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Languages: : French (Mother tongue), English (Fluent), Portuguese (Basic Level)


Academic year: 2021

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curriculum vitae

Name: : Jeremy de BARBARIN

Position: : Engineering Manager

Date/Place of Birth: : 14th of June 1973 in Marseille (France)

Nationality: : French

Languages: : French (Mother tongue), English (Fluent), Portuguese (Basic Level)


Over 15-years experience in engineering and project management of major offshore subsea development projects in the Oil & Gas industry, primarily in the design, fabrication and installation of subsea structures and flexible pipes, and design and installation of rigid pipes. Proven leadership skills gained from managing engineers and draftspersons from different nationalities, and managing subcontractors.


Sept 1998: Engineering degree from the school attached to the University of Toulon (I.S.I.T.V.) in Marine Engineering option

June 1996 MS in Aeronautics

Oct 1995 BS in Aeronautical Maintenance June 1994 Polytechnic degree in Mechanics

July 1991 Baccalaureat (French equivalent of C.S.E. A’ levels, majors in Science)


Major Internal courses while working with Coflexip Stena Offshore / Technip: - Project Management Level I;

- Flexible Pipe Manufacturing;

- GPRS: Global Presentation of Technip products and work;

- OED Level II: Seminar for structural engineers (welding, fatigue…); - PED Level II: Seminar for structural and flexible design engineers. Major Internal and external seminars while working with Acergy / Subsea 7:

- Manager Development Program;

- Project management foundation program;

- Engineering Management Development Program developed with Cranfield University, UK;

- Proposing to Win;

- Bridging the Gap between Leadership, Management and the People who really get the Results;


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curriculum vitae -



Present Employment:

Since September 2013 Subsea 7 – Lisbon, Portugal Engineering Manager

I’m currently seconded to the newly open Subsea 7 office in Lisbon as Engineering Manager.

I’m in charge of creating and developing the new engineering office of Subsea 7 in Portugal; the objective of this office being to support the development of the group in countries like Angola, Brazil and Mozambique.

March 2011 – August

2013 Subsea 7 – Lagos, Nigeria

Engineering Manager October 2012 – August

2013 Engineering Manager for Globestar.

In addition to my role of Engineering Manager for Ofon 2 project, I created and started the development of the engineering department of Subsea 7 in Nigeria. The department employs about 40 Local and expatriate engineers working on hook-up preparation and completion scopes as well as supporting large EPCI contract such as Erha North Phase 2 for the topside design scope.

September 2011 –

August 2013 Engineering Manager on Ofon 2 project (Total E&P Nigeria). EPIC contract for Rigid Flowlines, Spools, Risers and 2 power cables offshore Nigeria in 37m water depth.

T&I contract for 2 jackets, 2 topsides and 2 bridges in between new and existing topsides.

I was supervising all the design engineering scope done in Nigeria by Global Oceon (44,000 Manhours).

Scope includes pipeline design and installation analysis, Spools and Risers design and structural design of riser clamps and riser guards.

March 2011 –

September 2011 Engineering Manager of the Nigerian Design Engineering subsidiary, Global Oceon. I participated to the growth of Global Oceon. It included managing the engineering team of about 30 pipeline and structure engineers and draftsmen, participating to tendering and prequalification activities and managing small engineering


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curriculum vitae -


some projects for MPN (Mobil Production Nigeria). Aug 2006 – March 2011 Acergy / Subsea 7, Singapore

Discipline Manager

As part of the engineering management team, I have been participating to the development of the growth and the expertise of the engineering department in the AME region (Asia & Middle East). I have been leading a group of more than 35 people spread over the region (Perth, Jakarta, Singapore and the joint venture in Kuala Lumpur). My team has been supporting projects and tenders for engineering scopes such as Permanent equipment and Installation Aids design, Assets modifications, Welding, Material, Fabrication, Naval

Architecture, Structure Lowering Method and Analysis, Pipelay Method and Analysis

2009 – 2011 Discipline Manager for the Marine, Structure and Pipeline Group 2006 – 2009 Discipline Manager for the Design and Fabrication Group.

