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EnVirOnMEnT ManaGEMEnT PLan. FOr. M/S. LiME STOnE MinE OF. Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani. area. PrOPOSEd PrOdUCTiOn: TPa


Academic year: 2021

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Environment clearance project of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Page 35




dhiraJLaL PanChhanBhai VaChhani


(SUrVEY nO.49 PaiKi, ViLL.Unadari, TaL.Una,


PrOPOSEd PrOdUCTiOn:-36000 TPa


Details of Area Applicant

Total Area – 4.00.00 Ha, Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Near Village-Undari, “Matruchhaya”,69, Gayatri soc.

Taluka- Una, B/h.High school, Delwadaroad,Una District-Junagadh (Gujarat) Mob.9825524138


Environment clearance project of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Page 36




The proposed M/s. Lime Stone Mine of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani area at near Village-Undari, Taluka-Una, Dist.Gir Somnath,(Gujarat) has been granted to Shree Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani,resident of At.Undari,Tal.Una,Dis. Gir somnath Applied Area-4.00.00 Ha. Proposed Production-36,000 TPA.

The lime stone mine near Lime stone is a hub for lime stone extraction. Lime stone industry is a thriving industry because of profile use of lime stone in construction,glass,etc.

The mining methodology consists of carving up pieces of dimensions is un measurable , in this method there is a reject of 15% of the production and about 85 % of the yield is usable.

Topography of the Area

The topography of the lease area is almost flat. The mine has a thin veneer of soil having a thickness of about 0.5 meters.

Latitude 20°51'24"N

Longitude 70°58'08"E

Climate date From Secondary Sources

M/s Lime Stone Mine of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani area is situated in district Gir Somnath. Una has semi-arid climate, with hot, dry summers from mid-March to mid- June and the wet monsoon season from mid-june to oct., when the city receives 850 mm of rain on average. The months from November to February are mild, the average temperature being around 20 °C, with low humidity. During summer time, the temperature ranges between 24 °C and 42 °C. In the months of winter, Una temperature varies between 10 °C and 22 °C but on a whole winters are pleasant.


Environment clearance project of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Page 37

No forests land the area. It is entirely a private Ag. Land. No endangered Species found in the core zone, so no adverse impact on the flora & Fauna. Since, there are no endangered spices of flora & fauna observed in core zone.

The environmental Management plan has been developed with a view to bring down the levels of impacts as discussed in the last chapter within limits. In each of the areas of impact, measures have to be taken to reduce potentially significant adverse impacts are to be enhanced/ augmented so that the overall adverse impacts are reduced to as low level as possible. The mining in the area has been proposed with time bound management plan so that impacts on different environmental parameters are minimized at every stage of mining. Measures to be taken for each of the impact areas are detailed in the following para:

 Land Environment

 Air Environment

 Water Environment

 Noise Environment

 Reclamation & Rehabilitation of lands

 Discharge of Effluents

 Afforestation & Green belt development programme

 Corporate Social Responsibilities

 Risk assessment & Disaster Management Plan




2.1.1 Anticipated impacts

The opencast mining operations are generally prone to generation of high levels of PM and to a limited extent SO2, NOx due to fossil fual based vehicles and machines etc. Air pollution due to SO2 , NOx and PM may result in irritation and inflammation of eyes and congestion of throat and infection in lungs.

2.1.2 Mitigation Measures:

In addition to the above the following measures will be adopted:- 1. Water spraying on the roads for suppression of dust. 2. Development of green belt.


Environment clearance project of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Page 38

3. Water sprinklers will be sprayed at all loading / transfer points. 4. Wet cutting will be adopted.

5. PPE will be provided to the workers.

6. To control the emissions regular preventative maintenance of equipment will be carried out.



2.2.1 Anticipated impacts

No impact on the surface water resources is envisaged. The rain water accululates in the area, which will be used for dust suppression and plantation purpose. The ground water table in this region range from 30-40 m from the surface level. Due to mining , ground water will not intersect in this project. Since no chemicals or explosives are used for mining of building Limestone, there is no source of contaminants that can contaminate surface waters or the ground waters.

2.2.2 Mitigation Measures

There is not the case with this lease, as mineral or soil does not contain any harmful ingredients that could leach to the water table. Thus the area working shall not affect the ground water quality.

The impact of mining on ground water is not anticipated ; therefore measures are not required.



2.3.1 Anticipated impacts

In open cast mining, the top crust of earth i.e. top soil/sub soil is completely removed below which are mineral deposits. The earth rock and other strata, called O/B are completely removed to provide access to the mineral deposit. In this manner land use pattern of an area always changes in the form of voids formed due to excavation of mineral. Topography of the surrounding area will remain unchanged. The drainage pattern due to proposed mining will not be disturbed within core zone as well as buffer zone. The thickness of the top soil is 1.0 m , it shall be scrapped and stack at separate place and will be used for plantation.


