2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey Job Descriptions

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2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 1: Executive Director / President / Chief Executive Officer

Reports to Board of Directors. Responsible for operational management and direction of organization and for overseeing budget and fund raising activities. Also is responsible for the planning and administration of community projects and grants development. Maintains policies regarding employee responsibilities. Recommends policies and directs strategic planning for organization.

Job 2: Vice President / Assistant Executive Director

Responsible for administering programs and operations of the organization. Assists Executive Director with administration of programs and operations.

Generally is in charge of certain operations or departments and supervises other professional and support staff. Would assume some or all of the Executive

Director’s responsibilities when needed.

Job 3: Finance Director / CFO

Responsible for planning, controlling, and directing the organization’s overall financial objectives and policies. Directs the preparation of budgets, forecasts, and regular financial reports that portray the financial status of the organization. Interprets the reports to provide financial direction for the organization. Degree required.

Job 4: Accounting Manager

Oversees the efficient operations of department systems and programs. Provides guidance and leadership to staff accountants. Has an accounting degree and may be a CPA.

Job 5: Accountant

Responsible for managing a specific accounting function or functions under the supervision of the Finance Director/CFO or Accounting Manager. Degree


2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 6: Accounting Clerk

Provides support and backup for accounting staff. Including, but not limited to, payables, receivables, processing, billing, collections, and payroll functions. Non-degreed position.

Job 7: Bookkeeper

Maintains books, coordinates disbursements and daily banking (deposits,

monthly reconciliation), and prepares monthly financial report. Handles payroll and coordinates annual audit. Is more likely to assist with insurance issues, and other administrative areas. Usually does not have an accounting degree, but does perform accounting support function.

Job 8: Development Director

Organizes and directs campaign for solicitation of funds. Surveys functions of cooperating agencies to avoid duplication of efforts and recommends

initiation, extension, modification, or curtailment of services. Reviews estimated budgets of organization. May assist in grant development efforts. May recruit and train volunteer workers. Directs, develops, and implements fund raising activities including the annual fund raising event and other special events.

Job 9: Grant Writer

Coordinate and support organization’s efforts to raise funds through corporate, foundation, and governmental grants. Functions include grant research and administration, contract management, and program support management.

Job 10: Relations Manager / Community Relations Manager


2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 11: Human Resources Director

Responsible for the overall management and supervision of all Human Resource functions and best practice standards, including, but not limited to, Recruitment, Benefits, Compensation, HR State and Federal Compliance, Policies and

Procedures, Personnel Management and Employee Development. Degreed or PHR, SPHR certification.

Job 12: Human Resources Clerk

Provides administrative support to the Human Resource office; assists with the administration of specific functional duties in support of the Human Resources Director. Non-degreed.

Job 13: Volunteer Coordinator

Performs professional work in administering the volunteer service program. Establishes a work environment conducive to recruiting/utilizing volunteers. Works with staff to determine possible tasks for volunteers. Writes volunteer descriptions for volunteer positions, recruits, interviews, assigns, and orients volunteers. Arranges for training, supervision, and evaluation of volunteers.

Maintains reports and records for the volunteer services program. Has Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.

Job 14: Information Technology Director

Determines the organization’s information management needs and is

responsible for the development and implementation of systems/programs to meet them. Oversees system security, applications and development, database administration, financial systems, desktop support, website development and maintenance, intra- and inter- networks, and internal telecommunications.

Job 15: Database Manager

Ensures the organization’s database information is effectively organized and accessible to approved users. Plans, organizes, and implements database designs; tests programs and monitors database performance. Reviews


2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 16: Director of Operations

Oversees administrative and operational aspects of organization; establishes and monitors personnel, financial, and operational procedures and controls; assists in ensuring all regulations and requirements of governing bodies are met.

Job 17: Quality Improvement Manager

Develops, monitors, and analyzes agency quality processes such as the

collection and dissemination of data on clients served, review of client records, program outcomes, patterns of critical incidents, and client satisfaction surveys, with the intent of improving overall agency programming. Supervises all of the accompanying processes; improvement of overall program, cost effectiveness of agency, provision of a system of program evaluation, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Job 18: Office Manager

Oversees and coordinates the daily activities of the clerical support staff. Analyzes and organizes office operations and procedures, such as typing, bookkeeping, preparation of payrolls, flow of correspondence, filing, requisition of supplies, and other clerical services. Evaluates and, if necessary, revises office procedures to maximize efficiency. Works on computer to prepare reports as assigned by supervisor. May be responsible for personnel, benefits, and payroll functions of the organization.

Job 19: Administrative Assistant / Executive Secretary

Usually provides support directly to the Executive Director. Often coordinates work of other support staff. May be responsible for taking board and committee minutes and coordinating these meetings. May be responsible for specific

projects. May be responsible for office management and other major tasks. Generally has several years experience and secretarial training.

