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PIRANHA BITES NOTES FROM THE DECK... Home Saturday June 29th. Home Meet Time Line. Inside This Issue: Gates Open to Swimmers


Academic year: 2022

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Great team spirit at the meet on Saturday as we had another close meet against our friends at Kingsbrooke. Let's keep that spirit high as we head into our first home meet of the season. We are the hosts of the meet and we should all welcome the Piedmont Tsunamis to our home. We can do this by showing the Tsunamis where their team area is (by the volleyball court) and how to get to clerk of course to name just a few things that visiting teams need to know. In addition, we need to practice exemplary sportsmanship. We want all swimmers from both teams to do their best (and for our best to be a little bit better)!

Hosting a meet requires everyone to pitch in. Please

communicate to our volunteer coordinator Maureen Romano how you and your family can help! This is a popular week for vacation, so we have a lot of swimmers out which means we have a lot of our volunteers out too. Thank you to the

families stepping up and doing two (or even three!) volunteer shifts. We do ask that everyone helps clean up and break down from the meet so that we can turn the pool back over to our community. It is the goal to have the facility turned over by 1:30.

This will require all hands on deck to help.

Alison Johanson has been working hard to plan a variety of social activities for our families. It is our hope that you and your family are able to participate in our socials. Socials are a great way to meet team mates from other age groups and get to know the coaches. This week brings us the Potomac Nationals baseball game and next week is Skate N Fun Zone.

In addition, we will have our Age Group Wars on Friday night to get us pumped up to swim fast!

See you on deck!

Melissa Neal VLSC President

N e w s l e t t e r

Volume 10, issue 4 June 25, 2013

Inside This Issue:

Home deck setup 2 Happening This Week 3 Next Week & Beyond 4 Piranha Mini-Bites 5 Piranhas Then & Now 6 Swimmers of the Week! 11

Piedmont @ Home Saturday June 29th

Home Meet Time Line

Volunteer Setup 5:15 am

Gates Open to Swimmers 6:00 am

Piranhas warm-ups 6:10-6:30 Visiting Team’s warm-ups 6:30-6:50 Stroke & Turn meeting: 6:30 am Timer & Recorders meeting: 6:45 am Clear the Pool

& Relays Assemble 6:50 am Timers in place: 6:55 am National Anthem: 6:58 am Meet start: 7:00 am (only racing swimmers, coaches and working


Due to the size of our team as well as our competitors' team size, we are going to implement a new deck set up procedure for home meets beginning with time trials. Effective immediately, we will implement the following set up guidelines:

-There will be NO PERSONAL TENTS on deck. ALL PERSONAL tents need to be set up on the lawn area. Please view the google image map (located under pool location tab) to see our team's

designated area. Tents may be set up on Friday night once the complex is closed on a first come, first served, at your own risk procedure.

-There will be AGE GROUP TEAM TENTS on deck for all ages. The older swimmers are encouraged to use these tents as their home base. Younger swimmers and their parents are also encouraged to use the team tents.

-Personal chairs may be set up on the upper deck as long as it is not in the flow of traffic (areas will continue to be marked off with yellow tape.)

We have put a lot of thought into this decision and feel that this new procedure will be beneficial for many reasons:

-The ample grassy area available is much cooler for families.

-We will be able to turn the pool over more quickly to the neighborhood.

-By utilizing team tents on deck we will improve age group camaraderie.

-We have improved safety be creating more space on deck.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to try to make the Piranha experience better than ever!

Deck Set Up Guidelines for Home Meets


Friday night at 6:00 , we will be having a team building activity AGE GROUP WARS! More information to come at practice. Each age group will dress in a color and participate in a variety of competitions.

Although this is a competition with the word 'war' in it, we ask that you please leave all weapons at home. Please, no toy knives, bows &

arrows, guns (including nerf guns, air soft, cap, etc.), or other toy weapons. Water guns will be the only exception.

Here are the colors the age groups chose:

8 & under girls- purple 8 & under boys- blue 9-10 girls- orange 9-10 boys- yellow 11-12 girls- pink

11-12 boys- 'money' green 13-14 girls- black

13-14 boys- red 15-18 girls- neon 15-18 boys- white

Community & Piranha sponsor Hard Times Cafe will be on deck with chili dogs and nachos to enjoy.

