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Position Title: FHT NURSE PRACTITIONER Program: Family Health Team

Service: Health

Accountable to: Family Health Team Manager

Issued By: Date Revised: June 18, 2007

Date Issued: Classification:


Under the direction of the Family Health Team Manager, The Family Health Team Nurse Practitioner will work collaborative with the other members of the Family Health Team to continually assess current program delivery and services and recommend and participate in new strategies in order to facilitate changes that will enhance patient care. In addition she will use advanced clinical assessment skills to perform physical assessments according to the College of Nurses RN(EC) scope of practice.


Under the direction of the Family Health Team Manager, the FHT Nurse Practitioner is responsible for:

1. Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis

a. The Nurse Practitioner is responsible to provide advanced Clinical Assessments and Diagnosis within his/her scope of practice by:

i. providing admission and annual health/medical assessments for all children in Dilico’s care and children in Dilico’s residential services (temporary or permanent) by;

ii. providing admission health/medical assessments for clients attending Dilico’s Adults Residential Treatment Centre by;

iii. providing comprehensive medical assessments and episodic care to all patients affiliated with the Family Health Team by; a) performing a comprehensive health or symptom directed


b) assessing overall health of children based on developmental stages, nutritional status, medical history, immunization record etc.;

c) assessing caregivers knowledge of developmental stages and needs of children, care of ill child, use of medications, nutritional needs and safety issues;

d) assessing overall health of adults based on their physical, psychological and social status ensuring that all applicable age specific screenings are incorporated into their care and treatment;

e) regarding family health as a major component and synthesizing information from individual clients to identify broader implications for health within the family; assessing and managing the care of families;

f) spending adequate time with the client to determine the presence of existing and potential health problems, with a major focus on related lifestyle, psychological, socio-cultural, and environmental risk factors which may influence the client’s health status, dealing with these personally or by referral to or in consultation with a family physician or specialists;

g) participating in multidisciplinary conferences regarding services to high risk families;

h) working extensively with designated high risk families in collaboration with other Dilico employees; assisting them in obtaining relevant health information in accordance with Dilico’s Policies and Procedures and the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) legislation and support;

i) consulting with and/or providing information to Dilico employees regarding medical diagnosis and treatment in accordance with Dilico’s Policies and Procedures and PHIPA legislation and monitoring complex cases for follow-up;

j) contacting case managers, family members and relevant caregivers concerning specific illnesses or medical concerns with respect to any child in care, in compliance with Dilico’s policies and procedures and PHIPA legislation;


setting and the choices of interventions for disease treatment and prevention, and health promotion;

l) acting as a liaison with workers, caregivers, physicians and other resources;

m) facilitating referrals to specialists in consultation with the collaborating family physician as necessary;

n) assisting in the collection and recording of health information (i.e. medical reports, immunization schedule etc.)

o) maintaining complete, accurate, legible, and timely records of client visits, which will provide information to assist other practitioners in continuing the patient care;

p) providing evidence for court as required and where appropriate,

b. In the provision of care the Nurse Practitioner will apply sound clinical judgment and diagnostic reasoning abilities in completing health assessments in order to identify a health problem or medical diagnosis within the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner scope of practice. Multiple medical data may be obtained by;

i. determining the need for and ordering from the approved list and interpreting the results of screening and diagnostic laboratory tests (See Standards for Ordering Laboratory Tests (1));

ii. determining the need for and ordering and interpreting reports of chest and limb X-rays and diagnostic ultrasounds (See Standards for Ordering X-rays and Ultrasounds (1)).

