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2 | Ellenbrook BYOD – iPad Guide

BYOD iPad Setup Guide | Backup Your iPad

Setting up iCloud Backup

Backing up your child’s iPad is important. If your iPad is malfunctioning or missing schoolwork can be recovered from a backup and even have work continued online or from another device.

Along with the email address provided by the school, school emails and Google drive are already backed up online as they are most cloud based services. This document will show how to backup other pieces of data (especially Pages, Numbers and Keynote) and how to manage your child’s online storage for their iCloud account.

Because iPads use an iCloud account to backup the data please make sure you have created an account for your child before you start. Multiple users should not be sharing an account because that will get their documents mixed up and limit the space available for backup.

To find the backup options select the Settings icon from the home screen

If you have signed into iCloud on this iPad with your Child’s account you can skip to the next page. Tap on the ‘iCloud’ option and enter your Child’s Apple ID in the filed provided then tap ‘Sign In’.

You will have the option to Merge Safari data (such as your favorites, home page etc.) with iCloud so that the information is transferred to all devices using the same Apple ID by selecting ‘Merge’. If you do not want to do this select ‘Don’t Merge’.


3 | Ellenbrook BYOD – iPad Guide Once you have signed into your iCloud account you will see a screen like this.

You may be asked whether you want to upgrade to iCloud Drive. If you are you will be warned that devices using IOS7 and earlier will have issues – unless your child is using an old iPhone that cannot be updated we recommend you update to iCloud Drive as this allows many more options with the backup (including the option for a child to continue their work on another device if theirs is unavailable).

There are also a variety of other options below – Find My iPad will let you locate your iPad, and lock it remotely (in case it is stolen), as well as using the GPS location it can also make the iPad send out a noise if it is still turned on to help find it. If Find My iPad is turned on you can access those features by going to

https://www.icloud.com and signing in with your or your child’s Apple ID there.

We also recommend you make sure that Pages, Keynote and Numbers (if installed) are turned on, and that you turn on the backup option.

If you click on the “storage” option you will see the below screen. This tells you how much space you have available and gives the option “Buy More Storage” to let you lease more online storage space from Apple. Please note that this increases your ONLINE storage only, it does not create more space on the iPad, just the online space used for cloud services such as your backup. The extra space is also only leased on a monthly basis and will need to be renewed if you wish to continue using it.


4 | Ellenbrook BYOD – iPad Guide

You should come to a screen that looks like this:

This lists all the different items that are taking up space on your iCloud storage – if needed it lets you delete obsolete storage (such as backup data for devices and apps that are no longer used). If you have multiple devices on the same Apple ID (i.e. an iPad and an iPhone) they will be listed here, including how much space the backup takes for each device.

The bottom of the screen also indicates how much space you are using out of your total amount of space available. The button “Change Storage Plan” takes you to the same screen as the previous “Buy More Storage” option.


5 | Ellenbrook BYOD – iPad Guide

To manage exactly what to backup on your device select the option under “Backup” with your school iPad’s name (it should also indicate “This iPad” on the same section).

You should get to a screen like this:

On this screen it shows when your device was last backed up, how large the last backup was and how big the next backup is expected to be (if the extra size of the next backup is larger than the space available it will not succeed).

Below that is a list of apps where you can turn off backups of certain apps on a case by case basis. It will list the largest ones first. If you are struggling with backup space we recommend turning off all non-school related apps.

Often the largest one is the photo library, which contains all photos and videos taken by the iPad. If needed this can be backed up via third party software such as Google Drive or Dropbox – in that case it can be turned off here safely in this menu because they are already backed up elsewhere.




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