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Whether it’s testing the EPC, IP Core

network or data center, Spirent meets the

challenges of testing new mobile network

performance, application performance.

VoLTE, Wi-Fi offload, and DRA.

The Evolved Packet Core (EPC) connects high-speed access provided by Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology to the mobile applications and services required by users in today’s mobile environment. Meeting revenue targets hinges on delivering high QoS to multiple mobile devices over any-G

networks. Validating EPC design and performance is necessary to ensure these services exceed user expectation.

Testing Network Performance

Ever-increasing bandwidth requirements for successful services delivery is a constant pain-point for carriers and service providers. As a result, they are investing in new technologies. This migration underscores the importance of thorough testing. Core mobile IP network performance must be able to handle high bandwidth and multimedia content and its delivery to multiple device platforms. To succeed, these networks must:

Ŋ Handle routing and switching at 10G, 40G and 100G Ethernet speeds

Ŋ Handle latency and loss without reducing performance

Ŋ Maintain end-user QoE when network QoS settings change

Ŋ Ensure network security is maintained with minimal performance degradation

Testing Application Performance

The new mobile network now has to deliver a plethora of high-bandwidth applications and content to many different types of devices and an exploding user population. To succeed the network must:

Ŋ Application-aware features like DPI and content filtering must perform at scale

Ŋ Support next generation multicast protocols to deliver technologies like high definition mobile video over both IPv4 and IPv6

Testing VoLTE

With migration to 4G/LTE and increased data traffic volume from mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and tablet usage, service providers need to fully test IMS/VoLTE, LTE, and continue to test network devices using existing technologies like UMTS.

Since today’s device delivers voice, navigation, data services and more, often simultaneously, designers must be able to quickly and completely control a simultaneous integrated emulation of multiple network and radio access elements.

When It Comes to Mobility Testing,

Spirent Landslide Delivers

Trusted Performance

Spirent test solutions

have won numerous awards

for their leading mobility

testing products like Spirent

TestCenter for Landslide,

Landslide, and Spirent

TestCenter C100.

Spirent VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator was voted as Test & Measurement World magazine’s 2012 Best in Test in the LTE tester category.


Spirent Landslide WiFi Gateway Testing was rated four out of five diamonds by an independent panel of executives from Bright House, Buckeye, Comcast, MediaComm, Rogers, Suddenlink, and Time Warner Cable.


Spirent Landslide Wi-Fi Gateway testing received this award in recognition for its exceptional work in advancing NGN services and technologies..


Designers need to:

Ŋ Validate system scalability and identify capacity limits

Ŋ Measure control plane capacity

Ŋ Stress data plane performance

Ŋ Perform intra-LTE and IRAT mobility

Ŋ Perform Busy Hour Call Attempt testing

Ŋ Evaluate SIP proxy performance and limitations

Ŋ Test EPC behavior under dynamic PCC conditions

Ŋ Determine data traffic impact on VoLTE call QoE

Testing Wi-Fi offload

Wi-Fi offloading alleviates the challenges of limited bandwidth and finite spectrum. It takes advantage of the expanding coverage of W-Fi hotspots to offer alternative paths to high-bandwidth content. Integrating WiFi offloading has its challenges which include:

Ŋ Assuring interoperability between the Wi-Fi network and 3G/4G gateways

Ŋ Avoiding dropped connections during handoff

Ŋ Keeping handoff time under 100 ms

Ŋ Achieving clean handoff in both directions for voice and data sessions while moving between SSIDs and APs with various UEs

Ŋ Enforcing authentication, addressing, and bearer provisioning

Ŋ Prioritizing applications (i.e. voice vs over-the-top video)

Testing DRA

The Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) plays a critical role in ensuring network QoS. It offloads the burden of maintaining Diameter real-routing, peer connectivity, and redundant connections from key network elements such as gateways (PGW, S-GW), mobility

policy and charging rules functions (PCRF). It is imperative to verify:

Ŋ Validate system scalability and identify capacity limits

Ŋ Measure Diameter session capacity

Ŋ Determine network element responsiveness

Ŋ Perform Diameter relay, proxy and redirect testing

Ŋ Characterize system before trial and delivery

Ŋ Evaluate SCTP failover behavior

Ŋ Test ePC behavior under dynamic PCC conditions

Testing Mobile Data Center Security and QoS

Data center infrastructure and security must be up the task of processing requests and serving up data at high rates with low latency. QoS has to keep pace with demand. Doing so means understanding:

