Consensual Real Slavery

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Consensual Real Slavery

What is it / How to


Table of content

Table of content ... 2

Prelude ... 4

About this document ... 5

Introduction ... 6

Slavery is not about sex; nor is it about SM. ... 6

Total Control & Total Responsibility ... 6

Similarly: Ownership is neither a simple nor a small undertaking... 8

Housing: ... 8

Bathing and Grooming: ... 8

Feeding: ... 8

Physical and Mental Health: ... 8

Most who think they want Slavery are really looking for D/s ... 8

Welcome, new slave! ... 10

General Rules ... 10

Private Rules of Conduct:... 11

Public Rules of Conduct: ... 11

Work Rules of Conduct: ... 11

Evolution in these rules ... 11

The slaves oath ... 12

A slaves prayer: ... 13 Slave guide ... 14 Behavior: ... 14 Communication: ... 14 Miscelaneous: ... 15 Enslavement process... 16 Consensual enslavement ... 16

Auctioned or sold slaves ... 17

Capture the slave... 17

The Contract ... 19


General guidelines for everyone ... 20

Protect your privacy ... ... 20

... but stay honest ! ... 20

your profile ... 20

pictures ... 21

messages ... 21

more real life contacts ... 22

Specific guidelines for slaves... 22

your profile ... 23

pictures ... 23

Specific guidelines for Masters ... 23

Beware of the many scams ... 24

FAQ ... 25



a slave is not a rug it is not an animal

it is the most beautiful of creatures respect its heart because it gives it true respect its soul it submits it to You it is property of its Master

but as with all property if not taken care of

like a tree, it will wither and die it submits all to Him

yet He must know

He also has a responsibility to its heart

to nurture the being totally submitted to His will if He does not

He is no Master but a man playing one a sub is one who truly desires the Collar not demanding or disrespectful

however can be

when its needs are not met or when it is ignored

so in the dance of Master and slave there must be a balance


About this document

This document aims at describing what the lifestyle of Consensual Real Slavery is, what it is not, and how to practice it.

'Consensual Real Slavery' is the term used by the broad public when it is actually talking about a lifestyle of total servitude and obedience. This document is no exception to this simplification. Whenever the term slavery, or any derivative of it, is used, it must be understood as 'the lifestyle of total servitude and obedience',

For the ease of writing, this document has been written as if there is one female slave serving a Masters couple. There is however absolutely nothing that states this would be the most 'natural' or 'normal' way of practicing this lifestyle. Any combination of sexes and numbers is possible. Gender nor number don't change anything of what is described in this document.



Slavery, and we do mean REAL Slavery, has been around before recorded human history. The ownership of people by other people, in its purest form - slavery - has existed for as long as humanity exists and throughout all the evolution of civilization. However, there is a very distinct difference between consensual slavery and non-consensual slavery.

Non-consensual slavery is ILLEGAL and we explicitly condemn the practice of non-consensual, involuntary slavery. Non-consensual, or involuntary, slavery has been made illegal in every major country in the world. It not only is illegal, it is also very immoral !

CONSENSUAL Slavery however, can be practiced in a perfectly legal way. It can even be put into a legal contract like being an employee is or like a marriage can be. Legally, you cannot use the word "slave" in any contractual agreement. However, the principals of Slavery are perfectly legal as long as everyone involved is old enough to enter an agreement, is capable of comprehending the magnitude and gravity of the agreement, and then fully agrees to enter the agreement. From this point on, wherever you see the words: slave, slavehood, slavery or enslavement (or any reference to Slavery at all for that matter) what is being referred to is Consensual Slavery.

Slavery is not about sex; nor is it about SM.

Because this Real Slavery lifestyle is very much confused with the more broadly known Dom/sub culture, it is also very much misinterpreted as being sexual oriented. This is a big mistake ! Slavery is about total control and responsibility and not about sex.

Yes, a slave may be disciplined; and this discipline CAN take the form of sexually charged torture or tormenting, but is HASN’T TO BE. Of course owners can have sex with their slaves - that's a given. But You don't need a slave to have sex or "play" at SM. If You are only interested in sex or SM (or any combination thereof), we strongly recommend a visit to some escorts place.

Sex CAN be part of the Master/slave relationship just as it can be part of any other relationship between people ( or humans and their pets for that matter ), but nothing in the book says it has to be that way. The only purpose of Slavery is a slave serving its Master(s) in total obedience. This servitude and obedience covers all domains of life.

A Master/slave relationship has to be looked at more as an employer/employee relation than as an emotional relationship. Most employers don’t have sexual relationships with their employees, only few do.

Many others look at and treat their slaves as their pets. Like the pet-animals, slaves are

considered inferior to the Master(s) but the Master(s) takes great care of Their pets. And just as the love for the dog, Their love for Their slave most likely won’t be shown in a sexual way. Total Control & Total Responsibility

By definition, a ‘slave’ is a piece of (movable) personal property (a.k.a. "chattel") owned by

another person. A slave can be bought, sold or traded. While a slave may be cherished and cared for, a slave can also just as easily be misused and abused. Of course the owners can love the slave; nothing in the book says that owners cannot love the slave. However, Slavery does not require love. Slavery is about control: the utter and total domination and control over another human being's life. Slavery is also about responsibility: the utter and total responsibility of another human being's life.


