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Construction Management West, Inc. Statement of Qualifications


Academic year: 2021

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Construction Management West, Inc. (CM WEST) is a full service Program and Construction Management firm specializing in airports, transit, institutional, educational, clean water/wastewater, residential and healthcare facilities. The company also provides CM "at-risk" services and "design/build" capabilities when merited. The founder and guiding principal of our firm has over 30 years of design, construction, engineering, management, and business experience.


With offices in San Francisco and Oakland, CM WEST is developing a strategic position to handle projects effectively on a western regional level.

CM WEST’S construction experience is diverse, in depth, and highly relevant to today’s state-of-the-art facilities. We employ seasoned and savvy personnel that understand the need to remain sensitive to all issues that effect either cost and/or schedule.

By combining the experience of its qualified professional staff with state-of-the-art computerized project control systems, CM WEST provides its clients with a full range of value-added services. A summary of key issues and CM WEST’S construction management experience are listed in this Statement of Qualifications.

Bay Area Rapid Transit Oakland, California

San Francisco International Airport San Francisco, California


Three words sum up CM WEST’S business philosophy:

Commitment, Execution, and Client Satisfaction. When our management team makes the decision to take on a project, we only do so after we have confirmed within our own organization that we will be able to invest the time, personnel, expertise, and other resources necessary to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations of successfully executing key project objectives. This is facilitated by assembling and sustaining project personnel that share the same philosophy and who possess the necessary management and experience in order to transform our objectives into the realization of our client’s project goals.





CM West was founded in San Francisco in 1987 by Lionel J. Recio, who is both a State of California licensed architect and general contractor. Mr. Recio has demonstrated for over twenty (20) years a commitment to providing high quality services in a timely fashion for the firm's clientele. The company has a proven track record for providing qualified personnel who integrate seamlessly on public works projects as well as working successfully among the private construction sector. Projects have ranged from $.5 Million to $300 Million and have been primarily located in Northern California.




CM WEST performed various studies on security checkpoint station efficiency and enhancement at the Metropolitan Oakland International Airport. Our aviation planning team conducted on-site real-time surveys and monitoring for security checkpoint capacities, alarm counts, search counts, as well as gauging the general traffic flow of the passengers. Additionally, CM WEST identified current usages of adjacent boarding areas, circulation areas, holding areas, commercial areas, passenger loading areas, and back-of-house spaces for purposes of proposing security checkpoint layout alternatives.


One of our recent contracts has been the $50 million Security and Special Systems CM contract wherein we have supplied electrical inspectors specialized in the critical coordination and installation of fiber optics, system control stations (SCS), fire alarm, security and telecommunication systems.



CM WEST performed cost estimating services for the 5-Year Utilities Study. We estimated the costs of underground utility replacement and upgrades that included storage tanks, water pipelines, pumps and booster pump stations, force-mains, industrial waste treatment plant upgrades, and infiltration testing. The study was utilized to estimate the cost of utilities projected to be required over the next five (5) years.


For the past three years CM WEST has been instrumental in the building of the new $110 Million Boarding Area 'A' concourse facility at the International Terminal. This 50,000 sq. ft. concourse facility consisted of three secured stories of baggage handling, departure and arrival areas and accommodates 12 new boarding gates. CM WEST provided project managers, cost estimators, and electrical inspectors. Among the tasks performed were cost verification of owner and contractor change proposals, field inspection and project scheduling.


CM WEST's assignment was to provide cost estimating services for the existing Pan Am Annex building study. We determined that due to the significant cost of asbestos abatement it was not cost effective to salvage the facility.





CM West was instrumental in the success of construction work completed within this program. Facility upgrades included roof repairs and replacements, underground utility replacements, window replacements, and ADA compliant restroom facilities. We provided cost estimating, scheduling, constructability reviews, claims analysis, value engineering, dispute resolution, pre-construction services, program management, and quality control inspections - a combination of proven project management skills. Our project management software programs include Pro-Log, Primavera, Sure-track, Expedition, Microsoft Project, Timberline, Microsoft Excel and others. Some of our current school district experience includes the following projects:

 Arts School / Far West

 Chabot Elementary School

 Emerson Elementary School

 Golden Gate Elem. School

 Kaiser Elementary School

 Peralta Elementary School

 Washington Elem. School

 Carter Elementary School

 Claremont Elementary School

 Oakland Technical High School

 Cleveland Elementary School

 Crocker High Elementary School

 Franklin Elementary School

 La Escuelita Elementary School

 Sobrante Park Elementary School

 Lafayette Elementary School

 Prescott Elementary School

 Foster Middle School

 Lowell Junior High School




Clean Water


This joint project was administered on behalf of the City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Works, Bureau of Construction Management and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (San Francisco Water Department). The project involved de-activation and demolition of the existing pump station and the excavation for new 4,200 sq. ft. reinforced concrete structure in hazardous soil conditions. Over 2,500 lineal feet of 12" diameter water main piping was installed in adjacent City streets and along the Western span of the Bay Bridge.

