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2015) which it began. t of. Welcoming the of. Convention on. independently. the fourth pillar ; work


Academic year: 2021

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TH NA I. HE MINISTE AMUR on 23 i. W Po ii. Re wh he iii. W of int of an iv. Th ad an an Co v. Co ind kn be vi. No as vii. No th viii. Re ch be ADOPT 1. Clim havi work are som 2. Cultu trans rene cruc BELGIA 6TH CONFE RS OF THE and 24 Apri Welcoming th ortoroz confe ecognising t hich it began eritage and w Welcoming the f expertise, n tegrated app f cultural heri nd the conve hus wishing dopted by th nniversary o nniversary o onvention on onsidering th dependently nowledge an etween peop oting with sa ssociated wit oting the con e “fourth pilla esolved to co hallenges fac eginning of th THE FOLLO mate change, ng a signific k together to tempted to etimes risk r ural heritage smission to ewable and n cially, to the c AN CHAIRMANS ERENCE OF M “Cultural E STATES P l 2015, e decision o erence (Slov he decisive n drawing u which reflect e European notably in the proach to cu itage adopte ergence of th to mark the he Committe f the Conve of the Europ n the Value o hat cultural h y of ownershi nd traditions ple and place atisfaction the

th preparator ntribution of


ontinue and cing the con he 21st centu OWING DEC , demograph ant impact o prevent a d adopt inwar rupturing or i e is a key c future gene non-relocata creation of a SHIP OF THE C MINISTERS RES heritage in t Towards a NAMU PARTIES TO of the Belgia enia) in 2001 contribution p over 40 y this specifica Union’s effo e Communica ltural heritag ed on 25 Nov ese efforts w e 40th anniv ee of Ministe ention for the pean Landsc of Cultural He eritage is a g ip, as a refle , including es through tim e support giv ry work; culture and c intensify the servation, e ury; LARATION: hic changes, on our societ evelopment rd-looking at mploding; omponent o erations is a ble, contribu more peace COMMITTEE O SPONSIBLE FO the 21st cent common st UR DECLAR O THE EUR an Governme 1; of the Coun ears ago for ally Europea orts to give g ation of the E ge for Europe vember 2014 with the Coun versary of th ers of the C e Protection cape Conve eritage for So group of reso ection and ex all aspects me; ve to this app cultural herit eir co-operati nhancement , migration, ies and herit where our s ttitudes, are

of the Europe a shared re uting to the a eful, just and


tury for livin trategy for E RATION ROPEAN CU ent to bring ncil of Europ r the protect an field of exc greater consi European Co e” and the C 4 by the Cou ncil of Europe he European ouncil of Eu n of the Arc ntion and th ociety; ources inher xpression of t of the envi proach by the age to susta ion in order t t and use of political, eco tage. We nee ocieties are experiencin ean identity; sponsibility; attractivenes cohesive soc S OF THE COU L HERITAGE (2 ng better tog Europe” ULTURAL CO them togeth e, in particul tion, conserv cellence; deration to c ommission o Conclusions o ncil of Minist e’s work; n Charter of urope on 26 hitectural He he 10th anni

ited from the their constan ronment res e actors of ci ainable devel to provide re f heritage as onomic, fina ed to be awa weakened a ng an erosio it is of gen it is a uniq s and the de ciety; NCIL OF EURO 22-24APRIL gether. ONVENTION her fourteen lar through t vation and e cultural herita of 22 July 20 on participat ters of the E f the Archite September eritage of E iversary of e past which ntly evolving sulting from ivil society w lopment, of w esponses tha s a fundame ancial and so are of these and lack poin on of traditio neral public que resourc evelopment OPE 2015) N MEETING years after the conventio enhancemen

age in its are 14 “Towards ory governan uropean Uni ectural Herita 1975, the 3 urope, the 1 the Framew people ident values, belie the interact which have be which they fo at meet with ntal right at ocial crises challenges a nts of referen onal bonds a interest and e, fragile, n of Europe a G IN the ons t of eas s an nce ion, age 30th 15th work tify, efs, tion een orm the the are and nce, and d its non-and,


II. III. 3. A St resp cont 4. This 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 REQUES 5. to en Cultu task 6. to ta budg 7. to ad by th RECOG TOGETH trategy for r ponse to the text; s Strategy: should draw fundamenta sensitivity t should pro effective le players, in internationa should offe have a last and tools, i should focu  the co enviro  the co of its id  educa  partici should be Heritage S integral par 6 should inc instruments ST THE COM ntrust the dra ure, Heritage ;

ake the appro get for 2016-dopt the Stra he end of 20 NIZE THAT HER A MULT redefining th current cha w on the cor al freedoms to diversity; omote a sha egal framewo nstitutional a al, national a er a vision an ting impact in n particular t us on the foll ontribution of onment; ontribution of dentities and ation and life-patory gover guided by th trategy for th rt; clude appro s, in particula MMITTEE O afting and fo e and Lands opriate decis -2017; ategy prefera 16; EFFORTS T TITUDE OF he place and allenges in th re values of t , openness

