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All You Need is Love


Academic year: 2021

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Inside this issue: Welcome, Neighbor!


America’s Favorite Pastime


Centenarian Cele-brates Birthday!


Resident Spotlight: Douglas Winter


May Happenings Around Campus


Edenton Retirement Community May 2019

All You Need is Love

Looking to try something new? Maybe you have always wanted to learn a new language. Here is your chance. For the month of May, we will offer a class on American Sign Language every Tuesday at 10:30 am in the Manor House community room. Mr. Ron Pitts will be presenting his four-week se-ries on sign language to help us learn some of the basics, including the expla-nation behind each sign. You might be surprised at some of the words you already know. So, join us for a fun and educational series this month as you embark on learning a second language.

Learn the Basics of Sign Language

Tea & Bonnets

Resident Ruth Robert-son proudly wears the spring hat she made re-cently to the Easter Tea Social at Fiddler’s Green.

This month we are celebrating Global Love Day. Here at Edenton we have a diverse group of residents and staff and we want to celebrate that. On Wednesday, May 8 we will host an Around The World tasting day in the restaurant. Staff and residents who want to participate are encouraged to bring a food selection to share that represents their heritage. Or, if you have a song or clothing item that represents your culture, bring those and your stories as well to share with others.

We’ll begin our celebration on Wednesday, May 1 by having residents and staff mark their birthplace on our new world map in the restaurant. We want to celebrate how much we care for each other and the diversity we have right here on campus.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Chaplain Jean, Lisa, or any of the life enrichment coordinators. We need everyone’s help to make this cele-bration a success.

Lisa Ambrose, Life Enrichment Director

Lisa Ambrose, Life Enrichment Director

Looking for a good book? A classic, mystery or maybe a biography? Head to the Manor House to Edenton’s recently

reorganized library and borrow a book! Everyone is welcomed.




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Book Club

In June, Page Turners will read another American classic, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Betty Smith’s 1943 semi-autobiographical novel focuses on an impoverished but aspirational adolescent girl who lives in

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with her family early in the 20th century.

Discover the story’s Tree of Heaven, and how it mirrors the main character’s desire to better herself. Be a part of the club’s discussion at 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 30 in the library.

Welcome, Neighbor, to Garden House!

Marie O’Callaghan, Life Enrichment Coordinator

A warm welcome is extended to Mrs. Kay Deskins who recently moved into Room 108. Mrs. Deskins was born and raised in Waymart, Pa. She and her husband, Bill, raised their family of five in Montgomery County, Md. She worked as a secretary at a Rockville-based microscope medical instrument company for years. She has always enjoyed painting, gardening, crocheting, listening to classical music, and watching musicals. Kay is now the proud grandmother of five and great-grandmother to four.

Welcome, Kay, to our community!

A warm welcome is also extended to Mrs. Karyl Novak who recently moved into Room 110. Mrs. Novak was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland. The mother of three, she loved being a homemaker and stay-at-home mom. She has always loved her coffee and sweets, and her family says she makes the best chocolate icing that you have ever tasted. She enjoys gardening and listening to political talk radio. Karyl is now a proud grandmother and great-mother and loves to share stories and pic-tuers about her grandchildren.

Welcome, Karyl. We are glad you’re here!

We welcome to our community Mr. Charles Piasecki who moved into Apartment 424. Mr. Piasecki was born and raised in a small town outside of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He graduated, attended college, then was drafted into the United States Army where he served for three years. He said it was

through his time in the Army that he got to travel all over the U.S. and Europe. He married and had three daughters. Now he also gets to enjoy his six grandchildren! He is a structural draftsman by profession and spent his career in the Washington, D.C. area.

Welcome, Charles, to our Edenton family!

Welcome, Neighbor, to Edenton!

Lisa Ambrose, Life Enrichment Director

Edenton’s Garden Club has been working hard! Thanks to all the residents that helped plant and water our crop. Be sure to stop by Orchard Terrace on Friday, May 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for our annual plant sale May our plant starters help you have a successful garden. Happy Gardening!

Annual Plant Sale Scheduled for May 10


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Every day Blossom Place residents begin their day with exercise. This daily

routine is one of the best ways to wake up and start off the day. We espe-cially look forward to our weekly visits from David. He is always showing us new and fun ways we can exercise, sharing the importance of keeping your-self hydrated, and demonstrating how to properly stretch before and after a workout. If you need a mood booster, attend his classes! It is important to get up and get moving.

Let’s Move!

Hannah Weis, Life Enrichment Coordinator

America’s National Pastime

Spring is here, the temperatures are getting warmer each day, and a new baseball season is underway. The assisted living residents will be enjoying a fun day of baseball on Thursday, May 9. We will venture off to Frederick’s Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium to watch the hometown team play. We’ll enjoy lunch at the ballpark along with peanuts and maybe even some Cracker Jacks. We can’t wait.

