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Businesses and government agencies are transforming to improve profitability, be more competitive, manage risk and — most compelling — to innovate faster. Highly competitive global markets, fast-moving technology and ongoing pressure to improve margins are causing most organizations to look for new ways to react more quickly, act smarter and accelerate time to market.

For most organizations, the current IT operating model simply can’t keep up with business demands. Aging applications and costly, complex infrastructure means many organizations spend 70 to 80 percent of their IT budgets simply keeping the lights on. Slow application release cycles and IT resourcing delays are driving companies to adopt DevOps practices and enable self-service cloud development and testing environments. Business-driven transformation pivots on the move to a more agile IT operating model that provides the ability to rapidly develop, change, test and deploy applications on scalable, dynamic cloud infrastructure. Cloud is now a mainstream delivery channel, and private cloud continues to dominate. Gartner reports that nearly 50 percent of large enterprises have deployed private cloud and nearly 75 percent plan to have a private cloud deployed by

2014i Hybrid cloud growth is accelerating because

of increasing demands for agility and scalability, growth in workloads with shorter lives, and improved operability. Hybrid cloud spending from 2013 to 2015 is expected to be $20 billion dollarsii.

CSC believes that IT’s role must change to become a service broker that federates services from multiple cloud providers. As CIOs seek business outcomes from IT deployments, greater emphasis will be on making rational decisions about where to run applications and where to source services. CSC is ideally positioned to partner with organizations that aspire to accelerate innovation and make the transformation to a “cloud-empowered enterprise.”






In addition to our own portfolio of cloud services, we are partnering to provide more value and choices for our clients.

We announced a strategic partnership with HCL, an India-based global IT services provider, to address the growing market for IT modernization worldwide. CSC and HCL offer an unmatched global delivery network that can quickly modernize a large suite of enterprise applications.

We’re partnering with AT&T to develop and offer market leading cloud solutions including a government cloud that is FedRAMP approved. CSC will use the AT&T network and infrastructure to increase our capacity and enable AT&T customers to rapidly extend their MPLS network directly to our cloud data centers.

We’ve expanded our strategic partnership with VMware to offer a cloud brokerage solution that combines CSC cloud management using the Agility Platform with VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Services.

We’re launching an innovative hybrid cloud management solution that integrates our Agility Platform with Microsoft’s System Center data center management product to provide

enterprises with greater flexibility, simplicity and efficiency in building, cataloging and deploying applications on multiple clouds, including Microsoft Azure.

We also announced that we will resell Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of CSC Hybrid Cloud Service offerings.

CSC supports organizational transformation to a cloud-empowered enterprise and enables our clients’ IT departments to deliver everything as a service. Our expanded alliance partnerships support our mission in becoming a trusted advisor to commercial enterprises and government organzations transforming IT to the new cloud operating model.



Business processes today are driven almost exclu-sively by applications, which means that getting applications right, and getting them out first, is an imperative. New-generation applications require coordination between application modernization and IT transformation initiatives. They also require careful implementation and integration of cloud, mobility and data analytics. And they require a newer, easier way to be distributed to customers, employees and partners.


CSC’s FuturEdge for Modernization provides modernization and application portfolio manage-ment services that leverage the latest innovations in cloud, mobility, cyber, social and analytics to allow you to realize dramatic improvements in operational performance and create increased agility for your business.

• Strategy and Blueprinting Services that plan the journey build the business case and establish transformation governance.

• Portfolio Rationalization Services that streamline the existing portfolio to improve efficiency, reduce complexity and lower TCO

• Migration Services to migrate and modernize applications and data; and move to more efficient technology platforms

• Reengineering Services that replace or extend applications to address changes in the business

• Development Services that build quality business applications or accelerate SaaS delivery

• Management and Broker Services that

aggregate, integrate and broker IT services for our clients while managing and maintaining the environment


Organizations need to respond rapidly to market dynamics and innovate faster, while controlling costs and preserving capital. They require a cloud infrastructure that delivers the security, support, data protection, integration, transpar-ency and availability required to support their production applications.

CSC CloudCompute is a multi-tenant public cloud deployed from worldwide CSC Cloud data centers on four continents. CloudCompute offers scalable IT resources to help businesses avoid the risk and costs of inaccurate workload forecasting by provid-ing high-availability IT resources on demand. Built-in security and workload isolation protects sensitive data and mission-critical applications.

CSC BizCloud is an alternative to a do-it-yourself (DIY) private cloud in an OPEX model. In addition to full resource segregation, BizCloud includes the Cloud Service Store for administration and report-ing on usage and performance. BizCloud can be deployed on customer premises or in a CSC Cloud data center in as little as 10 weeks.

CSC BizCloud VPE is a hosted private cloud that delivers dedicated compute and dedicated net-work access with logical segregation of storage

deployed from CSC Cloud data centers. When applications and workloads demand private cloud, BizCloud VPE provides a secure, scalable cloud environment and is often implemented with private network access integrated into the client’s enter-prise network security architecture.

BizCloud and BizCloud VPE are ideal platforms for ERP, financials, core banking systems, R&D, or stor-ing documentation or drawstor-ings of highly sensitive technology or facilities.


