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TRENTO CUP The competition will be held at Palaghiaccio- via Fersina 15 Località Ghiaie Trento. It is an indoor, heated, (30mx60m) rink


Academic year: 2021

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Associazione sportiva dilettantistica

Sede legale:Via Fersina 15 – 38100 Trento Recapito postale: Casella postale 263– 38100 Trento Codice fiscale 96034740223 – partita IVA 01478520222

Tel. 0461 827151 fax 0461 827151 e-mail: cpatrento@virgilio.it




for Senior, Junior, Advanced Novice Ladies and Men

for Senior, Junior, Advanced Novice Synchronized Skating Teams

Trento, Italy, November 20




, 2015

Circolo Pattinatori Artistici Trento supported by Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio is cordially inviting following members of the ISU to participate at Trento Cup 2015, a competition for Figure Skating ladies /men and Synchronized Skating.


Oesterreichischer Eiskunstlauf Verband AUT Fédération Royale Belge de Patinage Artistique BEL

Czech Figure Skating Association CZE

Croatian Skating Federation CRO

Finnish Figure Skating Association FIN Federation Francaise de Sports de Glace FRA Deutsche Eislauf Union GER National Ice Skating Association of UK Ltd. GBR

Hungarian National Skating Federation HUN

Federazione Italiana Sport Ghiaccio ITA

Schweizer Eislauf Verband SUI

Slovak Figure Skating Association SLK

Slovene Skating Union SLO

Turkish Ice Skating Federation TUR


Circolo Pattinatori Artistici Trento – via Fersina 15 - Trento E-mail: cpatrento@virgilio.it sito web: www.icetrento.it


The competition will be held at Palaghiaccio- via Fersina 15 – Località Ghiaie – Trento. It is an indoor, heated, (30mx60m) rink



Trento Cup 2015will be conducted in accordance with the ISU Constitution and General Regulations 2014, the ISU Special Regulations and Technical Rules for Figure Skating and Synchronized Skating 2014, as well as all pertinent ISU Communications.

The final results will be determined as a combined result according to the ISU Regulations 2014. CATEGORIES

Figure Skating Senior, Junior, Advanced Novice Ladies and Men Short and Free Program Synchronized Skating: Senior, Junior Short and Free Program Advanced Novice Free Skating Program


Each club may entry up to two (2) ladies+ 2 substitute and two (2) men+ 2 substitute for figure skating and one (1) team for Synchronized Skating for each category.

After the deadline of entries, the organizing committee may decide if more than the allowed skaters/teams could be accepted.

Here enclosed can be found the Entry Form1 for Figure Skating and Entry Form 2 for Synchronized Skating. The entries of the Italian Skaters/Teams must be done through fisgonline.

For organizing purposes we kindly request to notify your intention to participate within Sept. 30th 2015 sending the Preliminary Entry Form to the Organizing Committee.

Entries of all participants and Judges must be sent not later than October 25th 2015 to: Circolo Pattinatori Artistici

Fax: ++39-0461827151 E-mail: cpatrento@virgilio.it Entry fee : € 60,00 per single skater € 300,00 per team

amount to be paid through bank transfer by Oct. 25th , 2015.

Should a competitor/team withdraw from the event after that date, entry fee will not be returned. Entry fees must be transferred to the following bank account:

Circolo Pattinatori Artistici Trento Cassa Rurale di Trento

Sede Trento

IBAN Code: IT58I0830401810000010325211 Please, specify name of the skater and/or team


The registration will take place at Palaghiaccio di Trento starting on Friday, Nov. 20th, 2015 at 13:00 p.m.


Each participating ISU Member is entitled to nominate one (1) National Judge possibly eligible for both Singles Skating and Synchronized Skating, within Oct.25th sending the Form 3 to the Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee will pay transfer from Trento railway station or Verona international airport , accommodation and meals for all Judges from lunch of November 20th until the lunch of November 22nd. Technical Controllers, Technical Specialists, Data/Replay Operators will be nominated by the Organizing Committee who will pay travel expenses, accommodation and meals from lunch of Nov. 20th until lunch of Nov.22nd



All Competitors shall furnish competition music of excellent quality on CD format and all discs must show competitor’s name, nation and the exact running time of the music (not skating time) and must be submitted at the time of registration. Each program (short program, free skating) must be recorded on one track and on a separate disc.


The program content sheet must be returned with the entry forms to the Organizing Committee in time and it must be filled in precisely by each skater in English using the terminology for the elements listed in the respective ISU Communication.


The Opening Draw will be held at Palaghiaccio on Friday, November 20th, 2015 at 18:00 p.m. Intermediate Draws will be made at the competition ice rink 15 minutes after the Short Program of the concerned category.


The top three participants of each category will receive a Trophy. Souvenirs will be presented to all the athletes.


The Organizing Committee will not be in charge with accommodation and transportation for single skaters and teams.

The Organizing Committee will provide the skaters and teams with pertinent information of accommodation during the stay.

The hotel for the Officials will be booked directly by the Organizing Committee by receiving the pertinent entry form.

The Organizing Committee will cover the expenses of accommodation and transfer to/from the station/airport and the transportation from to hotel/ice rink for all the Officials. The travel expenses of the nominated Judges will be covered by the respective ISU Members.

The Organizing Committee will cover the travel expenses of the invited Officials (Referees, Technical Controllers, Technical Specialists, Data & Replay Operators), based on the economic air/train rates, after receiving the pertinent receipt. The invited Officials travelling with their own cars, will be reimbursed within the correspondent value of the train ticket.


The Organizing Committee, FISG, GUG, accept no liability for injury or damaged sustained by

Competitors or Officials before, during and after the competition according to the ISU Regulation no.119


Doping control may be carried out during the competition according to the valid ISU Anti-Doping Code (ISU Communications No. 1603-1604).




Via R. da Sanseverino 125


Tel: 0461 391215 – Fax: 0461 392052




located 800 m from Palaghiaccio


Via Pomeranos 10

Matterello TN

Tel: 0461 944545 – Fax: 0461 944520




located a 1,5 km from Palaghiaccio


Corso degli Alpini 14


Tel: 0461 825300




located 5 km from Palaghiaccio



Friday, November 20th 2015

13:00 – 19:00 Registration at Palaghiaccio Trento , Località Ghiaie

Practice Advanced Novice, Junior , Senior Short Program Ladies/Men

Practice Advanced Novice Synchro Free Program, Junior e Senior Short Program

17:00 - 17:30 Initial Judges meeting for Synchronized Skating (Advanced Novice, Junior, Senior ) 17:30 – 18:00 Initial Judges meeting for Singles (Advanced Novice, Junior, Senior)

18:00 Opening draws at Palaghiaccio Trento

19:00 Free Program Advanced Novice Synchronized Skating Teams


Saturday, November 21st 2015

08:00 Short Program Advanced Novice Ladies/Men

Short Program Junior, Senior Synchronized Skating Teams Short Program Senior Ladies/Men

Practice Junior, Senior Free Program Synchro

Short program Junior Ladies/Men

Free Program Junior, Senior Synchronized Skating Teams


Round Table Discussion – SynchronizedSkating (icerink) Practice Advanced Novice Ladies/Men Free Program

Sunday, November 22th 2015

Practice Senior Junior Ladies/Men Free Program

08:30 Free Program Advanced Novice Ladies/Men

AWARDS CEREMONY Free Program Senior Ladies/Men Free Program Junior Ladies/Men


SCHEDULE MAY CHANGE ACCORDING TO THE ENTRIES. Round Table Discussion – Singles(Ladies/Men)(icerink)


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