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Jim Jake Maloney - Komplettes Profil


Academic year: 2021

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Jim “Jake” Maloney - Komplettes Profil

Professional History

• Organized and operated the first independent, all Aboriginal Training

Institute in Canada named the First Nations Tribal Justice Institute. Responsible for training hundreds of First Nations people across Canada. Specializing in Tribal Policing, Fisheries Enforcement Officers, Conservation Officers, Forestry Fire Technicians, By-Law Enforcement Officers and

Security Officers.

• Police Chief, Westbank, B.C. Okanagan Nation

• Organized the first Tribal Police Force in Lillooet, B.C. • Police Chief, Lillooet, B.C. Stl’atl’imx Nation

Organized and started the first tribal Police Force training Academy in

Lillooet, B.C.

• Chief of Police, Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, Mi’kmaq Nation

Organized and former President of Mi’kmaq Tribal Police Force responsible

for Policing all reserves in Nova Scotia

• Senior Advisor and Project Manager to the Eskasoni Chief and Council within

areas of taxation, gaming, fishing and other duties as directed through Chief and Council

• Coordinator – developed and implemented Fit for Work Program, Eskasoni

Nation; responsible for alcohol and drug testing related to safety in the workplace, working closely with Captains and Crew ensuring a drug and alcohol free workplace

Training Course Development

• Developed curriculum for the Mentoring Program 2008 for the Indian Brook

School transitioning students through a comprehensive re-interrogation program

• Presently; developing and implementing (on-site) Professional Development

Curriculum addressing effective training in areas of Crisis Management, Violence Prevention and Organizational Planning through a number of Atlantic Canadian private sector companies including a number of selected Nova Scotia Community Collages

Organized, developed and implemented Tribal Peacekeeping and Security

services for;

 6 week course – Securepemc -First Nations BC

10 week course – Okanagon - First Nations BC

 8 week course – Stolo - First Nations BC

 12 week course – Niska - Tribal Police Department BC

6 week course – Tsimshian - First Nations BC

6 week course – Carrier - First Nations BC

 6 week course – Chilcotin - First Nations BC

 32 week course – Lillooet - Tribal Police Department BC

6 week course – Halgormilem - First Nation BC

 6 week course – Coast Salish - First Nation BC

 6 week course – Nunault - First Nation BC

 6 week course – Dene - Alberta

8 week course – Saddle Lake Cree - First Nation BC


6 week course – Tlinget - First Nation BC

6 week course – Semekameen - First Nation BC

 6 week course – Listugrig – Quebec

 10 week course – Burnt Church – New Brunswick

6 week course – Eel Grauirel - New Brunswick

 8 week course - Mi’kmaq – Nova Scotia

 10 week course – Eskasani – Nova Scotia


• Justice Institute of British Columbia

Algonquin Collage

• Maritime Police Academy

• RCMP In Service Training (Advanced Investigator Training)

University of Colorado

• Ohio State Police Academy

• Vermont State Police Academy

• American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

Lethal Force Institute

• Defensive Tactics Institute

• Executive Security International

Nova Scotia Community College, School of Fisheries

• Nova Scotia Community College, Traffic Control

Executive Protection

• Instructed VIP Protection, Anti-Terrorist Training and Body Guard

techniques for the Federal Police Forces in Canada, United States, Bermuda and Japan.

• Instructed special VIP Executive Protection Unit for the RCMP in preparation

for the Papal visit (1984)

• Instructed RCMP Body Guards in preparation for the NATO Foreign Ministers

Conference (1986)

• Instructed VIP Executive Protection techniques for BC Police Forces in

preparation for the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers Conference (1987)

• Provided Executive Protection Details for many top Canadian and American

Entertainment Personalities within Canada and the United States

Certificates and Endorsements

• Certified Firearms Instructor and ballistics expert in Canada and the United


• Certified Instructor Trainer; PR 24 Side Handle Baton

Certified Instructor Trainer; Straight Baton

• Certified Instructor Trainer; Scepter Baton

• Certified Instructor Trainer; Speed Hand Cuffing Techniques

Certified Instructor Trainer; Police defensive Tactics

• Certified Instructor Trainer; Pressure Point Control Tactics

• Certified Instructor Trainer; Knife/Edge weapons Defense Tactics

Certified Instructor Trainer; Firearms Retention Techniques


Certified High Speed Defensive and Evasive Driving Instructor • Certified Expert Witness in all levels of Police Use of Force

