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1. Go here for a more frequently updated list: 2. http://community.tulpa.info/thread-new-great-big-list-of-guides 3. 4. 5. 0===================================================== =======================0


7. 0=====================================================

=======================0 8.

9. Hello there!


11. If you're reading this, then that means you'd like to start on the path of tulpamancy and create your very own tulpa. That's great! In this document you will find a list of guides to help you on your journey, organized by subject. Your first task as a novice tulpamancer is to educate yourself as much as possible about the field in general, in order to learn the basic steps required in tulpaforcing.


13. I recommend reading through several creation/overview guides to get a feel for the process, and then looking up additional information on any aspects that seem unclear or confusing. However, keep in mind that this is a very subjective process, and there is no "right" way to go about it. Don't be afraid to experiment or mix methods to find out the process that works best for you.


15. Remember, the more effort you put into this, the better the results. 16.


17. Good luck, tulpamancer! 18. -Longbow 19. 20. o---o 21. | CREATION/OVERVIEW GUIDES | 22. o---o 23.

24. - FAQ Man's Creation Guide

25. http://tulpa.info/guides/faqman-creation-guide.html 26.

27. - Irish's Creation Guide:

28. http://tulpa.info/guides/irish-creation-guide.html 29.

30. - Fede's Ultimate Superior Tulpa Guide (and Tones):

31. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Fede-s-Ultimate-Superior-Tulpa-Guide 32. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Tulpaforcing-Resources-Thread 33.

34. - May the Force be with You (Creation Guide) - by Methos 35. http://pastebin.com/yenixUxK


37. - Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide - by Amadeus



40. - EnEllDee's Hands-On Tulpa Creation Guide

41. http://tulpa.wikia.com/wiki/EnEllDee%27s_Hands-OnTulpa_Creation_Guide 42.

43. - Kiahdaj's Absolute Guide to Tulpas

44. http://community.tulpa.info/thread-kiahdaj-s-absolute-guide-to-tulpas 45. 46. o---o 47. | SENTIENCE | 48. o---o 49.

50. - Treating as Sentient before Sentience - by Phi

51. tulpa.info/forums/Thread-A-stage-before-personality-Treating-as-sentient-before-sentience


53. - Possible Method For Faster Sentience - by Bin

54. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Forcing-Possible-Method-For-Faster-Sentience 55. 56. o---o 57. | PERSONALITY | 58. o---o 59.


60. - FAQ Man's Personality Guide

61. http://tulpa.info/guides/faqman-personality-guide.html 62.

63. - Phi's Five Big Traits and Temperment

64. http://tulpa.info/guides/phi-five-big-traits-and-temperament.html 65. 66. o---o 67. | VISUALIZATION | 68. o---o 69.

70. - Chupi's Visualization Guide

71. http://tulpa.info/guides/chupi-visualization-guide.html 72.

73. - Phi's Open-Eye Visualization Guide

74. http://tulpa.info/guides/phi-open-eye-visualization.html 75.

76. - Mental Image Rendering Guide

77. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Mental-image-Rendering-guide 78.

79. - Teryakywind's Guide to Making the Imagined Real

80. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Visualization-Teryakywind-s-Guide-to-Making-the-Imagined-Real



82. o---o 83. | MINDVOICE | 84. o---o 85.

86. - Chupi's Ping-Pong Method

87. http://chupitulpa.tumblr.com/post/32038874026 88.

89. - Coaxing Tulpae Into Talking - by Bin

90. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Coaxing-Tulpae-Into-Talking 91.

92. - The Voice - by mitchdevano

93. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-tutorial-THE-VOICE 94. 95. o---o 96. | IMPOSITION | 97. o---o 98.

99. - NED's leash imposition guide

100. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Imposition-NED-s-leash-imposition-guide 101.


103. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Tulpa-imposition-guide 104.

105. - Mary and M's Starting Imposition Guide

106. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Imposition-Mary-and-M-s-Starting-Imposition-Guide 107. 108. o---o 109. | MISCELANEOUS | 110. o---o 111.

112. - Q2's method for a huggable tulpa

113. http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Imposition-q2-s-method-for-a-huggable-tulpa 114.

