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Mycotoxin Reference Materials


Academic year: 2021

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Article Number Batch Number Toxin Concentration Expiry Date Commodity

TR-A100 A-C-215 AFLATOXIN ND 10/1/2015 CORN TR-A100 A-C-276 AFLATOXIN 1.7 ppb 8/1/2015 CORN TR-A100 A-C-277 AFLATOXIN 50.8 ppb 9/1/2015 CORN TR-A100 A-C-279 AFLATOXIN 98.7 ppb 10/1/2015 CORN TR-A100 AC-285 AFLATOXIN 5.9 ppb 11/1/2017 CORN TR-A100 AC-287 AFLATOXIN 5.4 ppb 2/1/2018 CORN TR-A100 AC-288 AFLATOXIN 21.7 ppb 9/1/2018 CORN TR-A100 AC-289 AFLATOXIN 9.6ppb 8/1/2018 CORN TR-A100 AC-291 AFLATOXIN 18.3ppb 8/1/2018 CORN TR-D100 D-W-100 DON ND 4/1/2015 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-156 DON 0.4 ppm 4/1/2015 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-159 DON 0.7 ppm 6/1/2015 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-162 DON 3.9 ppm 10/1/2015 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-163 DON 0.5 ppm 10/1/2015 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-166 DON 4.9 ppm 11/1/2015 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-167 DON 2.9 ppm 3/1/2016 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-168 DON 2.4 ppm 3/1/2016 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-169 DON 3.5 ppm 4/1/2016 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-174 DON 2.1 ppm 9/1/2017 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-177 DON 1.6ppm 9/1/2018 WHEAT TR-D100 D-W-178 DON 4.5ppm 10/1/2018 WHEAT TR-D100 D-B-500 DON ND 11/1/2015 BARLEY TR-D100 D-B-500 DON ND 12/1/2018 BARLEY TR-D100 D-B-507 DON 2.6 ppm 9/1/2015 BARLEY TR-D100 D-B-510 DON 0.5 ppm 11/1/2015 BARLEY TR-D100 D-B-513 DON 2.1 ppm 1/1/2016 BARLEY TR-D100 D-MB-5850 DON ND 12/1/2015 Malted Barley TR-D100 D-O-5901 DON 0.7 1/1/2017 Oats TR-D100 D-C-606 DON 1.1 ppm 2/1/2015 CORN TR-D100 D-C-609 DON 4.8 ppm 4/1/2015 CORN TR-D100 D-C-610 DON 1.9ppm 10/1/2015 CORN TR-D100 D-C-612 DON 0.5 ppm 10/1/2015 CORN TR-D100 D-C-614 DON 2.7 ppm 11/1/2015 CORN TR-D100 D-C-616 DON 6.2 ppm 12/1/2015 CORN TR-D100 D-C-617 DON 5.3 ppm 3/1/2016 CORN


Article Number Batch Number Toxin Concentration Expiry Date Commodity

TR-O100 O-W-819 OCHRATOXIN 54.2 ppb 11/1/2016 WHEAT TR-O100 O-W-821 OCHRATOXIN 93.7 ppb 6/1/2017 WHEAT TR-O100 O-W-823 OCHRATOXIN 23.2 ppb 6/1/2017 WHEAT TR-O100 O-W-825 OCHRATOXIN 7.0 ppb 8/1/2016 WHEAT TR-O100 O-C-853 OCHRATOXIN ND 4/1/2015 CORN TR-O100 O-C-860 OCHRATOXIN 20.9 9/1/2017 CORN TR-O100 O-C-864 OCHRATOXIN 103.8 12/1/2017 CORN TR-O100 O-C-866 OCHRATOXIN 12.3 1/1/2018 CORN