Ŋ How the rate of connection requests from users to applications impacts the data center servers

Ŋ How physical and virtual security affects user traffic throughput

Ŋ What the video quality being served is and how it compares to subscriber QoE

Trusted Performance

When the industry looks for a reliable mobile network and mobility test partner it turns to Spirent. Spirent test solutions have been selected as the test solution for countless public tests and have won numerous awards for their leading mobility testing products like Spirent Landslide. Landslide’s reputation as the leading control-plane test tool is now significantly enhanced by its ability to test very high user-plane, or application performance testing, simultaneously over the top of control and data plane testing. Landslide can test any node on the network, and it can emulate any of them as well. New mobile networks make these testing capabilities a requirement. Spirent Landslide is the only test



Whether testing mobile network scalability, security, availability or performance, Spirent Landslide is a flexible, unified

hardware and software platform, perfect for next generation mobile network testing.

Today’s mobile networks require several significant infrastructure enhancements. Improvements to the radio access network, mobile backhaul network, evolved packet core, transport core and data center must be made, while simultaneously maintaining existing legacy networks. Spirent Landslide™ provides a fast path forward by enabling equipment manufacturers and carriers to validate today’s all-IP mobile performance, network QoS and subscriber QoE in the lab and across live networks. Spirent Landslide brings mobile realism to a new level with the integration of Spirent Studio Applications and Security onto the Landslide mobility test platform. Studio provides mobile application and attack emulation enabling testing application-based policy, billing and QoS under real-world mobility scenarios. Landslide also provides users with VoLTE calling and IMS Node features to test VoLTE infrastructures control and data signaling at scale.

Spirent Landslide can be run on the C100 appliance, the 11U or 3U Spirent TestCenter chassis, depending on the type of testing needed. The C100 Landslide appliance is a comprehensive end-to-end platform that emulates millions of mobile data subscribers simultaneously accessing the wireless network using various access models. It provides unprecedented performance resulting from a multi-core architecture with hardware-assisted application traffic. It provides the highest scale and most realistic mobile application traffic emulation test scenarios available.

Spirent Landslide combines control plane and data plane simulation making it capable of testing control messaging performance between different devices on the mobile network. Landslide now tests very high user-plane or application performance testing simultaneously testing the control and data plane testing.

Ŋ Emulates all key wireless core packet data network elements

Ŋ Combines control-plane and data-plane simulation

Ŋ New dual-port 10G interface significantly reduces the amount of equipment, power and connections required to test a high-performance mobile network

Ŋ SIP calls can be originated or terminated by emulated UEs

Ŋ New DRA Node and Nodal test cases designed to test and emulate a DRA node and testing DRA-related functionality in various Diameter nodes, including PCRF, HSS and OCS.

Ŋ New data generation performance mode in Beta that enables up to 50Gbps per server


Mobility Test UI

Unparalleled Flexibility and Converged

Innovation Make Spirent the Ideal

Mobility Testing Solution

Landslide provides a simple to use graphical user interface that features network diagrams, pull-down menus, input validation and test case management. Tests can easily be created and executed from the GUI. The GUI also provides a means for viewing test reports and measurements.




The Spirent TestCenter 11U chassis is the next generation in chassis architecture, designed to handle complex multiprotocol scale and cloud virtualization testing needs.

Ŋ Designed for today’s secure app-aware mobile, enterprise and carrier networks

Ŋ Supports a full range of test cases

Ŋ Supports Spirent Avalanche™, Spirent Landslide and Spirent Studio™ applications.

The Spirent TestCenter 3U chassis is the next generation mobile chassis for Spirent HyperMetrics neXt test modules. It’s designed for complex, multi-protocol scale and cloud virtualization testing needs.






Ŋ1 or 2-ports of Series 2000 UniPHY/OC-192, OC-48/12/3 WAN and up to two OC-3/12 ATM interfaces per module using hot-pluggable network interfaces


UPY-2001A UPY-2002A XFP-4004A SFP-4002A SFP-4001A


Ŋ1 or 2-ports of OC-12/3 ATM with hot-pluggable network interfaces

WAN-2003A WAN-2002A

Ŋ XFP-4004A Personality Board, OC-192c or STM-64c

Ŋ SFP-4001A Personality Board, OC-48c/12c/3c or STM-16c/4c/1c

Ŋ SFP-4002A ATM Personality Module, OC-12c/3c or STM-4c/1c


Spirent TestCenter


Optimized Infrastructure

for Mobile and Wireless Testing

Spirent TestCenter Landslide™ out-performs and out-scales the competition making it easier to achieve accurate,

reliable testing and results in less time.