115. - Sensory Sharing Explained - by Scrappy 116. http://pastebin.com/s0ukcD33


118. - Linkzelda's Guide to Better Narration

119. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mg6MrxfLob_Ty4A1QIgRks-7GOUeVDq_moyf2zLhMCE/edit?pli=1


121. - EnEllDee's Tulpa Possession Kickstarter Guide/Supplement 122. http://pastebin.com/WygY7Z7G


124. o---o



128. - Main site guides:

129. http://tulpa.info/guides/index.html 130.

131. - User submitted guides:

132. http://tulpa.info/forums/Forum-Guides 133. 134. o---o 135. | CHANGE LOG | 136. o---o 137. [ v1.82 : Jun. 5th, 2013]

138. - Added En Ell Dee's Hands-on Guides Tulpa Creation 139. - Kiahdaj's Absolute Guide to Tulpas

140. - Edited the composer information 141. [ v1.81 : Dec. 10th, 2012]

142. - Added Bin's guide on coaxing a tulpa into talking 143. [ v1.80 : Dec. 8th, 2012 ]

144. - Added Misc. section, along with a guide on sensory sharing by Scrappy 145. - Removed general list of tips, since it belongs in the thread rather than here


146. It can still be found in the tulpa thread copypasta (also in my pastebin) 147. [ v1.75 : Dec. 2nd, 2012 ]

148. - Added a bunch of guides and organized them into sections 149. - Reworked intro paragraph a bit

150. - Also added some sick ASCII art for the section labels, (totally not stolen from GameFAQs)

151. [ v1.11 : Nov. 9th, 2012 ]

152. - Added Bin's guide for faster sentience 153. [ v1.1 : Nov. 4th, 2012 ]

154. - Added introductory paragraph and guide explanations 155. - Changed organization around a bit


157. ---158.

159. Please contact En Ell Dee if you'd like your guide to be added to this list, or if you'd like to suggest any other changes.

160. enelldee.tulpa@gmail.com

161. http://community.tulpa.info/user-enelldee 162.


1. ---2. Frequently Asked Questions 3. ---4.

5. >Where do I start?

6. Read a few guides to get an idea of what the process is like, then decide which guide will work best for you and follow it. Ask lots of questions and don't be afraid to experiment or mix methods to make the experience as unique as possible, only you know what works best for you. 7.

8. >Where are the guides?

9. Here's the guide list http://pastebin.com/SrAWPTKZ 10.


11. >Do I need to talk out loud to my tulpa and look insane?

12. It's a personal preference, you may choose to talk to your tulpa out loud and look insane to onlookers, but it might be more efficient to talk to it in your mind [and obviously more discrete]. 13.

14. >Can you have multiple tulpa?

15. Yes.


17. >Can a tulpa create another tulpa?

18. Yes. Keep in mind that it's essentially just you making another tulpa as the tulpa is an extension of you.


20. >Is falling asleep while forcing bad?

21. Bad? It's not productive for obvious reasons. 22.

23. >I think I might be puppeting/creating my tulpa's responses. What if I always know what they're going to say?

24. You're always creating your tulpa's responses as it's an extension of yourself. If you're worried about puppeting though, you're probably not doing it. Puppeting is 100% deliberate and a fully conscious action. If you feel you make responses for your tulpa or always know what they will say, it's because you're seeing through the self deception, but this will fade with time. Your tulpa will use what you know of their personality to think of a response.


26. >Am I going to create a servitor?

27. If you're not trying to make a servitor, then you won’t. If you're that worried, then you're already way too devoted to make an accidental servitor.


29. >I'm getting headaches when I force! Is this bad?

30. Headaches are commonly reported while forcing, likely due to the levels of concentration involved, and not something to be concerned about. Not everyone gets them, but if you do they should diminish after a while.


32. >Can I base my tulpa off a real person or an existing character?

33. Yes, realize they aren't necessarily that person/character as depicted, especially if you didn't create the character. If the character in question is a character you created yourself, you'll likely have a mostly faithful version of the character, but you must keep in mind potential deviation and the influence you might have on it's behavior involuntarily.


35. >Can you kill a tulpa?

36. If you are going to create a tulpa just to destroy it later, you probably can; just consider that if it's too deeply ingrained in your mind you/they might resist them fading away. However, it is possible to dissipate a tulpa by actively ignoring it and not thinking about it. Tulpa, like any imaginary character, live off of attention. Without it, they fade away and are forgotten forever. 37.