Environment clearance project of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Page 39

The mining area will be affected to the land environment. The excavated area will be backfilled for aesthetic purpose at the life of area. The top soil will be stack at separate earmarked site and use for the plantation.



2.4.1 Anticipated impacts

As far as noise pollution is concerned, Limestone mining does not contribute much to noise pollution, except the noise generated from stone cutter. Noise level in the working environment is compared with the standards prescribed by central pollution control board which will be adopted and enforced by the govt. of india through the noise pollution (Regulation and control) Rules, 2000

The exposures to excessive noise levels can lead to:

 Prevention of sleep, insomnia & fatigue.

 Decrease in speech reception, communication, disturbance and diminished concentration thus adversely affecting job performance efficiency.

 Irreparable psychological disturbance including impaired hearing.

2.4.2Mitigation measures

Mitigate the noise level following control measures will be adopted:- 1. Periodical monitoring of noise will be done.

2. Regular and proper maintenance of noise generating machinery.

3. Proper PPE in form of earplugs and safety eye wear shall be provided to workers working with the stone cutter and those in immediate vicinity of it. 4. Plantation in applied area will – also reduce propagation of noise outside

the core zone.

5. Green belt shall provide at the lease periphery, within the applied area.


No forests land the area. It is entirely a private Ag. Land. No endangered species found in the applied area, so no adverse impact on the flora & fauna. Since, there are no endangered spices of flora & fauna observed in core zone as well as buffer zone. Therefore, measures are not required.


Environment clearance project of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Page 40

 The implementation for development of green belt will be of paramount importance as it will not only add up as an aesthetic feature, but also act as a pollution sink.

 The species to be grown in the area should be dust tolerant and fast growing species so that permanent green belt is created.

 Apart from the green belt and aesthetic plantation for elimination fugivitive of emission and noise control, all other plantation efforts shall be decided and executed with the assistance and co-operation of the local community.

Trees proposed for green belt development SI.


Scientific name Common Name

1. Azadirachtaindica Neem

2. Ficus benghalensis Banyan Tree

3. Eucalyptus Nilgiri

4. Ficus religiosa Peepal

2.6. Socio-Economic

The impact of mining on social demographic profile is positive because displacements of habitat are not involved in this project. Undari project will generate rural employment. The mining activities in the area will raise economic status of the mine workers.


Environmental Management plan serves no purpose if it is not implemented with true spirit. Thus, an implementation and monitoring programme has to be prepared. Implementation of proposed control measures and monitoring programmed has an implementation on the surrounding area as well as for the region. Therefore mining management should be strengthen the existing control measures implemented within the sandstone mining area relating to the following specific areas.

 Collection of air and water samples at strategic location with frequency suggested and by analyzing thereof. If the parameters exceed the permissible tolerance limits, corrective regulation measure should be taken.

 Collection of soil samples at strategic locations once in a year and analysis thereof with regard to deleterious constituents, if any.


Environment clearance project of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Page 41

 Regular visual examination will be carried out to look for possibilities of erosion. Any abnormal condition, if observed should be taken care of.

 Measurement of noise levels at mine site, stationary and mobile sources, and adjacent villages will be done.

 Plantation will be done as per program i.e. along the boundary.


Environmental professional/ officer should be appointed/ hired to implement the environment management plan. The officer shall ensure the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the environment management programme:-

 Environmental officer will be responsible for proper maintenance and operation of the programme and it will oversee the following aspect:

 Conduct environmental awareness program to the workers, supervisory staff and contract leborers during the mining and operation period.

 Regularly monitor the environmental parameters and prepare reports as required by the GPCB.

 Recommend necessary measures to improve environmental conditions.

 Conduct safety program to create safety awareness among workers/staff.

 Train the staff and other workers on safety measures and conduct safety drills to educate them.

Environmental officer will be in regular touch with state pollution control board and state mining department and send them annual progress report. Any new regulations considered by state/central pollution control board for the building stone mining would be taken care of.


The Environmental professional/ officer will be responsible for:

 Liasion with environment monitoring laboratory for collecting and analyzing water and air samples from surrounding area and work zone monitoring for pollutants.

 Implementing the control and protective measures.

 Co-coordinating the environment related activities within the project as well as with outside agencies.


Environment clearance project of Dhirajlal Panchanbhai Vachhani Page 42

 Collecting statistics of health of workers and population of surrounding villages.

 Monitoring the progress of implementation of environmental management program.


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