2. Therapeutics

The Nurse Practitioner is responsible for:

a. initiating and managing the care of patients with diseases or disorders within the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners scope of practice and/or monitoring the ongoing therapy of clients with chronic stable illness by providing effective pharmacological complementary, or counseling interventions;

b. prescribing drugs included in the Schedules of the Regulations to treat diseases or disorder within the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners scope of practice (See Standards for Prescribing Drugs (1));


3. Other Responsibilities

The Nurse Practitioner is responsible for:

a. participating as an interdisciplinary team member, and collaborating with internal and external service providers to ensure appropriate referral and responses to inquiries are provided;

b. liaising with physicians, psychologists, hospitals, health-related and social agencies and initiating or participating in interagency and professional resource team meetings as required to meet direct service objectives and ensure the safety and well-being of patients;

c. participating in the assessment, development and evaluation of policies, protocols and procedures to improve patient care and/or promote co-operative and efficient staff functioning;

d. initiating the recommended treatment, contact follow-up and control measures for outbreaks of communicable diseases and submitting all necessary reportable disease reports to the District Health Unit.

e. participating willingly and constructively in the supervision process with the FHT Manager and clinical consultation process with an identified physician;

f. completing an annual work plan and participating in the performance appraisal with the FHT Manager to evaluate outcomes and plan future goals and objectives;

g. completing, analyzing and submitting monthly statistics to the Family Health Team Manager in compliance with established policies and procedures; preparing other statistics, correspondence and reports, as required;

h. assisting in the development of data base systems using new technology, to collect and document health services to patients

i. reviewing professional literature for continuing development and providing guidance and field experience and supervision of students from nursing and medical school facilities when required;

j. making recommendations for ongoing quality improvement initiatives for Dilico overall and for the Family Health Team;

k. striving to understand and where appropriate incorporating traditional health and healing practices into delivery of care;

l. acting appropriately in all health program aspects, of Dilico Family Health Team; conducting self in a responsible manner both when at work and when not working.

5. Organizational Responsibilities


a. reflecting and interpreting the Agency Vision, Mission and Core Values in his/her own work with enthusiasm and commitment;

b. acting in accordance with relevant legislation and Agency Policies, Standards and Procedures;

c. proposing changes within Dilico that would improve the quality of service to Anishinabek children, families and communities;

d. developing and maintaining respectful, cooperative working relationships to contribute to the integrated, seamless delivery of services to Anishinabek children, families and communities;

e. understanding his/her role and responsibility in maintaining a safe workplace and reducing workplace injuries;

f. applying Anishinabek culture, values, traditions and teachings into programming where possible;

g. ensuring accuracy, confidentiality and safekeeping of agency records; h. participating constructively in the supervision process with the

immediate Manager. ACCOUNTABILITY

The Nurse Practitioner is accountable:

a. for obtaining appropriate physician consultation according to the Expectations for Consultation with Physicians by Registered Nurses in the Extended Class (Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners (1));

b. for maintaining clinical and leadership competence through continuing education;

c. to the professional governing body (the College of Nurses of Ontario). QUALIFICATIONS

1. Education

A minimum BScN, and twelve-month Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate and registration with the College of Nurses as a Registered Nurse in the Extended Class [ RN(EC)].

2. Work Experience

a. three (3) years experience in advanced nursing assessment skills with focus on family health


3. Skills/Abilities

a. knowledge and understanding of the Child and Family Services Act and the ability to apply knowledge of such act in the development and implementation of program policies and procedures;

b. adaptability and ability to establish and sustain a wholistic multidisciplinary team approach to integrated service delivery;

c. ability to apply ethics of Nursing practice in decision making;

d. willingness to accept and adjust to the changing demands of the position;

e. ability to demonstrate initiative, optimism, discretion, tact, self-assurance, dependability, and leadership;

f. ability to work within the policies, standards, procedures and the vision, mission and core values of Dilico Anishinabek Family Care; g. good knowledge of the Anishinabek culture and issues affecting

Anishinabek children, families and communities in and around the district of Thunder Bay;

h. ability to understand and/or speak an Anishinabek language. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT

a. must have a valid Ontario Driver’s Licence; b. valid First Aid/CPR Certificate;

c. successfully undergo a criminal records check;

d. have the ability to work flexible hours and travel out of town as necessary.





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