Slavery is NOT about "romance". Sure, Owners could romance and seduce a slave if they chose to, but romance and seduction are not "part and parcel" of Slavery itself. Slavery is about Ownership and servitude. If a "slave" insists upon a requirement or a condition for, or on, their Ownership - they are seeking something other than Slavery.

Yes, it all sounds so terrifically unfair, doesn't it ? Owners can require and involve whatever they like in the 'relationship' and a slave must endure and indulge whatever the Owner's whim might be.

There is nothing at all that a slave can claim 'entitlement' to; however, in an effort to demonstrate this, here is an extraordinarily brief list of things a slave is specifically NOT 'entitled' to:

- Respect - Honesty - Loyalty - Affection - Compassion - Understanding - Appreciation - Courtesy - Recognition - Flattery - Approval - Consistency - Fair Treatment - Gratitude - Praise - Honor - Pleasure - Candor - Explanations - Kudos - Fidelity

If you demand, expect, or require any of the above, then, by the definitions and parameters of this document, you cannot be a slave. We suggest you re-think what it is you want. Perhaps you could find a nice Dominant (Dom or Domme) who you can share the pretend fantasy that you are a slave with.

Slaves don't get a vacation, 'personal' days or 'time off' for being sick. Well, they could if they were granted such by their Owners, but they have no entitlement to such things. As a real slave you will be expected to (and here's the shocking part) actually be a slave. I know - that's just so crazy, huh?

A real slave will be expected to be a slave 24/7/365. This is one more point as to why Slavery, Real Slavery, is not for everyone. If you are thinking: "Hey, I want to be a slave." but you want

recognition for your service, you want to be rewarded for your efforts, you want to be treated with 'fairness', you want some variety or flavor of 'equality', you want respect, compassion and appreciation then you want something other than Real Slavery. What you are probably looking for is to role-play the part of a slave in an OTS (Other Than Slave) relationship


Similarly: Ownership is neither a simple nor a small undertaking.

The Owners assumes total responsibility for the well being of their slave. Some Owners love to train their property, others do not. Some Owners love to micro manage their property while others do not. Some Owners enjoy the acts of bathing, grooming, feeding, clothing, and housing their property while others do not. No matter which aspects of Ownership You may enjoy, every aspect of a slave is Your responsibility.

Here is a listing of the bare minimal requirements that the Owners must attend to in order to maintain their slave:


A slave requires a 'dry' living space of no less than 3 by 3 meter ( 10 x 10 feet ) (preferably with a window for psychological health reasons), with protection from the weather, where the

temperature will not drop below 10°C ( 50°F ) nor rise above 35°C ( 95°F ).

Bathing and Grooming:

For health and sanitary reasons, a slave must be fully cleansed at least once per day. Whether You provide access to a $6,000.00 glass and stone shower stall with seven shower heads (each having their own temperature settings) or simply run a garden hose, the slave still must be washed, with non-irritant soap, regularly. The dental care of a slave is also very important for obvious reasons.


A slave must be fed on a regular basis (we suggest at least once a day); to maintain good health in Your slave, a balanced diet of nutritional foods and plenty of water must be provided by You for Your slave.

Physical and Mental Health:

Conditioning and training a slave is one thing. But keep in mind, not only the body but the mind as well has limits to punishment and deprivation; and the Owners must know where the balance is to properly maintain Their slave.

Most who think they want Slavery are really looking for D/s

So, as you can now better understand: Dominance and submission, or D/s, is not equal to ‘Slavery’. To be a submissive is more close to what, those who claim they want to be a “slave”, really want. A submissive has a degree (no matter how tiny) of influence over the relationship. A submissive retains (no matter how few or how ineffectual) rights and liberties; while a Dominant might be able to assuage some of the power a submissive retains, the submissive does, in fact, retain power. A real slave has no such power whatsoever. In fact, a slave has nothing at all, only what their Owners grant them and that can be taken away without warning. A slave only has such ‘rights’ and ‘liberties’ and ‘influence’ that their Owners may, or may not, allow them.

The Owners can give the world to their slave, but, in a heartbeat, an Owner can take everything back from a slave leaving them, truly, with nothing at all. A slave has no claim to any power whatsoever. A slave has no entitlement to influence anything. A slave no longer has any claims to natural civil rights or liberties. Whatever a slave might have has been given to them by their Owners, and even then it is an illusion as, in reality, the Owners owns the slave – therefore the Owners own everything the slave appears to own. A slave does not have possessions – a slave is a possession.

So, now that we have exhaustively attempted to depict what our definition of Real Slavery is (and is not), and if you still think you are, or want to become a ‘real’ slave, or if you believe you are


ready to, and capable of, owning your own slave, please continue and be welcomed in the world of Slavery !


