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Zach Wong grew up in Malaysia where he studied Western and Asian mythology. He now lives in Australia, has a degree in architecture, and works in illustration/graphic design. The art featured in Revelations Tarot will be exhibited in local galleries and on his website.

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The Revelations Tarot was conceived in the midst of a journey of self-discovery, which I embarked upon in early 2000. The start of the new millennium triggered a need to uncover and understand the self, and I turned to the language of the Tarot to uncover my own mysteries. However, the various decks that were available on the market, with their many metaphors, enticing imagery, and dramatic symbolism (both traditional and contemporary), failed to connect with my inner being.

I grew weary of my journey to try to find that one special deck with which I could conduct my own readings, and decided to venture on a sister journey to create one of my own. Each card would have its own meaning that resonated with myself as well as incorporated the rich visual language of the Tarot.

With the aid of the Rider-Waite deck in one hand, and the other scanning over various text and reflections in print and online, I spent many nights weaving the detailed line work that became the basis of the deck. Over the years the illustration style grew more confident and bold. When it finally came to the coloring stage of the cards, even I sur-prised myself with the wonders of bold colors and vibrant hues. Each artistic layer of the cards added to the meaning and the evocation of my own consciousness.



The major arcana has always been to me a story of the journey of the Fool through stages in his or her life. The Fool is the child or the inner child who has yet to experience the world and grow. The Fool faces different trials and experiences throughout the major arcana, only to come back to the beginning again to embark on the journey once more. This endless journey occurs in life on a micro scale as well as on an overall one.

The cards are drawn in a style similar to stained glass. Iconic images represent a lesson to be learned, a being to be studied, or a situation. Each character in the major arcana wears a mask over his or her face, which is depicted by lines that break each face down into sections. The mask is merely a representation of a "human" relation, similar to that of the mythical gods who stand in human form amongst us to ease our comprehension of the messages they deliver.


He is a free spirit without worry and full of optimism while embarking on a new journey. He sees the world with fresh new eyes. His views are unconventional.

This card symbolizes the free spirit within one's self. It urges you to let go of all the things that hold you back and embrace new ideas and take new paths.

When this card represents an individual, that person may embody the qualities of the card, such as spontaneity, refreshing optimism, and lightheartedness. Depending on your own character, this person may be utterly enjoyable to be around for laughs and jovial occasions, or dreadfully annoying for his or her lack of seriousness and conformity to propriety. In terms of a situation, the energy of this card lends itself to a certain level of nervous tension and an undisciplined attitude. Depending on the nature of the individual, this can be read in both a positive and negative light.


He is cautious before he leaps for he worries about the risks involved. He ponders his movements and takes things slowly.

The reverse of this card embodies a nervous individual who expresses caution with the steps that he or she takes. The environment around this person does not lend itself to the carefree spirit that is freely expressed in the upside of this card. Here innocence is lost and replaced with paranoia and fear.

When this card represents an individual, that person would embody the characteristics of a cautious individual. This person often worries about the world around him or her, but desperately tries to fight within him- or herself for the right to be free. In a relationship this individual may be difficult to pin down as commitments or comfortable routines threaten his or her freedom.

In a situation, this card warns against taking any big risks. The stakes may be too high to be wasted on a whimsical urge.

Images and Symbolism

The butterfly represents the chasing of the childlike dream.

The baby in the rose symbolizes the innocence of the beginning of a journey.

The mountains in the background are symbols of the height of knowledge to which the figure on this card has yet to climb.

On the reverse, the moon represents the subconscious, which is linked to intuition and the unknown.

The floating/flying people in the background represent caution thrown to the wind, loss of control, and uncertainty.

The canyonlike background represents the erosion of the mind through time and doubt.


He brings together all elements as he is the catalyst of all. He is the energy that drives; the one who sparks interest. He is charming, he is witty, and he is at home with the world around him.

The Magician represents a witty individual who is at home with his or her surrounds. It highlights the characteristics of intelligence, leadership, self-management, and understanding of oneself.

The Magician embodies the individual who begins all projects. He or she is often the manager of a group or a person in a similar role who leads people and brings elements together to give birth to a new project. This person can have many roles, such as organizer, administrator, or even teacher, all to aid the project.

In situations, this card represents the positive beginning of new ventures. This card also represents the presence of an individual who may act as a catalyst for new things to come. In relationships, this card gives the go-ahead to start afresh

and begin something new with someone you may have had your eye on. Reversed

Outside forces hold him back. He is unable to channel his energy. He is distracted or blinded by other things.

You may find when you draw this card that the block you are experiencing is within yourself. This card urges you to look outside as well as within yourself to find what unforeseen force is holding you back and keeping you from moving forward.

As an individual, this card represents someone who has found him- or herself in a rut in life. This person shows all the signs and promise of success, yet he or she lingers in the same spot for weeks to months. This person is often blinded by what holds him or her back and can become self-loathing and destructive if he or she focuses on it for too long.

In situations, this card brings to light a block in the flow of any project or relationship. Sometimes the block may be an external influence, and other times the block can come from within the project or relationship. Either way,


the hindrance needs to be identified and addressed in order to overcome the situation. Images and Symbolism

The dove represents the freedom of creation, which can come from within.

The hands in the background represent outside forces that control and affect the paths and choices the magician takes. The upside hand is open with the palm facing toward the sky. This is the release of expression, the release of self. The hand on the reverse holds the magician back from his full potential, and thus represents an expression of constric-tion and control.

The staves of the two magicians show a contrast in the control they have over the energies in their lives. The upside magician utilizes a stiff and straight staff, a representation of the sureness of his direction and conviction of his power. The reversed magician utilizes a crooked staff from a fallen branch, a representation of the haphazard nature of his mind and powers.

The direction in which the magicians' hands that hold the staves gesture indicates that magician's direction—of moving forward or dwelling on the situation for too long.

The magician carries all four elements of the minor arcana: the sword for wind, the wand for fire, the cup for water, and the pentacle for earth. He has command over these elements.

The varying green background represents the deep relationship the magician has with nature in all its seasons.


She patiently waits for things to unravel. She is in control of all things in her life. While the world around her is in constant motion, she stands firm in her ground of logic and allows her intuition to guide her through.

