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Visa Debit Card User Guide


Academic year: 2021

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Visa Debit Card

User Guide

4585 3900 0000 0120


4585 3900 0000 0120

AYSHA ZAFAR 11/10 11/12

Summit Bank Plaza: 10th Floor, Plot # 8/C-1, Mumtaz Hasan Road, Off I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan



Congratulations and welcome to the world of Visa Debit! We thank you for selecting the Visa Debit Card from Summit Bank. You now hold in your hands the card that offers you a whole new world of purchasing convenience.

You will be pleased to know that your Summit Bank Visa Debit Card allows you to directly access your deposit accounts whenever you need to use money. In an endeavor to constantly offer you enhanced value, the Visa Debit Card combines domestic convenience with international luxury, so that you can use your card wherever Visa cards are accepted within Pakistan and overseas.

The Summit Bank Visa Debit Card offers you a convenient alternative to cash since it is always in your wallet. Moreover, it reduces the risk of theft since you can easily get your card blocked through our Contact Center or the Cards Online domain. Using this card also makes it easy for you to keep track of your purchases with the receipts that are generated after each transaction.


7 8 9 10 11 6

Magnetic Strip: Important information pertaining to your debit card is encoded here. Please protect your debit card from scratching or exposure to magnets and magnetic fields as they can damage the strip.

Signature Panel: Please sign this panel immediately on receipt of your debit card with a non erasable ball point pen (preferably in black ink). The signature you will use to sign charge slips at merchant outlets needs to be the same as this signature.

PLUS, 1 Link, MNET Logos: Your card can be used at all ATMs carrying any of these logos, within Pakistan and overseas.

24 Hour Customer Helpline: You can reach us anytime from anywhere at 0800 24252 or 0800 24365. When overseas, you may also reach us at +92 21 32463516.

VISA Debit Usage Process Flow: The symbols indicate exactly how easy it is to use your debit card. It's as simple as Shop, Swipe and Sign.

CVV2: Card Verification Value 2. This is a unique three digit check value generated using a secure cryptographic process and used for added security in the transaction process. Please do not disclose this unique value to anyone. 6 7 8 9 10 11






4 5

Debit Card Number: This is your exclusive and unique 16-digit card number. Please quote this number and the Card Title in all communi-cation / correspondence with the Bank.

Card Title: Only you are authorized to use your debit card. Please check to see that your name has been correctly printed on the card.

Valid From – Valid Thru (mm/yy): Your debit card is valid until the last day of the month of the year indicated here.

VISA Logo: Any merchant establishment displaying this logo accepts your debit card worldwide.

Usage Guide: Your debit card can be used to make all routine purchases – it is your shopping card. Make payments with your card at petrol stations, restaurants, grocery stores, travel agents and any other establishment carrying the Visa logo.


Activation of Primary Cards

For your safety, your Visa Debit Card is sent to you inactive. You will not receive the PIN Code for your card in the mail. Please call the Summit Bank Contact Center at 0800 24252 / 0800 24365 from your registered number to generate your ATM PIN Code and get your card activated.

Activation of Supplementary Cards

Supplementary Cards will be delivered to the primary cardholder and will get activated only with the authorization of this primary cardholder. In order to activate a supplementary card, the primary cardholder should call the Contact Center to generate the PIN Code and provide verification to the PBO who will then activate the card.

Using the Visa Debit Card

Your Summit Bank Visa Debit Card is extremely versatile and simple to use as it is valid in Pakistan and overseas.

You can use your card to make purchases as well as withdraw cash. It works the same way a Credit Card does for transactions made at merchant outlets.

Moreover, the debit card doubles up as an ATM Card, thus saving the need to carry multiple cards.


Monthly Budgets

You can set your monthly budget amount through our Contact Center. You can now use your card at your convenience without worrying about over-spending. We will send you a warning e-alert when you approach 80% of your set monthly budget amount. You can subscribe for this service through our Contact Center at 0800 24252 / 0800 24365.