Welcome, new slave!

For whatever reason you have arrived here, you are knocking on a door which, once entered, will leave you changed forever. Before you enter this door, be very sure that this is indeed what you want because there is no way back !

Are you ready to abandon yourself, for your future Master(s)? Are you ready to consider yourself as property, to be done with as your Master(s) please? Are you ready to be disciplined in any way your Master(s) choose if you are found to be in the least displeasing ? Are you ready to make your Master(s) your true center? Are you ready to make your Master(s) the sole focus of your life ? Are you ready to be merely an extension of your Master(s) ?

Be prepared to look deep inside of yourself. Are you ready to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are ?

General Rules

The slave agrees to obey its Master(s) in all respects. Its mind, body, heart, soul, time, talents, knowledge and skills belong to Them. The slave accepts the responsibility of using its safeword when necessary, and trusts implicitly in the Master(s) to respect the use of that safeword. If a condition arises in which the slave needs to use the safeword or gesture, the Master(s) will assess the situation, and determine an appropriate course of action.

The slave shall keep its body and mind available for the use of its Master(s) at all times. In

addition, the slave agrees that its Master(s) possess the right to determine whether others can use its services and what use they may put it to. The slave shall demonstrate its acceptance of its role of service and availability at all times while at home and at other times and places specified by the Master(s). The slave acknowledges that the Master(s) may use its body or mind in any manner They wish within the parameters of safety. They may hurt it without reason to please Themself. The slave enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt

expressions will not affect its treatment. Further, it accepts that if the Master(s) tire of its noise, They may gag it or take other actions to silence it.

The slave will answer any questions put to it honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information the Master(s) should know about its physical or emotional condition. While the Master(s) expect Their slave to speak honestly and forthightly about anything that bothers it, it is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. It will phrase its concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept the Master(s)' judgment in these matters without further complaint.

The slave will always speak of its Master in terms of love and respect. it will address Him/Her at all times "Master" or “Mistress” {see also Public Rules of Conduct}.

The Master may give the slave "free periods" in His presence during which the slave may express itself openly and freely. There will be no punishments applied during "free periods". It is

understood, however, that the slave will continue to address the Master with respect and love at all times and that deviations from this rule are subject to punishment at a later time.

The slave agrees that severe punishment may be assessed for any infraction of the letter or spirit of the rules, and will accept the correction gratefully. The form and extent of the punishment shall be at the Master(s)' pleasure, and the Master(s) shall make it clear to the slave that it is being punished when punishment occurs. The Master(s) shall endeavor not to inflict physical harm upon the slave that might require the attention of anyone outside the relationship. Master(s) and slave


agree that in extremes either may activate a free period by using the safeword. The free period will continue until the Master(s) evaluates that the problem{s} concerned are resolved.

All rights and privileges not otherwise noted in these rules belong to the Master(s), and They may exercise them as They chooses.

Private Rules of Conduct:


The slaves oath

i consider myself to be slave full-time to my Master(s), i will devote myself completely and totally

to the pleasure and desires of my Master(s),

without hesitation or consideration of myself or others,


A slaves prayer:

Allow this humble slave to answer questions it cannot fathom Allow this slave the Spirit to know Master(s)' needs

Allow this slave the serenity to serve the Master(s) in peace Allow this slave the love to show itself to the Master(s) Allow this slave the tenderness to comfort the Master(s)

Let this slave be able to show, each day, its love of its service to the Master(s) Let this slave open itself up, to completely belong to the Master(s)

Let this slave accept its punishment with the grace of an adult Let this slave learn to please the Master(s) beyond itself Grant this slave the power to give itself completely Give this slave the strength to please U/us all Give this slave to love itself in loving the Master(s)

For it is this slave's greatest wish, this one's highest power, to make the Master(s)' life complete, as the Master(s) make mine


Slave guide

These guidelines are a collection of what can be gathered from the writings of John Norman, and from various websites describing Slavery tradition.


1) Your Master(s) are always right, and own you, heart and soul. They probably have their own rules, and follow ways other than Gorean, so be sure to find out Their preferences. Ask your Master(s) if they have a document containing their house rules that you could have a copy of. 2) Slaves are to be pleasing at all times. There is no room for PMS, or bad moods when being a slave. Excellence and perfection in a slave is the goal.

3) When first arriving for the day, and if your Master(s) are present, immediately sink into the nadu position. Do not rise until directed to do so by your Master(s). If your Master(s) are online but not present in the vicinity, private message Them to request Their commands.

4) Your Master(s) own you, therefore you must always request permission to do anything, unless commanded to do as you wish for a period of time.

5) Always kneel -- slaves never sit.

6) Don't be a social butterfly. If you are serving Master(s), be attentive to Them, and give Them your full attention until They dismiss you.

7) Slaves must always be respectful of all Master(s) and Mistresses. Communication:

8) Slaves always call their Master(s) "Master" or "Mistress". Free persons should be addressed as "Miss [name]" or "Sir [name]"

9) When speaking to your Master(s), end each sentence with "Master" or "Mistress".