38. >Can you have sex with a tulpa?

39. Tulpa can simulate the stimulation of all five senses, so yes. If you're not looking for companionship aside from that, a servitor might be suited to this purpose.


41. >What if my tulpa hates me or wants me to die?

42. It's likely because you have mental problems which surface in your tulpa, and you should dissipate it if it becomes an issue, and seek help, or help yourself get over your problems.



45. Well, we're all probably a little bit insane here, but tulpa aren't the same as

schizophrenia. The main difference is that schizophrenia is involuntary and related to a deficient brain, while tulpa are voluntarily made by their hosts and have no indications to be caused by or cause brain damage.

46. 47.

48. >Will doing x drug affect my tulpa-forcing?

49. As with everything in tulpa creation, this is a subjective experience. Some claim better visualization, others say tulpas may go missing for the duration of the experience, others felt no effects. Above all, be safe for both your sakes.

50. 51. ---52. Do and Don't 53. ---54. 55. >DO: 56.

57. - Believe your tulpa is a real entity from the moment you start. You can imagine them behind you or otherwise with you. This gives a head start on visual imposition, makes them solidify faster due to always being thought of, and does wonders for your visualization skills. 58.

59. - Believe all responses come from your tulpa unless you are 100% certain they do not. 60.

61. - Try to imagine their form in every detail, with all your senses. This will make them feel more real.


63. - Go on adventures in your mind with your tulpa when they're ready, this will help with closed eye visualization.


65. - Always give your tulpa plenty of love and attention if that's what you want it for. 66.

67. - Have faith your tulpa. Much of what you're aiming to create must be developed on their part.


69. - Be patient and don't rush things. They will progress at their own pace. 70.


72. >DON'T:


74. - Fear parroting, early responses may feel like they're directly from you, but they will grow more distinct with time. This does NOT mean you should actively parrot your Tulpa, as it won't achieve the 'effortlessness response' that interaction with tulpa embodies.


76. - Bother counting hours spent on this, or get caught up in estimated times given by guides or other people's experiences. It's just a burden and feeds into expectations of how long it 'should' take. It's a highly personal experience and every person has a different rate of

progression. 77.

78. - Worry that you might make a servitor or hologram, there is a thin line anyways and if you are aiming to make a full blown tulpa, it will come with time.


80. - Be surprised if your tulpa starts moving or talking on their own very soon. Appreciate it though, as your work has paid off.


82. - Treat your tulpa like a doll and carry them around in the wonderland, unless they're a doll, then that's cool, it's likely nobody in your mind will hold a dolljoint fetish against you. 83.

84. - Expect a voice out of nowhere. This may happen, but it may also take a long time of listening to quiet little thoughts from them first, or might not even be the voice you will come to know as your tulpa. You'll know when you're talking to it.


86. - Worry – worrying and doubting only hinders things. 87.


1. Flombomb's Simple Tulpa/Servitor Step-By-Step Guide V0.4 2.

3. Note:This is a VERY basic but FULL guide and should be used as a reference ONLY. Want it to be more specific? Go to google and type in "Best meditating method" or "Best personality". I made this guide as simple as can be and if this is a tl;dr than perhaps you should reconsider why you are making a tulpa/servitor in the first place. Oh I am using my phone for all of this so expect mistakes. I made this because most of the tulpa.info commumity is shit and /x/ threads are filled with shitposters and simple questions. This guide won't cover possession/switching because I haven't reached that stage yet but there is a lot of guides and people to help you with this if you want.


5. Before we start REMEMBER:

6. -Assume sentience from the beginning. 7. -Remain positive/don't have doubts. 8. -This is not a quick thing to do.

9. -A lot of your questions have been answered. Go to .info or google and you may find it there. If not ask, /x/.

10. -This is MY GUIDE as in I made this as how I am making it and what works with me. You can change whatever step you want to how you want. This is only one method of the dozens out there. Go find them if you don't like this one.

11. -Have fun while doing this! 12. -And read all of the steps first. 13.


15. -What is a tulpa/servitor and what is the difference?

16. Servitor

17. A thought form that you directly control, and isn't sapient; A slave who is willing to do anything you want and won't care about what it is.