• Turn-on, turn-off IT capability in minutes

• No capital investment

• OPEX pay-as-you-go with a standard rate card

• Rapid availability of a private cloud infrastructure

• Dial up and dial down resources as required

• Easy-to-use self-service portal that simplifies cloud administration

• Monitoring and management of infrastructure and operating system

• Built-in capability for chargeback/showback





ERP environments are time consuming to deploy, complex to modify or refresh, and costly to manage. Typical deployments do not fully utilize systems, re-sulting in significant server sprawl. Underutilization of resources means wasted space and energy, and higher maintenance and administrative costs.

CSC Cloud IU accelerates upgrade and deployment of ERP environments by providing a complete, ready-to-use managed service that provides the infrastruc-ture, Basis support and a menu of modular service choices to support all the ERP environments. Cloud IU incorporates all aspects of an ERP infrastructure, including compute, storage, backup/restore, disaster recovery and Basis Layer services. Basis support covers all run-time operations. Cloud IU offers utili-ty-based monthly rates for both the infrastructure and Basis support, based on the compute and I/O required and tier of service needed.


• Infrastructure upgrade without capital investment

• Up to 9X faster execution of key ERP management tasks

• Dramatic reduction in instantiation periods for new ERP instances required for deployment, add-ons and refresh programs

• Scalability of infrastructure and skilled Basis support





• Multitenant cloud • Virtually segregated clients and applications

BizCloud VPE

• Hosted/virtual private cloud • Dedicated compute with blade segregation • Dedicated VPN and point to point • Logically segregated LUN storage, dedicated to a single client


• Private cloud • Physically segregated resources

• Ready for application deployment in 10 weeks


• Ability to overcome waste associated with overprovisioning

• Improved business continuity with a fully automated disaster recovery solution

• Chargeback at project or department level, with full transparency

• Lower overall infrastructure cost by at least 30%, compared to traditional onsite ERP deployment

• Ability to refocus your staff on more-critical business priorities


Organizations considering cloud face the challenge of migrating servers and applications to a cloud landscape safely. Migration can be expensive, time consuming and reduce the overall financial benefit.

CSC Cloud Migration Services move existing virtual or physical servers to any of the CSC IaaS Enter-prise Cloud offerings. CSC Cloud Migration Ser-vices integrate the migrated applications into your cloud service catalog and storefront, making them immediately accessible for operation in your cloud environment. The services provides premigration validation of defined workload inventory, pilot mi-gration, migration of virtual or physical OS instance to virtual instance in the CSC Cloud; and validation of successful migration and production cutover. In addition, the service includes migration event plan-ning and coordination.


• Low risk, fast migration

• Streamlined cloud on boarding

• Accelerated time to value for cloud adoption


No enterprise supports only one cloud in its IT eco-system. As more enterprise and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications are delivered from and are migrated to the cloud, IT complexity increases without effective management. Security needs to be systemic across the cloud ecosystem. To maintain effective control and the lowest IT spend requires automation and governance of IT resource con-sumption, as well as simplifying the complexity of managing across different types of clouds for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

ServiceMesh Agility Platform delivers simplified man-agement, orchestration and delivery of hybrid cloud environments. Cloud Blueprints enable the design and deployment of multi-tier applications and platforms that are infrastructure independent and portable across disparate private and public clouds. An enter-prise-grade policy and governance engine enables the creation and enforcement of an unlimited range of custom governance, compliance and security policies, and integrated application-re-lease automation that increases the speed and frequency of software releases and accelerates development initiatives.


• Achieving optimal balance of economic value, scale and performance for all workloads and applications across multiple clouds

• Self-service, on-demand access to application-development platforms and associated infrastructure for development and QA

• Release automation across the systems development life cycle (SDLC) to speed time to market for new applications and services

Elapsed Time Comparisons —

Traditional and Cloud Environments

New Environment Landscape Clone System Clone System Refresh DR Fallover Test

Total Effort Comparison —

Traditional and Cloud Environments

New Environment Landscape Clone System Clone System Refresh DR Fallover Test

Based on experiences of a global information systems company Based on experiences of a global information systems company

15 110 5 80 5 40 5 10 5 20 25 100 10 90 2 20 4 15 7 50

Elapsed Time in Days Total Effort in Days

Cloud IU for SAP


• Enterprise-class governance, compliance and security enforced across the SDLC with policy control

• Acceleration of DevOps adoption through enforcement of common application platforms and tool chain integration


CSC supports clients in accelerating transformation to a cloud-empowered enterprise. We leverage market-leading services and technologies to enable greater agility and faster time to market, reduce business risk and achieve lower overall IT operating costs. We use an application-centric approach to support process and efficiency improvements across the application life cycle. We enable policy-based application governance to manage hybrid cloud

ecosystems and ensure optimal security, compliance and performance across clouds and cloud providers. Our vision is that clients will consume all their apps from client-specific, cloud-based application stores, creating an entirely new model for enterprise IT and application distribution and management. IT becomes more efficient and responsive to business needs, and IT management is streamlined with integrated security and accelerated software de-velopment cycles. IT business users will simply pay per usage, gaining access to the world’s apps on demand. It’s a vision for the future that’s compelling, attractive and powered by CSC.

i. Gartner, “ Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud in Next,” Gartner,

January, 2014

ii. Northbridge|GIGAcom, “The Future of Cloud Computing, 3rd Annual


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