Flexible Spend Limits

In an endeavor to constantly offer you enhanced value, Summit Bank gives you the liberty of choosing your own daily spend limits on POS transactions as well as ATMs. When the card is issued to you, the follow-ing default daily spend limits apply. You can set your flexible spend limits by calling the Contact Center or through your Internet Banking facility. This service is offered on Supplementary Cards as well.

Daily Spend Limits (Default) Classic Gold

Transaction Count Unlimited Unlimited

• Cash Withdrawal (ATMs) Rs.35,000 Rs.50,000

• POS Transactions Rs.60,000 Rs.150,000

Usage at ATMs

Your Visa Debit Card can be used as an ATM Card at all Summit Bank ATMs, MNET or 1 Link ATMs, or ATMs carrying the PLUS logo, in Pakistan or overseas. This gives you 24 hour access to your deposit accounts from anywhere in the world.

You can perform the following functions at all Summit Bank ATMs within Pakistan:

• Cash Withdrawal • Balance Inquiry

• Generation of Mini Account Statement • Fund Transfer within Summit Bank • Inter-Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) • Account Statement Request • Cheque Book Request • PIN Code Change

• SMS Banking subscription or change of details • Utility Bill Payment

POS Transactions: Usage at Merchant Outlets

You can use your Debit Card at over 30 million merchant outlets worldwide carrying a VISA/VISA Electron sign.

Please note that since signature verification is essential for debit card transactions, you need to be physically present along with your card at the time of purchase. No PIN Code is required for transactions at merchants. Making payments with your debit card couldn't be easier. Just follow these simple steps when using your card at merchant outlets to ensure total shopping satisfaction:

1. Look for a VISA/VISA Electron sign at the point-of-sale merchant establishment. The Visa Debit Card will be accepted at all merchant outlets that accept Visa Credit Cards.

2. After completing your shopping, present the Visa Debit Card to the cashier at the check-out counter where the POS terminal will be positioned.

3. The debit card will be swiped on the terminal by the cashier for authorization.

4. After a successful authorization, your account will be subsequently debited for the transacted amount.

5. Two sales receipts will be generated: a Merchant Copy and a Customer Copy.

6. Carefully check and sign the Merchant Copy of the sales receipt and return it to the cashier. Your signature on the receipt must match that on the reverse of the debit card.

7. Ensure that your debit card is returned to you, along with the Customer Copy of the sales receipt.









International Usage

Your Visa Debit Card can be used to access fast and convenience cash available at over 1.4 million ATMs, as well as make electronic purchases at over 30 million merchant locations around the world. The charges applicable on international transactions are different from those levied on transactions conducted within Pakistan and are listed in the tariff

sheet. Your Summit Bank Visa Debit Card will be ready to use internationally as soon as you activate your card.

• VISA Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS)

The Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) program from Visa is one of the primary features and benefits of your Visa Debit Card. GCAS is a comprehensive customer service program made available to you whenever you travel overseas, either for business or leisure. Through GCAS, you can avail multilingual emergency assistance service through the collect-call number provided below from anywhere around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Collect-call hotline number for use from anywhere in the world

1-443 641 2004

Alternatively, for any queries relating to your deposit accounts or your Visa Debit Card, you can reach us directly at the Summit Bank Contact Center at our international dialing number:

+92 21 32463516



In order to avoid misuse of your card or any kind of inconvenience, we would advise you to please read the following guidelines, so that using your card is a pleasant experience.

• Treat your debit card in the same way you treat cash. Keep it with you at all times and never leave it unattended.

• Your debit card is for your exclusive use only. It should never be surren-dered to anyone other than a designated Bank Officer at Summit Bank. Please ensure that you cut your card into four pieces through the magnetic strip before you hand it over to anyone.

• Never reveal or surrender your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to anyone. Please destroy all evidence of the PIN number after memorizing it and never keep a written copy of it in close proximity to your debit card. It is also recommended that you change your PIN at regular intervals (at least once in three months thereafter). Please note that if you input your PIN incorrectly on an ATM keypad 3 times, your card will be blocked temporarily. Please call the Contact Center should this happen. • If your debit card is lost/stolen, or if you suspect that your debit card has

been used fraudulently, call the Summit Bank Contact Center at 0800 24252 / 0800 24365 immediately to lodge a complaint/report.

