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The business division Igepa Screen Printing, Signmaking, Large Format Printing is a fast-growing unit within the Igepa group.

The Igepa group, a leading conglomerate of paper wholesalers, is a coo-peration comprising six independent paper merchants.

We have compiled an overview of our services to give you an impression of the broad array of screen printing and advertising technology pro-ducts and services we offer.

Facts and Figures

>Founded in 1960

>Six German partner companies

>Headquartered in Hamburg

>2.600 employees (2.250 in Europe)

>More than 60 distribution points in 26 countries

>Over 40.000 customers


customers at eye-level.


One factor that our customers appreciate especially is the precision of our analytical processes. We are committed to examining everything we do with open eyes and an open mind, and this ability allows us to keep perfecting our services without ever losing sight of our customers’ requi-rements.

A call is all it takes and your order is compiled and processed by your personal sales consultant and delivered just-in-time. Local service is one of our outstanding advantages: members of the Igepa group are present in many different regions, keeping us close to our customers. There’s an Igepa group company in your region, too.

We know what your customers want. In cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers we use our extensive experience and expertise to develop and improve products that deliver outstanding benefits for the screen printing and advertising technology sector. The Igepa group is a flexible, dependable partner; we are thoroughly familiar with the demands and processes in the industry and always alert for innovation.


of an eye.

In the blink

Your customers depend on you to keep your word. Your employees are mo-tivated. You have no time to lose. For us, dependability is the foundation on which a mutually satisfactory business relationship is built. As soon as we re-ceive your order we start working: we’ll send you samples or cut boards with unerring precision to any format you need.

We produce films and banner materials according to your specifications and the specs of your presses. We will deliver your order the next morning or – if required - in the middle of the night so that your team can start producing first thing in the morning.


Textile transfer

Flock and flex films with heat-activated adhesives in a wide range of different designs. Transfer papers for screen printing, laser prin-ting and sublimation inks. Hot transfer presses for textiles, caps and mugs.


Igepa Rip-Software „MasterRip“, Cutting Soft-ware, Profiles, Installation and Support.

Window film

Films for glass decoration. Sunscreen films for buildings and vehicles. Tinted films and safety films. Translucent and transparent coloured films for advertising displays. Special purpose films and light-enhancing films.

Ready-made banners

Semi-finished and ready-to-hang banners in many different colours, formats and variants.


Lightweight composite, PVC, foam, aluminium composite, Perspex and polycarbonate boards. Display boards made of polystyrene, pure alu-minium and other materials in a wide range of formats and thicknesses. Ready-to-use acrylic signs cut to size.


Adhesive auxiliaries and solutions, knives, blades, tools. Adhesive solvents, cutting mats, assembly aids and much more.

Adhesive tape

Double-sided tape for sticking mirrors, foam, carpets, masking tape, adhesive mesh, textile tape, transfer adhesive and special purpose adhesive tapes.

LFP solvent-based

Films, self-adhesive foils, roll-ups, pop-ups, banners, textiles and papers in all standard formats for solvent-based printing systems.

LFP water-based

Films, self-adhesive films, roll-ups, pop-ups, banners, textiles and proofing papers in all standard formats for water-based printing systems.


Original ink systems for all standard LFP pres-ses. Solvent-based, water-based or UV curing inks. Cleaners and auxiliaries.

LFP UV curing

Plates, films, self-adhesive films, roll-ups, pop-ups, banners, textiles and papers in all stan-dard formats for UV curing printing systems.

Protective laminates for digital printing, most with UV blockers. Non-slip laminates for floors, anti-graffiti foils, foils to protect against chip-ping and scratching. Available with high-gloss, glossy, semi-matt and matt finishes.


Available as sheets or rolls in a wide range of formats. Special purpose adhesives, opaque films, high-gloss films, magnetic films, rigid PVC and PP films, fluoride and phosphor films, decals.

Screen-printing films

Self-adhesive cutting plotter films in a wide range of different styles and colours, stencil films and paper, transfer papers and special films, blackboard film, decorative films. For professional indoor and outdoor signage.


Digital printing systems for indoors, outdoors and proofing. A wide variety of devices and units by big-name manufacturers. Hot presses, laminators, cutting plotters and finishing units. Spare parts, service and techni-cal consultancy.


Roll-ups, light boxes, promotional displays, fol-ding frames, stretchers, pavement ‘A’ boards, poster snap frames, presentation walls and a whole lot more.


Our product groups.


Our comprehensive product portfolio is shaped by your requirements. We offer over 40,000 different products, including all kinds of films and foils – from reflection foil to sun films and magnetic films – as well as adhesives and auxiliaries. Display boards, banners, decor boards and plexiglas signs – cut to any format to your exact specifications. We also supply hardware, software and a wide array of services for digital printing systems, inclu-ding all substrates and consumables – from paper to inks and textiles. Alongside the consistently high quality of our products and service, we also carry a comprehensive product range of our own and brand name products, all chosen to deliver optimum performance at very competitive prices. We always aim to stay a step ahead of current trends: our corpo-rate mindset and activities focus on tomorrow’s innovations and we are always on the look-out for exciting, inspiring new products and ideas to drive our mutual success.


And technology.


Technology needs vision and vice versa. Digital printing stands for inno-vative technology and know-how. We offer you the benefits of our exper-tise and competence, including printing systems and software solutions which you can purchase, lease or finance through us.

We will install and customise the printing software of your choice, create profiles and manage your software updates. We offer consultan-cy services to build your successful digital future, individually tailored to your needs and your commercial vision. We look forward to hearing from you!


And understand.


So often, it is difficult to pinpoint the key to success. We firmly believe that at the heart of success lies an innovative drive and the awareness that one’s own skills may need refreshing from time to time. Let us help you stay ahead of the game.

We are committed to sharing our expertise. Not only with our employees, but also with you. We organize workshops where you and your team can learn and test new technologies, materials and processes. Do you have specific interests and needs? Ask us – we can put together flexible trai-ning sessions to address your precise traitrai-ning needs. Our specialists will be happy to share their expertise at in-house training courses at your premises. We’ll listen to your needs with open ears. And we look forward to working with you!


Igepa Showrooms Igepa Location

in close contact with our customers, your Igepa sales consultant is there to help you with advice, information and service, either in person or on the phone, whenever you need him. Let us demonstrate our wide range of presses and printing equipment by renowned manufacturers at our 12 showrooms across Germany.


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