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Will You Be My Valentine?


Academic year: 2022

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March 2015

The Shady Oaks Valentine Luncheon was held on Friday, February 13th. The delicious meal was enjoyed by residents, their spouses, and team members. The meal began with sparkling grape juice and was topped off with two decadent dessert choices: Ultimate Chocolate Cake or Luscious Strawberry Pie. Team members dressed in black and white to serve the meal in style. Once everyone was served, team members joined residents at their tables to enjoy food and fellowship.

We were blessed to have five lovely couples enjoy the special meal together.

Each lovely lady was treated to a small box of chocolates, a rose, and each couple received photos to commemorate the day.

The Valentine’s Day celebration continued with the resident/team member supper that night.

From this Valentine’s Day to the next, may your days be filled with love and laughter!

A publication of Shady Oaks Care Center Lake City, Iowa Inside this Issue pg. 2

~ Administrator’s Corner

~ Center Update pg. 3

~ Church Schedule

~ Photo Corner pg. 4

~ Sneaky Snowmen

~ In Appreciation

~ Calendar Highlights

~ Team Candids pg. 5

~ Safety Reminder

~ Remodel Update pg. 6

~ Nurse’s Notes

~ Ladies’ Luncheon pg. 7

~ Madison Moments ~ Celebrating 68 Years of Love

~ Dance2Xtreme

We’re going Green!

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Will You Be My Valentine?


Administrator’s Corner

enter pdate B IRTHDAYS

Lois Hensel ... 3/4 Bonnie Christensen ... 3/5 Ruth Albright ... 3/6 Dena Filmer ... 3/10 Lavon McCarty ... 3/18 Vivian Hodges ... 3/22 Jimmy Fergasom ... 3/22 Shirley Winter ... 3/24 Jimmy Odendahl ... 3/25 Henry Smith ... 3/26


Joni Hansen ... 1 Year Mona Potts ... 3 Years Brenda Summers ... 25 Years


Residents Leona Kock

Bob Cook Fred Caventer

Bob Rubner Lois Hensel

Team Members Lori Meyer Aidan Oakes Cassie Bellcock


Donna Onnen Phyllis Harms Marian Peters

Bob Cook

We convey our heartfelt sympathy to the families, your loved ones will be missed.


Shady Oaks provides extensive physical, occupational, and speech therapies. The healthcare team offers training and physical conditioning with a goal to return home safely. This month we were excited to send the following back home and wish them well.

Bob Rubner Mary Erickson O’ the glad tidings of March are upon us! Spring is

just around the corner and I am sure that you are anticipating the warmer weather as much as I am!

Spring is a time for new life and growth. Many residents are already talking about watching the birds and animals from their windows.

I am pleased to announce that our remodel project is well underway! The Cinema remodel is complete with the exception of the window valance as the

finishing touch. Our goal with this facelift was to create a more resident and family-friendly environment with a contemporary look. The Cinema has new furniture and has been arranged as a family room for daily use.

(See photos and article on page 7.)

The abatement and remodel in the Jefferson Neighborhood continues with half of the rooms completed by the end of February. We hope to have the entire remodel completed by mid-April. Resident rooms that have received their makeover boast beautiful new valances, fresh paint with an accent wall, new flooring in both the main room and bathroom and updated bathroom fixtures. It is amazing to look across the hall at those rooms not yet updated and to see the difference!

A few weeks ago, Kate (People Development Coordinator) and I had the privilege of speaking about Shady Oaks at the Monday Club, here in Lake City. Kate and I were able to share about our recent remodel, the mentor program, our employee recognition/appreciation and fun days program, the Buddies Forever dementia training, and our new marketing efforts. It was interesting to hear the stories from their club members about how Shady Oaks looked years ago, but it was even more awesome to hear about how many residents and families have been touched by our mission of “Dignity in Life” over the years.

Shady Oaks representatives have spoken over the years at PEO, the Betterment Annual Meetings, and to the 3rd Graders in our Foster Grandparent Program. If you have a desire to have us speak for your organization to get a more in-depth look as to what we are all about, please let me know!

I want to give a shout-out and congrats to Jenny Vote on her recent accomplishment of becoming Gero Prep Certified! (See article on page 6.)