The High Priestess represents the voice inside us that calls to us to heed our intuition. It tells us to interpret our dreams, read the signs, and follow our gut feelings. It also embodies a wisdom that comes through time and patience, and it asks us to practice the same.

In an individual, this card represents a maternal-like figure who is strong within him- or herself and authoritative. This can mean a man who exudes extreme feminine characteristics or a woman in which these characteristics are highlighted. In line with the theme of a high priestess, the individual may often act in a secretive manner, finding counsel in the privacy of other women and projecting an image of self- sufficiency. In a situation, the High Priestess represents dealings with women of higher authority. This card also beckons the use of intuition and of trusting one's feelings when unsure of the next step to take. In relationships, this card oken symbolizes a partner who may be difficult to attain, for he or she is independent and reclusive in his or her own way.


Things are bidden behind masks. More things lie beneath the facades and superficial appearances of the situation. Be aware and be ready to take the time to unravel the mysteries.

The reversed version of the High Priestess represents an extreme side of the reclusive nature of the card. Here issues of superficiality and masks that shield come into play, often hiding something mysterious deeper within oneself. These issues often hide repressed feelings and emotions that may have been put aside due to their hurtful and damaging nature, but which need to be addressed to allow the healing process to begin.

In an individual, the reverse of this card represents hidden enemies who are working against you in the background. Their indirect nature makes it difficult to spot and confront them, leaving you to defend yourself with your own counsel and intuition only.

In a situation, this card advises taking a step back and examining more than the initial layer. It warns of superficiality, which may come in many forms such a distractions, bonuses, gifts, and gestures, all to aid averting your attention to what really lies beneath. Do not act quickly, but take the time to ascertain all the facts before making an informed decision.

Images and Symbolism

The priestess has no real body illustrated, but her form is defined by the continual unraveling and wrapping of a ribbon cloth. This illustrates the great power she holds in controlling the elements around her to create both a presence and a mystery.

The scroll in her hand represents the knowledge she holds firmly in her grasp. It remains a secret and is read only by her and her kind.

The moon represents the triad of womanhood: the girl, the woman, and the crone.

The images of pomegranates and female shapes in the back herald fertility and issues relating to the core of her womanhood.

On the reverse, the masks of different shapes and sizes reinforce the notion of the mystery of the unknown. Sometimes they hide a pleasant surprise; other times they hide unforeseen dangers.

The deep blues and purples play on the ideas of the darkness of night and the reflective depths of still water.


She is mother of all things. She nurtures all within her grasp with her generous giving nature and her overabundance of joy. She brims full of life and life revolves around her.

This card represents the strong creative force within oneself to bring forth life. This energy gives fuel to grow and expand any current projects or ventures. Artistically, the energy will guide you to produce endless images and ideas. Careerwise, creatively engaging projects will move along with ease. In the home environment, you will explore decorative tasks and gardening with delight.

In an individual, this card represents a strong maternal character who often provides for you and urges you along these creative paths. This person gives unconditionally for your growth and nurtures your needs to the best of his


or her abilities.

In situations, this card heralds a positive creative growth. You may be surrounded by creature comforts and material wealth. In relationships, love and fertility can be found in abundance and sometimes can also be embodied in pregnancy.


She is lost in the wilderness of despair. The joys of life escape her. She runs away from love and hides in the mountains and the rock faces of loneliness.

The reverse of this card represents a creative block found within oneself. The sorrow felt is self-inflicted as the measure of your happiness is quantified by the lack of production. Projects are started in vain, canvases remain blank, and the home feels more like a hollow vessel that is barely warm.

As an individual, the reversed card embodies someone lost in the wilderness of his or her own self. The self-pity this person feels for him- or herself is due to his or her blocked creativity. Growth has taken this person to the path of extreme despair and self-affliction.

In a situation, this card symbolizes a hindrance in the creative flow of a project or a task. In a relationship, one partner or both experience frigidity, sex without love, or even an unwanted pregnancy or abortion. In terms of material wealth, this card forecasts the shadow of poverty and financial difficulty.

Images and Symbolism

The warmth of the sun and the golden fields of wheat and grain indicate growth that surrounds the empress. The background shows a waterfall cascading from a lush forest, which illustrates the gift of life flowing through nature.

This water changes the path of life and erodes away things of old. The flow of water represents change, which comes from the continual flow of life.

The warm hues add to the radiating beauty of the empress's kindness and joy as she basks in the glory of the sun.

The moon in the background represents the empress's connection with the symbol of womanhood. Stars crown her head for she is the mythological Ishtar/Eoster.

The world represents nature, which sits in her lap. She lays it under her bosom, for she is the mother of nature— she is Mother Nature.

The dark purples and blues of the reverse help mask the desolate background of the empress's anguish.

The rain lines indicate a veil, which clouds her path to happiness. Nature has turned against her, and she tries in vain to seek refuge under her drenched robes.

Her face is carved by the anguish of her tears and sorrow.


He is the ruler of all. He holds power effortlessly in his hands. He commands. He controls. He dominates.

This card represents characteristics of ambition, authority, leadership, and paternity that can be found within oneself. Here one can look within to find the drive and determination to lead and to be in control.

In an individual, this card often represents a person in power. This could be a manager, a successful individual, a father figure, or a dominant character in your life. This person's position in your life is determined by you. The indi-vidual ultimately seeks control of any situation.

In a situation, this card reflects upon the influence people of power play within agreements, relationships, and projects. Here you may find that the card highlights the presence of such individuals and advises you to pay attention to the role they can play in your own life. In a relationship, this card may highlight characteristics of dominance or a power play between partners.


Others are in control. He is but a puppet in play—he has no say.

The reverse of this card expresses the loss of control within oneself over any given situation. Here higher powers are at play and you may feel threatened for a lack of authority you once had.

In an individual, this card represents an overshadowing character who takes whatever power you had away from you. You willingly or unwillingly become a pawn in his or her game.

In a situation, external forces (not necessarily being an individual or a group of individuals) strip you of any control you once had over your destiny. Rules and regulations may govern your path, forcing you to conform and obey.

Images and Symbolism

Aries is the Emperor's ruling sign. He is the ambitious leader, the instigator of all things new. He is dominant and he is warlike in his leadership. Symbols of the Ram adorn his shoulders as well as his throne.

