Hours: The hours for the class are divided between practicum and in-class activities. The dates and hours are as follows:

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March 2014

Bienvenue à EDUC 1515 Français Langue Seconde Partie 1

The following information will allow you to plan in advance for the upcoming session of FSL Part 1 and make arrangements to complete the requirements of the course. The course includes a five- day practicum (Monday, June 2 to Friday, June 6) that includes time for consultation, observation, planning, teaching and reflection. A detailed schedule of hours and days is provided below.

Hours: The hours for the class are divided between practicum and in-class activities. The dates and hours are as follows:

Practicum June 2 to June 6

Classes begin Monday, June 9, 2014 and will be held from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Classes will not be held during Convocation days scheduled by the university. A schedule of special events will be provided to candidates on the first day of classes. You are encouraged to bring your lunch, drinks and snacks to class. (30 minute lunch break will be provided.)

Practicum: Students are to make arrangements at a school of their choice to complete five days of observation and teaching in an FSL setting. Students may choose a practicum in a program of choice (Core, Extended, or Immersion) as well as a division of choice (Primary, Junior,

Intermediate, or Senior). An ideal situation would be to observe an experienced teacher the first day, then teach from 50 - 100% of the following three days. The exact percentage of time for teaching would be determined mutually with the Host Teacher.

Please note that the Practicum Information Form must be submitted to the In-Service

Education Office by April 28, 2014 . On campus, it can be submitted in Rm. A215 or you can scan and email to lisac@nipissingu.ca.

The Practicum Report Form must be submitted at your first class on Monday, June 9.

These forms are required and must be submitted. We will not send confirmation of successful

completion to the Ontario College of Teachers unless all paperwork related to the practicum is




Successful candidates will:

• integrate learning and experience in a classroom setting

• use observation, planning, teaching, and interaction with students as a means towards professional growth in an FSL setting

• engage the experience of a colleague to further one's understanding

• evaluate one's experience and draw conclusions about what one has learned and needs to learn Description

A practicum is an opportunity for you to integrate your learning and experience in a course and apply this to a real-life situation by observing, planning, teaching, and interacting with students.

The practicum component of this additional qualification course requires that you participate in a 30 hour experiential learning practicum. This is to involve 30 hours directly with students in an FSL setting. You are to arrange the practicum at a school, with a host teacher who is usually someone you know and respect as a colleague. Mutually convenient arrangements should be made between you, the host teacher and the Principal. Listed below are the forms that are used in the practicum component of the course:

1. Letter for Host Teacher

This is a letter describing the overall intent of the practicum and should be presented to both the host teacher and principal when you first contact the school.

2. Practicum Information Form

This is an outline of host school/teacher/subject information.

The candidate is required to sign and return this form to In-Service Education by April 28, 2014. On campus, it can be submitted in Rm. A215 or you can scan and email to lisac@nipissingu.ca.

Practicum Report Form

This form is to be completed at the end of the practicum session and reviewed with the host teacher for comments and signature.

The completed form, including total number of practicum hours, must be signed by the host teacher and submitted in class on June 9, 2014.

3. Practicum Log

This log is to be completed in French by the candidate each day of the practicum.

4. Assessment of the Log

This form is to be completed in French at the end of the practicum and submitted along

with the practicum log to the course instructor on the first day of classes.


Letter for Host Teacher and Principal

Dear Host Teacher,

__________________________________ is presently enrolled in the course EDUC 1515, French as a Second Language Part 1, offered at Nipissing University. An essential component of this course is a practicum in which candidates are required to gain experience in an FSL classroom setting where they may observe, plan and teach the FSL curriculum. The intent of this practicum is to familiarize the candidate with the characteristics and needs of FSL learners, and to incorporate second language strategies into their teaching. With your support and guidance as a teacher/

mentor, we hope that candidates will benefit greatly from this learning opportunity.

We appreciate your willingness to welcome this teacher into your classroom. We hope that the experience of sharing your expertise and having an extra pair of hands in the class will be mutually beneficial. As the Dean of Education, I invite you to contact me if any questions arise during the practicum.

Dean of Education: Dr. Carole Richardson Telephone Number: 705-474-3450

E-mail Address: caroler@nipissingu.ca



PRACTICUM INFORMATION FORM – Submit by April 28, 2014 On campus, it can be submitted in Rm. A215 or you can scan and email to


Course: EDUC-1515 FRENCH AS A 2ND LANGUAGE, PART I Student Name: ____________________________________________

Student Number: ___________________________________________

Student Phone Number: _____________________________________

Student Email: ____________________________________________

PRACTICUM DETAILS (Please print clearly):

I will complete my practicum in the following classroom:

School Board: _______________________________________________________

School : _______________________________________ Grade : _____________

School Address : _____________________________________________________

FSL Program (Core, Extended or Immersion) : _______________________________

Grade level(s) :_______________________________________________________________

Principal :_____________________________________________________________

Host Teacher: ________________________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________ E-mail : _____________________

I am aware that the practicum is a requirement of the course: ___________________

(FSL Candidate please initial here.)

I have arranged with the host teacher and principal to conduct the in class practicum for the required number of hours (minimum 30).

__________________________________ ______________________________

Candidate’s Signature Date



To be submitted by student at first class– June 9, 2014

This is to certify that ____________________________________ (candidate) has completed the practicum requirements as described below:

Date: Number of hours: ________

Date: Number of hours: _________

Date: Number of hours: _________

Date: Number of hours: _________

Date: Number of hours: _________

TOTAL HOURS: ________ (minimum 30 hrs)

The candidate engaged in the following activities during the practicum:

Date/Time Activity




Host Teacher’s Comments

___________________________________ ___________________

Signature of Host Teacher Date

Thank you in advance for returning this at the end of the practicum.



JOURNAL DU STAGE – Cette page est à compléter tous les jours du stage.

(Minimum de 4 journaux, maximum une page le jour)

Date: L’enseignant:

Niveau: Les attentes de la classe:

Ici vous pouvez faire des commentaires par rapport à: ex.: les habiletés des apprenants de langue seconde, leurs caractéristiques, intérêts, motivations; techniques de gérance, de correction, d’utiliser le français; les stratégies d’enseignement/d’apprentissage/d’évaluation.

Comment le français pose un défi différent des autres classes?


Réflexion du stage

À faire à la fin du stage et à remettre le 1er juin au début de la classe.

Nom: ___________________________

Répondez aux questions suivantes selon votre expérience :

• Qu’est-ce qui vous a préoccupée pendant votre pratique?

• À quel défi est-ce que vous avez fait face pendant votre stage?

• Y a-t-il une question qui reste sans réponse?

• Vous vous demandez s’il y a une autre façon d’enseigner ce concept?…..

• Les élèves n’ont pas compris ce concept? Pourquoi?….


Qu’est-ce que vous devez savoir avant d’enseigner le français?





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