Happening This Week...

Wednesday Night With the Potomac Nationals!

Rumor has it that BRYCE HARPER will be rehabbing with the P-Nats beginning this Tuesday, so this is sure to be an exciting game!

Here's the link to buy your tickets:



Make sure to

listen at

practice to

see when and

where your age

group is going

to prepare for

this F-U-N

time!  We will

meet the same

place as the

pep rally. 


Wednesday July 3: Skate n' Fun Zone. 4pm. When's the last time you took a roll around the rink?

Friday July 5th: Dessert Wars! One of the most creative nights of the year!

Sunday July 7th: Let's go to the movies. Time to be determined but we can catch a matinee of Monsters University or Despicable Me 2.. Afterwards grab some pizza at one of our sponsors, Pizza Margaherita!

Tuesday, July 9th from 8-11am: the pancake breakfast will be at the clubhouse, following each age group practice.

Wednesday July 10th:Miniature golf at Broad Run Golf at 4pm. Then, take the night off from the kitchen and eat at Glory Days. Another proud Piranha sponsor who also donates a percentage of that nights profit back to the team.

Wednesday July 17th: Splashdown waterpark! 3pm-7pm Take a break from your strokes and make a splash on the slides and lazy river.

Friday July 19th: Pep Rally- theme to come

Wednesday July 24th: Piranha pride crafts for Divisionals!!

Friday July 26th: Pasta Pump Up- Gotta get ready for some fast swimming for Divisionals the next day!

Sunday July 28th: End of Season Banquet!! The Terrific Ten! Celebrate the season and ten terrific years of Piranha swimming superhero style!

If you have any questions please ask Alison Johanson, Her email is shrimpngrits72@yahoo.com She's our social chairperson.

If you would like to be on the banquet planning committee let her know.

Next Week and beyond...


If you have swim photography of Piranha

swimmers, whether group or action shots, please e-mail them to Sam Shinaishin at


We are also requesting photos for the 13 &

older “Then & Now” feature, specifically one of a swimmer 9&under (then) and him/her (now) 13&older. Please specify name & ages in photos.

Newsletter Photos


Clinics begin!

Tuesday and Thursdays from 7:00pm-8:30pm. This weeks focus is freestyle:

streamlines, starts, and turns.

7:00-7:30- 8 & under 7:30-8:00- 9-10 8:00-8:30- 11 & over

Parent Folders

Please remember to check your Parent Folders on deck for ribbons, flyers and other important information.


VLP Team Record

#65 Girls 13-14 200 Meter Free Relay Nitowski, Olivia 14, Finley, Merilynn 14, McCarty, Maggie 14,

Wiecki, Lindsay 14

A Relay Finals Time: 2:03.43


Wanted Fun Parents

Most recently, they set a new team record for 13-14 Girls at our 2013 meet with Braemar.

Photos, Kim Wiecki



P i r a n h a s

The Piranhas 13-14 Girls Free Relay of Merilynn Finley, Maggie McCarty, Olivia Nitowski, and Lindsay Wiecki has been swimming together, setting team and PWSL records since 2007. 

As 8 & unders, they broke the PWSL

record twice. Former Piranha Nicolette

Smith, was a member of the team that

holds the current 8 & under record.  They

also hold the PWSL record for 9-10 Girls. 



www.riptideswimandtri.com 7320 Heritage Village Plaza, Suite 101

Gainesville, VA 20155




w w w .vo ce lli p izza .co m



Victory Lakes Piranhas on


Kingsbrooke vs. Victory Lakes 2013

Photo, Kellye Annibell


Kingsbrooke vs. Victory Lakes 2013

Photo, Kellye Annibell



Swimmers of the Week

8 &



Alex Bae Girls:


Overheim- Brown

10 Boys: Shane Goodson  9-


Tess Bonham

12 Boys: Caleb Harmon  11-


Carley Parsons 13-

Boys: 14

Conner Prosser Girls:

Colette Vaughn


Boys: 18

Ben Risko Girls:

Brittany Barker


7530 Limestone Drive, Gainesville VA 20155

Phone: 571-248-4262 / www.khouriortho.com


Dave Stinson Sr.

Northern VA 703. 754. 3555


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