Purple, the color of royalty, is lavishly used to affirm his position.

The city in the background is mirrored by the mountains on the other side, which shows his dominance over issues of both man and of nature. There is no mountain too high for him to control nor city too wide for him to reign over.

He holds an ankh in his hands. It is the Egyptian symbol for life, and it is life over which he rules. The moon contrasts the sun in the Empress card. Here the moon is nothing more than a source of light.

On the reverse, the strings that control the emperor are illuminated to represent their invisibility. He is one of many who are controlled by a higher power.



He is the maker and follower of rules. He is a man of routine. He has his processes, his plans, and his routines. He helps all that he can through structured guidance. He is removed from his surroundings.

This card often represents the characteristics of teaching, organization, and routine. It may represent the need to learn and educate oneself, the comfortable routines one can have in life, or the need for structure and organization within one's life. Often you may find things hard to deal with or comprehend if there is uncertainty dancing around you.

As an individual, this card often represents a teacher, a parent, a priest, or a mentor. This individual often plays a role of structure in your life and helps guide you down a path that has been tried and true for him- or herself. In terms of a mentor, this card can also represent a relationship you have with an older friend or figure in your life who often offers advice from experience.

In situations, this card manifests itself in dealings with structured organizations, large corporations, processes and routines, and religious institutions. Here a knowledge of patterns, routines, and hierarchies is required for a clearer understanding and dealing with the situation. In terms of relationships, this card highlights the routine and clear roles that can be developed over time within partnerships.


He is unorthodox. He marches to a different tune. He guides the way but by an unconventional path. He is at one with his surroundings.

The reverse of this card represents the urge to fight against the establishment. There is a need within yourself to question the structures set up around you and to seek out new and different ways to break past the rigidity of life. Rules and regulations are the bane of your existence and you turn your back to any of the conventional lessons you have learned in your past.

In an individual, this card represents a person who would be viewed as eccentric and unorthodox. This person gives very little care to the ways of society and cares only for the rules he or she makes for him- or herself. This individual can often be difficult to interact with, but can often provide an alternative route to a solution for a task or situation. This person's beauty lies in the different way that he or she perceives the world.

In a situation, this card warns against accepting the conventional as the norm. It suggests exploring a second option or an alternative route before reaching a decision. Within a relationship, this card advises entertaining nonconventional ideas and paths for further enrichment.

Images and Symbolism

The symbols of the staff and keys relate to the pope and the structure associated with organized religion. The symbol of earth is formed between the keys. Here it complements the house of Taurus—the house of materialism, worldly possessions, and financial security.

The hierophant's fingers point up, drawing attention to a higher power and the teachings that come from above. He is adorned in the symbolic luxury of the church: the golden headdress, the purple robes. The background is a floating montage of stained glass. Both of these images reinforce the structure and rigidity that accompany years of church tradition.

The druidlike man on the reverse points to the side, indicating the idea of "the other" as an all-around source of knowledge.

He wears robes colored of clay and earthen tones, which symbolize his relationship with the earth.

The background has a faint mosaic of a pentagram, which reflects the teachings of pagan/unorthodox traditions.

He does not look directly at you, but instead looks to the side, encouraging you to find your own path instead of following his own.


Together through the guidance of an angel, the lovers find their souls entwining as they look into each others eyes.

Lovers symbolize the love that comes from within oneself. Here the card suggests love that can be found in romance, as well as the union of mind, body, and soul. In terms of self, this card indicates a resolute love of oneself—a comfort and balance that leads to an outward-radiating positive energy.

In terms of an individual, this card represents the idealized and perfect partner. It can also represent an external force or individual who brings the two together, much like a matchmaker or friend.

In terms of a situation, the Lovers card can symbolize an ideal partnership where everything feels right and there is an unspoken unison that envelops everyone involved. The card can also question the method of achieving the ideal, in terms of which paths or tasks need to be taken.


The pleasures of the flesh are to be enjoyed through the passion that often accompanies love.

The reverse of this card symbolizes the urge to enjoy the pleasures of passion. Here sex is had without love and relationships may be breaking down. The negative emotions associated with love can be felt here, such as jealousy from lack of love and anger from passion within.

In terms of an individual, this card represents the wandering eye of one's partner. It also plays on the theme of adultery in a relationship with the idea of "the other woman" in the background. The question that needs to be addressed here is not who the other person is but what he or she symbolizes.

In a situation, this card serves as a warning and a wake-up call to the existing relationship or partnership. It beckons one to look within for the flaws and deceit that may lie underneath and to question the integrity of the love that binds.


The angel of love brings together two lovers under his protective wings to foster a relationship that transcends the physical nature of the body.

The lovers represent the twins in Gemini. Being children of the air, they deal with issues of the mind more than the body.

Roses fall all around them in this blessed union, reinforcing the notions of romance and of love.

The reversed finds two lovers entangled in a moment of lust, which is only an indulgence in the pleasures of the flesh.

The winged creature in the backdrop is a bedeviled seductress. She represents the temptations associated with affairs and adultery or the exploration of fantasies, such as through sexual role-play.


He wins the race after traveling far and wide to achieve his goals. The crowd behind him roars as the scale of his accomplishment reaches new heights.

Self-discipline and willpower have brought you to your final victory. This card represents the drive and determination you have to win the race. Even though the victory may feel sudden or effortless to others, you will know within yourself the time and energy you invested to achieve your goals.

As an individual, this card represents a friend or a person who fights to the very end. This person can serve as a positive role model and inspire you to persevere through difficult times. In the case of his or her own race or journey, success will be within his or her grasp.

In terms of a situation, this card is a vehicle for good news from distant places and friends. It represents support that can come in many forms, including verbal, physical, and spiritual, all of which guide you on a path toward victory and celebration. This card also heralds a positive outcome through a current struggle or difficulty.


His focus and drive has taken him to a state of uncontrollable obsession. His ambition has driven him to rage and to abuse his position and power. He only sees the finish line and will stop at nothing till he gets there.

Self-control is lost along your destructive path to achieving your goals at any cost. The drive to reach your final goals may blind you to the fact that others may be cast aside in the wake of your path. Your overambitious nature may in the end get the better of you, leaving you with a failed or hollow victory.