Benefit From Unrivaled Performance and Scale

Combining Cloud Core™ and Intel high perfor-mance multi-core processors with the award-win-ning HyperMetrics™ platform and Spirent Landslide creates the foundation for testing a new generation of mobile and wireless networks. Spirent TestCenter Cloud Core™ is based on patented technologies that add native elastic computing to the Spirent TestCenter Layers 2-7 performance test platform. Cloud Core™ uses parallel processing to optimize testing tasks across all test ports.

The HyperMetrics™ mX ensures the performance and scale of converged multi-play and mobile

broadband networks and devices and simulta-neously verifies application quality of experience (QoE). It provides 3x emulation scale test cover-age with single module testing of any 6 mobile networks and stateful applications.

Test beds built on the Cloud Core architecture provide an exceptional combination of scalable performance and realism – ideal for testing the most complex converged IP systems, such as 4G/ LTE mobile networks.

Achieve Accurate, Intelligent, Dynamic Results

The industry’s most accurate and comprehensive set of real-time results gives you the insight to eliminate customer-found defects. But, a test tool that delivers millions of individual metrics is not enough.

Intelligent Results provide data correlation with hierarchical results – bringing important information to the user’s attention and making drill-down analysis simple for transmit and receive statistics.

Experience Increased Testing Efficiency

Spirent TestCenter built-in automation tools make it easy to maintain a test program that’s efficient and increases product or service speed to market — which is critical in today’s competitive world.

Ŋ Spirent Test Expert software wizards

show you how to test. Test cases guide the user through pre-defined test cases step-by-step. Finalized test cases may then be run immediately from the test environment or saved as a Tcl script for running in an integrated regression environment.

Ŋ Spirent TestCenter API is a powerful API

that enables the test case author to replicate practically any GUI functionality in a user script. Only Spirent TestCenter provides native programmatic interfaces in Tcl, Perl, C, Java and Ruby, allowing you to work in the language of your choice.

Ŋ Spirent TestCenter Command

Sequencer is a visual test authoring

tool within the Spirent TestCenter GUI. Users can:

▸Emulate dynamic network behavior in test cases without writing a single line of code.

▸Emulate dynamically changing network conditions

▸Author tests representative of events likely to be encountered in real networks

▸Export these visual, automated tests as a script to be executed within any regression test harness

Ŋ Spirent mobile test solution can test through the basestation over RF

HyperMetrics mx

MObILE MULTIpLAY ExpERIENCE Highest performance 10G Ethernet multiple performance test modules

Ŋ 2, 4, or 8 10GbE SFP+ port module options

Ŋ Line rate Layer 2-3 stateful protocols at mobile subscriber data scale

▸80 Gbps per module

▸960 Gbps per chassis

Ŋ Test access, routing, mobile backhaul, mobility, cloud infrastructure and application performance with a single module

Ŋ Copper version available

“The ability for LTE devices to support the next-generation location-based services and increased

requirements for E911 is a driving force in LTE deployment. We view our collaboration with Spirent

to be a critical step in achieving success on upcoming LTE deployments.”




The Spirent TestCenter 10G Ethernet HyperMetrics mX test module with Cloud Core processing enables maximum performance and scale without disabling test ports. When testing converged, multi-service devices, the HyperMetrics mX ensures delivery of the mobile multiplay experience by combining high performance stateful traffic, high scale routing, access and mobile control plane on a single module. With 96 x 10G ports in a single Spirent TestCenter chassis, the HyperMetrics mX scales to 960 Gbps of stateful data performance, 6 million mobile subscribers and 1 million BGP sessions.



The Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics neXt™ modules use the highest performance Intel processors designed for cloud and high performance computing. These processors are a fundamental building block of Spirent TestCenter Cloud Core™ processing, which intelligently distributes resources across ports. This architecture is the foundation of the HyperMetrics neXt family of test modules, which support line-rate, stateful application traffic to extreme scale on all ports and to line-rate data capacity on 32 ports. The Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics™ mX module is available in 2, 4 and 8 port 10GbE variants for both SFP+ and 10GBase-T. Enabling the mobile broadband experience, the module is designed to test converged devices that combine stateful features like DPI and firewall with Any-G mobile gateways, high-scale MPLS mobile backhaul and terabit forwarding planes. With the combination Cloud Core™ processing and the deep real-time analysis that Spirent TestCenter is known for, the HyperMetrics mX delivers enhanced realism with scale and performance.


• Converged Mobile Routers—Test firewall and DPI, mobile

gateway capacity and performance, and mobile backhaul throughput, timing and resilience all from a single module

• Mobile Gateways—Validate IP throughput and AnyG mobility

with millions of subscribers and per port line-rate data with minimum sized packets and detailed per mobile statistics

• Cloud Infrastructure & Applications—Ensure security

devices, IDS/IPS, load balancers and applications meet their performance, availability, security and scale requirements

• High Scale Terabit Routers—Test convergence and scalability

of complex, multi-protocol topologies with unprecedented scale and realism

Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics mX 10G Ethernet Test Module


Spirent onDEMAnD and Test Services

Spirent OnDEMAND is a suite of test services designed to detect and mitigate problems before you launch wireless products, services or applications. Through the use of proven, advanced techniques, a structured testing approach, and full benefit of Spirent’s award winning Spirent TestCenter Landslide test equipment, we eliminate risks of poor performance for new or enhanced wireless products, services and applications.

Spirent OnDEMAND leverages the expertise of the Spirent Professional Services team to provide hands-on assistance to meet all major communications testing needs. Our test methodology and automation experts are IETF and RFC authors who have developed industry acclaimed benchmarks and best practices. They assist in defining standards and performance tests for industry forums and standards bodies.

Spirent OnDEMAND ensures the promise of successful mobile and wireless networks and associated services.

Ŋ On Site Wireless Test Packages for:






Ŋ Wireless test results on time and on budget

▸Ensure network services and infrastructure meet current standards

▸Establish network/device performance under load, allowing issues to be resolved prior to the subscriber experience

▸Verify network equipment manufacturer product claims with consistent, comparable statistics to provide objective comparison of each tested vendor

▸Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering the highest service quality possible

▸Realize budget savings with successful first time seamless system integration OnDEMAND wireless performance

test services include test equipment rental, scalability and volume testing, endurance and soak testing performance evaluation and tuning, and load and stress testing for vendor device selection.

Spirent iTest

iTest is a software solution for test productivity that integrates with Spirent test equipment. iTest allows developers and testers to rapidly develop new test cases without specialized programming expertise. iTest uses unique and differentiated technologies to capture user actions, orchestrate network testing across multiple devices, and easily parse and analyze unstructured device responses. In addition, iTest automatically documents all user actions and system device responses saving significant time. The result is portable and maintainable test cases that can be used for “lights out” regression testing. Spirent iTest provides a comprehensive approach for rapidly authoring test cases. With iTest, developers, testers, and customer-facing personnel can:

Ŋ iTest provides comprehensive support for end-to-end mobility testing incorporating automated control and re-porting for Landslide, VR5, Datum, Nomad, Basestations, and Smartphones

Ŋ Orchestrate system testing with network devices and traffic generators to create an automated system test solution

Ŋ Sessions supported include CLI, Test Equipment, SNMP, Web, Java Swing, Flash (Flex), web services, VNC, serial port, Tcl, and VMware vSphere

Ŋ Easily parse and analyze device responses with iTest Response Mapping and then utilize advanced analysis and conditional logic for pass/fail criteria and branching

Ŋ Automatically generate comprehensive and customizable documentation for every run, providing proof of testing and concise information for bug reports and issue resolution

Ŋ Store test cases and test results in customer’s choice of source control management and database systems, including SVN, SQL, HP ALM, and IBM Rational

Ŋ Create graphical topologies that provide a single-click connection to any test-bed device for setup, teardown, or diagnostic procedures

Ŋ iTest topologies can be reserved for specific test case ex-ecution and used to remotely change network topologies using Layer 1 and Layer 2 switches


Spirent iTest orchestrates sophisticated system and scenario testing, configuring and managing hundreds of devices simultaneously while providing interactive testing with DUTs.






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