excess value beyond the amount due from such other insurance. I. EXCLUSIONS:

i. Marring, scratching, chipping and denting of used electrical appliances and used furniture. This exclusion will be deleted if a "Statement of Condition" is reflected on the packing list or assured's inventory list signed by both the mover's agent and the Applicant.

ii. Loss or damage due to mechanical, electric or electronic derangement if the covered items are under a manufacturer's warranty.

iii. Loss or damage due to seizure or confiscation by authorities, consequential loss or damage.

iv. Owner Packed Effects - breakage's, scratching, denting, marring, chipping, staining, and tearing owner packed effects, including trunks, suitcases and the like. Also, excluding claims for missing items.

v. Cash, notes, stamps, coins, deeds, tickets, traveler's cheques, watches, jewellery, trinkets or similar valuable articles, furs, wine and liquors are excluded.





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