In an individual, this card represents a person who cares little for those who may have helped him or her achieve success. This person is self-centered and blindly driven, and becomes self-destructive and hurts those around him or her. This person may also have difficulty facing the reality of his or her actions and drown his or her sorrows in forms of addiction such as drugs or alcohol.

In a situation, this card warns of compromising the ethics, morality, or integrity of a project/situation for the sake of completion or profit.

Images and Symbolism

The crab on the shield represents the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. This card indicates a victory felt through emotion. The seahorses also add a layer of meaning to this card as a water card.

The city in the background represents the monumental achievement the rider of the chariot has won.

His face is not one of immense joy or elation, for he knows that he has struggled far to reach this point. He deserves this victory.

The intensity and the speed that the driver on the reversed side shows through his face and his clenching fists indicate the rage of an obsessed individual. He only leaves a path of destruction behind him, both physically and emotionally.

The sea dragons that he rides frantically drag his chariot in a haphazard manner. They hurl him uncontrollably to his destined path.

The bottles of wine in the background warn of a leaning toward substance abuse in coping with such highly stressful situations.


She is calm in knowing that it is her courage and gentle nature that will overrule the ferocity of the lion. From within her comes the strength that will triumph over all.

Strength comes from within oneself when this card is drawn. Here it is the courage that is experienced when faced with danger or the ability to stand up to whatever the universe throws in your direction. It is driven by the power of your personal convictions and faith.

Strength comes embodied in those that help you along the way, fueling your own need to be bigger than is expected of you. They can be generous and giving individuals and may also be there to help fight on your behalf or by your side.

In a situation, the Strength card indicates that issues of unpleasant natures should be confronted, arguments are to be settled, and antagonism should be addressed. It advises drawing from within the strength and experience to deal with and overcome these situations. In terms of relationships, this card summons patience and understanding to allow for any difficulties to be addressed.


Courage has deserted her. She cries in despair and fears for herself.

Here courage and strength have left your side. Life may be difficult to face with daily chores and routines wearing you down. You may try and find a hidden place to dwell on your sorrows, but eventually you will need to find your strength to live once again.


As an individual, this card reversed represents a person who has lost hope due to defeat. He or she is generally woeful and full of sorrow and self-pity. This person has lost touch with his or her inner strength and finds it difficult to push through the barriers and difficulties in life.

In a situation, this card advises summoning your inner strength to carry on despite any difficulties you are going through. Inevitably, your fear will need to be overcome and your enemies and obstacles will require confrontation.

Images and Symbolism

The lion represents Leo, a sign of generosity, loyalty, and reliability.

The greens represent the richness of nature, which the card is grounded in. The lady not only conquers the lion, but a lion of the wild.

The stained glass and large wooden door draw on the spiritual aspect of the card—of finding inner strength. The reversed lady has lost all strength and dwells in fear and sorrow.

The thorns, dried-up vegetation, and dark forest in the background represent the arid nature of the loss of strength.


He resides in the darkness of solitude. He finds comfort in his reflection. The only light, which guides his path, is the brilliance of his lantern.

When representing the self, this card highlights the need to become reclusive. It signifies time needed to be spent by yourself to reflect, contemplate, and understand. This card suggests a path toward the understanding that comes from spiritual doctrines, philosophy, and meditation. This will be a period of peace and with little to no interruptions.

When representing an individual, this card often signifies a teacher, someone wiser, or an old soul who can point you in the right direction. Often only advice is given by this person, as wisdom is acquired through experience.

In a situation, this card acts as a warning for careless and thoughtless actions. It recommends wisdom and forethought before making a decision. As much time as is needed is to be taken to be able to see the situation from every angle and to fully understand the scope of things.


He runs away from everything. He turns away from life. He must retreat for bis own good.

Here the card reflects the need to run away from situations and to hide from facing problems. Here escape is what the hermit seeks from the troubles on his shoulders.

In an individual, this card represents a person who is unable to face or deal with his or her demons. This person fills his or her life full of distractions and excuses, which only makes his or her burden more difficult to carry as time passes. This person does not listen to any advice, blinded by fear and comforted by seclusion. This person may even be afraid of being around others and chooses to shun society.

In a situation, this card advises acknowledging the issues at hand and facing the facts that need to be dealt with. It is time to stop running away, as well as to place the distractions in your life aside.

Images and Symbolism

The druids on the card represent knowledge and traditions of old.

The hermit finds himself alone in a mountainous area. This signifies his quest for knowledge, which one has to take alone. These are the same mountains that can be found on the Fool card.

The Star of David illuminates the hermit's path, which represents the use of knowledge and wisdom to illuminate his long journey ahead.

The image of the clock denotes the passing of time and its importance to the meaning of the card. In this case, the clock has no hands, which indicates that time is standing still.

The snakes that coil around the hermit's staff represent his knowledge of medicinal remedies.

On the reverse, the hermit struggles on a path on top of the mountains, the wind blowing him forcefully along. This signifies an enforced retreat in which even the universe takes an active role.

Behind him the path is overcast with faint shadows, which form no specific shape. This signifies a dark and difficult journey should he depend only on his sense of sight.


The wheel of fortune spins in the direction of good fortune and luck.

When this card is drawn, it signifies a time of strange coincidences, fortunate meetings, lucky moments, and chance occurrences, all of which put a positive spin on your life.

In the case of an individual, this card may embody an old friend, a lost flame, a benevolent patron, or a caring soul.

In terms of situations, this card shines a positive light on any outcome, and usually with abundance. The wheel will spin a full cycle, and at the end of your journey you will start afresh with something new.


The universe hands you a dish of bad luck. Be careful not to ask for seconds.

When the reverse is drawn for this card, your luck has unfortunately run out. Projects will be difficult to initiate, relationships will prove difficult to sustain, gambling will be met with great losses. Luck will have abandoned you at every path that required a choice but which you left to chance.

In the case of an individual, this card may represent someone who is either a victim of the cruel fate of bad fortune or someone who is on a destructive path of loss. He or she may be a gambling addict with no self-control,


hoping for a lucky break and never acknowledging that in the end "the house will always win."

