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Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation Executive Administration


Academic year: 2021

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Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation

Executive Administration

Vacancy Notice

Post AF03 – Technical Section Leader

Grade A5

Division European MALE RPAS Programme Division

Section Technical

Management of Staff 5 (initially 3)

Location Munich, Germany (initially in Bonn)

Initial Contract Duration 3 years

Start Date 1 July 2016 (subject to change)

Interview Date 11 – 27 May 2016

1. Background

The European Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) Programme is a multinational cooperative programme with the initial participation of the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, the Italian Republic and the Kingdom of Spain. A Programme Integration Team (PIT) is currently established in the OCCAR-EA premises in Bonn (Germany) in order to manage the integration of this programme into OCCAR.

A Programme Division (PD) is now being established at new OCCAR-EA premises in Munich (Germany) although initially (approximately 3-6 months) the PD will be detached and based in Bonn. The PD is to manage the Definition Phase (Study Phase) and to prepare the Development and Production Phases of the European MALE RPAS.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

The Technical Section Leader is accountable and personally responsible to the OCCAR-EA European MALE RPAS Programme Manager for all technical, including airworthiness and certification, aspects of the European MALE RPAS Programme. He/she shall support and advise the OCCAR-EA European MALE RPAS Programme Manager on all technical activities of the European MALE RPAS Programme. He/she shall ensure the OCCAR-EA European MALE RPAS Programme Manager is appraised at all times of significant events that affect achievement of all technical objectives of the European MALE RPAS Programme. He/she is responsible for tasks outlined below:

2.1 General Management


 Provide engineering/technical advice and support to both programme management and technical meetings;

 Coordinate all technical activities (including provision of related GFX) within the programme;

 Act as the technical focal point for dialogue between the Contractor, Nations and OCCAR-EA;

 Establish and lead technical reviews and any other technical meetings;

 Evaluate and report on the Contractors’ performance against programme milestones and objectives in relation to the technical requirements;

 Implement the certification strategy and qualification/acceptance aspects for the European MALE RPAS Programme;

 Co-ordinate and monitor the configuration management of the European MALE RPAS Programme.

2.2 Planning and Reporting

 Provide technical inputs for internal and external reports and plans in accordance with the OCCAR reporting system;

 Provide technical expertise to the PD-internal and external status reports and briefings;

 Prepare and update, in coordination with the Contractor, technical documents and plans;

 Implement appropriate and effective Risk Management activity for technical elements of the Programme;

 Liaise with OCCAR-EA Central Office on technical management activities as required.

2.3 Technical Requirements Compliance Management

 Establish and maintain the European MALE RPAS requirements compliance matrix for the programme;

 Collate and evaluate evidence of the Contractor’s claimed compliance against the system requirements document as defined within the Contract;

 Provide recommendations to stakeholders of demonstrated and supportable evidence of compliance against technical Contract deliverables to enable adherence to the approved milestone payment plan;

 Manage the technical input to the DOORS database (or equivalent requirements management tool) to enable adequate and effective programme management.

2.4 Certification Compliance Management

 Establish and maintain the certification requirements compliance matrix for the programme;

 Collate and evaluate evidence of the Contractor’s claimed compliance against the Certification Requirements document;


 Provide technical advice as requested on the appropriateness of Contractor supplied evidence of compliance against certification objectives;

 Ensure adherence to the agreed Certification Management Plan and Schedule, and ensure that critical enablers are both recognised and available;

 Liaise with certification stakeholders including the Joint Certification Organisation (JCO), the National Military Airworthiness Authorities (NMAA) and EASA to ensure that the aircraft complies with national/international Air Safety Regulations and agreed Air Traffic Integration requirements;

 Manage the certification inputs in a DOORS database (or equivalent requirements management tool) to enable adequate and effective programme management.

2.5 Technical and Certification Standards

 Monitor the Contractor’s adherence and implementation of all appropriate technical and certification standards as defined in the Definition Stage Contract;

 Evaluate and assess any proposed deviations from contractual technical and certification standards and advise the European MALE RPAS Programme Manager of potential Programme impact;

 Ensure any customer accepted deviations from the contractual technical and certification standards are appropriately recorded in the final system configuration documentation;  Provide technical advice to the customer in relation to any Contractor or regulator issued

alerts; directives or mandates as necessary.

2.6 Safety Management

 Monitor the development and implementation and adherence to safety cases issued by the Contractor or any other Programme stakeholder;

 Provide technical advice to the Customer in relation to any Contractor proposed amendments to safety cases;

 Provide technical advice to any third party performing an assessment of applicable safety cases.

2.7 Aircraft Life Cycle Cost Estimation

 Develop initial estimates and provide updates for the systems definition, certification and qualification elements of the Life Cycle Cost Model.

2.8 Personnel Management

 Implement robust management processes for the technical team, including identification of key objectives and expectations in relation to deliverables;

 Mentor (including motivational requirements) and facilitate appropriate training for the members of the technical team, providing direction as necessary;


3. Competences/skills required for the post

 Executive management ability proven through results attained in performing jobs in this field for other national / international organisations;

 Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact and communicate at all levels within OCCAR as well as Nations;

 Excellent team working skills and leadership skills and the ability to motivate staff;

 The ability to interact sensitively, effectively and professionally with persons from diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds, and of all ages and life styles;

 Conceptual thinking with the ability to analyse complex and wide ranging questions, issues and information, with a structured approach to the problem solving process, including providing recommended solutions and a proposed way forward;

 The ability to orchestrate and implement clear, efficient and logical approaches to work, to mange time, assignments and objectives;

 The ability to work in a changing, developing and demanding environment and state-of-the- art programme management;

 The ability to use Computer and Information Technology (ICT) facilities, with working knowledge of MS Office software.

4. Knowledge and Experience

4.1 Essential

 Significant experience in the management of complex large aeronautical programmes in the international environment;

 Previous experience of aeronautical technical requirements management, specifically in relation to the fields of aircraft certification, qualification and airworthiness in the international environment;

 Thorough knowledge of the concept and implementation of the military and civil airworthiness processes;

 Experience in the drafting and issue of Certification Expositions to regulatory bodies leading to the issue of a Type Certificate and/or Military Type Certificate;

 Proven experience and strong background in technical, certification, and qualification management, especially during the Design, Development and Production Phases;

 Experience of defining and implementing certification and qualification strategies and plans for European MALE RPAS and of achieving results in the international environment;

 Experience in managing contractors and liaising with international organisations;

 A keen awareness and knowledge of other defence structures and international organisations.


4.2 Desirable

 Experience in working in a multicultural environment;

 Sound knowledge and experience of Risk Management and Life Cycle Cost analysis;

 Experience and in depth knowledge of all phases of programme management of military aeronautical systems;

 Good knowledge of layout, configuration and programme planning of air systems;

 Good knowledge in operational use of military aircraft, especially unmanned air systems;  Sound knowledge of Through Life Management principles and their implementation.

5. Language Requirements

 Fluency, oral and written, in the English language.

 Adequate knowledge of at least one other OCCAR language would be an asset.

6. Qualifications

A university degree or equivalent qualification in the activities directly related to the described tasks is highly desirable.

7. Security Clearance

Security clearance at “OCCAR-Secret” level is required for this post.

8. Points of Contact

8.1 Markus Neckenig (Head of Programme Management Support Division) Tel.: +49 228 5502 171

Email.: markus.neckenig@occar.int 8.2 Richard Schell (Human Resource Division)

Tel.: +49 228 5502 182 Email.: richard.schell@occar.int


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