10) When communicating, all slave names begin with a lower case letter. Master, Mistress and free persons names begin with a capital letter. Slaves use no caps at any other time.

11) Never use the words "I", "me", "my' or "mine". Say: "this slave", "this one", "this girl", "this boy", etc.

12) It is wise to ask for permission to speak if unsure of the Master(s)' preferences.

13) Private message other slaves when in public with your Master(s). Do not speak in public unless you have your Master(s)’ permission.

14) Never correct another slave in public -- always private message them.

15) If you receive a private message from a stranger, and do not know the gender of the person, address them as "Sir [name]", until corrected, and then apologize profusely.

16) While free persons are not always right, they are by definition, NEVER wrong. Therefore, slaves do not argue with a free person. Slaves have the last two words in any disagreement, those being "yes Master(Mistress/Sir/Miss)".

17) If your Master(s) say or do anything when you are with others that you disagree with, private message Them -- do not speak in public for all to hear.



18) A slave must always wear the collar. The collar entrusted to you carries the honor of your Master(s). The slave (or pet) collars could be coded with commands that allow their Master(s) to control the slave's positions. Additional functions could be added according to the version. 19) Slaves are not allowed to wear clothes of a free person, but instead must wear slave silks or woolens. Female slave clothing is usually very skimpy. True Gorean slaves are not allowed to wear underwear, unless otherwise directed by their Master (we strongly suggest underwear in PG areas). Slaves are also not allowed to wear shoes.

20) Gags are certainly not a fashion statement … lol ... but are very important for boosting the Master(s)' ego. Wearing a gag is usually based on Master(s)' command (who in the world would volunteer to wear that thing! rofl!), and in public it lets other people know that the slave will do anything for their Master(s).


21) Be prepared for some incredible nastiness from some really up-tight people. If you are not with your Master, then leave the area immediately

22) do not speak to the free person. If you are with your Master, then wait for your Master(s)' command(s).

23) If unsure of something, ask your Master(s), or message a more experienced slave for advice. 24) Types of punishment are limited only by your Master(s)' minds, and may be followed by tender loving to help heel wounds.


Enslavement process

Every enslavement will have its own procedings, that is for sure. Much depends on the character and previous experiences of each party in this potential relationship. Here, We try to describe a few approaches. You could use this as a procedure to be followed stricktly but it surely isn't intended to be that way.

In general, We have to advise you not to hurry. It is a big step for everyone, certainly for the slave that is giving up all its freedom, but also for the Master who is taking on His huge responsibility. Furthermore, in many cases both sides haven't met yet, and need to get to know eachother. On the other hand, especially slaves, could choose not having to evaluate the future Master as this is very unnatural to them, and just want to put themselves as prey to be captured by the first Master that wants them.

Based on a few preferences we could distinguish the following approaches: Consensual enslavement

In this approach, both the Master and the slave, decide together whether they start an M/s relation-ship. This approach is the most consensual one because both parties decide together and each party can decide not to go along. Once both parties come to the consensus to go ahead, the enslavement is total and real.

The first step in this relationship is very vanilla. Two ( or more ) persons get to know eachother, assess the other and decide together whether they start a relationship or not. Once a seemingly suit-able partner is found a process of gradual enslavement can start. At this point the slave should clear-ly state in all of its profiles that it is "under consideration" and "no longer looking". Every good Master will honor this indication and will not try to run off with anothers (potential) slave.

As a first step you could decided on having some kind of online relationship. One of the many dif-ferent chatting systems can be very usefull. Virtual world systems like Second life, Openlife or OSgrid can make the contact more realistic. These virtual worlds have lots of specific tools for liv-ing slavery like collars which restrict the slaves posibilities. Lateron you could add voice and video chat using skype or MSN or ... This kind of online contacts is very safe and gives the opportunity to get to know the partner pretty well.

Be aware however of a few drawbacks of this kind of encounters:

First there are a lot of scammers active. Never ever follow any demand for money in whatever form ! More info is given further in this document (see “beware of the many scams”).

Secondly, it is very difficult to really force someone into doing things when you are online. slaves should not assess the severity of the Master based on what they experience online. Online contacts can never be the real thing, even if you go on mic and cam.

Once you got to know eachother rather well, based on online contacts or otherwise, a trial period could be agreed upon. This does not necessarily be limited to one period, you could agree on having a first trial of one week, then a second trial period of one month and maybe even a third trial of 3-6 months. During the trial period, the slave can't quit, that is why it could be a good idea to have sev-eral moments at which the slavery can be reviewed and each of the parties could decide to stop or postpone it.


After the trial periods are finished and everyone feels good, then the final and permanent consensual slavery is a fact.

As this is an elaborate process, it is important to agree beforehand on the steps and write these down in a contract. For more details take a look at the chapter about the contract

Auctioned or sold slaves

This approach is probably the most provocative. Even not everyone within the lifestyle will feel good about this. However if the Seller takes His responsability for His slave(s) as He should, this could be the best way to be sure of a good future relationship.

