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Credit Cards




What do you get with a Westpac

credit card?


Which card is right for you?


Enjoy the rewards of hotpoints


Have a closer look at what’s available


Exclusive privileges


Take away the worry


* Not available with the Low Rate MasterCard.

What do you get with

a Westpac credit card?

Here are just some of the benefits of

having a Westpac credit card

– get up to 55 days interest-free credit on purchases – opportunity to earn hotpoints with every dollar you spend* – receive a MasterCard® which provides you with the

convenience of acceptance at over 35 million merchants worldwide, plus global ATM cash access

– contactless technology for fast and convenient payments (of under $80) on the go with MasterCard PayPass – enjoy the option of making easy, flexible repayments – manage all your Westpac accounts online

– you can choose to have your MasterCard linked to access your credit, cheque and savings accounts

– friendly staff, available to help.

There’s loads more too, just turn the page to find out.

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* Terms, conditions, exclusions and eligibility criteria apply. Full details can be found in the policy document.

Which card is right

for you?

Westpac offers a range of credit card options.

Whether you’re after a low interest rate,

rewards or overseas travel insurance, we

have something for you. All our cards offer up

to 55 days interest-free credit on purchases,

along with competitive fees and interest rates.

Westpac hotpoints MasterCard

The Westpac hotpoints MasterCard gives you value and flexibility. It offers our lowest annual credit card account fee and gives you the benefit of earning hotpoints on all your purchases. You can redeem your hotpoints for all kinds of exciting rewards, including a wide range of vouchers and merchandise. To find out more about hotpoints, see page 8.

Hotpoints earn rates:

– You’ll earn 1 hotpoint for every $1 you spend on purchases on your hotpoints MasterCard, plus enjoy the convenience of acceptance at over 35 million merchants worldwide.

Westpac hotpoints Platinum


The Westpac hotpoints Platinum MasterCard rewards you with a world of benefits, including a higher hotpoints earn rate, so you can reach your next reward faster. To find out more about hotpoints, see page 8.

You’ll also receive a comprehensive range of insurance* benefits, including extended warranty and purchase protection insurances and overseas travel insurance – making this account ideal for overseas travellers.

Hotpoints earn rates:


BusinessPLUS MasterCard

If you are a small business owner, then a BusinessPLUS MasterCard can give you the best of both worlds, by helping you mange your business spending as well as earning great hotpoints rewards for you and your business.

You’ll also receive all the other great benefits offered on a Westpac Gold credit card account, including a comprehensive range of insurance benefits.

Hotpoints earn rate:

– Earn 1.25 hotpoints for every $1 you spend on purchases on your BusinessPLUS MasterCard.

Low Rate MasterCard

With its low everyday interest rate on retail purchases, the Low Rate MasterCard provides a convenient way of keeping the cost of borrowing down when buying large purchases. It’s also a smart and easy way to consolidate debt.

A quick summary of annual fees

For a... You pay…

Westpac hotpoints MasterCard $44 per year

Westpac hotpoints Platinum

MasterCard $125 per year ($62.50 charged every 6 mths)

BusinessPLUS MasterCard $100 per year ($50 charged every 6 mths)

Low Rate MasterCard $65 per year ($32.50 charged every 6 mths)

Joint/additional card $15 per year per card


Enjoy the rewards

of hotpoints

With a Westpac hotpoints credit

card, you’ll earn hotpoints

every time you make a purchase

on your Westpac credit card.

Use your Westpac hotpoints

credit card for everyday expenses such as

supermarket shopping, petrol and household

bills and your hotpoints will add up quickly.

Earning hotpoints is easy

– Your Westpac hotpoints MasterCard earns you hotpoints and provides you with the convenience of worldwide acceptance at over 35 million merchants. You can use your Westpac hotpoints MasterCard for everyday purchases, cash advances and ATM withdrawals.

Use your Westpac MasterCard to earn 1 hotpoint per $1spent on purchases


Rewards for travel, your home, your

family or treats for yourself

– Treat yourself to some great merchandise rewards. You can redeem your hotpoints for a huge range of products from DVDs, CDs and books to hardware, home appliances, home entertainment and technology.

– Go shopping with vouchers! You can choose reward vouchers for a huge range of retailers and travel companies. – No other rewards programme provides more ways to use

your points for travel than hotpoints. As well as travel and accommodation vouchers, you can pay for travel with your hotpoints credit card and then use your hotpoints to help pay it back later with Hotpoints Holiday Credits. Hotpoints Holiday Credits can be used to help pay back your travel on any airline, accommodation, sightseeing tours, airport transfers and much, much more, both in NZ and around the world. – You can also donate your hotpoints to Westpac’s chosen

charities, gift them to another hotpoints member or convert them into contributions towards a Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme account. Your annual credit card fee can also be paid using hotpoints.

Points + Pay

If you don’t have enough hotpoints to get your next reward, you can use the online Points + Pay. You can use your Westpac hotpoints credit card to top up the extra amount you need to redeem your reward, or alternatively use your hotpoints credit card to pay for the reward in full. Plus you’ll earn bonus hotpoints for every dollar you spend with Points + Pay on selected merchandise rewards.

Hotpoints are ready when you are

When you’ve become a Westpac customer, you can sign up to Online Banking, a convenient way to keep track of your banking. Here, you can also check your latest hotpoints balance, sign up to receive text alerts* relating to your accounts and register your email address to receive the latest hotpoints and Westpac news via email. You can also log in to hotpoints online where you can check out the huge range of rewards available and redeem your points.

