Power Aware Encoding for the Instruction Address Buses Using Program Constructs


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Original Article Ponicidin induces apoptosis of human cervical cancer HeLa cell line through the PI3K/Akt and MAPK signaling pathways.. Yongping Liu1*, Yongling Fan1*, Yonghua Chen1,

Using the automatically assigned labels for play- ers and themes in the full set of 129,504 Regests, we are able to investigate structures that emerge between specific players and

The Person in Charge PIC is failing to comply with a regulatory requirement in the following respect: Staff files reviewed by the inspector did not contain all information required

We base this decision on a set of seven fea- tures which can be extracted for each document pair: 1 number of person overlaps; 2 number of non-person mention overlaps; 3 probability

In conclusion, baicalein has protective effects against CCl4-induced acute liver injury by inhibition of inflammation and oxidative stress... Keywords: Acute liver injury, baicalein,

We fol- low this approach and present generators that in- crease the number of correct lemma candidates that can be generated for out-of-vocabulary OOV words in the case of

Governance and management arrangements ensured that a good quality and safe service was provided for residents living at this centre.. Furthermore,the inspector found that the provider

What’s more, the analysis of PPI and miRNA-Gene regulation networks got some potential molecular targets which might play important roles in the pathogenesis and metastasis of CRC...

For the project presented in this study, we anno- tate Macaronic sermons Horner, 20061 with lan- guage information and part-of-speech POS, re- spectively and use this resource to

Vygotsky’s ZPD as a model for coteaching Coteaching provides an ideal context for learning by providing a zone of proximal development in which the collective achieves more than any