Some Masters like to train new slaves and once the education is completed They sell the trained slave and start with another new slave. Not only individual Masters do this, there even exist slave training schools. Most of these sellers not only provide well trained slaves but they will also make sure that the buyer will be a good Master for the slave. In many cases if the trainers don't think it is a good match between the future Master and the slave, the sale will not go on.

Prices are meant to cover the education costs. A slave-sale and pricing can best be compared to a transfer of footballplayers. The better the player is, the higher the price will be.

Not only slaves trainers can sell slaves. When a Master feels that the relationship with His slave is not working out well, He can decide to sell it. Here too, a good Master will make sure the buyer suites the slave well. This is part of the taking good care of the slave.

For the slave, this approach can be a bit daugnting as it has no say whatsoever in who it will end up with. The slave must (as always) completely trust its Master's judgement of the new Owner and the terms of the sale. Yes, during the sale it is very well possible that the Seller puts certain restrictions on what the Buyer can do with the slave. For example the terms of the sale could very well include a trial period or state certain causes that must be included in the new enslavementcontract.

For newbee slaves, looking for a slaves training school could be a more secure way to enter the life-style. By doing so, the new slave is assured of support and protection during its first steps in the lifestyle. Some schools even keep checking on the Master to make sure the relationship stays healthy.

Capture the slave

This approach is more or less like the hunting down an individual and enslaving it. The only differ-ence with what happened during colonial times is that the slaves chose themselves and out of free will to become a slave. Once they made that decision, they are for the Masters to be taken. Much of this approach is also applicable when a slave gets auctioned or sold by its (previous) Master ( see “Auctioned or sold slave” for more about this). The slave cannot choose its Master ( slavery in its purest form ) !

Knowing eachother beforehand is not a prerequisite at all for this enslavement. If a Master buys something, whatever it is, He will first inspect the goods and try to assess what He is buying but He will only begin to know it well once He really owns it. On the other side, the slave, when sold or captured, never knows where it will end up and will not know its future Masters beforehand. So if we start from the acquisition point of view, knowing eachother beforehand is not needed and actual-ly not wanted in this approach to better honor the real slavery.


After a first assessment, the Master decides whether He'll take the goods. As this is a big undertak-ing for both the Master and the slave, a good Master will probably first take the slave on probation. During this predetermined period the enslavement will be total and for real. Depending on the expe-rience of the slave and the preferences of the Master the enslavement could start mild, but it there-fore isn't less real. As for the rest of the contract, The Master can at any given moment decide to end the trial if He thinks it necessary. The slave will only be able to ask for an ending of the en-slavement when the trial period is over. Even then, the slave can only ask, it will be the Master who decides. Instead of completely ending the enslavement, He could also decide to postpone it for a while and have a second trial afterwards.


The Contract

Consensual Real Slavery is a very extreme lifestyle. As mentioned before, it is perfectly legal but can very easily be misunderstood by outsiders and be confused with the illegal non-consensual or involuntary slavery. Not only for this reason but also like it is done for many other relationships (like marriage, employment, rental, ...), it is important to state the terms and conditions in a written contract that can be referenced later on when disagreements would arise.

As consensual enslavement can be an elaborate process, it is important to agree beforehand on the steps and stages and to write them down. This contract is especially important for the slave as it states the conditions of the enslavement and the moments and circumstances to stop the relation-ship. Masters can do whatever They decide, that's why They are Masters, as long as They abide to the contract. For the slaves however, who can only obey, the exact circumstances to be able to quit or postpone the relationship must be explicitly described.

An enslavement process can consist of multiple stages. The aim of these stages is to have fixed points in time to (re-)evaluate the relationship. At the end of each stage and as a result of the evalua-tion, both parties can therefore renegociate the terms of the contract. Renegociating a contract is more or less the same as ending the old one and entering a new one. In many cases these new terms will also lead to new trial periods.

Even when the trial periods are over and the permanent nature of the enslavement has started, it could be a good idea to incorporate some kind of periodical evaluation process. If the Master/slave relationship is working well, this will only be a formality as the problems will be solved in this rela-tionship and no explicit evaluation moment will be needed. Only when the relarela-tionship would turn unhealthy (most probably for the slave) this is then a much needed security feature

Another much appreciated idea is to have some official ceremony at the moment the enslavement enters is permanent stage. One could compare that moment with a marriage when the engagement turns into a permanent stage of being man and wife. This ceremony could consist of the signing of the final version of the slavery-contract, the agreement on the final terms and condition of the rela-tionship.


Going online

A few thoughts about looking for a partner online:

Slavery was, is, and will always be a lifestyle with a taboo over it. Many people won't admit in pub-lic that they adhere this lifestyle. People outside this lifestyle will never understand what it is really all about and a lot of problems could be the result. Therefore it is not always very easy to find like-minded people. The anonymity of the internet can be a huge help in this.

