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European Networking and Training for

National Competition Enforcers

ENTraNCE for Executives:


26th June 2015 - European University Institute

San Domenico di Fiesole – FIRENZE

Prof. Pier Luigi Parcu

Director of ENTraNCE


ENTraNCE Executives

Where does it come from?


The FSR was founded in 2004 by former energy regulators Today, the FSR includes five areas:

1) Energy and climate change

2) Communications and Media

3) Transports 4) Water

5) Climate

Activities FSR Communications and Media:

1) Training (i.e. annual and ad hoc training) 2) Research

3) Policy events


1) Director (Prof. Pier Luigi Parcu) and research team 2) Scientific Committee (i.e. academics)

3) Advisory Council (i.e. firms sponsoring the FSR)



• Annual training program in EU competition law and economics for national judges of the EU Member States

• Organized by RSCAS with the financial support of DG Competition

• 5 annual editions completed; next edition ENTraNCE 2016 starting (July

2015-June 2016)

• Over 200 national judges from 24 EU Member States have attended ENTraNCE for Judges

• Introduction to EU competition law and economics + focus on different aspects of competition law enforcement

• Structure of ENTraNCE for Judges: 1) Residential training in Florence 2) Online e-learning activities

3) Final workshop in Florence


• ENTraNCE for Executives builds upon the experience gained in the past years to organize FSR Coms&Media and ENTraNCE for Judges: 1) Training, Activities and Governance → FSR Coms&Media

2) Training and Content in competition law and economics → ENTraNCE for Judges

• In spite of the similarities, ENTraNCE for Executives represents a new project with respect to FSR Coms&Media and ENTraNCE for Judges

• It will lead ENTraNCE to have two autonomous pillars


ENTraNCE for Executives

where does it come from?



ENTraNCE for Judges






ENTraNCE for Executives


ENTraNCE for Executives



Advanced training in competition law and economics • Potential participants from:

1) NCAs

2) Network regulators 3) Law firms

4) Economics and Management consultancies 5) Private companies

• Training delivered by members of ENTraNCE Scientific Committee + other qualified experts as guest speakers

• Structure:

1) Short term residential training 2) Online activities

• Types of training: 1) Annual training

2) Ad-hoc training organized upon request of NCAs and private firms


ENTraNCE for Executives

Training Activities


• Structure:

1) Online training activities (i.e. reading materials, forum of discussion, online


2) 60+ hours of residential training in Florence divided in 4 blocks (i.e.

Thursday to Saturday morning)

a) Block 1: Anti-competitive agreements b) Block 2: Unilateral conducts

c) Block 3: Merger control

d) Block 4: Competition Policy and State Intervention in the Market • Timeline:

a) Registrations will be open in January 2016

b) Annual training starts in March 2016 until November 2016

ENTraNCE for Executives:


• Working Papers series: peer-reviewed publications in the field of competition law and economics

• Scientific Seminar:

1) Annual Academic event organized at the EUI in Florence 2) Papers selected on the basis of a call for papers

3) Papers dealing with competition law and economics issues


ENTraNCE for Executives



• Annual conference:

1) Major policy event organized every year at the EUI in Florence 2) Focused on an emerging issue in competition policy

3) Different stakeholders invited: academics, NCAs, international organization practitioners, firms representatives

• Policy workshops:

1) Ad-hoc events organized at the EUI to discuss specific issues 2) Different stakeholders invited

3) First ENTraNCE for Executive workshop on antitrust compliance programs organized at the EUI on 26-27 June 2015

ENTraNCE for Executives

Policy events



ENTraNCE for Executives


ENTraNCE Executives

Proposed Governance

Director research team Scientific Committee Advisory Council & Institutional Partners


• ENTraNCE director and the research team coordinate all ENTraNCE activities in Florence

• Roles:

1) Director: Prof. Pier Luigi Parcu

2) Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Giorgio Monti

3) Research team supports the Director in the organization of ENTraNCE

4) Support team supports the Director in the logistics organization of events in Florence



• Provides guidance on the academic content of ENTraNCE for Executives. • Members are involved in research and training activities

• Present Members:

1) Prof Pier Luigi Parcu (EUI), 2) Prof Giorgio Monti (EUI),

3) Prof Pinar Akman (University of Leeds),

4) Prof Pablo Ibanez-Colomo (London School of Economics), 5) Prof Lapo Filistrucchi (University of Florence),

6) Prof Michal Gal (University of Haifa), 7) Prof Leigh Hancher (EUI),

8) Prof Christian Jaag (Univ. of St. Gallen and Zürich, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) 9) Prof Frédéric Jenny (ESSEC Business School),

10) Prof William E. Kovacic (George Washington University), 11) Prof Annetje Ottow (University of Utrecht),

12) Prof Michele Polo (Bocconi University),

13) Prof Patrick Rey (Toulouse School of Economics), 14) Prof Alessandra Rossi (University of Siena),

15) Prof Maarten Pieter Schinkel (University of Amsterdam), 16) Prof Heike Schweitzer (Free University of Berlin)

17) Prof Mario Siragusa (College of Europe). 16

Scientific Committee of



• Advisory Council:

1) Will include firms which sponsor ENTraNCE for Executives

2) Provides suggestions on the overall structure and themes of ENTraNCE for Executives

• Institutional partners:

1) Public institutions active in the field of competition policy

2) OECD is the first institutional partner of ENTraNCE for Executives, others to follow

3) DG Comp remains the key sponsor of ENTraNCE for Judges



ENTraNCE Executives


• Existing training programs in competition policy: 1) Master degree programs for post-graduate students 2) Professional training programs:

a) There are other programs in competition law and economics b) Target: professionals, consultancies, law firms

c) Structure:

I) Short training modules (e.g. College of Europe; Brussels School of Competition)

II) Online training (e.g. Eversheds; King´s College)

III) Even ad-hoc trainings to NCAs (e.g. Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy)

• ENTraNCE for Executives falls within the category of professional trainings, BUT it differs in comparison to the existing programs


ENTraNCE for Executives and

existing training programs


• ENTraNCE for Executives builds upon ENTraNCE for Judges and FSR Communications and Media

• Broader categories of activities: NOT ONLY training, BUT also policy and research

• Annual Training includes BOTH short residential trainings in Florence AND online activities

• Establishment of a stable platform with relevant stakeholders: academics, NCAs, int. org, law firms, economics and management consultancies, private companies

• Added value: ENTraNCE for Executives is not only a new

professional training program in competition law and economics; it is about building a permanent debate network among competition enforcers in Europe and beyond

ENTraNCE for Executives

The added value


• In the tradition of our professional Projects, ENTraNCE

for Executives will be organized as a Club. To access, a

small fee will be asked to all private players

• The Annual Training will be self financing, with a fee

asked for each participant, independently from affiliation

• Fixed structures, location and general support to

ENTraNCE for Executives will be provided by the

European University Institute


ENTraNCE for Executives

Membership fee


Thank you!





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