red and unif ork for the in and other, a

and local leve nd a framewo n Member St the conventio owing priorit f heritage to heritage to E d cultural dive -long training rnance in the he proposed he 21st cent opriate mon ar the conve F MINISTER ollow-up of th cape of the sions to this ably as a Re TO PROMOT PLAYERS A d role of cu he light of th the Council o and dialogue fying approa ntegrated co and the repr


ork for the ne tates and be ons, updatin ties: the improve Europe’s attr ersity; g; e heritage fie d themes ide ury appende nitoring and ntions; RS OF THE C he implemen Council of E effect in the ecommendati TE A EUROP AND TO THIS ltural heritag he changing of Europe: de e, equal dig ach to cultur onservation o resentatives

ext ten years e implemente g and develo ement of Eur ractiveness a eld; entified in th ed to the pre evaluation COUNCIL O tation of this Europe, and t context of t ion of the Co PEAN HERIT S END: ge in Europe European s emocracy, re nity of all pe al heritage m of heritage, of professio s, identify act ed primarily t oping them if ropean citize and prosperit e Guidelines sent Declara methods F EUROPE: s Strategy to to give it the he Council o ommittee of M TAGE STRA e is therefo socio-econom espect for hu ersons, mutu managemen and involvin onals and c

tions and pro through exist f necessary; ens’ quality o ty, based on s for the Eu ation, of whic using exist the Steering e resources t of Europe’s p Ministers to ATEGY SHOU re a necess mic and cultu

uman rights a ual respect a nt, based on ng all the ma civil society, ojects that co ting instrume

of life and liv n the express ropean Cultu ch they form ting tools a g Committee to complete t programme a member Sta ULD BRING sary ural and and an ajor , at ould ents ving sion ural m an and e for this and ates


8. invite Euro 9. welc Herit Conv 10. invite the C the Fram 11. also prom the w 12. Reca orga e the Europe opean and m come, as be tage Year, a vention be in e those Mem Convention f Protection o mework Conv invite UNES mote the exc

world; all the impor anisations ac

ean Union to member State est practice, and ask tha nvited to part mber States w

for the Prote of the Archa vention on th SCO and IC change of ex rtance of dev ctives in the h o be involved e level; the idea of at the Counc ticipate; which have n ection of the aeological H he Value of C CROM to co xperience an veloping this heritage field d in the deve f the Counc cil of Europe

not yet done Architectura Heritage (rev Cultural Herit ooperate mo nd best pract s future strat d including th lopment and il of the Eur e and all St e so to sign a al Heritage of vised), the tage for Soci ore widely wi tices, and to

tegy with the e networks o


ropean Unio tates Parties

and ratify the f Europe, the European L


ith the Europ o create syne e involvemen of Cities; ation of the S on to organi s to the Eur e following fo e European Landscape C pean institut ergies with o nt of civil soc Strategy, both se a Europe ropean Cultu our conventio Convention Convention, ions in orde other regions ciety actors a h at ean ural ons: n on the r to s of and


It will be specific recomme endeavo The follo in the wa operatio available  t  t C  a  t t  c Account various E The sugg  HER o I a s o G t a o p c  HER o I w o G e c t a  HER Guide e up to each to each leve ended cours ouring to imp owing guideli ay heritage a nal priorities e: the conventio the database Cultural Poli activities con the Technica the cultural h current think should also EU sectorial gested unify RITAGE AND Issues: estab and manage sensorial and Guidelines: d to work tog awareness a ownership o partnerships conventions RITAGE AND Issues: living well-being, to Guidelines: environment citizens, wit transmitting autonomous RITAGE AND elines for th h country to el of governm ses of action lement the S ines suggest and certain is s, which sho ons, resoluti es, knowledg cies); nducted with al Co-operat heritage; king on the co o be taken of policies. ing and cons D CITIZENSH blishing good ement of cult d sensitive a develop edu gether; invol about heritag of heritage; with natio and other re D SOCIETIES g in peace, i o the good h take into a t; use herita h their envi values throu communitie D THE ECON e European implement t ment and the n which best Strategy as a

t unifying, co ssues are pe ould be imp

ons and reco ge bases an local entities tion and Con ontribution of f the Europe sensual them HIP d governanc ural heritage approach to h cation and tr lve civil soc ge rights and pursue acti onal and in eference text S mproving qu ealth of indiv account the ge to conne ronment an ugh the gene

s of citizens, NOMY Append n Cultural He the Strategy e relevant le match their a whole in a h onsensual th erceived by t plemented us ommendatio nd institution s in the spirit nsultancy Pr f digital tech ean Union pr mes are as fo ce and promo e; optimising heritage mor raining for al ciety and e d responsibili ons in the nternational ts, ensuring b uality of life a viduals, pres everyday ect or even nd history; r erations; pro , with the sup

dix eritage Strat according to egislation, w own concer harmonious, emes while he various s sing the Co ns develope nal networks t of the Faro rogramme re nology to all rojects which ollows: oting particip the impleme e in harmony ll in the field elected repre ties; enable spirit of Fa institutions, better implem

and the livin erving the co heritage tha reconcile hu ecognise cu omote the ca pport of expe

tegy for the

o the compe hile giving p rns or object integrated a at the same tates and pa uncil of Eur d by the Cou (HEREIN, E Framework elated to the the suggeste h concern cu patory manag entation of th y with the po of cultural h esentatives citizens to d ro; engage and with mentation. g environme ollective mem at constitute uman beings ultural herita are of heritag erts; fight aga