• Certified Marine Emergencies Duties; Cold Water Survival Course

Certified Restricted Radio Operators Course

• Certified for Safety of Excellence

• Certified Hazard Identification and Control

• Certified in Principals of Loss Control

• Certified in Loss Control Audit

• Certified in Safety Orientation

• Certified in Transportation and Public Traffic Control

Certified in St John’s Ambulance Safety Orientation First Aid – Marine Basic


• Certified Master 9th Degree Black Belt Uechi Ryu Karate

Martial Arts

• Karate Master Rank; 9th Degree Black Belt with 43 years continues training


• First person in Canada to achieve the rank of Black Belt in Uechi Ryu Karate


• First person to introduce Uechi Ryu Karate in Canada (1970)

• Official Representative to Japan for Canada within the Uechi-Ryu Karate


• Instructed more than 16,000 students internationally and trained and

developed hundreds of Champions

• Undefeated New England Free Fighting Champion (1967 – 1973)

• Inducted into the Karate Hall of Fame in Boston Massachusetts for

Outstanding Achievements in Martial Arts (1983)

• Developed and taught self-defense programs for visual impaired individuals

through the Halifax School for the Blind

• Developed and provided specialized training for women in Self-Defense in

cooperation with the YWCA and many crisis centers for women and children

Special Promotions

Official Licensed Professional Boxing Promoter

• Promoted many professional boxing cards including live television title bouts;

Wide World of Sports, in-conjunction with Top Rank Boxing Arum.

Promoted many Professional Kick Boxing title bouts

Special Appointments

• Appointed Board of Governor for the Institute of Indigenous Government

Appointed Sto:lo Peace and Security Commissioner

• Member, American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

Culture and Spirituality

Advocate and faithful practitioner of First Nations Culture and Traditions

• Regular participation in Pow Wows, Sweat Lodge ceremonies and Long House



Featured Articles

• Books;

 Police Non-Lethal Force Manual (1987) by Bill Clede

The Way of Karate (1973) by George Mattson

 The Bruce Lee Story

 The Way of Uechi Ryu Karate (2010) by George Mattson

• Magazines;

 Black Belt Magazine (October 1977)

Atlantic Insight (1980)

 Cities Magazine (1896)

 SWAT Magazine (1987)

• Videos; (published through George Mattson)

 Jim Maloney’s (3 Pack) series taking Uechi Ryu to New Levels

Pressure Point Course

 Knife Defense Course

 Gun Defense

 New Wave Uechi Techniques (Part I)

New Wave Uechi Techniques (Part II)

New Wave Uechi Techniques (Part III)

• Newspaper;

 AU major circulations and locally featuring Martial Arts, Police

Training, Executive Protection, Sports and the Tribal and Executive Protection


 Interviews with Major Stations throughout North America regarding

Event Management, Executive Protection, Tribal Police Training

• References;

Grand Chief Phil Fontaine

Grand Chief Ovide Mercredi

 The Honorable Elijah Harper


Chebucto Security Training Programs


Module One; Introduction to Security

Chapter A: Professionalism, Ethics and Public Relations

Chapter B: General Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter C: Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies

Module Two: Security Officers Legal Rights, Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter A: Introduction to Law

Chapter B: Canadian Charter of Rights

Chapter C: Common Offences

Chapter D: Use of Force

Chapter E: Private Security Agencies Acts

Module Three: Patrol Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter A: Patrol Procedures

Chapter B: Note Taking and Note Book Maintenance

Chapter C: Report Writing

Chapter D: Evidence collection and Documentation

Module Four: Control Procedures

Chapter A: Security Controls and Alarm Systems

Chapter B: Personnel, Vehicle and Material Access Control

Chapter C: Traffic Control and Workmen’s Compensation Policies

Chapter D: Bomb Threats and Responses and Emergency Assessment


Chapter E: Labor Relations

Module Five: Fire and Fire Protection

Chapter A: Fire and its Characteristics

Chapter B: Fire Detection and Response Procedures

Chapter C: Work Place Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)


Chapter One: Use of Force: Criminal Code of Canada

Chapter Two: Using Force to Defend Persons; Preventing an Assault

Chapter Three: Required by Law versus Authorized by Law

Chapter Four: Using Force to Defend Personal Property

Chapter Five: Using Deadly Force and the “Use of Force Continuum” a

National Standard of Application.

Chapter Six: Use of Force Techniques and Applications.


(1) Safety and Security in the Workplace

(2)Supervisors Training Courses: Levels One and Two


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