Everyone knows there are lots of dating sites and in most of these sites you will also find an M/s area. You must realize, however, that most of these so called Masters and slaves are only looking for BDSM playmates, only a minority are true Masters or real slaves there. And to make things even worse, the most promising profiles are most likely pure scams trying to rip you off.

The anonymity also allows people to be bolder. This is mostly good but be careful not to overdo and get really rude. Always keep in mind that it are people with feelings you are talking to, not your computer.

So, eventhou the internet is much more anonymous than real life and so can protect you a lot, you still need to be a bit careful and keep a few things in mind:

General guidelines for everyone

The internet is a great place to advertise and to search. You can talk to the whole world, look for people all over the globe and filter for just your specific needs/wants. It is the power of the big numbers that is at play here. You are 'only' one of the many. As with everything in life, this brings possibilities and specific problems. For example, it offers the possibility of easily staying anony-mous, but it has the disadvantage that you'll have to put some extra effort in making sure you are noticed.

Protect your privacy ...


There are thousands of ads with profiles of people announcing what they are looking for and what they have to offer. The profile is the very first contact you have with anyone. So you must make sure it pops out and gets noticed at the first glimps. Any way is good to attract attention, but you must make sure you attract the attention of the right people. It is very important to very carefully compose the profile, it is representing you.


A picture says more than a thousand words. Most people are very visually oriented. Therefore it is always very pleasing to see who you are talking to. In many dating sites you even have the possibil-ity to set a filter to only see profiles that have a photo. This alone indicates the importance that is give to it.

A lot of people think about publishing a photo as a proof of honesty. They think that if there is a photo, the profile must be true and the person is real. How much more wrong can one be ? A photo isn't any proof at all, nor is a video fragment ! There are loads of fake profiles containing photos or even video fragments that have been downloaded somewhere else on the internet.

Pictures need to be interpreted, and can reveal extra information about whether or not the person really is genuine. A picture that looks very nice and of commercial quality indicates that the profile probably is fake. Pictures of very beautiful people probably are fake too. This is very annoying for the real beautiful boys and girls especially if they have some very nice pictures of themselves, they'll have to find other means to prove their reality.


Once you have published your profile, the second most important means of communication are the messaging systems. You advertised, so you'll expect some response to it. Why else would you have done the effort to write a profile. Even if you didn't publish your profile (yet), you will want to react on other peoples profile.

As in all day to day communications, always be polite and respectful to anyone you don't know (yet). Even if you are a Master contacting a prospect slave, you can be firm and Master-ish but you absolutely must stay polite and respectful until you get to know the person better. This rule is much sinned to and that is why so many people, Masters and slaves alike, have become very defensive in their communications. This in turn makes it even more difficult to establish a first contact with an interesting person.

A first sign of respect and politeness is to reply to each and every message you get ! Even if you are not interested in the person contacting you, it is only a matter of being polite to give an answer. That answer could be to tell that person respectfully that you are not interested for such or such rea-son. Make sure you very clearly explain the reasons of your refusal (see later on ) ! After all, it is YOU who has advertised and therefore asked for attention ! If someone reacts on it, you must an-swer !

This does however not mean that you have to accept being spammed. When you told a person you are not interested, including the reasons why, there are two possibilities:

 the other person accepts your refusal and backs off,

 the other person starts to discuss about the reasons of the refusal,


The first case is the easy one, nothing needs to be done anymore. Case closed.

In the last case you repeat your response a second time in more clear wordings ( but still polite ). After that you have every right, and it probably is even best, to block that contact.

In the second case, it is good to take the reaction seriously. Your initial refusal is based on infor-mation you found in that persons profile and his/her first message. This is not very much to go on and, as not everyone is very good at expressing themselves, chances are you didn't well understand each other. The latter is also the reason why it is so important that you add the reason of your re-fusal. Once the possible misunderstanding has been cleared out, you can decide again whether and which contacts you both will continue to have. It is not uncommon that some very interesting friendships come out of this and you will continue have contacts but from another nature.

more real life contacts

Offline messages are good for first and occasional contacts but soon you will want to be more di-rect. Instant messaging is a first step, later on you can step up to voice and even video chat, only then you go real life. Before you start voice and/or video chat, you probably will also want to ex-change some photos first.

It is a good idea to gradually step up the level of communication. After all you are leaving the secu-rity of the anonymous internet and exposing yourself more. At first this can be rather intimidating for one but also keep in mind that you can not be sure yet of the reality and honesty of the other side at this point. So keeping up some degree of protection is good. Look at it as peeling off an onion, you drop some protection but you still haven't disclosed completely yet. If it appears you misjudged the situation, you can still back off without having been exposed completely.

The speed at which you step up and even skipping certain steps will depend a lot on your experi-ence and confidexperi-ence. As everything else on this site, this is a guideline, an advise, not a strict rule. Specific guidelines for slaves

There are lots of dating sites and some are really targeted toward BDSM and M/s. Especially the female slaves profiles get a lot of reactions. Many of these are rather rude and from people who are not very serious about M/s. Many of them are only collectors of nude photos. To make things even worse, there are also a lot of scams only interested in getting your money.