May 2019

Marie O’Callaghan, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Memorial Service

Please join us on Friday, May 24 at 3 p.m. in the Chapel as we celebrate the lives of our friends who have passed in the last year. It’s our time to share memories and stories of how they touched our lives.

Make plans to attend as we rejoice in the friendships of those who have touched our lives. Gone but never forgotten.

Lisa Ambrose, Life Enrichment Director

Sharing music.

Jesse Zuniga performed for the first time at Edenton on a beautiful spring day to a full house. His performance had residents singing, clapping and dancing in their seats!

Taco Bar Treat. Residents enjoyed a Mexi-can-themed dinner last month. Food was delicious...as were the falso margaritas!


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Budding Artists.

Residents and staff partici-pated in a Paint Night taught by Tina Young of Canvas Creations. Everyone did a great job and we can’t wait till the next one.

Our own centenarian, Helen Easton, turned one-hundred years young on April 19. Helen’s family hosted her birthday celebration in style recently right here on campus at the Garden of Eden restaurant.

Helen was the second to the youngest of seven children born to Josephine and David Umbarger in Bland, Virginia. When Helen was twenty-one, she moved to Gaithersburg so she could “escape the hard work of farming,” and she took a job as a waitress at a restaurant. Soon thereafter she met her husband, Elwood. The couple had two children together, David and Diane. Elwood passed in 1971, but their family has grown to include five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Helen shared that her favorite memories are of hosting the family’s holiday meals and driving her Jeep. She enjoyed working in her gardens, the com-pany of good friends, and cooking...especially country cooking. Her favorite meal is fried chicken and fried potatoes and onions. She was very involved with her children’s education, and she served on the Montgomery County School Board for many years.

Helen continues to enjoy church services on Sunday and the many activities offered at Edenton. Helen has made many friends here since she moved here two years ago. She recounted that it was “the saddest thing to have to leave my home, but coming to Edenton was the best thing that ever hap-pened to me!”

It is fitting that Helen’s favorite season is Spring because, as she notes, “everything is coming to life!” just as she did 36,524 days ago...and counting. Happy 100th birthday, Helen!

Jennifer Holmes, Community Relations

Happy 100


, Helen!

Colorful Easter Eggs April was an artistic month at Eden-ton. Here, resi-dents and volun-teers enjoyed dyeing Easter Eggs at Garden House.


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Resident Spotlight

In 1986, Doug started his own company, Manage-ment & Technology Solu-tions, Inc. (MTSI), to pro-vide consulting service in the data systems and analy-sis field. He enjoyed build-ing and growbuild-ing the

com-pany for fifteen years before decid-ing to go in a new direction. Although Doug was extremely ca-reer driven, he made time for trav-eling and other hobbies such as be-coming a certified open water scuba diver and hiking. He traveled to many places within Mexico, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States. We enjoy having such a vi-brant and cultured individual as a part of our Edenton family! This month’s spotlight shines on Mr.

Douglas Winter. Born at Sampson

Air Force Base in Seneca Falls, N.Y., Doug is the fourth of six siblings and spent his early years in the Roches-ter, N.Y. area. LaRoches-ter, his family moved east to Fairfield, Conn., where he spent most of his high school years. He graduated in 1977 with a B. S. degree in Mathematics from the University of Connecticut. He began his career in Northern Virginia working in the systems data analyst field. He then moved to the San Francisco Bay area for a job as a project manager for the data analysis consulting start-up Minimax Re-search Corp., ultimately serving as its Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Hannah Weis, Life Enrichment Coordinator

May 2019

Our Sincere Condolences

All of us at Edenton extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of those in our community

who recently passed away.

You will be missed.

Mrs. Shirley Booth

Mrs. Anna Bullard

Pink blossoms! Sarah Sawczyn enjoying a springtime walk around Edenton. The cherry tree blooms were full and beautiful this year.

New planter box

Edenton expresses gratitude to Kurt Priessler for the Rolling Planter Box given in memory of his father Detlev Priessler (pictured at left).


5800 Genesis Lane Frederick, MD 21703 edenton-retirement.com

Phone: 301-694-3100 Fax: 301-694-0308

Well, April showers brought us May flowers. Now our thoughts have turned to all things gardening.

Wednesday, May 1 — At 1 p.m., guest speaker David Muns will be here

to talk about the importance of pollinator gardens. What is a pollinator gar-den you might ask? It’s a gargar-den planted and designed with nectar and pollen producing plants that attract insects known as pollinators. Join us at the Manor House to find out more.

Thursday, May 2 — Van outing at 1:30 p.m. to a local nursery for those

looking to purchase plants and flowers for their porches. Jane will be going along to help anyone that wants flower advice.

Thursday, May 16 — Master Gardeners on campus at 10:30 a.m. to

ad-vise on and demonstrate container gardening. Join us in the community room. Giveaways included...don’t miss out!

Mark your calendar and plan to take part in these fun, upcoming events.

What’s Happening Around Campus...


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