In terms of a situation, this card signifies delays that arise from the ether. Roadblocks, restrictions, and bad weather will all work their way into every situation to slow down the process to fruition. However, much like the turning of the wheel, it will only be a matter of time before good luck will come back into play.

Images and Symbolism

Once again the ankh, the Egyptian symbol for life, is held in the hands of the spinner of the wheel. This card deals with issues of the circle/cycle of life and constant motion. Here the holder of the ankh is happy for the good fortune that life has presented to him.

The actual wheel is adorned with the letters TARO and the Hebrew letters yod, heh, vav, and heh, consonants that made God's "true" name unpronounceable. The wheel also houses the head of a jackal representing Anubis, the son of Set and guide to souls going to the underworld. The snake on the wheel represents Set himself as the god of evil.

The strong symbols within the wheel are contrasted with the symbols of the cycle of life outside the wheel: the angel (spring), the lion (summer), the bull (autumn), and the eagle (winter).

On the reverse side, the spinner of the wheel is defiant and struggling to gain control of the wheel. The universe has dealt him a bad run of luck and he vainly tries to spin the wheel in hopes of better luck.


Legal matters will eventuate in a positive light. Balance will be reached.

This card often symbolizes a clear- and level-headed thinker who is able to use logic and deduction to achieve a fair and amicable result. This is reflected in his or her dealings with life, love, and career. When drawn, this card can also reflect on the pros-and-cons method with which one may address all of his or her decisions in life.

In terms of an individual, this card may represent someone from the legal practice or someone connected to the making of law, contracts, and formal agreements. This card can also often symbolize actual legal documents such as leases, contracts or court cases, and negotiations. The person is usually suited to be calm and logical in his or her dealings and negotiations.

In situations, the Justice card often reflects a positive and speedy outcome in favor of the inquirer. It does play toward the ideals of fairness, which means that you will only receive what is due to you and nothing more.


Legal matters will be slow; there will be delays. Imbalance ivill play against you.

The reverse of this card signifies an imbalance in your life that needs to be addressed. The world of legality and processes seems to be working against you, causing extreme frustration. Matters may turn unfavorably upon you and leave you paying more than what you bargained for.

In terms of an individual, this card will often represent the obstruction in the matter. It may be a vengeful spouse looking for a messy divorce, an overbearing attorney who wants to make an example out of you, or the taxation office requiring all of your missing receipts for auditing purposes. Whatever the case is, it will impede any swift resolution in legal matters.

In terms of a situation, the reverse of this card casts a shadow of delay over all proceedings. Should proceedings reach an outcome, there would be a high possibility that it would not work in your favor. In terms of relationships or partnerships, this card acts as a sign marking the end of any agreements. Difficulties may continue to persevere should both parties maintain any existing arrangements.

Images and Symbolism

The dominant sign of this card is the Libra scales, which symbolize balance and partnerships. The sword of justice indicates dealing with issues of the mind.

The open eye of the sword implies the third eye of the mind opening to see things that may not be apparent. The men in the background posing in the manner of da Vinci's study of proportion and scale of man reinforce the notion of achieving balance within one's mind as well as body.

The parchment scrolls and pen in the background relate directly to issues of contracts and agreements—which usually deal with legal matters.

On the reverse, the eye of the sword is closed and the mind's eye cannot see past the blindness of justice. The clock implies the passing of time in terms of proceedings. In this case the hands are absent, which symbolizes the delay in the movement of time.

The chain of rings indicates issues relating to partnerships and commitments.


He takes time from life. He waits patiently as he sacrifices something in the process.

Note: This card is read from the bottom. For the upright position, the man in green should be on the bottom

half of the card.

Life has come to a grinding halt when this card is drawn. Sensible decisions cannot be made, nor can you effect any changes at this juncture. The Hanged Man calls for a stasis of the mind and of the body, and to only react to the actions of others. Here patience plays a major role in deciding the final outcome, and it may come at the sacrifice of something else in order to make time.

In terms of an individual, this card can signify someone who is currently in this state of flux, or someone who is about to cause him- or herself to be in one. Nothing in this person's life would seem as if it has changed; routines are observed with little to no deviation from the norm. From an outside appearance, this person has not changed in days, weeks, or months—seemingly from waiting for something to happen. He or she can also embody someone who will


cause you to reflect and enter this state of flux for your own development. This card advises that if a decision is to be made, now would not be the right time in any given situation. It warns of delays and restrictions, even if you went ahead. The best course of action is to hang around, conserve energy, and wait for a sign.


He is caught in a trap and is left to hang. His money slips from his pockets and luck has run out. He is a victim of someone else's plan.

Note: This card is read from the bottom. For the reversed position, the man in blue should be on the bottom

half of the card.

The reverse represents the loss of self in situations that run away with you. This card illustrates how you can hold on to what you have so tightly that you fail to grasp the next opportunity as it crosses your path. This card warns of looking past your current situation to explore newer horizons.

In terms of an individual, this card represents a person holding you or someone else back from developing or moving on. He or she manipulates you for his or her own ends by feeding your eagerness to move on.

In situations, the reverse of this card warns against making bad investments, a loss of belongings, and a reversal of luck. It always warns to express caution and to consider your motives and actions before executing them.

Images and Symbolism

The hourglass on its side denotes the stillness of time. The sands in the glass represent the movement of time determined by the forces of nature, such as gravity. Here even gravity cannot move the sands of time for the glass is suspended sideways.

The man in green hangs in suspension, meditating to reach a level of enlightenment. From his head his aura glows as he reaches an understanding.

The images in the background indicate sacrifices that one has to make in order to find time to hang and contemplate. On the left side are images of people blown about by the winds of change. This symbolizes a loss of control over the situation, which also brings the man to his current state.

The coins falling from the man in blue indicate the loss of material well-being. He has hung on for too long to the situation from selfishness and materialism. This card warns of letting go and unhanging oneself from the current situation.

The red hues of the card warn of danger from outside players in life and forewarns grief associated with loss.


Kali does her fluid dance. She sings a tune that marks the end.

Something painful in life is about to come to an end. The Death card symbolizes the death of any horrid situations or trying times that may be affecting the inquirer. It also heralds a time of change that will be experienced shortly after the end. Major changes lie ahead.