TR-Z100 Z-C-300 ZEARALENONE ND 10/1/2016 CORN TR-Z100 Z-C-319 ZEARALENONE 164.9 ppb 4/1/2016 CORN TR-Z100 Z-C-320 ZEARALENONE 218.3 ppb 6/1/2017 CORN TR-Z100 Z-C-321 ZEARALENONE 472.1 ppb 5/1/2016 CORN TR-Z100 Z-C-324 ZEARALENONE 1020.7 ppb 5/1/2016 CORN TR-Z100 Z-C-326 ZEARALENONE 91.1 ppb 3/1/2017 CORN TR-Z100 Z-C-327 ZEARALENONE 1462.5 ppb 3/1/2017 CORN TR-Z100 Z-W-ND ZEARALENONE ND 2/1/2019 WHEAT TR-Z100 Z-W-3304 ZEARALENONE 245 ppb 1/1/2017 WHEAT TR-Z100 Z-W-3305 ZEARALENONE 410 ppb 9/1/2017 WHEAT TR-Z100 Z-M-3801 ZEARALENONE 55.7 ppb 8/1/2018 MILO TR-Z100 Z-M-3802 ZEARALENONE 111.7 ppb 7/1/2018 MILO TR-Z100 Z-M-3803 ZEARALENONE 255.3 ppb 8/1/2018 MILO TR-Z100 Z-M-3804 ZEARALENONE 528.9 ppb 8/1/2018 MILO TR-F100 FC-433 FUMONISIN 1.5 ppm 7/1/2015 CORN TR-F100 FC-436 FUMONISIN 2.2 ppm 10/1/2015 CORN TR-F100 FC-438 FUMONISIN 3.6 ppm 8/1/2015 CORN TR-F100 FC-439 FUMONISIN 0.7 ppm 8/1/2015 CORN TR-F100 FC-440 FUMONISIN 1.0 ppm 9/1/2015 CORN TR-F100 FC-441 FUMONISIN 4.0 ppm 9/1/2015 CORN TR-F100 FC-443 FUMONISIN 4.7 ppm 5/1/2016 CORN


Article Number Batch Number Toxin Concentration Expiry Date Commodity TR-MT100 MT-C-9990 AFLATOXIN 30.3 ppb 8/1/2016 CORN DON 1.9 ppm FUMONISIN 1.5 ppm TR-MT100 MT-C-9991 AFLATOXIN 8.4 ppb 5/1/2016 CORN DON 1.3 ppm FUMONISIN 5.5 ppm TR-MT100 MT-C-9992 AFLATOXIN 4.0 ppb 3/1/2016 CORN DON 3.5 ppm FUMONISIN 4.1 ppm TR-MT100 MT-C-9993 AFLATOXIN 17.4 ppb 2/1/2016 CORN DON 2.9 ppm FUMONISIN 1.9 ppm TR-MT100 MT-C-9984 AFLATOXIN ND 8/1/2018 CORN FUMONISIN 0.3 PPM DON ND ZEARALENONE ND OCHRATOXIN A ND

TR-MT100 MT-C-9999E AFLATOXIN 22.1 ppb 1/1/2016 CORN DON 2.6 ppm FUMONISIN 37.1 ppm ZEARALENONE 352.0 ppb HT-2 523.3 ppb T-2 263.7 ppb OCHRATOXIN A 4.0 ppb


All Trilogy Reference Materials are available in 100 gram resealable foil packs; 500 gram or 1 kg package sizes are available on request.

Article Number Batch Number Toxin Concentration Expiry Date Commodity

TR-MT100 MT-C-ND-AZF AFLATOXIN ND 7/1/2015 CORN ZEARALENONE ND FUMONISIN ND TR-MT100 T-C-970 T-2 324 ppb 5/1/2016 CORN HT-2 414 ppb TR-MT100 MTW-8001 Deoxynivalenol 1.3 ppm 2/1/2015 WHEAT Ochratoxin 12.9 ppb

TR-CC100 ASF-13 AFLATOXIN 18.7 ppb 4/1/2017 Swine feed TR-CC100 ASF-14 AFLATOXIN 11.3 ppb 4/1/2017 Swine feed TR-CC100 A-GM-2022 AFLATOXIN 19.8 ppb 10/1/2018 GLUTEN MEAL TR-CC100 APF-16 AFLATOXIN 46.2 ppb 7/1/2017 Pet Food TR-CC100 APF-17 AFLATOXIN 12.4 ppb 7/1/2017 Pet Food TR-CC100 D-GM-6501 DON 0.7ppm 10/1/2018 GLUTEN MEAL TR-CC100 A-BR-2000 AFLATOXIN ND 10/1/2015 Brown Rice TR-CC100 A-BR-2001 AFLATOXIN 4.0 ppb 10/1/2015 Brown Rice TR-CC100 A-BR-2002 AFLATOXIN 7.5 ppb 10/1/2015 Brown Rice


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