I will leave you with a thought of Spring:

For winter's rains and ruins are over, And all the season of snows and sins;

The days dividing lover and lover, The light that loses, the night that wins;

And time remembered is grief forgotten, And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,

And in green underwood and cover Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

~Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837–1909) Until next time,

~ Jennifer Blair

Page 2


Page 3 Residents Shirley Winter,

Peggy Owen, Vivian Hodges, and Ruth Albright attended the Ladies’ Luncheon

hoto orner


Services with Reverend Connor March 1

Catholic Rosary March 3 Lutheran Communion

March 5

Devotions with Reverend Connor March 5

Father Lynn March 6

Services with Reverend Connor March 8

Catholic Rosary March 10 Union Church Devotions

March 11 Father Lynn

March 13

Woodlawn Communion & Song March 15 A.M.

Services with Reverend Connor March 15 P.M.

Services with Reverend Neas March 16

Catholic Rosary March 17

Services with Reverend Thomas March 19

Father Lynn March 20

Services with Reverend Connor March 22

Services with Reverend Harbaugh March 23

Catholic Rosary March 24

Services with Reverend Petersen March 26 A.M.

Services with Reverend Connor March 26 P.M.

Services with Reverend Connor March 29

Catholic Rosary March 31

Dena Filmer holds a photo from the 1950’s activity -

Tell A Story

Residents Doris Hanks and Mary Erickson enjoyed delicious treats from the chocolate fountain!

Boston, doggie daughter of L.P.N. Wendy Holm,

visited residents and team members while Wendy

passed out Valentines.


Page 4

Judy Stern ~ Bingo Prizes Pat Williams ~ Bingo Prizes Lela Titus ~ Magazines Marlene Glasnapp ~ Cookies

In Appreciation

Heartfelt thanks to those who have given their time, talents, and gifts. Your sharing changes lives.

Sneaky Snowmen

Team members were chosen at random to participate in a ‘snowman’ decorating contest. Each group was given a tote tub and fifteen minutes to decorate their snowman.

The snowmen were on display in the entry way throughout the week. Friday afternoon, residents voted for their favorite snowman. Bragging rights went to the Culinary Team for their “flowery valentine.”

Resident’s Choice

Rock’n and a Rollin’ at the


Team Candids

Shady Oaks Activity Calendar March: Spring Fever Time

Notable Activities:

Bingo: Every Monday at 2:00 pm Lutheran Potluck ~ March 18th Ladies’ Lenten Luncheons:

March 2nd ~ Woodlawn Lutheran Church March 9th ~ Lake City Union Church March 16th ~ Lanesboro Methodist Church March 23rd ~ St. Mary’s Catholic Church

** Activities Subject To Change. **

The March Resident Activity Calendar will be available on the Shady Oaks Website and printed by request. The Memory Support Calendar is also available upon request. Please call Deb Jones with questions (712-464-3106). Friends and family are always welcome to attend activities with loved ones.


Page 5

Remodel Update

The Cinema remodel is complete! The room now has beautiful cabinets with a matching chair rail and tables where residents can enjoy reading, snacks, and playing cards.

The new color scheme and decorations give the area a warm and inviting “family room” feel. The comfortable recliners add to that feeling of “home” our residents enjoy.

We look forward to our residents spending more quality time relaxing and enjoying the space.

Safety Hazard ~ Melted Wax

It has come to our attention from the Fire Marshal's office that candle warmers, Scentsy pots and the like are not allowed within the nursing home setting. This is due to the wax getting hot and being a potential burn issue.

If you or your loved one has one of these we are asking that you remove it. Thank you for your understanding!


Page 6

Nurse’s Notes

We would like to congratulate Director of Nursing, Jenny Vote, on recently completing the Gero Prep course and passing the national exam! The “Gero Prep” course is a 10-module learning program that prepares RNs to pass the gerontological certification exam by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Gero Prep was born in a proposal by the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing. It suggested ways to improve the quality of nursing care by directly involving facility owners and administrators in advanced geriatric nursing education leading to gerontological certification. And in the process: it proposed to cultivate nurse-leaders as advocates, sentinels and team leaders for their long-term care organizations.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation quickly funded the proposal with a grant for a regional pilot project. RWJF is a leading advocate of innovative health care via progressive education and delivery systems that improve care quality and safety.