In a situation, this card symbolizes the end of any projects, relationships, or dialogue the inquirer has entered. The end has come for the situation because it has finally reached its lifespan. One has to remember that nothing lasts forever.


With every end comes a new beginning.

The aftermath of death brings the hope of rebirth. Here a new beginning is to start from the remains of the previous situation. The future looks brighter than before as something new has come into your life.

In a situation, the reverse of this card marks the beginning of something new from the ruins of the previous situation. New projects are to come to light and new hope will bring forth the slow and steady growth of something better.

Images and Symbolism

The skull, the black lotus, and the scythe are all icons associated with death. Kali is the goddess of death in Hindu traditions.

On the reverse, the baby amongst the bloodied tendrils shows that even from dramatic change can some new hope blossom.


Effortlessly the angel brings a balance between air, water, and fire. Creation finds birth in its vessel.

Once again the theme of balance, similar to Justice, comes into play in one's life. Here, the balance achieved extends into the resolution of issues outside of just legal matters, such as life and love. This card heralds the ability within oneself to bring together differing elements to work in unison. Calm and serenity along with ease will be experienced when this card is drawn.

In terms of an individual, this card brings to light the presence of a person who exhibits qualities of being a counselor, a creator, or a well-rounded individual who knows everything. He or she can be an artist who brings new media together, an instigator who brings people together, or an inventor who merges ideas to form new and exciting avenues of exploration.

In terms of situations, any arguments will be resolved with happy endings. Relationships will blossom under this card as balance and union will be achieved. This card may also advise seeking out a third party to bring closure to any resolutions, such as a mediator, a counselor, or even a diplomat.


The elements ivork against the angel as conflict comes from within.

The reverse often implies that things are out of balance within oneself. Tasks do not seem to work out. Relationships with others do not seem to meld. Ideas and concepts cannot live harmoniously inside your head. Life


seems to overrun you with little to no balance between your work and social life.

In terms of an individual, this card would reflect upon a person who has too many things on his or her palette and is trying desperately to balance everything at once and not succeeding very well. This person burdens him- or herself, and eventually you, with his or her dilemmas while frustration takes his or her emotions on a roller coaster ride. This person may come across as unstable and erratic as he or she desperately tries to settle all of his or her issues at once.

In a situation, this card indicates an atmosphere of tension from this imbalance. There may be arguments, quarrels, or competitiveness between teammates and factions. In a relationship, there could be the same restlessness and tension, which will prevent one or both partners from living harmoniously. This card advises one to look within to find the source of the imbalance first before anything can be resolved.

Images and Symbolism

The angels of this card represent the high level of energy within each of us. We draw upon this energy to bring elements together and to form objects of beauty and of use. The liquids represent water and fire. Unlike some of the extreme elements that cancel each other out, when water and fire are brought together they form useful forces such as steam. The synthesis and dance, orchestrated by the angel, illustrates this. This synthesis represents the fine art of bal-ance and patience.

The reversed side plays on the idea of chaos that comes from imbalance. Here the forces do not work harmoniously. The background of random shapes also lends to the uneasy feel of this card. The frustration shows on the angel's face as the elements do not meet eye to eye.


Material things, pleasures, lust, and desire drive him.

This card embodies the need for material well-being. Surrounding you are ambitious thoughts of having more: more wealth, more pleasure, more physical satisfaction. This card grounds itself to the earth, fueling lust and desires that can only be satisfied by the flesh. There will be a need for clothes of rich texture, items of social value, and exuberant flourishes all around you. This card warns of the dangers of money overtaking your life and blinding you to the path of true fulfillment. Here the desire to surround yourself with wealth may flirt dangerously with crossing the line of obsession.

In terms of an individual, this card symbolizes the obsessed soul who surrounds him- or herself with items of glamour and material wealth. This person cares for nothing more than the satisfaction that money can bring him or her, whether it be from the things he or she can buy or the people he or she can entice with it.

In situations, this card warns of being too driven by the ultimate goal of profit in terms of wealth or stature. In relationships, it indicates that the passion experienced is deeply rooted in sensual pleasures and is not of a romantic nature. It also warns of an overwhelming sexual attraction to another, which may transform desire into obsession.


He abuses his power. He is trapped by the lure of money. He only cares for the fulfillment of his own desires.

Here is a warning that power and sexual prowess may lead to abuse. Greed and egocentricity may take over and cause a path of destruction. Life seems to have space for very little else than your obsession with material wealth and physical pleasures.

In terms of an individual, the reverse of this card foretells a person who has entered or will enter your life and treat you as an object for possession. He or she will care nothing for your feelings and goals but only for him- or herself and what he or she can derive from your existence. You may find yourself infatuated and strongly attracted to this per-son, knowing full well he or she will only cause you pain and heartache, for he or she cannot offer you more than superficial pleasures of the flesh and of wealth.

In situations, this card warns of the destructive influence of greed and wealth on the outcome of any arrangements or agreements. Here the other party may exploit your finances, play on your ambitions for his or her own ends, or even use you to achieve his or her goals. In a relationship, the reverse of this card often implies a destructive relationship, which may draw out emotions of jealousy, anger, and fiery passions.

Images and Symbolism

The devil is drawn as a well-dressed charmer here to indicate the power of illusion.

The background and foreground show the trappings of material things, which keep him occupied.

The golden wheel in the foreground shows two people tied up in bondage, indicating sexual fantasies and role-playing. The devil plays to the pleasures enjoyed by the flesh, whether it be from pain or from tenderness.

The background on the reverse side is highlighted by a flash of lightning. This plays on the notion of abuse of power, which may lead to a sudden destruction of those material things that are held precious.


There is a change in the wind, which will bring forth new beginnings.

Here the Tower symbolizes a dramatic change in your life where new values, new outlooks, new ideas, and new experiences will be the outcome. Like a great gust of wind, a change will come and uproot your life as you know it and land you in a whole new world. The change experienced will be positive, leaving you with something to look forward to after you have finally settled down.

In terms of a situation, dramatic change can only imply something unexpected that causes the outcome to be serendipitous. You can expect new things in life, or a change in career or position. Arrangements and contracts that have been ongoing will terminate and be replaced with new and more exciting ventures. Pending issues will be tossed to


the wind, leaving more interesting things to consider. In relationships, new partners could come into play or a whole new environment could bring new challenges for existing couples to explore together.


