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OverDrive Help for your ipad/iphone/ipod Touch


Academic year: 2021

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OverDrive Help

for your

iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

iOS v: 6.0-6.9

Compatible Formats: EPUB, OEPUB, MP3

How to Set up the OverDrive app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

You only need to do this once.

1 2 3

Confirm Requirements 1.


3. Install OverDrive app


5. Authorize and set up the app.

See below for details on these steps.

1. Confirm requirements. You need iOS version 6.0 or newer to use the OverDrive app. You may need to update your device’s software if you have not done so recently.

To find out what version of the iOS you have, go to “Settings” ( ), then “General,” then “About.” (shown, left)

For help with updating your iOS version, you will need to check the support information for your device.

2. Install the app. Go to the App Store on your device (look for the icon at left) and search for the free OverDrive app. (Type in “OverDrive”).

Tap on the button to get the green or grey button. You will need the password for your Apple/iTunes account to install the app.

Help for iPad 1 users


2 Once the app is installed, load it by tapping or by tapping on the icon on one of your home screens.

3. Authorize and set up. When you first load the app, you will see an introduction screen like this: At this point, you should set up an OverDrive account, which lets you download library eBooks, as well as allowing you to share bookmarks and libraries across devices.

If you have multiple devices, use the same OverDrive account for all of them.

If this is your first device, tap “Sign Up.”

You will have to fill in a short form to set up your account (or sign in using your Facebook account):

You may want to enter your OverDrive account information here in case you need it later (for example, if you need to reset your iPad, or if you want to add another device).

OverDrive account (email):


3 Remember, use a new password that you haven’t used for other accounts.

You can enter or change your account information at any time by going to the main menu (tap in the top left corner of the OverDrive app), then going into the Account submenu.

How to add items to your Library

Anytime you are ready to download new books and audiobooks, you can do so directly on your iPod, iPad or iPhone. You will need to be connected to the Internet.

1 2 3 4 5

6. Open OverDrive



8. Select your library > Strathcona County Library


10. Search or Browse for a title that interests you & Add To Cart


12. Borrow a book.

Login with your

library card information


14. Download. Your title will be added to your Bookshelf.

1. Open the OverDrive app on your device. (If you have not installed the app yet, see the previous section)


4 Search for “Strathcona County” and select “Strathcona County Library” from the list.

When SCL comes up, tap the star to add it as one of your libraries (see left).

You will only have to do this once. In future SCL will appear directly on this menu.

You can add other libraries to this app if you are a member of any other libraries that offer downloadable eBooks.

3. Search or browse for a title you are interested in. To go to SCL’s digital collection, tap “Strathcona County Library.” You will be taken to SCL’s mobile eBook site.

Browse or Search for a title that interests you.


5 4. Borrow your book. Once you find an item you want, tap on the title to see the page with more

detailed information about the book. Tap the blue Borrow button to borrow the book.

Log in with your library card information when asked to do so.

5. Download. Once the item is borrowed, you will be taken to your Bookshelf (containing your checked out books). Tap the “Download” button to download the title.



6 In which case, you can click on the link that says “Bookshelf” to see your checked-out items (and get to the ‘Bookshelf’ screen shown on the previous page), or you can keep browsing for more items to check out.

At any time, you can return to your list of checked-out items by clicking on the “Account” button in the

top menu ( ).

When you tap “download,” you will see “Loading Title” in the centre of the screen as the book is

downloading ( ), then “Title added” ( ). Some items may take several minutes to download, especially e-audiobooks.

Tap the Main menu button ( ) and then tap “Bookshelf” ( ) to see your downloaded items. Your book is now loaded on your device. Tap the book cover to begin reading.

How to Read a Book in OverDrive Media Console

When you are reading, tap or swipe on the right side of the screen to flip pages. Tap or swipe on the left side to turn pages backward.

While you are reading, the menus will disappear to give you more space on the screen. Tap in the centre of the screen to see the menus, which will let you adjust font size, brightness, columns, etc.

When you have a book open, swipe in to the left from the right-hand side to the left (or tap ) to see the book menu. The book menu lets you navigate within the book and manage your bookmarks.

Swipe in to the right from the left-hand side (or tap ) to see the main menu at any time. The main menu lets you add books or return to your bookshelf.

How to Listen to an Audiobook in OverDrive Media Console



Add a bookmark Set playback speed

Set app to turn off automatically Share on social networks

Skip ahead or back one chapter Play or pause Volume

Skip ahead or back 15 seconds Quick navigation – drag to move

When you have an eAudiobook open, swipe in to the left from the right-hand side to the left (or tap ) to see the book menu. The book menu lets you navigate within the book and manage your bookmarks.

Renewing Items

SCL’s eBook service includes a basic Renew function. The Renew button will appear when your book is close to expiring. Renewing the eBook does not actually extend the due date; it just puts you back on the holds list for that item.


8 You will be asked to confirm your email address. If another user has this book on hold, you will be placed in the holds queue after them.

When you have successfully placed yourself on the holds list, you will see a check mark: . The item will also show up among your holds. You will get an email notification when the item is ready for you. You will have to download the book again, even if it just expired immediately beforehand.

How to Return Items Early in OverDrive Media Console

1. In the OverDrive Media Console app, tap and hold the cover of the book you want to return. 2. A small blue menu will pop up at the bottom of the cover,

including the option to “Delete” (i.e., delete the item from your device but keep it checked out) or “Return” (return the item to the library; it will disappear from your account).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Phone: 780.410-8601 | Email: info@sclibrary.ab.ca | or stop by one of our Information Desks Last updated: November, 2015

Some file types cannot be returned early


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