Sex Female Date of birth 17/02/1975 Nationality Italian






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c/o REF-E SRL – Via V. Gioberti 5 – 20123 Milan (Italy) +39 02 43441030 +39 3666878496 –

SexFemale| Date of birth17/02/1975| NationalityItalian


From June 2007 to present Partner – Head of electricity market division. Member of REF-E board of directors

Main activities and responsibilities

Business area manager. Product/project manager. IT manager.

Responsible for the reaches of REF-E objectives in term of budget, quality and customer satisfaction in the area of electricity market.

Coordinates a team of about 15 people.

Name and address of employer REF-E srl (until December 2011 REF Ricerche per l’Economia e la Finanza srl)

business or Sector Consultancy, advisory and research activity on energy sector

From March 2001 to June 2007 Senior expert

Main activities and responsibilities Product and project manager

Name and address of employer CESI SPA

business or Sector Research and consultancy on electricity sector

From November 2000 to March

2001 Software designer Main activities and responsibilities SW Developer

Name and address of employer NUM-Groupe Schneider Electric

business or Sector Electric devices production

Since 2016 Teacher at University of Pavia - Faculty of Engineering- Master of Science degree course "Power Systems Management, Automation and Information" EDUCATION AND TRAINING

December 2000 Qualification to the exercise of the profession of Engineer University Of Pavia (Italy)

September 2000 M. Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering, Electric Power System specialization (mark 108/110) Thesis on “Status esteem algorithms based on linear programming”

University Of Pavia (Italy)


Mother tongue(s) Italian


Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production

English C1 C1 B2 B2 C1

French C1 C1 C1 C1 C1

Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages



Publications Director of “Previsivo” of Osservatorio Energia REF-E

V. Canazza and others, REF: “Rapporto Energia”, periodical report on the regulatory framework and competition state of art of the Italian electricity Market, 2013, 2010 and 2007 V. Canazza and others, REF: “Support schemes for the achievement of National Action Plan objectives in renewable sector”, Working paper REF n.59

V. Canazza and others, REF: “Implementation of Supply Function Equilibrium in Elfo++”, Working paper REF n.55

V. Canazza and others, REF: “Le esportazioni di energia elettrica: analisi dei recenti fenomeni di export verso l’estero ed elaborazione di scenari previsionali per l’anno 2009”, Working paper REF n.48

V. Canazza, REF: “Le criticità del mercato elettrico attuale e gli effetti delle congestioni di rete”, Working paper REF n.47

P. Pericolo, V. Canazza, D. Canever, B. Cova, P. Marannino, F. Zanellini, - REF, CESI, TERNA, Università di Pavia: “Use of zonal and nodal market simulators in transmission network planning: application to the Italian system”, Cigré 2008

V. Canazza, A. Venturini, C. Giannotti, - REF, CESI, Worldenergy: “Cross border electricity exchanges between Italy and neighbouring countries: scenarios of real competition among European power Markets and signal for related investments”, Cigré 2008

A. Groppi, V. Canazza,- REF: " La localizzazione dei nuovi impianti e le infrastrutture di rete", n. 6 della Rivista L'Energia Elettrica, novembre-dicembre 2008

Communication skills and Organisational / Managerial skills

 Expert in:

- Electricity markets, rules and modelling, regulatory framework

- Electricity price forecasting: simulation models and market scenarios analysis - European and Italian power systems (economic and technical features) - Investment economic evaluation

- Electricity demand forecasting

- Bidding strategies in a competitive electricity market - Price risk hedging

- Emission Trading System

- Renewable generation and support mechanisms - Markets of gas and energy commodities

- Electricity despatching and balancing markets regulation and operations - Security of supply and adequacy assessment

- Capacity remuneration mechanisms - Antitrust investigations on electricity sector  Main activities:

- Energy Market Advisoring

- Evaluation of economic feasibility of new generation and transmission projects - Evaluation of technical and economic performances of generation plants and

merchant lines, with reference to electricity market trends

- Evaluation of regulatory impact on the market players and on system costs and benefits

- Electricity market scenario analysis supporting industrial and strategic plans of the market operators (producers, traders, investors, TSO, final users, ..)