CM West was charged with the responsibility of acting in the capacity of the City's on-site representative. During pre-construction, we performed daily civil engineering inspection and construction management duties. We prepared project schedules and designed project record-keeping procedures to comply with Caltrans reporting systems. Our personnel maintained daily logs and reviewed contractor's progress payment requests.

A major component to the success of the project was our ability to coordinate ongoing Caltrans seismic retrofit contract work on the bridge's West abutment, which was taking place simultaneously during the construction of this project in essentially the same jobsite area. We expedited project performance by securing project permits in a timely fashion and coordinated logistical requirements for our project as well as that of Caltrans.



This project involved the installation of a major underground water main and the upgrade of the fire detection and security systems at the City Distribution Division facilities. The pipeline assignment involved the coordination of street and lane closures and monitoring of the contractor's installation of the work. The CDD Facilities Upgrade included new fire alarm systems, a new perimeter security fence with automatic electronically controlled gates and other security upgrades in the shop and administrative buildings. The challenging aspect of this work involved the scheduling and performance of the work while existing operations were ongoing to avoid breaches in either continuous security or fire alarm protection.

CM West had the responsibility to inspect the work for compliance with contract documents while coordinating all work with ongoing City Water Department operations at the CDD. During pre-construction we hosted pre-bid meetings and notified the City staff of the work schedules and locations. We also conducted constructability reviews of the design documents. During construction, we reported to PUC management on the progress of the work and insured that the contractors were in compliance with contract document requirements.


CM West provided as-needed construction management services to SFDPW for the “Various Sewer Projects” program. CM West provided support for Resident Engineer staffing on this contract assignment. The work orders for project inspection were on the Davis/Kearny/Francisco Streets Sewer Replacement; 60 Scenic Way Easement Sewer Replacement; the Brannan Street Emergency Side Sewer Replacement and the major Illinois Street Sewer Project.




CM WEST and its management staff have successfully completed a broad range of private and public sector projects including:

Public Transportation

 Oakland International Airport, Aviation Planning

 San Francisco International Airport, Various Contracts

 Sacramento International Airport

 BART Anode Replacement, Oakland

 BART Design -Build, Line, Trackwork & Systems

 BART Design-Build San Bruno Station / Parking

 BART - Daly City Turnback Yard

 BART - SFO Airport Extension

 S.F. Muni - 19th Avenue Rail & The Embarcadero Line

Public Works / Municipal Projects

 Chabot Observatory Science Building, Oakland

 Port of Oakland, Berth 57 & 58

 Oakland City Hall Seismic Upgrade

 Oakland Unified School District, Measure 'C'

 Santa Clara Hall of Justice, San Jose

 San Francisco City Hall - Seismic & Dome Restoration

 Laguna Honda Hospital Replacement Program, S.F.

 San Francisco Ferry Building

 San Francisco – Youth Guidance Center, Juvenile Hall Replacement

 San Francisco Civic Center Courthouse

 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Pump Station

 Sunol Water Temple Restoration, Pleasanton

 Pier 48 Restoration, San Francisco

 San Francisco Zoo

 Yerba Buena Housing Towers

 Marion County Jail, Indianapolis, IN

Private & Semi-Private Sector

 David S. Grant Medical Facility, Travis AFB, Fairfield

 Veteran's Hospital, Palo Alto, CA

 Pac Bell Ballpark, San Francisco, CA

 Columbia Center, Seattle, WA

 American Culinary Institute, Napa


CM WEST offers a full range of Construction Management capabilities focused on keeping projects on schedule and within budget. We provide our clients the best professional services available for each specific job. CM WEST strives to keep all project team members fully apprised of the project’s progress in order to expedite the decision making process by all parties involved.


Our ability to look ahead to identify and inform the Owner, Architect and Contractor of potential adverse situations that may impact the schedule or cost of the project is one of CM WEST’S greatest strengths. This “looking ahead” approach has been the key to providing effective program management to our clients.

