Role of fixed parenchyma cells in blastema formation of the planarian Dugesia japonica

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CIDA: Canadian International Development Agency; Danida: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark; ESSENCE: ESSENCE on Health Research initiative; FIC-NIH: National Institutes of Health:

Chen, “A non-line-of-sight error mitigation algorithm in location estimation,” in Proceedings of IEEE Wireless Commu- nications and Networking Conference (WCNC ’99), vol. O’Dea, “A

It is also plausible that in Khanh Hoa human in fl uenza virus exposure is lower than in Ho Chi Minh City and that avian in fl uenza virus exposure is higher than in Ho Chi Minh City..

When comparing the audio quality of this codec to the best MPEG Surround multichannel codec for applause signals, with an associated parameter bit rate of about 9 kbps, we found the

We next investigated the potential effect of altered system A activity, indicated by the reduced Na + -dependent MeAIB uptake observed in PM with IV, on fetal amino acid levels by

In particular, sensors use a common noncoherent distributed space-time block code (DSTBC) to forward their local decisions to the fusion center (FC) which makes the final decision.. We

Furthermore, while the current recommendations based on thresholds of prevalence of infection remain valid for achieving control of schistosomiasis-associated morbidity and achieving

To overcome this di ffi culty, we introduce an algorithm, which we call “adaptive basis algorithm.” This algorithm is divided into three phases: in the first phase, the algorithm is

For baseline data, statistical associations were investigated (using non-parametric tests) between haplotype and nucleotide diversity in individual hosts (from whom $ 6 parasites were

The inhibit driver enable is received from the memory timing and control section and enables all inhibit drivers in the..