SPA GRAND PARAISO. Get in touch with your sensations and be treated like a star.

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Get in touch with your sensations and be treated like a star.

At the Spa Grand Paraíso we’ll treat you like a star. The spa at the Hotel Grand on Playa Paraíso has everything you need for the ultimate spa experience.

The spa is pure comfort and relaxation, with exclusive areas for guests of the Hotel Grand Paraíso. Aside from the exquisite architecture of the spa, which is ideal for relaxing with your partner, it is also ideal for heightening the senses. Enjoy your treatments in the King Suite, an intimate space that is perfect for couples in love, equipped with a multifunction shower and private Jacuzzi. Our treatments offer a spa adventure you will never forget.

See our menu for the ultimate spa experience on your vacation.

• Spa rituals for couples. 1.1

• Facials. 1.2


Spa Rituals for Couples. 1.1

The Thai Spa Ritual.

The Thai Ritual is an ancestral technique based on the traditions of ancient Thai culture. The experience begins with a sampling of aromatherapy that includes rosewood, cinnamon, ylang ylang and salvia, followed by foot washing and green tea exfoliation. You and your partner will then receive a traditional Thai massage with manipulations that will help to unlock your energy and balance your body to achieve a sensation of peace, relaxation and fulfillment. At the end of the massage you will experience a delicious Balinese lulur treatment with a blend of herbs and turmeric, an exotic mix that enhances wellness, detoxifying the body and preparing your body, mind and spirit for better health.

120 minutes

The Veda Spa Ritual.

The Veda Ritual based on Indian tradition consists of an exfoliation for you and your partner with a rose preparation and a delicious citrus fragrance. As part of this ritual, you will enjoy a warm milk bath in the two-person hydrotherapy tub in an exquisite atmosphere that will enhance your spiritual fulfillment and physical beauty. The ritual also includes an ayurvedic massage with medicinal herbs for equilibrium after which you will experience a feeling of serenity and relaxation.


Mediterranean Spa Ritual

The Mediterranean Ritual is based on the best the Mediterranean has to offer. It begins with an aromatherapy session featuring Syrian rose aroma, followed by an unforgettable warm and romantic wine bath and a relaxing metamorphic massage that will transport your minds to a place of total relaxation and finally a warm black and white pearl treatment that will leave your skin sparkling with mother-of-pearl colors to enhance your skin’s beauty.

120 Minutes.

The Mayan Spa Ritual

In the Mayan culture, the word Chukawa, which in the pre-Hispanic language means chocolate, is a romantic ingredient that is at once considered Yáakun maantats’, which in Mayan culture means “to love forever”. This glamorous experience with your partner begins with a Copal cleansing which in Mexican culture is believed to expel evil and cleanse the soul, followed by an exfoliation with chocolate and then a chocolate wrap which leaves the body relaxed and filled with Mayan spirituality. Finally, you will both enjoy an exquisite massage with volcanic rocks. After that, as the Mayans would say, “ka’atulil Yáakun maantats” or “you will love each other forever”.


Facials. 1.2


Natural White Tea Facial 50 min.

Natural facial that uses white tea as the active ingredient to provide antioxidants to bring renewed freshness and brightness to your face. The treatment nourishes and revitalizes your skin, giving it a younger and more natural appearance. Recommended for all skin types except people with acne.

Facial for Men 50 min.

A treatment for men who are concerned about their wellbeing which contains both nutritional and detoxifying ingredients to give your face a fresher, younger and healthier look.

Citrus & Stone Crop Facial 60 min.

Facial with a matting effect that helps to balance your skin’s pH, reducing shine. The perfect blend of citrus and the natural properties of the STONE CROP plant help to prevent and control acne. Highly recommended for people with oily skin and adolescents.

So Natural Cherry Facial 60 min.

Hydrating and revitalizing facial. Recommended for natural skin because it revitalizes and gives new life to skin that has been exposed to contaminants. Experience the delicious aromas and the excellent results that will show on your face.

Rose Hip Facial 60 min.

Besides being very pleasant to the touch, the Rose Hip facial is designed for very delicate skin and people with rosacea. This treatment strengthens the skin and protects it from the sun and external contaminants, rejuvenating and beautifying your skin.


Natural UV Protection Facial. 30 min.

Especially designed to help your skin recover from the damaging effects of the sun on your vacation, while at the same time enjoying the perfect tan. This is a nutritional facial that combines vegetables like tomato and calming herbs that help to minimize the effects of the sun through hydration and protection.

Hair and nail care. 1.3


Nail Services

Combining beauty with relaxation, you’ll be treated by our professional manicurists and pedicurists, including foot massages and hydrotherapy with all pedicures.


• Regular pedicure • French pedicure

• Spa hydrating paraffin pedicure • Spa mud pedicure

For beautiful hands, all of our manicures include hand massage and hydration.


• Regular manicure • French manicure

• Spa hydrating paraffin manicure • Spa mud manicure


Hair Treatment

Our hair treatments combine beauty with relaxation by incorporating scalp and back massages using aromatherapy.

• Restructuring treatment for chemically treated hair • Treatment for damaged hair

• Treatment for dry hair • Treatment for oily hair • Dandruff control treatment

Fashion and Style • Wash and dry

• Women’s hairstyling for special occasions • Straightening

• Special wedding hairstyling • Test bridal hairstyle

• Women’s cut • Men’s cut

• Caribbean braids

Hair Removal

• Full face hair removal • Legs hair removal

• Back hair removal for men • Bikini area hair removal • Underarms hair removal • Arms hair removal

Post-depilation creams are used with all of these treatments to reduce the irritation that can occur.


Bridal Packages

Since we know this is a very important event for you, we offer a bridal package for your peace of mind that includes:

• Pre-wedding test hairstyle • Hairstyling on your wedding day • Make-up service

• French or regular manicure




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