CM WEST presently maintains a staff of over 25 experienced full-time and part-time professionals. As an added value to our clients, CM WEST is able to access pools of additional qualified personnel which provide the flexibility for handling larger, complex projects requiring additional staff as per project needs.


 Construction Managers

 Program Managers

 Project Managers

 Project Control Managers

 Project Coordinators  Contract Administrators  Claims Managers  Compliance Managers  Superintendents  Architects  Project Engineers  Resident Engineers  Office Engineers  Schedulers  Estimators  Inspectors


The planning process of the project is designed to identify goals, issues and construction strategies. The master schedule is designed on a conceptual basis from design all the way through construction, integrating value engineering, constructability reviews and procurement. The total plan’s master schedule is analyzed accordingly with the Owner’s priorities, specific requirements, manpower and equipment and material deliveries to determine logical and constructive sequences. Value Engineering reports and analysis are included in the master schedule. Following the analysis and utilizing Owner’s information, a target completion date is obtained.

Planning and


Milestone dates and agency submittal dates are included in the design and construction schedules. This schedule will provide all participants with a clear understanding of the sequence of activities required and will serve as the basis for detailed construction schedules by the contractor.

To identify the most effective method of meeting functional requirements, we conduct an extensive value analysis of each project. Our goal is to make sure that the project meets the Owner’s standards while reducing the life cycle cost. We continuously review the developing plans and documents for consistency with Owner standards.



CM WEST’S cost estimating system is a formal, step-by-step method that provides the Owner, and other parties involved the opportunity to review and comment on the estimate and then understand the basis for further decisions, relative to the estimate.


Cost Control

CM WEST has developed a cost management subsystem which

provides reports and control for both design and construction phases. It tracts actual verses budgeted costs according to a chart of accounts format. Because of the automation advantage, it is easy to monitor and control costs for projects integrating progress payments of consultants, and contractors, costs of requirement and materials.


We are also able to report the financial commitment to date, projected costs to complete and variance to budget for each contract, including change orders that affect costs and status of contingency funds. We realize that Owner appropriations are restrictive and are careful to analyze actual costs vs. budgeted amounts allocated by the various financials departments.

As part of CM WEST’S construction management concept, constructability reviews are provided to identify any potential conflicts with the sequence of work, performance, scope breakdown and bid packaging and design schedule. These constructability reviews begin during the schematic phase and are ongoing throughout the design phase.



Construction management, as provided by CM WEST is specifically designed to meet the special needs and problems that Owners often face: the challenge to produce adequate facilities; high accountability for construction dollars; competing interests from different departments, unpredictable responses from the community; extensive and complicated reporting requirements; and often, extreme time and cost constraints that demand stringent control. Our construction management team will meet these challenges with specialized experience in cost estimating.



During the duration of the contract, there are often occurrences that cause delay or add to the period of time necessary to construct the project. These occurrences usually cause a change in price, and are added to the contract by a supplementary document called a “Change order”.




CM WEST is experienced in procedures to control any change orders on projects. The project manager on the project reviews the proposed changes made by the architect/engineer and verifies that the changes are not part of the contract. He/She discusses the changes with the architect/engineer and based on the validity of the request, prepares a cost estimate on the change for review with the Owner.


Once a potential change order is discovered, it is analyzed and the cost and time is negotiated on behalf of the Owner without delaying the job and at a minimal cost impact.



CM WEST has developed a proven methodology to prevent, document, and negotiate claim. Our project team and management staff is able to recognize potential claims situations. We maintain open lines of communication with the owner, contractors, architects, engineers, and related agencies establishing a look-ahead technique that helps minimize claims situations.



CM WEST’S inspection procedures include detailed review and analysis of shop drawings, engineering drawings, and contractor’s pay requisition and approval. We advise the contractor of the various change orders and field revision as necessary per project or agency requirements. We prepare a detailed plan report as well as final approved construction plans, specifications and estimate including plan.

CM WEST currently holds the following active certifications:


 Caltrans – DBE

 Regional Transit Coordinating Council (BART) – DBE

 County of Alameda – SLEB

 City of Oakland – SBE

 Port of Oakland – VSLBE

 San Francisco Human Rights Commission (HRC) – DBE/MBE/LBE

 San Diego Water Authority (SCOOP) – DBE





930 Montgomery Street, Suite 302

San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 397-6102 Telephone (415) 397-4441 Facsimile


337-17th Street, Suite 205 Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 834-7100 Telephone (510) 834-7101 Facsimile


General Inquiry E-mail Address:


Company Website Address:



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