My child is a senior what do I need to do?

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My child is a senior what

do I need to do?


Graduation Requirements

Post-secondary Options

College Admission Tests

Paying for College


Graduation Requirements

Diploma Track (specific course requirements)

Core 4 (24 credits)

Basic (24 credits, AOC)

Career (23 credits, AOC)

EOC (End of Course tests)

English II or English III

Algebra I or Geometry

Biology I or US History


Louisiana High School Graduation Requirements

PHS Course Offerings

(for students entering 9th grade in August 2008 through August 2013)

La Core 4 Curriculum Basic Core Curriculum English – 4 units

English I, I, III, and IV

Math – 4 units

Algebra I or Algebra I Pt. 2 Geometry

Algebra II

Remaining unit shall come from the following: Financial Math, Math Essentials, Advanced Math – PreCalculus, Advanced Math – Functions and Statistics, Calculus Science – 4 units

Biology Chemistry

2 units from the following: Physical Science, Integrated Science, Physics, Biology II, Chemistry II, Environmental Science, Agriscience II, Anatomy and Physiology

Social Studies – 4 units Civics

American History

2 units from the following: World Geography, World History, Psychology

Health – ½ unit

Physical Education – 1 1/2 units Foreign Language – 2 units

2 units from the same foreign language or 2 units of speech Arts – 1 unit

Fine Arts Survey or one unit of Art, Music, or Theatre

Elective – 3 units

Total units = 24

English – 4 units

English I, II, III, and IV or Senior Applications in English

Math – 4 units

Algebra I or Algebra I Pt. 2 Geometry

Remaining units shall come from the following: Algebra II, Financial Math, Math Essentials, Advanced Math – PreCalculus, Advanced Math – Functions and Statistics, Calculus

Science – 3 units Biology

1 unit from physical science cluster: Physical Science, Integrated

Science, Chemistry I, Physics I 1 unit from Biology II, Chemistry II, Environmental Science, Agriscience II, Anatomy and Physiology

Social Studies – 3 units American History Civics

1 unit from World History or World Geography

Health – ½ unit

Physical Education – 1 ½ units Electives – 8 units

Education for Careers or Journey to Careers

Shall include the minimum courses required to complete a

Career/Technical Area of Concentration

Total Units = 24

Note: Students who qualify may graduate with a Career Diploma instead of the Louisiana Core 4 or the Louisiana Basic Core. See you counselor for information.


Area of Concentration

• 2014-area-of-concentration-guide-(effective-through-cohort-2017).pdf?sfvrsn=4

• Complete 4 primary courses

• Education for Careers I & II

• * course in AOC

• 2 additional courses

• Complete 2 related courses

• Computer course


Spelling of Name Social Security # Date of Birth Course Credit Earned GPA Total Credits



What are my child’s post-secondary







Two-Year Colleges – 44.5%

Four-Year Colleges – 34.8%

College Dropout Rate


First to Second Year


Louisiana 4 Year Public College



Louisiana 2 Year Public College



Useful Websites


Decisions, Decisions

How to Pick the Best College for You

College Options

• Technical/Vocational Training

• 12-20 weeks

• Community College

• 2 years – Associate’s Degree • 4 year College or University

• 4 years – Bachelor’s Degree

Here are some aspects to consider:

• Size

• Location

• Distance from home

• Available majors and classes

• Housing options

• Makeup of the student body

• Available extracurricular activities

• Campus atmosphere


Louisiana Public Universities

Grambling State University

Louisiana State University – Alexandria Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge Louisiana State University – Eunice

Louisiana State University – Health Science Center New Orleans Louisiana State University – Health Science Center Shreveport

Louisiana State University – Shreveport Louisiana Tech University

McNeese State University Nicholls State University Northwestern State University Southeastern Louisiana University Southern University – Baton Rouge Southern University – New Orleans Southern University – Shreveport University of New Orleans

University of Louisiana at Lafayette University of Louisiana at Monroe



Association of Independent Colleges and Universities


Centenary College Dillard University

Louisiana College Loyola University

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Our Lady of Holy Cross College

Our Lady of the Lake College St. Joseph Seminary College

Tulane University Xavier University


Transfer Degree



Community and Technical College System Community


Baton Rouge Community College Bossier Parish Community College Delgado Community College

Louisiana Delta Community College Nunez Community College

River Parishes Community College


Technical Community Colleges

L.E. Fletcher Technical Community College Sowela Technical Community College


Louisiana Proprietary Schools

American School of Business Aveda Institute

Ayers Career College

Career Technical College Crescent City School of Gaming & Bartending

Delta School of Business & Technology Diesel Driving Academy

Fortis College ITI Technical College

Louisiana Culinary Institute Remington College


Comparing Colleges


College Admission Tests






Avoid remedial/developmental classes

English subscore of 18

Math subscore of 19

17 composite required to qualify for TOPS Tech

20 composite required to qualify for TOPS Opportunity

April 30 deadline w/o penalty



820 needed to qualify

for TOPS Tech

940 needed to qualify


Compass Test

COMPASS is a computer-based test designed to test an

individuals knowledge of subject areas. There are two

subject areas: Math and English. This test is not timed.

Compass tests are administered Mon. - Thurs. by

appointment. The institution fee for this exam is $10 per

test and must be paid prior to scheduling an appointment.

A student may take each section two times.

To help you prepare to take the compass exams, here is

the website to review the study guides:


Paying for College






Financial Aid

It is necessary to submit the


Application for Federal Student Aid

(FAFSA)in order to be considered for most federal financial aid

programs. Many state financial aid programs and various scholarships

also require the submission of the FAFSA. The Department of

Education processes the FAFSA and notifies applicant with the Student

Aid Report (SAR).

LELA – assistance with completing FAFSA

College Goal Sunday @ SLU

• March 1, 2015



As you begin your scholarship search, please keep in mind the following: Sifting through the lists of scholarships will take time and may even prove

frustrating as you read through lists of criteria, but a few hours of work may pay off with a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars (not necessarily a free ride, but every amount counts)!

It should not cost money to win money! Be wary of scholarship applications that charge a fee.

Be wary of companies that charge a fee for finding you grants and

scholarships…everyone can apply for grants and scholarships on their own.

If you join a scholarship search service (one that required personal data) be aware that you may be signing yourself up for lots of junk mail.

If you are told that you have received an award for which you never applied, be wary!!





TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) is a

program of state scholarships for Louisiana residents who

attend either one of the

Louisiana Public Colleges and Universities

Louisiana Community and Technical College System Schools

Louisiana approved Proprietary and Cosmetology Schools


The four award components of the TOPS Program are:

TOPS Opportunity Award

TOPS Performance Award

TOPS Honors Award

TOPS Tech Award

Completion of TOPS Core Curriculum for award level

Qualifying ACT/SAT scores for award level

Opportunity Award - 20

Performance Award - 23/additional $400 per year

Honors Award - 27/additional $800 per year

Tech Award 17

Minimum 2.5 GPA in TOPS Core for Opportunity and Tech


2.5 minimum


Additional Info

Dual enrollment students – request transcripts



• Louisiana Technical College


ACT Score = Composite, English, Math TOPS GPA = 2.5, 3.0

Overall GPA

Deadlines – Priority, Application, Housing Scholarships

FAFSA – complete after Jan 1

Register with NCAA Clearinghouse


Do not pay for form completions or

scholarship searches.




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