19. Tulpa

20. A thought form that has its own opinions and ideas. It is sapient;A non-physical form who can interact with you (like arguing, making jokes, giving ideas). You don't have full (but some) control over it;like any other person but no one but you can see it.


22. -Why should I?

23. Because it is a very understanding entity that can be very helpful (not physically but mentally); A close companion.

24. -Self-Induced X mental disorder?

25. Nope. When children have imaginary friends its not a disorder. Same shit. Just an upgrade from an imaginary friend. More of an order than disorder. You have control. 26. -Can I fugg a tulpa?

27. Make a servitor for that, or make a tulpa but not for that reason exclusively. But in reality yes. It takes a long amount of time to create and it won't be that great unless imposition/senses is near perfect and you are not be a virgin for full effect. Don't expect hands free fapping either. You are most likely going to have to finish off yourself. Just get a real woman for that. Way quicker and easier.

28. -Stop deluding yourself.

29. It's just like believing you are feeling warm when it is freezing, or when you have to give out a presentaion and you imagine that they are naked and/or yourself as confident. It isn't really needed but it does help.


31. Tulpa---32. 1. Get a basic idea on what your tulpa is going to be like. Make a list of about 25-35

attributes (personalities and attitudes) you want; What it's going to look/sound like is also good but not necessary.


34. 2.Meditate(well, get comfy and clear your mind) and force. Don't know how to force? Well to start off, imagine your tulpa has lost its memories. You are the only one who know who/what it is. Make it remember what kind of entity(Well we're not all going to have a human/pony tulpa are we?) it is. How others see it, who it really is, who it wants to be (refer to your attributes for this). Don't expect a voice just yet but remain hopeful. There are two types of forcing.


36. Active

37. -Meditating for 30mins-Xhours(until you want to stop) and doing nothing but thinking of your tulpa.

38. Quicker results but requires time off. 39.

40. Passive

41. -Doing what you normally do throughout the day but you think about your tulpa in the back of your mind.

42. Longer wait for results but doesn't require time off. 43.

44. Remember, personality is optional for a tulpa and you can let it choose its own but it may take longer and I have no idea on how to let it choose its own form and personality. There are guides for this method out there.


46. 3.After you do this thoroughly for each and every attribute. You should feel


creating a sentient form of course your head is going to react oddly. If it isn't happening, don't feel down. Refer to step 2. This is NOT A QUICK PROCESS. NEVER FORGET THIS. IF IT TAKES MONTHS SO BE IT(unless you are some sort of snowflake). If you do hear a voice which isn't yours (it will be totally alien and unexpected but it doesn't want to harm or annoy you. It just wants to talk to you and find out about itself.) congrats, you have taken your first step. Respond to that voice and try to get it to talk.


48. 4.So you got a personal anomly? Well keep going with step 2/3. Got a voice? Well done! You can choose to discontinue with step 2/3 and now force all about what you want! Talk about your day, what you want to do with your tulpa. Still not sure on what to do with forcing now? Here: 49. docs.google.com/document/d/1PL8hGyNh1JsdOtbfmBpLa0eeb3_4ukQHB1qSAhe_HDk/mo


50. Yes some of the ideas are childish and stupid but it is ideas nevertheless.

51. This WILL help yout tulpa to talk a lot more and create a closer bond towards you. Expect it to want to talk to you a lot more and it asking you a lot of questions. This should be your first bonding moments with it. Enjoy it!


53. 5(or a lot of questions step). ARGHHH HELP IT HAS MY VOICE?!!? Do not worry this is pretty normal. You should've been imagining in the voice you wanted in the first place but don't freight. Just talk to your tulpa in the voice you want, telling it to use that voice. Keep going even if you think you are failing. No person is born perfect.


55. Watch movies,TV shows,documemtaries,fantasy names(RPGs,tv,movies etc..), Look at different countries and their top 100 names currently (and in previous years), and names from different eras e.g. Victorian, Roman, Greek etc... Or just get a bloody name generator.