• Always ensure that the debit card is used in your presence when transacting at merchant establishments. Never sign an incomplete sales slip.

• Please promptly notify us of any changes in your telephone numbers or mailing address.

At Summit Bank, we aim to give you the highest level of service and keep you informed of products and services that may be of interest to you. If you require any further assistance or believe that you have not received complete service, please write to our Customer Services Manager at


When banking with Summit Bank, you have 24/7 access to your deposit account through your Visa Debit Card. With our Internet Banking facility, you can avail a host of services with just a click of a button.

You may register for your Internet Banking account on

www.summitbank.com.pk using your unique 16-digit card number and

secure PIN Code. This will prompt you to generate your username and

password for easy and secure access to the Internet Banking facility.

Only you are authorized to enter this secure domain – Please do not

reveal your secure username and/or password to anyone.

With the Internet Banking Cards Online facility, it is very easy to manage your Visa Debit Card. You can avail the following services online: • View card details and summary

• View/Create card links with deposit accounts • View/Change Card Status

• Change Pin Code

• View/Define Card Usage Limits • Request a new Visa Debit Card • Request Reissuance of Visa Debit Card



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Changing your PIN Code

Please change your PIN Code regularly in order to avoid any kind of unauthorized use of your card. You can change your PIN Code at any Summit Bank ATM, through the Contact Center or even through your secure Internet Banking account.

Changing your PIN Code at Summit Bank ATMs

• Insert your Visa Debit Card into any Summit Bank ATM • Enter the existing PIN

• Choose PIN change option • Confirm your new PIN • Take your receipt

Changing your PIN Code through the Contact Center

• Talk to our Phone Banking Officer, who will connect you to the IVR

after verification. You will need to enter your existing PIN before your new PIN Code.

Your Self Service Banking username and password is your 16-digit

card number and your secure PIN Code.

• You may use our Self Service Banking facility to change your PIN

Code: You will need to enter your complete 16-digit card number as well as your existing PIN Code for verification.


Flexibility of Usage

This debit card gives you instant access to your account, whenever you wish to make a purchase, or withdraw cash from any ATM in Pakistan or abroad. With the Summit Bank Visa Debit Card, you have no limit on the number of transactions performed at ATMs as well as merchant outlets.

Worldwide Reach

Your Visa Debit Card is accepted at over 1.4 million ATMs and more than 30 million merchant outlets worldwide. It works everywhere that Visa Credit Cards are accepted.

Zero Liability

The Visa Debit Card comes with the added security of Zero Liability. This is a unique feature that protects the debit card against unauthorized purchases on loss, theft or misplacement of the card. You will be protected against all such fraudulent transactions from the moment that you report the missing card to the Summit Bank Contact Center at 0800 24252 / 0800 24365 or block your card through the Cards Online domain.


With the Summit Bank Visa Debit Card, you also get complete ATM usage insurance for one hour from the time of each ATM cash withdrawal transaction, within a 10 kilometers radius from the ATM used. For details, please call our Contact Center or visit your nearest Summit Bank branch.

Special Offers and Privileges at Merchant Establishments on Card Usage

At Summit Bank, we understand that the best service should provide benefits not only in banking but also in other facets of your lifestyle. For this purpose, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that you get the best deals and the most exclusive privileges whenever you use your Visa Debit Card.




Offering you

more than the


Enhanced Limits for Daily Spending

With a Summit Bank Visa Debit Card, you get to set your own daily spending limits for cash withdrawal at ATMs as well as POS Transactions at merchant outlets. You can define your flexible limits by calling our Contact Center or through the Cards Online domain.

Monthly Budgets

The Summit Bank Visa Debit Card allows you to shop without the worry of over-spending through our Monthly Budget facility. You can set the monthly budget amount for your card through the Contact Center. This feature is especially convenient for Supplementary Cards.

Card Usage Statement

You can now receive your card usage statement at your registered email address. You can avail this service monthly, bi-annually and annually. To subscribe please call the Contact Center.

24-Hour Emergency Helpline


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