* Text alerts are only available to customers with a Westpac transaction account.

Want to know more about hotpoints?


Have a closer look at

what’s available

Interest-free credit

Buy something with any of Westpac’s personal credit cards and you’ll get up to 55 days interest-free credit on your purchase. If you pay the total card balance by the due date, you won’t pay any interest, unless you make a cash advance. This means you can keep your money in an interest earning account right up until you have to pay off your credit card.

Choose how much to pay

Each month you’ll get a detailed credit card statement. It will show the minimum amount you have to pay and by when. Once you have paid the minimum, you can choose how much extra you want to pay. Pay off the lot before the due date and it’s interest-free (except for cash advances) or spread your payments to suit your budget.

Get a card for someone else

Share the benefits of your Westpac credit card with someone else. You can apply for a joint credit card – you’ll both have a card and share responsibility for the card account. Both applicants will need to be 18 years or older. Or you can apply for an additional card for a family member or friend. The other person must be 15 years or older and any charges they make to the account will be your responsibility to pay.

Balance transfers

Why pay a high interest rate on a hire purchase, store card or another bank’s credit card or personal loan, when you can transfer the outstanding balance to a Westpac credit card account and pay a low interest rate on the balance transferred until it is repaid.

To find out how a balance transfer could save you money, either ask one of our branch staff or visit


Manage your account online

You’re in control with Online Banking. You can access your Westpac credit card account and do your banking via the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– access your credit card account and transaction details – look back on all credit card transactions

– transfer money between your accounts, and – pay your credit card bill online.

Access all your accounts on your credit card

Your Westpac MasterCard® can be set up so you can access

your Westpac cheque or savings accounts at ATMs and EFTPOS outlets nationwide.

Change your limit


Exclusive privileges

– As Westpac MasterCard cardholder, you’ll have access to

MasterCard Privileges. MasterCard Privileges is the place


Take away the worry

Optional protection

Card Repayment Cover is affordable, pre-approved and provides cover for all cardholders aged between 18 and 80. You don’t need a health check and your premium is simply added to your monthly credit card statement.

You and any joint cardholders between the ages of 18-80 are guaranteed acceptance for Card Repayment Cover.

Provided you are aged between 18 and 65 years this cover pays:

– 10% of your credit card account balance each month for up to 24 months after total disability from injury or sickness – 10% of your credit card balance each month for up to six

months after redundancy

– up to $10,000 off your credit card balance if you are self-employed and are declared bankrupt.

Between 18 and 80 years of age the life cover benefit pays:

– up to $50,000 of your credit card balance if you die. The cost is 79c for each $100 of your outstanding monthly balance. This is charged to your credit card each month that you have an outstanding balance and covers everyone aged between 18-80, who has a card on your account.

If you would like Card Repayment Cover, just tick the box on your card application - there are no medical questions to answer. The Card Repayment Cover policy comes with a 30 day free look period, so if you decide that the cover is not for you, any premiums paid will be refunded in full.


There are three simple ways to apply

for a Westpac credit card

– apply online at www.westpaccards.co.nz

– visit us in branch and we can process your application straight away, or

– complete the application form at the back of this brochure and bring it into any Westpac branch, or post it to us at Private Bag 92503, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

We’ll need to see some ID (e.g. your driver licence or passport) and proof of income (e.g. payslips). If you don’t have these with you when you apply, you can always drop them into us before we activate your card. Ask one of our staff or check our website for what forms of ID are required.

Remember to ask about a balance transfer

Apply today and you could save with a balance transfer. Simply transfer an existing balance from a hire purchase, store card or another bank’s credit card or personal loan to a Westpac credit card, and you’ll pay a lower rate than the standard interest rate, on the balance transferred until it’s paid off in full.

Terms and conditions apply. Just ask one of our branch staff or visit www.westpac.co.nz

To find out more about our range of

credit cards:

– Visit us online at www.westpac.co.nz/credit-cards

– Ring us on 0800 888 111, or


Westpac’s current credit card lending criteria apply to all applications and transfers. Credit card Conditions of Use will apply. The information in this brochure, and the terms, conditions and charges for Westpac credit cards are current and may vary from time to time at Westpac’s discretion. Overseas Travel, Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty Insurances are arranged by Westpac and underwritten by AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited (“AIG”).

Card Repayment Cover is underwritten by Westpac Life-NZ-Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Westpac Financial Services Group-NZ-Limited. Westpac Financial Services Group-NZ-Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141, incorporated in Australia. Neither Westpac Banking Corporation, Westpac New Zealand Limited (“Westpac”), nor any other member of the Westpac Group guarantees the obligations of, or any products issued by Westpac Life-NZ-Limited or AIG. Westpac Life-NZ-Limited complies with the practice standards of the investment Savings & Insurance Association of NZ Inc and a copy of its latest financial statements is available from Westpac House, 318 Lambton Quay, Wellington. You have the right to receive a ‘replacement of business’ advice when changing from one policy to another, Westpac employs salaried employees whose remuneration is influenced in the long term by the arrangement of Westpac Life-NZ-Limited insurance policies. Westpac will receive commission payments as a result of the arrangement of Westpac-Life-NZ-Limited policies.

hotpoints® is a registered trademark of Westpac Banking Corporation. Hotpoints terms and

conditions apply. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.