56. WHAT VOICE?!??!

57. Jesus christ. Fantasy, TV, Movies,Voices from different countries, Accent videos. 58.


59. 6. Now we got that out of the way. You wanna bring it to life huh? Create its body right? Well just meditate and focus completely on the body. First their skeleton, then internal organs, then skin + eyes, then hair/nails/eye lashes/eye colour (basically personal preferance for slightly unecessary things). You know when it is done when you can close your eyes and see it perfectly from every angle with great detail. This is to make it feel real and not some ghost or tv character. Oh make it naked as well from the start, this is for a greater depth about what/who it is.


61. 7. Got the body you want? Fantastic! Going great so far! Now imagine what it smells like(hair,face snd everything else), feels like(fingers,hair,arms,legs,lips,hips,back etc..), sounds like(not just voice but also moving, when hurt,voice effects? like moaning, grunting,yawning etc..basically everything the body can do), you covered sight so taste. This sounds lewd, and it is slightly. But this is for more depth about what it is. You know your body doesn't taste the same everywhere, and everybody elses without trying. Why should a tulpa be different? The order for senses doesn't matter but once you feel like each sense is done (eyes closed thing) do it all senses at once so that as soon as tou close you eyes, everything about your tulpa feels real. You should continue talking to it throughout this step and as many times as possible from here on out(I recommend after a forcing session so it won't distract you).


63. 8. Wow you have almost finished the foundations of your tulpa! Now it is really time to bring it to life! Imagine it right next to you or behind you, both actively and passively. You can continue forcing normally(like the google doc+ senses) but try to bring it to your world. I personally get a dark room and open my eyes for this. Don't imagine it in your wonderland or imagination mind? Think about it being next to you. Needless to say this is THE SLOWEST

PROCESS YOU ARE DOING. So when doing this, continue talking to it like before. Imagine it walking around with you, how it sits,lies,gets scared, gets excited, everything that involves movement but imagine it doing it near you doing what you do (getting in a car,walking through a park/street etc..). As said before, remember to also keep talking to it and acknowledging it. This should be a fun process! Stay motivated! Imposition takes a seriously long amount of time because its not just in your head (sort of) but in your enviroment. Not going to tell you how long because EVERYONE is different. I will say its not days/weeks though.

64. You will see it in you peripheral vision then maybe some dark outlines, possibly a figure in dark then a body part from edge of something (e.g. toes after edge of bed, hand on lap while reading etc..). As soon as you see any of them don't be scared, or at least try not to. Its shy! It wants to come to our world! After this comes the very exciting part. Eventually after a long time of imposition you WILL see a holographic sight of you tulpa! Right there! of course your hand will go through it but just try to touch the surface. Happy you focused on the senses now aren't you?


Feel that skin across your finger. You did this and it is truely a wonderful moment that can't be beat.

65. After this then it can only get better! Making it look more realistic will be quicker than the ghost like holographic entity. If you keep on focusing it will eventually look as real as the phone in your pocket or tree in your yard! This is a feeling that will last you a life time and your tulpa will be happy that you helped it from the start.


67. 9.Congrats again! you have finished perfecting the full fondation of your tulpa! From here on out you can either keep perfecting it or make another one! Be happy! A winner is you!



Servitor---70. (These aren't exactly step-by-step. Refer to above but the main difference is listed below) 71. 1.Attributes arent really needed. Especially for servito


73. 2.Puppeting and parroting are encouraged in this instance, as leaving a servitor to their own devices can cause them to become sentient, especially if they have many complex

subroutines governing their behavior.

74. So in other words monkey see monkey do is very important. This is the main difference between the creation of a tulpa and a servitor. Teach it to repeat what you say and what you want it to say.


76. 3. Now work on apperances. 77.

78. 4.After being able to easily imagine what it looks like, try to give it a command e.g. walk foward ten steps then face left.


80. 5.Well this is nearly finished! Repeat step 3 but give it more complex commands like play patty-cake, Do a foward tumble, make a noise of your choice.


82. 5. Now try to bring it to life! Follow the steps to bring it to the physical world for you to see.


84. You did it! You have made a servitor! 85.

86. Changelog---v0.1 Initial release

87. v0.2 Fixed small mistakes, Improved layout, Improved Introduction 88. v0.3 Improved Servitor guide

89. v0.3.5 Huge amounts of grammar and spelling mistakes

90. v0.4 Improved the overall language, adding some expectations, more detail and couple more of grammar mistakes.





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