A tornado is about to tear everything apart and nothing in its path will be the same.

The reverse of this card heralds a dramatic change that cannot be stopped. Much like the above wind, change will be experienced, but it is likened more to a tornado that sweeps through and leaves a path of destruction. Dramatic change may leave you out of a career, out of a home, or out of a relationship. However, change, regardless of how nega-tive it may seem, has a purpose: now you have a type of freedom that should be explored.

In situations, this card implies that relationships will come to an abrupt end; careers, contracts, and arrangements will experience the same fell swoop; and life around you would appear to be in ruins in the wake of destruction. However, as stated before, this sudden change gives an individual a chance to explore new options, regardless of how damaging or hurtful the change was.

Images and Symbolism

The tower is composed of panels and sheets, which represent the multiple elements that can create a larger structure when brought together. However, just as one item is constructed with parts, it can just as easily be deconstructed into parts too.

The upside of the card shows that the tower's construction is in a state of flux; it is neither forming nor breaking apart. The lightning symbolizes a dramatic surge of energy, which has changed the forces around the tower. Burning panels fly away from the formation.

The reverse illustrates the dramatic destruction of the tower. Lightning has definitely broken through and there will no longer be any tower. Change, and a destructive one at that, seems inevitable.


She oozes with inner and outer hope and balance. She embodies the giver of hope in our lives.

When this card is drawn, it is implied that there is hope in your life. Hope can come from within you to drive you further in life and down your chosen path, and it can also help inspire others around you to achieve their goals or to carry on.

In terms of an individual, this card may symbolize a person who cares deeply for you and helps you along the way. In effect, this person can give you hope directly or indirectly in your dire times of need. He or she also can be an inspiration to people who go out of their way to help others, such as activists, humanitarians, or volunteers for aid organizations.

In situations, this card reflects favorably on any outcome. It also asks to keep hope alive in tougher situations and not to lose faith in any struggle. In relationships, this card implies a positive and balanced ideal relationship between partners.


She turns her back on the world for she has lost all hope. She cannot give what she does not have within herself.

Depression plays heavily on your heart as all hope has left you. Pessimism and doubt toil in your mind and thoughts, leaving you to feel sorrow and self-pity.

In terms of an individual, the reverse highlights characteristics of a woeful individual who hides in the shadows of his or her own self-loathing. He or she has lost hope for the rest of the world and chooses to shun it by turning his or her back on it.

In a situation, a loss of hope may cause tension and a loss of faith in any positive outcome. Contracts may fall through, promotions may be abandoned or put aside, or arrangements may be tossed to the wind. In relationships, a loss of hope feeds on the insecurities of each person, leaving partners to distrust each other and forget any form of uncondi-tional love.

Images and Symbolism

The concept of the Aquarian water bearer, being the giver of life, plays a symbolic role in this card. The sign of Aquarius also is one of air and not water, thus dealing with matters of the mind and thought. This card plays on the hope one can have in one's mind and not necessarily in one's heart.

The stars illuminated around her serve as a metaphor for the dreams and hope we look toward. They number eight— this is the sister to the card of Strength.

The doves in flight around her represent the freedom we feel inside when we are released from the troubles of life. She is also not dressed in any robes. She is bare, with only her own hair to comfort her. She is not trapped by any material possessions, nor does she want to be.

There is only a dramatic swell of red around the woman on the reverse, representing an inner loss of hope. The loss frustrates her to a point of anger but she can only show grief.

The woman showing her back symbolizes turning away or shutting out the world outside. Her posture shows she is leaning toward her sorrow as she burdens the weight of her misery.


The heavenly body gives birth to illusions, dreams, and psychic inspirations.

This card represents the fantastical side of your being. Here dreams and fantasies play a major role in shaping your frame of mind or path in life. This card urges you to heed these dreams and interpret them, to live out your fantasies for fulfillment, to see past the illusions and understand them. Here intuition and your psychic abilities must take hold and be explored. Creative things can be derived from these elements: plays can be written, art can be


produced, stories can be told to many.

In terms of an individual, the Moon represents an embodiment of dreams, fantasies, or illusions. Here, a benevolent soul may help you bring to life your deepest fantasies, or help you explore and understand your dreams. This person could be highly psychic or merely working in the field of creative exploration. Either way, he or she provides you with the medium with which to reach for your dreams.

In situations, the Moon often reflects the inquirers current environment. Here the atmosphere would seem far from ordinary, relating more to areas of amusement such as nightclubs, amusement parks, or even themed office parties. Here the air is filled with fun and enjoyment for the exploration and indulgence of many. This card advises taking a lighter, less serious step in dealing with situations, and allowing for the exploration of new and more enjoyable avenues.


The darker side of the moon leans toward the world of delusions, nightmares, dementia, and mental suffering.

Illusions can often take a negative turn when all caution is thrown to the wind. Here you may find yourself being a little delusional in the way you treat or see situations and people; you could be blinded by an idea fixed in your head. Your nights may be tormented with nightmares that awaken you suddenly, causing you to be irritable. Your mental prowess can also be drained due to your obsession with your dreams, which leaves you hiding from reality.

In terms of an individual, the reversed Moon can often symbolize a person who promises false fantasies. He or she can lure you into a financial or physical trap by playing with your mind. Be wary of superficial people who show interest in you while stroking your ego. This card may also reflect upon the individual who has shunned reality and taken to the world of drugs and alcoholism to deal with his or her demons. In extreme cases, this card may represent the mentally disturbed or insane, from whom reality has long left them.

In situations, this card warns against making any deals or commitments as they may be false or misleading. Relationships could be clouded in a picture-perfect illusion but hide deceit and lies beneath.

Images and Symbolism

The pair of fish, as a symbol of Pisces, leans toward representing the notion of the unconscious.

This is a highly emotive card. As a water card, it lends itself to the effects that dreams and nightmares have on the mind.

The fairies by the moonlit garden indicate fantasies of gentle and beautiful dreams or images, which stir the imagination in a positive way. These dreams bring color and hope to daily living.