- Short/medium/long term electricity price forecasting

- Multiclient projects on key issues for the national system aimed to promote the dialogue between players and institutions on the results of policy scenarios  Coordinator of:

- Working team of 15 expert researchers

- Software modelling development for electric market simulation (short, medium and long term horizon)

- Management of electricity market simulators, SW products and related user licenses, maintenance and implementation of new applications, release of new SW versions, design and upgrade of data bases


M. Cirillo, V. Canazza,- REF: "Generazione Eolica: priorità di dispacciamento in situazioni di criticità del sistema elettrico", n. 6 della Rivista L'Energia Elettrica, novembre-dicembre 2007 M. Gallanti, V. Canazza, M. Benini - CESI: "Protocollo di Kyoto: un incremento dei costi per il settore elettrico?", n. 5 della Rivista L'Energia Elettrica, luglio-ottobre 2005

V. Canazza, D. Lucarella, A. Venturini - CESI. Guang Li, Chen Ching Liu - University of Washington: "An Intelligent System for Price Forecasting Accuracy Assessment”, 2005 IEEE ISAP Conference, Washington DC, Novembre 2005

M. Benini, V. Canazza , M. Gallanti – CESI. Davide Poli, Mirko Marracci, Paolo Pelacchi - Università di Pisa: "Electricity Price Forecasting Accuracy Assessment on the Basis of a Mixed Deterministic Probabilistic Approach”, 2005 IEEE PowerTech Conference, San Pietroburgo, Giugno 2005

V. Canazza, A. Gelmini – CESI. M. Maracci, D. Poli - Università di Pisa: "Simple or Complex Bids in the Day Ahead Electricty Market", 2004 Medpower - 4th Mediterranean IEEE Conference, Lemesos, Cipro, 2004

V. Canazza, A. Gelmini – CESI. M. Maracci, D. Poli - Università di Pisa: "Offerte semplici o complesse nel Mercato dell'energia elettrica del Giorno Prima" , Vol. 81 - Supplemento al Numero 3 Maggio/Giugno 2004 della Rivista L'Energia Elettrica, 2004

V. Canazza , M. Gallanti, A. Gelmini, D. Lucarella – CESI: "An Hybrid Decision Support System for Bidding in the Day Ahead Electricty Market”, 2003 IEEE ISAP Conference, Lemnos, Grecia, 2003

Main projects and corresponding position

2007-2015 (on going)

2015-ongoing, European Commission/ DG Energy, Project Manager, Assessment of Adequacy Metrics and Standards

2014-2015, Energia Concorrente – Project Manager, Study on the impact of the different capacity remuneration mechanisms under implementation in Italy on the system benefits/costs and on the market players economic results

2015, Siemens, Project Manager, Advisory on the business opportunities in the italian power generation sector in the perspective of the market scenario and regulation evolution

2015, Innowatio – Project manager, Study on the Role of the Demand Side Response in the Italian electricity market

2015, Isab Energy – Project Manager, Implementation of tools, methodologies, procedures and services for supporting the development of the power and gas market operations 2014-2015, IREN, BKW, A2A– Project Manager, Evaluation of the convenience to participate to the recently implemented Italian Capacity Payment and Capacity Market; assessment of the expected technical-economic results on ancillary services market and definition of the optimum bidding strategy on different market segments

2014, Gaz de France Suez Italie – Project Manager, Study on the perspectives for GSEI Additional information Professor on contract at University of Pavia, Industrial Engineering Faculty (chair of

“Management, communication and automation of electric systems”) Teacher in master courses and professional training courses. Speaker in several conferences and workshops.

Member of the editorial committee of the review “L’Energia Elettrica” and author of several papers.

Other skills:  Team manager  Project Manager

 Project manager in European Commission projects

 Support to clients for electricity market analysis and monitoring

 Responsible for training courses for market operators and seminars in main Italian Universities and Masters

 Commercial responsible for software products and consultancy activities

Proposal manager for Clients and international tenders


power plants on Italian Ancillary Services Market by the market and the regulation

2014, Isab Energy - Project Manager, Evaluation of expected technical economical results on Day Ahead and Ancillary Services Market of Isab Energy IGCC converted to gas fired configuration after CIP6 resolution

2014, Energia Concorrente – Project Manager, Support for the answer to the DCO AEEG 557/13 ancillary market reform and DCO 234/14 on integration of Capacity Payment and Capacity Market for remuneration of flexible capacity

2014, Terna – Project Manager, Review of the Grid Code

2007-2015-ongoing, REF Energy Observatory subscribers –Senior researcher, Participation to REF Energy Observatory activities. Director of “Previsivo OE”

2007-2015 ongoing, main operator and investor in electricity and renewable sector (Efibanca, MPS, Banca IMI, Shell, EOn, Statkraft, International Power, Api, Tirreno Power, Edison, Enel Green Power, SEL, Erg, Iren, Asja Ambiente, GSEI, Element Power, Acquirente Unico, ENI, Hera, Saras, ACEA, AES Solar, BKW, SNAM, several others)- Project manager, Italian electricity market scenarios definition for the forecast of electricity price on long term horizon (periodical updating service)

2007-2015 ongoing, Major Italian electricity market players – Project and product manager, Coordination of the development of ELFO++ software and integrated tools, Italian and European electricity market deterministic simulator

2013, Verbund – Project Manager, Italian market advisoring for the evaluation of the business plan of Sorgenia and Tirreno Power

