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Russia is the largest country in the world. Its population of over 143 million is spread over a territory of more than 17 million square kilometres. The country’s internet penetration currently ranks fifth in the world, and, with the current population numbers and internet and consumer power growth rates, promises a huge potential for online consumer market growth.









66% 92%

Internet users in total population by country, % and million

InternetWorldStats.com, 2012 Russia 143.5 / 68.0 Ukraine 45.6 / 15.3 Germany 81.89 / 67.5 Netherlands 16.8 / 15.5 United Kingdom 63.2 / 52.7 France 65.7 / 52.2 Spain 46.2 / 31.6 Poland 38.5/24.9 Turkey 74 / 36.5 Italy 60.9 / 35.8



Yandex’s mission is to help users solve their everyday problems by building people-centric products and services. Based on innovative technologies, the company provides the most relevant, locally tailored experience on all digital platforms and devices.

Yandex is one of the largest internet companies in Europe and Russia’s leading search service provider.

Outside of Russia, Yandex operates in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Search market share in Russia – 61,7% (LiveInternet, June 2013).

Monthly visitor audience on all Yandex websites in Russia – 54 million (comScore MMX, Home and Work Location, Age 15+, June 2013).

Yandex is sixth in the world’s top search engines by number of searches (MM).

World’s top search engines by number of searches, million

comScore, qSearch, Home and Work,May 2013 vs May 2012

Search entity

May 2012

May 2013

Change, %

Google Sites




Baidu.com Inc.




Yahoo! Sites




Alibaba.com Corporation




Microsoft Sites




Yandex Sites




Qihoo.com Sites








Ask Network







Russia’s Internet Audience

More than 68 million Russians go online at least once every month (InternetWorldStats. com, 2012) to find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems and, among other things, spend money.

Russia USA UK Germany PCs and electronic devices 5 7 18 23 Household appliances 21 12 41 17 Books 5 7 18 23 Clothing 5 7 18 23 CD, DVD, digital content 21 12 41 17 Toys 5 7 18 23 Footwear 5 7 18 23

Gifts, flowers, greeting cards 5 7 18 23 Tools, building and decorating materials, etc. 21 12 41 17 Furniture and accessories 5 7 18 23 Household products 21 12 41 17 Sporting goods 5 7 18 23 56% 28% 41% 33% 11%, 6.9 4%, 2.6 13%, 8.6 20%, 13.6 28%, 18.3 15%, 9.3 9%, 6.0 Siberian North-West Central Volga South and North Caucasus Ural Far Eastern

Internet penetration in Russia by region, million users

FOM, («Интернет в России», весна 2013) 2013

Online consumer preferences by country, %

ConsumerBarometer, 2012

Consumers using a search engine before making a purchase online or offline, by country, %, аnd yearly amount of money an average online consumer spends online, by country, $

ConsumerBarometer, 2012 / Forrester, Eurostat, DigitalGuru

Germany 677 United Kingdom 1,206 USA 1,104 Russia 828 The country’s online

consumer market is growing, as Russian consumers become more confident and internet savvy.

While preferences of the Russian online consumers are similar to preferences of web shoppers in Europe, the Russian internet shopping market offers much more space for retailers in most product categories.

More than half of all consumers in Russia use a search engine before making the decision to buy a product either online or offline. Search results pages offer an excellent opportunity to target potential customers, who are already searching for specific products and services.

By the amount of money spent online, Russian consumers are approaching their counterparts in developed countries.

Average yearly online expenditures in Russia are expected to grow, provided that the number and quality of product offers available to Russian consumers on the internet satisfies the growing demand.


Yandex’s Audience

Yandex’s audience is almost 84% of all internet users in Russia (comScore, MMX, Russia Home and Work Location, Age 15+, June 2013).

Yandex has a loyal audience, for whom the word ‘Yandex’ is synonymous with search, and even with the internet. Yandex’s home page is the

first port of call for millions of people.