21st century etences and priority to tho tives, and at and coherent time respec arties involve rope instrum uncil of Europ ELCIS and C Convention; e integrated ted themes. ultural herita gement for th he conventio opulation’s ex heritage; get more; educ develop or re in dialogue NGOs; co ent; contribu mory; es people’s s with life, w age as an i ge by actors ainst standar y responsibilit ose themes a t the same ti t manner. cting differen ed. They iden ments and to pe since 196 Compendium conservation ge, through he identificat ns; promotin xperience;

all the partn cate and ra gain a sense e and estab ntextualise ting to peop primary liv with their fel deal means s and the m rdisation. ties and ime ces ntify ools 69; m of n of the tion ng a ners aise e of lish the le’s ving low s of more


o I b o G r t s t t c t b i r  HER o I m h w o G t e p e  HER o I t i o G t f u i t  HER o I i o Guid as a cohe spac cons Euro polic man Issues: build being; Guidelines: respectful, c the field of c sites; diversi through e-co technical co cultural conn the Europea based on a instruments; resources. RITAGE AND Issues: foste methods and heritage and where herita Guidelines: s the actions o experts and programmes example); wo RITAGE AND Issues: defin the surround is conducive Guidelines: i the characte features, stro uniqueness innovative go territories in RITAGE AND Issues: prov improving qu delines: impr a real local esion and la ces, analyse sultancy mis opean projec cies; develop nagement. ding a more i consider her reative and cultural herita

ify the provis ontent; prom -operation a nections betw n Heritage D a genuine k encourage D KNOWLED ering a know d know-how d the values ge-related la support the of the Europ d expertise, s) and volun ork on evide D TERRITOR

ning the role dings and qu to living tog n the spirit o er of its heri ong identity, as a driving ood spatial g the field of tr D SUSTAINA viding the pu uality of life a rove the publ and regiona andscape qu e the risks f ssions of the cts (Europea p partnership nclusive and ritage as a innovative w age; mitigate sion in terms mote the us and tourism; ween citizens Days portal a knowledge o the re-use DGE wledge socie w; increasing it conveys; e abour is conc exchange of ean Union, t , apprentice teers (active nce-based p RIAL GOVER of institution ality of life o ether in harm of the Floren tages and t sense of be g force for t governance b ransfrontier h ABLE DEVEL ublic sector and the living

ic sector’s cu al resource; ality; strengt for cultural e Council of an Union) w ps with UNES d cohesive s source of re ways; increas the intensiv s of heritage se of cultura broaden th s and comm as an e-herita of cultural h and regene ety; ensuring g awareness ensuring acc cerned; f knowledge the Council es, researc e at archaeo policy develo RNANCE ns and the re of all membe mony, well-be ce conventio that may cro elonging shar the positive based on he heritage. LOPMENT with appro g environmen ultural herita promote cu then the role heritage; wi Europe and while stress SCO, the Eu ociety; deve eflection and se the attrac ve use and e sites; increa al heritage f e scope of unities (twinn age platform heritage; con eration of he g the mainte s about, and cess to life-lo e, ideas and of Europe, a hers, stude ological sites pment. esponsibility rs of society eing and dev on, affirm ter oss borders: red by all me transformati ritage as a re priate mean nt; age managem ultural herita e of cultural iden the sco d make them ing the imp ropean Unio loping prosp d inspiration; ctiveness of xcessive exp ase access to for educatio the Europea ning) based ; promote au nsider altern eritage to cr nance and t d a sense o ong training; best practic and ICCROM ents (expand s or monum of citizens t y; introducing velopment; rritory as an specific lan embers of th on of the liv esource; pro s, enabling ment capacity ge as a fac heritage in ope of the t m more perm ortance of on, and ICCR

perity; promo ; use heritag Europe and ploitation of o cultural he on, research an cultural r on cultural h ugmented re native financ reate jobs a transmission of responsibi combatting ce; develop a M; promote th d the exis ment restorat to work toge g heritage ma entity that is ndscape and he community ving environ omote co-ope it to be mo ty so it can m ctor in socia the develop technical co manent in th heritage for ROM in cultu ting public w ge resources its expertise certain herita eritage includ , scientific a routes; prom heritage; upd ality techniqu cing models and utilise lo n of knowled lity for, cultu

social dump and co-ordin he exchange sting exchan ion projects ether to impro anagement t s remarkable d environmen y, etc.; prom nment; prom eration betwe ore effective manage herita al and territo pment of pu o-operation a e field; use other secto ral heritage well-s in e in age ding and mote date ues or ocal dge, ural ping nate e of nge for ove that for ntal mote mote een e in age orial blic and the oral risk


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