This makes that many slaves very quickly go into defensive mode and become rude, aggressive even, too. This is very understandable but wrong !

A slave is a slave not only towards its (future) Master(s) but being a slave is a state of mind toward everyone. slaves at first have so serve and be pleasing to their Master(s), of course, but it doesn't end there. slaves must be pleasing toward everyone no matter the circumstances

Especially female slaves are easy victims of wanabees and other fake masters, that is a given. In fact there are more scammers, photo collectors and wanabees around in these sites, even the most serious one's, than there are serious real Masters. But remember, somewhere between all that gar-bage is your future Master too! Also think about this, slaves, you only get one chance to make a first impression onto your future Master and each and every contact could be it, as a result you have to be respectful, submissive, polite and helpful to everyone !


Yes there are a lot of 'window shoppers' and yes these consume some of your time but you must keep in mind that they are the free people and you are only a slave ! Every free person must be treated respectfully. It is a first glimps of how it feels to be a slave, to be used and abused as the free people wish !

your profile

Even more than in your replies to messages, be polite, respectful and submissive. Make sure all the relevant information is in there.

It is a good idea to start by stating your status ( unowned, under consideration, owned, not looking, ... ) at the beginning of your profile. Especially when you are under consideration or owned, this could save you from some unwanted solicitations and if they do come, responding to them will be much easier.

We can't stress enough; a first sign of respect and politeness is to reply to each and every message you get ! You have advertised your service and asked for attention ! So, as a general rule, if some-one reacts on it, you must answer ! However, being a slave, there could be restrictions from your Master on your communications. If that is the case, state it very clearly in your profile. This way you avoid a lot of unwanted mails and if somebody disregards your limits, he/she knows you won't answer.

Don't state any "do's and don't"-s in the profile. you are the slave and the Master decides what He/She will do and what not. As during the slavery, a slave can ask for things, it cannot command. For example, there is nothing wrong in wanting to receive a photograph of the people sending you a message. You can ask for one but you cannot state that you won't answer if there is no picture in-cluded in the message !


A picture says more than a thousand words. Most people are very visually oriented. Therefore it is always very pleasing to see who you are talking to. It is also a way to advertise yourself. Remem-ber, most dating-sites offer filters on profiles with photos and many people use this feature. So, to increase your chances, it is best to include a picture of yourself.

Be aware that publishing a photograph of yourself, reduces your anonymity. There is even a chance that your picture could be downloaded and saved for usage on other sites. Therefore, we advise to publish a sexy photo if that is what you want but don't be to explicit.

Specific guidelines for Masters

Masters by definition are free to do whatever they want and in the manner they like most. However, You must realize that while searching for a slave, the slaves are mostly still free people. Also You have to think about the huge gift slaves are offering, their freedom !

A master needs to take control of the situation immediately, that is for sure, but taking control is not the same as bullying and being rude to the potential slave. Many slaves like to be bullied, indeed, but only after they are enslaved, when they have gotten the chance to get to know and trust their Master. It is really amazing what slaves are willing to accept once they have started to trust their Master. All in good times, first get to know each other, then a trust can grow and only when the trust is established Masters can do whatever they like and the slaves will accept.


For some of You, it may feel unnatural for a Master to have to do something for the slave. Remem-ber however, that as in every relationship, each side has to prove its worthyness. To give an exam-ple from day to day life; an employee has to prove he/she has good skills but the employer too has to prove he/she can provide a stable and trustworthy environment. Likewise, a Master has to prove He/She will be a good Master.

Being a Master too gives You only one chance to make a first impression. It is always more diffi-cult, if ever given the chance to do so, to change the ideas about Yourself afterwards. If the first impression doesn't fit the ideas a slave has about its ideal Master, then it will probably not even give you the chance to explain. You have lost it even before you got it.

To complicate things even more, remember there are a lot of would be masters, scammers and pho-to collecpho-tors around on the internet. Because of this, slaves are almost always very causious and defensive. From Your first contact, it must be clear to the slave that You are real and serious. This is probably the first and most difficult problem to overcome.

Beware of the many scams

The internet is anonymous, it is very easy to create fake id's and hide the person one really is. So when contacting someone over the internet, you can never know what kind of person really is at the keyboard at the other side. Unfortunately, many malicious people make use of this not to find a partner but to rip other people off

In some countries scamming has become very wide spread. All of them tell a very moving story ( all kinds can be found ) and later on start asking for money. They promise you the sky (eg super-submissive slave, willing to accept everything ) but are only interested in getting money ( eg for their travel expenses, passports, ... ). There is only one golden rule when you are looking for a part-ner NEVER PAY A PENNY in whatever form or for whatever reason.