Job 20: Office Support Staff / Administrative / Clerical Staff


2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 21: Receptionist

Provides administrative, receptionist, and clerical support to persons in various departments throughout the organization.

Job 22: Clinical Supervisor

Provides clinical supervision and consultation to provisionally or fully licensed and credentialed staff (PLMHP; LMHP; PLADC; LADC). Requires master’s degree and full licensure.

Job 23: Dually-Licensed Provider

Provide therapeutic and educational services to individuals, groups and families who are affected by mental health and/or chemical dependency (CD) related symptoms and issues. LMHP and LADC licenses required.

Job 24: Licensed Therapist (LMHP)

Fully licensed mental health practitioner (LMHP). Provides assessment, counseling, therapy, and support to clients and their families.

Job 25: Provisionally Licensed Therapist (PLMHP)

Provisionally licensed mental health practitioner (PLMHP). Provides assessment, counseling, therapy, and support to clients and their families.

Job 26: Licensed Counselor (LADC)

Fully licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor (LADC). Provides substance abuse services to individuals, families and groups.

Job 27: Provisionally Licensed Counselor (PLADC)


2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 28: Registered Nurse (RN)

Provides health maintenance care including monitoring vital signs, obtaining specimens for lab analysis, caring for wounds and administering injections based upon physician orders and general medial direction. Assesses the client’s

physical and psychosocial status. Develops, implements, and evaluates, care plans cooperatively with client and physician, to meet health needs. Gives presentations to interested groups on health related topics. Maintains appropriate client records. Licensed to practice as a registered nurse (RN).

Job 29: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Provides routine health maintenance care for clients based upon physician orders including monitoring vital signs, obtaining specimens for lab analysis, bathing clients, assisting clients with range of motion exercises, administering injections, and caring for wounds. Prepare clinic area for specific health care services and assist staff with clinical procedures. Maintain client records. Licensed to practice as a practical nurse (LPN).

Job 30: Intake Specialist

Responsible for screening callers’ needs/requests and responding with crisis intervention, scheduling services, or referring them to appropriate community services. Enters client information into database, completes intake paperwork, verifies insurance, and collects payments. Maintains client files and service statistics. Requires High School Diploma/GED, but a Bachelor’s degree is often preferred.

Job 31: Program Director

Plans, develops, and establishes policies and objectives of programs in accordance with objectives of organization, and determines agency


2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 32: Program Manager / Supervisor

Directs and coordinates program activities. Ensures prescribed activities are carried out in accordance with specified objectives, licensing/accrediting standards, government regulations, organization policy, and procedures. Exercises control over personnel responsible for specific functions or phases of programs. Controls expenditures in line with budget allocations. May assist in grant development efforts. Prepares program reports for superiors. May have a master’s degree, and have one or more program coordinators as direct reports.

Job 33: Program Coordinator

Coordinates and leads activities for one specific program that provides direct care to clients. Provides oversight for specific functions and phases of a

program. May provide task management for personnel.

Job 34: Case Manager

Responsible for providing assistance to clients, and whenever necessary, provides community referrals and orients clients into a professional support service. Bachelor’s degree in Social Science or Human Service field.

Job 35: Residential Direct Care Staff

Coordinates and directs the daily activities of individuals in a residential setting. Ensures proper treatment and care of residents. Requires involvement in

program activities and services along with coordinating transportation for clients. Assists in the planning and implementation of individual treatment programs.

Job 36: Direct Care Staff

Provides support services to non-residential clients. High school diploma or GED.

Job 37: Teacher (Elementary and/or High School)


2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 38: Director of Childcare

Provide overall direction to the child development center. Supervise child development staff. Supervise and implement educational curriculum and activities for the center. Ensure that all aspects of the program are in

compliance with licensing regulations and accreditation standards. Manage client records, billing procedures, child care statistics and reports. Bachelor's degree in an early childhood education field.

Job 39: Childcare Teacher (Degreed)

Supervise and coordinate daily classroom activities. Responsible for educational lesson planning. Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in an early childhood

education field.

Job 40: Childcare Teacher/Assistant (non-Degreed)

Coordinate and supervise daily activities in a hands-on learning environment. Education level: High School graduate or GED.

Job 41: Building and Maintenance Supervisor

Maintains organization-owned and leased property including buildings, equipment, and vehicles. Maintains adherence to health, fire, and building regulations. Recommends purchase of major equipment and keeps records of equipment inventory. Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining and repairing equipment, structures, and utility systems, buildings, and maintenance grounds.

Job 42: Maintenance Worker

Responsible for maintenance of organization vehicles, buildings, sewage plant, and grounds. May include painting of interior and exterior of buildings and basic interior carpentry work.

Job 43: Custodial Worker


2012 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Survey

Job Descriptions

Job 44: Cook / Food Services Worker

Responsible for preparing, cooking, and serving meals and maintaining a clean and safe working environment. May be responsible for transportation of meals between facilities.

Job 45: Driver (Non-CDL)





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