Midwest Partners for Geriatric Nursing was formed and soon had facility

and nurse participants over multiple states. The results were quickly clear. Training for Geriatric Nurse Certification yielded big dividends across the board - higher quality care, better services, lower staff turnover, happier nurses, residents and families. And thus Gero Prep was extended nationwide through AHCA/NCAL as sponsor.

We are so excited that Jenny took the challenge of completing this course, and we currently have two other RN’s on our team that are in the process of taking the self-study course. It is important to note that only 1% of all U.S. nurses have achieved Gerontological Certification. Over the next couple of years we plan to offer this opportunity to even more of our team members, as the goal is for 100% of our RN’s to be Gero Prep Certified.

Jenny Vote sharing a smile with resident Doris DeVries

Ladies’ Luncheon

The semi-annual Ladies’ Luncheon was a big hit with more than 18 ladies in attendance! The tables were decorated in a 1950’s theme complete with records, groovy glasses, hats, and fuzzy dice.

The Life Enrichment Team prepared a delicious meal of no fuss ham patties, honey ginger carrots, fresh pineapple, and coconut poke cake. Each bite was a mouthwatering burst of flavor and the dessert was absolutely

decadent! Kathy Reynolds and Shirley Winter

Dena Filmer, Verda Miller, and Phyllis Morrow Betty Yunek and Marie Stokes Doris Rutherford and

Thelma McMeekin

Life Enrichment Assistant, Deb Zenor and

Administrator, Jennifer Blair serving the meal


Page 7

Dance2Xtreme Competition Team Performs at Shady Oaks

Shady Oaks residents were treated to a performance by DANCE 2 XTREME’s Competition Team (D2X/DC). Based in Lake City, D2X/DC is led by owner and director Ashlee Mestdagh-Rathbun. The team used the evening as a dress rehearsal before their first competition of the season on February 13-15 in Ames.

The dining room was full of residents, parents and friends that came out to view the production. Ranging in ages from 6-18, the dancers WOWED the audience with their high energy performances. The dancers wore their team t- shirts and black shorts with their hair up in high pony tails (their standard

“competition hair” for the season) as they flew across the “stage.”

There were many small groups as well as solos, duets and trios that performed. The grand finale was the full team production, all 45+ dancers, to the song entitled “Welcome to the Jungle.” Resident Marge Walters stated, “It was wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing all of the kids.”

Madison Moments ~ Celebrating 68 Years of Love

John and Virginia Roper were joined by family and friends to celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, February 11th. The two met while roller skating in Jefferson and dated for four years. They were married at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 11, 1947 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Jefferson. Following a small reception, the newlyweds headed to the Palmer House in Chicago for their honeymoon. Following their honeymoon, they returned home to live in the home where John was born. There they raised two

children, Mary Ann and Ron.

The Ropers celebrated their 60th anniversary with a Polka Mass. When talking about their life together, Virginia stated that John was the “best thing” that ever happened to her and that the past 68 years have just flown by.

Happy Anniversary John and Virginia!!

John and Virginia holding their wedding photo



(712) 464-3106 Return Service Requested

1409 West Main Street Lake City, IA 51449





Dr. Derek Duncan


Jennifer Meyer, P.T.A.


Caitlyn Boeckman, C.O.T.A.


Larry Kruthoff, R.P.H.




Stewart Memorial


Peg Pudenz


Glenny Smith


Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of Shady Oaks that no resident or employee be discriminated against because of age, sex, creed, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability.

Our Mission

Dignity in Life

Our Vision

Quality Life Quality Care Excellent Teams Outstanding Facilities Quality Reputation Stewardship

Our Values

Serving Integrity Teamwork Excellence

Administrator • Jennifer Blair Director of Nursing • Jenny Vote

Assistant Director of Nursing • Linda King MDS Coordinator • Rachel Seil

Health Information Manager • Cindy DeLance Business Office Manager • Joni Hansen

Admissions Coordinator/Social Services • Amy Smith Life Enrichment Coordinator • Deb Jones

Culinary Coordinator • Minnie Huster Chaplain • Patti Connor

People Development Coordinator • Kate Smith Guest Relations • Colleen Simental

Maintenance Supervisor • Rob Riat

Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisor • Jen Hicks

We are here to serve you...


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