All these people log on to Yandex to find a solution to their problem, be it an address or location on a map, telephone of a taxi company or train times, the latest news or current traffic conditions. Every day millions of Yandex users send emails, pay bills, choose and buy products or services, plan their evenings and holidays, or simply browse the internet.


Gateway to internet audiences in Russia • Monthly audience – over

54 000 000 users (comScore MMX, Russia Home and Work Location, Age 15+, June 2013)

• Daily number of searches – 89,000,000 with every fifth search about a product or making a purchase


Russia’s largest electronic payment system

• Over 13 million accounts • More than 9,000 new

accounts every day

• More than 120,000 customer payments daily

• Partners with Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, and Skrill, a leading European online payment provider 


2nd largest email service in Russia

• Monthly audience – over 23 000 000 users (comScore MMX, Russia Home and Work Location, Age 15+, June 2013)

• Sophisticated anti-spam technology

• Opportunity to opt-out of ads

• Emails are labeled automatically

• Unlimited size of mailbox • Available on desktop and

mobile devices


A browser based on Yandex’s cloud technologies and services

• Search suggestions and browsing suggestions with integrated results from Yandex services

• Built-in translation service and antivirus


Russia’s most popular mapping service

• Monthly audience: over 21,000,000 users (comScore MMX, Russia Home and Work Location, Age 15+, June 2013)

• Professional and crowd-sourced maps

• In-house map production and open API

• Real-time traffic monitoring service Yandex.Traffic


Automated taxi booking service for a quick, safe and reliable taxi journeys. • Available on desktop and

mobile devices

• Over 400,000 downloads for iOS and Android

• Over 2,000 cabs online at any given second • 12 minutes on average

to reach a client • Over 20,000 bookings


Russia’s Advertising Market

Advertising turnovers have been growing steadily together with the growth of advertising markets all over the world. Russia is fifth in the top-ten countries with the fastest growing and largest markets by turnover.

Top countries by ad spend, billion, $ :

ZenithOptimedia, June 2013

Turnovers on Russia’s advertising market by media by year, billion rubles excl. VAT, and market share by media by year, %

RACA, 2013

Dynamics of Russia’s online advertising market by type of advertisement, %

RACA, 2013

Internet is overweighing all other media on the advertising market.

Both search and display adverting are designed to meet specific goals. The online advertising market in Russia, however, is showing a tendency to prefer search ads and this trend is expected to only grow stronger. India 1,874 USA 21,191 Other media Internet Radio Printed media Outdoor advertising Television Internet abs. Display ads Contextual ads Indonesia 4,157 Argentina 4,802 Russia 3,284 (~12,492 in 2015) Japan 3,263 Brazil 2,442 South Korea 2,179 Great Britain 1,923 China 13,039 5.9% 14.9 8.8% 16.2 12.3% 26.8 15.9% 41.8 18.8% 56.3 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 From 2012 to 2015, Russia’s ad market is expected to grow by $3.3 billion. With the estimated overall ad spend of

$12,492 billion, most of which will be invested in online advertising, by 2015 Russia is expected to join world’s top ten countries by ad spend.


27 24 21 18 15 12 9 8 6 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Yandex’s Advertising Business

Daily viewer audience in Russia, millions

TNS TV Index, TNS Web Index, Russian daily audience aged 12-54, cities with population 100 000 and more

One in every two rubles spent on advertising in Russia is invested in advertising on the internet

Yandex, with its market share of 53%, has a considerable advantage on the Russian internet advertising market.

Advertisers are leaning toward contextual advertising, where Yandex is and has always been the leader.

Russia’s market for contextual advertising by search provider, %

eLama, 2013 Google Russia 28% Begun 3% Others 2%

Yandex is Russia’s leader in online advertising: • 53% of the country’s market • Over 350,000 advertisers in 2012 Yandex Channel One Russia 1 STS NTV

Yandex is the largest by revenue company on the Russian internet:

• Revenue in 2012 – $947 MM (+44% year-over-year) • Net income in 2012 – $433 MM (+42% year-over-year) (Company Information for the FY 2012, using an exchange rate of RUR 30.3727 to $1.00 as of 31 December 2012)

The majority of Yandex’s revenue comes from advertising.

