Payments when we carry out improvement work to your home

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Raven Housing Trust aims to provide excellent housing and services. We publish the standards you can expect to receive in our Customer Charter but sometimes things can go wrong. When this happens you should let us know and we will try to put it right as soon as possible. If our failure to deliver a service has resulted in loss, inconvenience, hardship or distress, we may pay compensation. There are also some situations where we must pay compensation, by law. These are listed under ‘Payments you are entitled to’. This leaflet explains when you may be entitled to compensation and how to claim it. You do not need to make a complaint in order to claim compensation, but all compensation given will be recorded, together with the details of what went wrong, to make sure that we learn from these situations and improve how we deliver services.

Payments when we carry out improvement work to your


We may pay compensation, at our discretion, when we carry out improvement work to your home which inconveniences you When we refurbish your home or carry out other improvement work you may not be able to use all of your home while work is being carried out – for example if we replace your kitchen. You will benefit from the work carried out to improve your home, but sometimes it may be appropriate for us to offer you a discretionary payment, for example if:

You are unable to use part of your home for a period of time (for more than 72 hours) – a refund of part of your rent may be appropriate

You have to move temporarily from your home while work is carried out – we will offer help with moving costs and out of pocket expenses

Your electricity has been used to carry out work – such as drying out the home using dehumidifiers or industrial heaters – we will contribute towards the costs.


Where you have told us about a mistake we have made or a service

standard that we have not met and we fail to sort out the situation quickly, our staff can sometimes offer you a small ‘goodwill’ payment of up to £25. Neighbourhood managers, the customer services manager, resident involvement manager and asset manager are able to offer ‘goodwill’ payments of up to £100 where the consequences of the error were more serious. All goodwill payments will be recorded together with what went wrong and this log will be used to help us improve the service we provide. If things do go wrong please feel free to ask for a ‘goodwill’ payment. If the person you speak to does not feel it is appropriate to offer this payment, you can still apply for compensation in writing as described below.

More serious complaints or service failures

We may pay compensation:

When we fail to provide a service for which you pay a service charge

When you have suffered a loss as a result of the action or inaction of Raven or one of its contractors/agents

Where there has been a serious breakdown in service provision by us or one of our agents which results in the resident suffering serious inconvenience, hardship or distress.

We hope that it will be rare that residents need to seek this higher level of compensation as it would mean something serious had gone wrong. If you feel you are entitled to this type of compensation you can make a claim without making a complaint or during the complaints process. We will probably ask you to provide evidence of the loss you have suffered. and record all requests for compensation to ensure that we learn from our service failure and can make changes to ensure that others do not suffer




Payments you are entitled to

By law, we must make the following payments:

Home loss payments

If you have been our tenant for more than 12 months and have had to give up your home permanently (for example for redevelopment or refurbishment purposes) you will be entitled to receive a one off payment. The level of payment is set by the Government.

Compensation for home improvements

In some circumstances you can claim compensation when you move out of your home for part of what you have spent on certain home improvements. Strict conditions govern this scheme, so please make sure you keep to the rules and follow any guidance from your surveyor. If you do not, we may refuse to pay compensation. Please keep our letter confirming permission for the improvements, as well as any receipts and bills, so that you can claim compensation if you move out.

You can make a claim, in writing, up to 28 days before your tenancy ends or within 14 days from the end of your tenancy.

You can claim compensation for:

installing a bath, shower, washbasin, toilet or kitchen sink

fitting storage cupboards in the bathroom or kitchen, or work surfaces for preparing food

fitting double glazing, secondary glazing or other window replacement – we must approve the design of windows and doors

rewiring or installing power and lighting or other electrical fittings

fitting security measures (but not burglar alarm systems).

fitting central or water heating, or thermostatic radiator valves

fitting loft or cavity-wall insulation


You may be entitled to compensation when we have taken more than twice the standard agreed timescale to carry out an eligible repair and you have reminded us the repair is needed.

To qualify for compensation the repair will need to be:

Our responsibility

Affect your heath, security and safety

Cost less than £250 to carry out

Remain incomplete after being reported twice

Under this scheme you are entitled to £10, plus £2 a day for every full day the repair remains uncompleted, to a maximum of £50. You will not be entitled to compensation if we have had difficulty getting into to your home to carry out the repair.

Residents who owe money to Raven

If you owe money to us, any compensation payment will be used to clear this debt before monies are paid to you.

How to claim compensation

Compensation claims should be put in writing. This helps us to collect relevant information to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently. There is a form you can use at the end of this leaflet, or you can write in your own words.

If you need help filling out the form please call us on 0300 123 3399 so we can help you. You can also get help from your local Citizens Advice Bureau (08444 111 444).


How to appeal

If we refuse your claim for compensation you can appeal using the complaints procedure. Just ask us for a copy of our leaflet “Making a complaint”.

Raven Housing Trust

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Our Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter lists the standards of service you can expect from us. You can pick up a copy at any of our offices, or download a copy from our website,

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Contact details

Name Daytime phone number

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Please tell us what you believe went wrong.

It is helpful if you give us as much detail as possible and include the dates that these things happened. If you’re claiming for items that have been damaged please include photos and approximate costs if you can.




Please tell us why you feel you are entitled to compensation

Is there anything else you feel we should know about your situation to help us make a decision?

Please return this form to Raven Housing Trust, Raven House, 29 Linkfield Lane, Redhill RH1 1SS.

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