On the reverse, the darker notion of mermaids drowning sailors in the depths of the ocean reflects upon the destructive nature of delusions and nightmares and the outcome of following them out of blind faith.


The sun illuminates the path to happiness and good tidings. They are happy within and with the current situation.

Happiness is about to enter and partake in your life. The sun shines brightly in your darkest moment and has brought you out of any depressive slump you may have been experiencing. You will find the drive and energy to achieve any goals you set out to reach. The air around you will be filled with joy and color and you will be able to bask in the calm and serenity of it all.

In terms of an individual, the Sun represents a bundle of joy that can enter your life and bring a smile to your face. This can be someone who makes you laugh till you cry, tickles you till you can't bear it any longer, or just makes you smile by being there for you. This person can be a friend, a family member, or even a stranger with a powerful act of kindness or charity.

In the case of a situation, the Sun always shines in a positive light for any outcome. Everything will go according to plan, profits can be enjoyed, and arguments will be settled on a happy note. Relationships will blossom fruitfully under the guidance of the Sun, leaving room for the possibility of new projects, experiences, or even births.


The pursuit of happiness can lead to delays or even failure. Be wary of flying too close to the sun for the risk of being burned.

There is too much energy in your life, and it could lead to self-destruction. You could be too driven to push yourself to reach your goals. The pursuit of happiness may leave other plans behind to crumble or responsibilities cast aside.

In terms of an individual, the reverse of this card may represent someone who is too bright and brilliant to spend too much time with. He or she can be someone who parties too hard or overindulges in the pursuit of happiness and runs a risk of burning out.

In situations, this card can signify difficulties in achieving goals swiftly. There could be a breakdown in communication between partners and their goals, or an imbalance of effort into achieving their goals, which can cause resentment. Projects may also be delayed because goals were set too high. Team members may feel burned out because managers may push them too hard. In relationships, neglect may be a concern as one partner may feel he or she is contributing to the relationship more than the other. In families, children could be hard to contain due to hyperactivity and restlessness.

Images and Symbolism

Happiness and fulfillment can be derived from the radiance of the sun.

The children playing in the background herald the possibility of new beginnings and childbirth. The sunflowers in full bloom symbolize projects and growth coming to fruition.

The sign of Leo, which embodies warmth, comfort, and caring of the soul, rules this card. The image of the lion can be found in the banner flag flying in the background.

On the same flag also rides a white stallion. This symbolizes the purity of energy that comes from being free and happy.


On the reverse, the cherubs in the sky fly too closely to the sun in their pursuit of happiness. They are blinded by the light, fatigued by the heat, and burned by the radiation.


Hear the trumpets calling; heed the blaring sounds. Answer the call of the awakening sounds of the universe.

Decisions are made when this card is drawn. The right decision will become apparent within yourself if you listen to your inner voice. Sometimes the answers are obvious, but we fail to hear them for distractions and background noise. When the decision is reached, you will feel at ease with yourself because the hardest part will be over. The awakening within oneself can also mean a confidence has been regained.

When this card represents an individual, the person acts as a sign or a giver of advice that only reaffirms what you have always known within you.

In a situation, this card calls for a decision to be made to resolve any issues. It is more important to consider what lies ahead of your decision than to waste any more time in making it. Much like the Death card, the call of Judgement means a closure to the end of a journey, and it is now time to decide on which path to travel. You may consider a new job, a new career, a new relationship, or even a whole new environment.


The deafening sounds cannot be avoided; the constant beckoning cannot be ignored.

Procrastination has caused a delay in the making of your decisions. The trumpets blare for a response, and yet you hold back on moving on. Time is wasted through distractions and dithering. This card warns of making a decision soon or the opportunity will pass, leaving you with only regret.

In terms of an individual, this card embodies the ultimate procrastinator. This person not only wastes his or her time making a decision, but the time of others. The excuses are endless, and he or she has mastered the art of diversion. This person is afraid to commit to the possibilities of the future or to take responsibility for his or her own actions.

In terms of a situation, the reverse of this card signifies a fear of change and of responsibility. Projects may never begin, relationships may never get past the initial stages, and life decisions may never be executed. Everything remains stagnant and in flux, festering away with neglect, which will eventually lead to decay and dissipation.

Images and Symbolism

The angel of Judgement represents the call from a higher source. A choir of angels accompanies the sound of the trumpet. The message is of a life after death.

The man in the middle opens his arms wide to accept this new stage in his (after)life. He is as naked as all beings are born and as they shall die.

On the reverse, the angel blares his call, but the man covers his ears to hide from the sound. The choirs of angels sing in vain. The man does not want to move on from the grave of his fate.


Things will come full circle,

When the World is drawn, it would seem that you would come across a stage of fulfillment and completion in your life. This card, similar to the Wheel of Fortune, brings to an end a journey in your life and is a cause for celebration and rejoicing. It represents entering a new phase in your life and leaving an old one behind, whether it be a new job, a marriage, or even a new social circle.

In terms of a situation, this card represents the closure of any deals, contracts, or arrangements, thus opening up the door for a new one to take its place. In terms of relationships, it foretells balance and happiness, for the journey has ended and the celebrations may begin.


There is a bumpy road along the journey of the circle.

When the reverse of this card is drawn, there will be delays in reaching one's goals. The path may be difficult or the distractions along the way too tempting. Whatever the case, the end must be reached as a new phase awaits.

In situations, things have not been completed on time. Projects are still in their final stages even though the deadline has been crossed, relatives unexpectedly turn up to stay when your house is still being renovated, or there is talk of marriage and children when the finances are not available. All around you the atmosphere will be that of nearing completion, but not necessarily there yet.

Images and Symbolism

The World card is very similar to the Wheel of Fortune as it plays on the theme of completion and things coming full circle.

The two dancers hold on to two wands that each fly a purple flag. Purple is the color of divinity, and the wands represent fire, the element of creation. The dancers dance upon a serpent, which represents the world.

Surrounding the wreath of laurel leaves are once again the four symbols of the seasons and the elements: the lion head for summer and fire, the bull head for autumn and earth, the angel head for spring and air, and the eagle head for winter and water.

The deep blues and purples of the background blend into the darkness of space where stars shine the brightness.




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