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5. WHY US?

6. OUR OPERATION a. Marketing strategy b. Talent & HR

c. Supply Chain management d. Commitment Of Quality 7. TECHNOLOGY





INFOWORLD a division of Haware Ventures Pvt Ltd.

is a company founded and established in the year 2007 by group of professionals who have rich experience in IT, ITES, BPO & KPO services.

We are one of the leading BPO company who offers business value to 100+ clients (International& Domestic), by combining operation excellence with deep domain expertise in key

industries verticals including banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, financial, travel services , medical transcription, telecom & diversified businesses.

Infoworld deliver entire spectrum of business process management services.


Infoworld is strategic partner for managing complex process that directly impact the clients bottom line. And end to end approach enable us to deliver effective business values to the many leading companies in both domestic & International market. We are passionate about building an organization that is valued by our clients, employees & business partners.

Thanks to its dedication, eye for innovation and commitment to perfection, Infoworld has grown exponentially over the last five years, successfully building a repertoire of innovative BPO solutions and a network of highly satisfied clients. Our achievements have been broadly showcased in the Retailer & Insurance sector, as also the other sectors that we operate in. In coming days we are planning to branch out nationwide and worldwide.


OUR MISSION --- To create world-class capabilities to ensure effective and efficient delivery to our customers by relentless focus on continuous improvement, leading to expansion of our business proposition.

OUR VISSION --- To deliver world-class services that will consistently meet and exceed our customer’s

expectations in a cost-effective manner thereby becoming a leader within the BPO space.

VALUES --- Innovation – think beyond and improve

Integrity – do right thing and take right action Collaboration – work as a team


Infoworld truly beliefs in extending your enterprise.

Extending your enterprise means that your business process outsourcing service providers should work the way you work while helping you advance your operation & achieve your business goals.

Advancing your operation means delivering your business process end to end, aided by focus in the industries these process support, flexibility ,to respond constant changes. Infoworld has built its value proposition as a client partner rather than a service provider with the ability to provide customized delivery solutions based on the client’s

requirements and enabling process improvements using industry benchmarks and standard quality processes.


InfoWorld enables high performance for clients business operation thru outsourcing management .

We have the ability to help the company to achieve their goals of :-

i. Drawing profitability growth ii. Increasing revenue generation iii. And enhance operation services.

A true business partner can help—a visionary tech leader to deliver analytics, efficiency, automation and mobility.

Let Infoworld help you turn the data you reap into high profits and lower costs.


Our marketing Business Process Outsourcing services offering is leader in this generation of BPO unlike

traditional marketing & techniques & agencies, we can

deliver results in face off several key emerging challenges. High performance in marketing requires precise customer analytics, strong value proposition delivery and integrated multi-channel communication—all operating seamlessly through a nimble, streamlined marketing team. Infoworld Interactive helps executives lead their organizations to high performance, leveraging customer insights, developing the relevant value propositions, using effective channels, and optimizing the marketing operation.

As technology is only part of the picture. Infoworld can help your business use technology to deliver a seamless and relevant customer experience with insights, predictive tools, social media and mobility.


Talent and HR BPO

Today’s fickle and restless workforce makes it challenging to find and retain skilled people. Infoworld Talent and HR can help you leverage analytics, social media and mobility to improve talent acquisition, development and

performance—and ultimately your bottom line.



Strategy Operation Employee Performance Compliance


Supply Chain BPO

Infoworld research shows that the supply chain can account for 50 to 70 percent of a manufacturer's costs. If something breaks down, your bottom line is at risk—from customer service to sales. Using analytics, mobility and leading technology. Infoworld Operations can save you 25 percent in labour costs while helping revenue grow 2 to 5 percent. And that’s just the beginning.


Quality is a key element of Infoworld BPO’s commitment to delivering value to our customers by first understanding their requirements and then leveraging our deep domain expertise to solving their problems.


Infoworld is a platform on which operational excellence exists and provides the leading edge to all our customers & valuable partner for faster turnaround time that help the customer to accomplish multiple objectives within same cost and achieve higher returns on investment.



o Customized CRM Integration

o Dynamic call routing, work flow management & lead management.

o Multi-tenant technology solution within same system. o Isolated network VLAN’s for network security

o Ability to run multiple operating systems in same environment.

o Dialer technology in Predictive-preview & Precision. o Green power --- we use solar power.

o Ability to run multiple Operating Systems in the same environment.


INFOWORLD understands that its clients need a very high degree of security for the processes running in its center. The center have implemented security in a layered manner. Broadly the security systems are classified into Physical Security and Digital Security.

Physical Security

 Physical Access restricted Electronically  Closed Circuit Television Cameras

 Blocking of Output Device  Facilities Manned 24x7x365

Digital Security

 Firewalls located on all networks  Intrusion detection systems

 Data Backup


Ethical standards & strict adherence in fulfilling assignments & requirements of undertaken job.

To ensure client servicing to minute requirements of undertaken job

Building long term relationship with client.

Applying innovative & systematic consulting approach to ensure consistent delivery & satisfaction to our clients.


• InfoWorld is located in Vashi Infotech Park, Navi Mumbai, occupying space in 1st;2nd;4th and 5th floor.

• It has a capacity of 300 seats (5th floor only)which can host a

maximum of 850 operational seats in a day and is available with modern infrastructure capable of operating continuously meeting 24*7 operations requirements.

• We also have around 10000 sq.ft. space on 2nd, 15th and 24th floor 3300 sq. ft approx on each floor at HAWARE InfoTech Park, one of the best business centre at Vashi.

• Have separate cafeteria, training room refreshment room and conference room.

• Since Infoworld is a associate company of a renowned construction group so space is not a concern for us.


INFOWORLD has been awarded with Business

Leadership award by Worldwide Acheivers in

category of “Fastest Growing BPO/ITeS

Company In India” for the year 2012-2013.


INFOWORLD – A division of Haware Ventures Pvt Ltd.

5th Floor, Vashi InfoTech Park, Plot 16 Sector 30A,

Vashi, Navi Mumbai,

Maharashtra - 400 705, India.

Tel: +91 22 64464034 | +91 22 27814412 Email: info@infoworldbpo.com



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