2013, Tirreno Power - Project Manager, Italian market advisoring for the evaluation of the business plan Tirreno Power and for the support to the financing Banks

2012, Energia Concorrente – Project manager:

 Technical and regulatory analysis of the role of the CCGTs to provide flexibility services to the system in the framework of renewable integration

 Impact on the Italian market competition level of the CCGTs mothballing in the current overcapacity scenario

 Critical analysis of Terna’s Cost Benefits analysis (Network Development Plan 2011-2’012) of energy storage systems

2012, EOn, IREN; Edison, Gas de France, CVA; Tirreno Power; AXPO, others – Project manager, Multiclient Study on Ancillary Services Market Reform in Italy

2011, EOn, IREN; Edison, Gas de France, CVA; Tirreno Power, ERG; EGL – Project manager, Multiclient Study on Capacity Market Reform in Italy

2011, EOn- Project Manager, Economical - financial evaluation of a new OGCT project and study on the Auxiliary Services Market, historical results, dispatching rules evolution and future perspectives

2009-2011, Api,Energia Tirreno Power, IREN - Project manager, Economical - financial evaluation of new generation projects

2009, Major Italian electricity market players – Senior researcher, Study for the evaluation of the impact of the Law decree 185/08 on Italian Electricity Market Design

2010/2012, Reserved Client- Project manager, technical support to the lawyer office for antitrust investigations

2007-2013, Italian Regulatory Authority (AEEG) – Project manager, Analysis of consensus scenarios for Italian electricity market

2009, STOGIT - Senior researcher, Study for the evaluation of long term gas demand in Italy 2008, ApiOil, Gruppo IRIDE, Tirreno Power - Project manager, Economical - financial evaluation of new generation projects

2009, Tirreno Power, AceaElectrabel, CVA, Iride – Project manager, Study for the evaluation of the impact on company profitability of the new zonal scheme for the zone North proposed by Terna

2008, Tirreno Power, Enipower, AceaElectrabel, CVA, Eon, Iride – Project manager, Study for the evaluation of the potential impact of the new zonal scheme for the zone North proposed by Terna

2008, Assoelettrica- Project manager , Senior researcher, Study for the evaluation of the recent trends of power export from Italy to foreign countries: scenarios for year 2009

2008, AIGET- Senior researcher, Study for the evaluation of the degree of efficiency and transparency of Italian Electricity Market


Before 2007

2002-2007, Gaz de France - Cofathec Projis (2003, 2006), ExxonMobil (2005), AEM Torino (2006), Worldenergy (2006), ApiOil (2006-2007), CVA (2007),TERNA (2007) - Marubeni Europower Ltd (2001), Livolsi& Partners (2002) - Project manager, Italian electric market scenarios analyses aimed to: Electricity price forecast; Evaluation of technical and economic performances of new generation plants and merchant lines; Evaluation of the impact of network foreseen reinforcements on market zonal structure

2006-2007, GRTE- Sonelgaz - Key expert, “Project de mise en place de l’Opérateur du Marché Electrique Algérien” : definition of market model, market rules, company organisation, training courses for future market operators

2006, TERNA – Teaching, Training courses on economical-financial evaluations of investments in the liberalised markets

2001-2007, Edison, AEM Torino, AEM Milano, Enel Produzione, Edipower, Endesa Italia, Tirreno Power, CVA, Enel Trade, EDF Italia, Trafigura, Enipower, TERNA, AEEG - Product manager, PROMED – software for price forecasting on a medium horizon: update of previsional scenario database; technical support to Client: training, consultant activities and assistance in the definition of market scenarios; Technical consultant for software development and customization

Release of new software versions

2004, AEEG - Key expert Team member, Evaluation of different allocation methods for CO2 emission permissions waiting for the definition of National Allocation Plan for Electric Sector (EU ETS)

2002, Confindustria (Manufacturing confederation) - Key expert Team member, Scenarios analysis for the opening of electric power exchange: Different price scenarios definition on the basis of the bidding strategies adopted from competitors; Suggestions for the modifications of market rules in order to avoid market player prevalence

2004-2005, Italian national fund for Electric research ( - Key expert Task leader, EXTRA – Developments of electric market liberalisation in Italy and its integration in the European one. Management of price risk and hedging methods.

2003, Italian national fund for Electric research Key expert - Task leader, EVRISK – Risk associated to meteorological and technical aspects for electric market; sensitivity analysis for energy price and related volatility to different key factors of market scenario

2001-2002, Italian national fund for Electric research - Key expert Task leader, ENTRADE, Energy Trading - Modelling and behaviour of a competitive electric market: Evaluation of the impact on electric energy price of generation set evolution, network reinforcement and Green certificates value; Development of a methodology for electric energy price forecast based on scenario definition and operators bidding strategies.

February 9, 2016

I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications and my experience.






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