In addition to my role of Discipline Manager, I have been: - Coordinating the Structures discipline seminars, which

objectives are to share knowledge, challenges and lessons learned and to set up the Acergy Group’s Best Practices.

- Managing some FEED and FEED studies, pre-qualifications and bids:

- Liuhua FPS mooring disconnection, chain replacement and re-hook-up FEED study for CNOOC.

- Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Pipe Samples welding and mechanical tests for Inpex Ichthys. - CRA Pipe Samples welding and mechanical tests

for Woodside Sunrise.

- Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) and Pipelay installation pre-FEED for Woodside Browse

- Managing the technical part of pre-qualifications and bids:

- Inpex Ichthys Pre-Qualification - Gorgon Heavy-Lift Pre-Qualification Previous Employment:


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curriculum vitae -


Aug 1998 – July 2006 Coflexip Stena Offshore / Technip, France Structural Design Engineer

Integrated in project teams, I participated to offshore field developments in shallow to deep waters and mainly located in Western Africa. It included:

- Leading teams of engineers;

- Design of subsea structures, permanent equipment. seafastening and installation aids;

- Follow up of sub-contractors and suppliers; - Preparation of installation procedures;

- Mobilisation of Barges, Transport vessels, flexible pipe laying vessels and construction vessels;

- Offshore missions on flexible pipe laying vessels, construction vessels and offshore platforms.

2004 –2006 Lead of the structural design team (8 engineers) for DALIA project (Total, Angola).

EPIC contract for Rigid Flowlines, Flexibles Risers and Umbilicals offshore Angola in 1,500m water depth.

My team was in charge of the design of all the permanent equipment and installation aids required for the projects, as well as seafastening design. Main equipment designed were 28off 12” production PLET, 33off 10” ILT, the riser connection systems to the FPSO and export buoy. It also included the follow up of the sub-contractor in charge of the design and manufacturing of a 300t winch located on a gantry beam for Riser pull-in at FPSO, the suction pile design for FPSO anchoring, flowline laying initiation and flowline restraints. 2001 –2003 Lead of the structural design team (6 engineers) of EPS

Projects: XIKOMBA (ExxonMobil, Angola), ZAFIRO SEA &

Ekanga Notch (ExxonMobil, Equatorial Guinea).

EPIC contracts for Rigid Flowlines, Flexibles Risers and Umbilicals offshore in West Africa in 800m to 1,500m water depth.

My team was in charge of the design of all the permanent equipment, installation aids and seafastening required for the projects. In addition to leading the team, I was also in charge of the technical follow-up of the sub-contractors and was sent to Angola to prepare and participate to the 1st Mobilisation of the vessel and the 1st offshore trip.

2000 –2001 Structural design engineer on K1A & KEN/C Rigid Sealines project (TotalFinaElf E&P Nederland B.V., Netherlands).


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curriculum vitae -


EPIC contract for Rigid Flowlines in shallow water in North Sea. Design of subsea equipment and follow-up of manufacturers (Subsea structures and spool pieces manufacturing).

Follow-up of flowlines testing sub-contractor. Client representative on the production platform during pre-commissioning activities.

2000 Engineer on ERIKA Tanker Cargo Recovery Project

(TotalFinaElf, France).

EPIC contract for the recovery of the oil located in the tanker ERIKA which sank offshore south Brittany in December 1999. Logistic at the onshore base in Brest. Organisation of the mobilisations.

Mission on-board the diving support vessel.

2000 Structural design engineer on TERRA NOVA project

(Petro-Canada, Newfoundland).

EPIC contract for Flexible Flowlines and Risers. Design of Installation Aids.

Mobilisation of the construction vessel.

1999 Structural design engineer on KUITO Phase 1A & 1B projects (Chevron, Angola).

EPIC contract for Flexible Flowlines and Risers and Umbilicals offshore West Africa in 500m water depth.

Design of subsea equipment.

Mission for risers hook-up and risers and flowlines hydrotesting on the production platform (FPSO).

1998 –1999 Structural design engineer on ZAFIRO Gas Lift project (Mobil, Equatorial Guinea).

EPIC contract for Flexible Flowlines and Risers offshore West Africa in 100m water depth.

Design of subsea equipment and follow-up of manufacturers. Mission on the flexible pipe laying vessel.


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