Ad revenue, billions RUR

CAAR, 2012 TV 143 Online 56 Perviy Kanal 28.2 Yandex28.1 Yandex 68%


Yandex Solutions and Technologies

Yandex’s business solutions are widely available all over the world:

Search and Contextual Ads


• The first and largest system for contextual advertising in Russia

• 89,4% reach in Russia (comScore MMX, Russia, Home and Work Location, Age 15+, June 2013).

• Shows ads to 50 million people every day • Is used by more than 350,000 advertisers

• Serves ads on Yandex’s SERPs and websites in the Yandex Advertising Network

• Uses a cost-per-click, auction-based model. Advertisers choose how much they wish to pay for a click.

• Ads are shown only to those web users who are looking for advertised products or services.

• English-language interface and English-speaking personal managers to advise on the most effective campaign strategies and help with localising ads for the Russian market.


E-Commerce and Online Shopping


• Advertisers showcase their products on a pay-per-click basis with a low initial price

• 12,500 online stores, 50 million products

• Monthly audience 14 million unique visitors, daily audience – 1,1 million (comScore MMX, Russia, Home and Work

Location, Age 15+, June 2013)


The largest aggregator of online stores that sell clothing, footwear and accessories. Implemented as a feature on Yandex.Market, the service is based on a cutting-edge visual search technology, which allows online shoppers to easily find what they are looking for among thousands of offers in hundreds of online stores.

Brand Promotion

Display Advertising on Yandex Websites

A clear and streamlined banner ad designed to attract a receptive and loyal target audience.

Audience Targeting

• Crypta, Yandex’s proprietary behavior analytics technology, enables advertisers to target their ads to a specific audience based on what they do online.

• Advertisers on Yandex also have an opportunity to use an audience targeting tool developed with Vivaki to target their ads to light TV viewers or to those who do not watch TV at all.


Yandex Solutions and Technologies

Web Analytics


A free web statistics tool that measures website traffic, visitor behavior and ad efficiency in real time. Using Yandex.Metrica, advertisers can monitor key website statistics, analyze visitor behavior and evaluate efficiency of their ad campaigns. Users of Yandex.Metrica can see statistical information about their site in intuitive graphs, charts and even videos. Data reports begin to show within 15 minutes after installation. The tool’s heat map conveniently shows which sections on a website attract most of visitors’ attention and which remain unnoticed.

Heat Map

The heat map tool on Yandex.Metrica gives website owners an excellent opportunity to see where their visitors click most often. Looking at the heat map of visitor clicks on their website, they can find out if the menu to the right of the page is noticeable or how many clicks miss their goal.


Yandex.Metrica allows advertisers to customise statistical reports based on specific goals and see if visitors to their site perform the expected actions, find out how many people find their site layout confusing, where the stumbling blocks are and how many visitors actually become customers.


Yandex’s free web analytics tool for tracking user behaviour on a website. Webvisor allows recording and then playing as a video the visitor’s actions on a website: mouse clicks and movements, page scrolling, copying and pasting. This gives website owners an opportunity to test website’s usability, find flaws in its design or structure, and, ultimately, increase the click-through rate.


Yandex is your gateway to Russia

Yandex is one of the largest internet companies in Europe and the leading provider of search and other services in Russia. With over 16 years of experience on the Russian internet

market, combined with the in-depth knowledge of and love for the country’s culture, language and people, Yandex is in an unique position to offer unparalleled business or partnership opportunities.

Contact us at our European office:

Yandex Europe AG Werftestrasse 4

6005 Lucerne, Switzerland Tel.: +41 41 248 08 60


Yandex has 17 offices all over the world: Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and the United States.

More than 3500 people work together as a team and communicate freely at Yandex. People with notebooks can be seen working on sofas in the hallways, in the cafeteria, in meeting rooms, even nestled in comfy beanbags.


Each Yandex office has its own identity, but at the same time they all share the ambience. They’re all designed to be comfortable and pleasant places both to work and to just spend time.






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