The trickiest of the scams are those with the story of them wanting to avoid scams. They ask you to become member of some site to confirm you are real. This membership of course is not free as they will tell you. There is only one reliable way to determine whether someone is genuine or not. The slave goes on mic and cam first and then the Master does the same. The Master gives a few simple commands for the slave to react upon and then it is only reasonable the Master accepts the same of the slave for this one time.

If a slave has to be relocated, it is the slave that pays for the relocation ! The Master could refund afterwards, but only when the slave has arrived at His place. But actually what is the point of the Master refunding the slave as all the slave owned before its enslavement becomes Master's property from the start of the enslavement. If the slave doesn't have the money for the relocation, then you should accept the costs of a loan. The slave takes a loan for the travel costs and the Master will pay off the loan when the slave has arrived.

For more information about scams, you only have to google for the term scam and you will find loads of links explaining all kind of setups to get your money. One very interesting explanation can be found at the site of collarme.



Is this lifestyle for real?

You are not dreaming; this lifestyle does indeed exist. Google for it, pinch yourself, then look again. See, it is still here. However, keep in mind lots of people and sites say 'slavery' when they actually mean 'D/s'

Is this Gorean ?


If you choose to follow a lifestyle associated with the fictional novels (go do a google search for "Gor" and "Gorean"), that is, of course, your choice. However, this is not a “Gorean” document and we do not follow the “Gorean” ‘rules’ or ‘laws’.

You mean you people really own slaves? And there are really slaves who want to be owned?


It may come as a shock to you, and most of us probably were also very surprised when we first heard or read about this kind of Slavery, but YES this is a true reality !

Who can be a slave Owner?

Anyone ready, willing and able to take the tremendous, enormous, colossal responsibility involved with owning a slave.

Who can be a slave?

Anyone who is ready, willing and able to completely and thoroughly divest themselves of all rights, all privileges, and all responsibilities in their life until the end of their days.

But, only men can own slaves, right?

Where the f*ck did you get that Idea ? No, anyone who fits the answer to the above question: “Who can be a slave Owner?” can be an Owner; regardless of ethnicity, creed or gender.

But only women can actually be slaves, right?

No. Wrong again. Anyone, regardless of ethnicity, creed or gender, who fits the answer to the above question: “Who can be a slave?” can be a slave.

Okay, I want to be a slave. Where do I get an Owner?

The short answer:

everywhere; but you don’t get them, they get you.

The not-so-short answers:

For women: Be prepared for a lot of unwanted, insincere attention if you announce that fact publicly anywhere.

For Men: Be prepared for a lot of disappointment and a long wait.


The little-bit-longer answer:

The majority of the Consensual Slavery community/lifestyle are, in fact, slaves. Most predominantly among these are the male slaves; but there are still more female slaves than Owners of both genders put together. So, know this: there are a lot of slaves out there hoping for an Owner.

If I’m just thinking about getting involved in Slavery, which do I choose: Owner or slave?

See the answers above to the questions: “Who can be a slave Owner?” and “Who can be a slave?”.

Okay, I want to own a slave. Where do I get one?

Find an unowned slave, or an Owner who has a slave available to offer (barter, trade, or give away).

I’m gay/lesbian/straight/bisexual and I am an unowned slave looking for a compatible Owner. How do I find a [Insert Sexual Preference] Owner?

Um... you don't.

As said in one of the previous answers, the owners will find you ! Hopefully the owner will be considerate enough to take this compatibility into account. Also, remember, Slavery is not about sex, so actually this should not really be an issue.

I am [Insert Sexual Preference Here] and I’m gonna find an Owner who is a [Insert Gender Here] and is looking for a [Insert Sexual Preference Here] slave, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Hey, do what you gotta do.

Just out of curiosity, though: What will you do when your [Insert Gender Here] Owner who is [Insert Sexual preference Here] decides to sell or trade you or loan you out to an [Insert Different Gender Here] and decides that you will be [Insert Different Sexual Preference Here] from then on? Hmm?

Also, what if your “perfect for you” Owner decides that they want to own another slave whose gender is not of your sexual preference, then directs you to have sex with them (or they to have sex with you)? Hmm?

When an Owner owns you, that’s it, right? I mean, you are owned for life, right?

It depends. And it depends only on the Owners. Some Owners are like that, some are not. Owners are allowed to change their minds and sell/trade/barter/emancipate their slaves if they choose at any time they choose.

The slave however has no means to end this agreement other then very politely and respectfully mention to the Owners it would like to end the relationship. Once mentioned it can only hope the Owners will consider the request.

But, that’s not fair! Owners can just do as they please and slaves have no rights?

By George, you’ve got it! Now you are catching on. Geez, talk about being thick as two short planks.

It is unfair. Slavery is not about fairness; Slavery is about Ownership. If you are looking for fairness and equality, boy did you come to the wrong place.


The slave can only hope the Owners will put a little fairness in their considerations.

Why the hell would anyone want to be a slave ? It all sounds so unfair!

Here’s a suggestion: ask a slave. You can go over to the forums right now and see posts from people asking slaves that very same question and you can read the posted replies.


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